iPhone X OLED Display Change


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  • Elijajuan Fisher
    Elijajuan Fisher 13 days ago

    Thank you for the video. Iphone x is more easier to replace than my old iphone 7 and 6, such a hassle.

  • aniss mch
    aniss mch 15 days ago

    J'ai mis mon téléphone dans l'eau, puis je l'ai éteint puis je l'ai mis dans le chargeur pendant quelques minutes pour travailler lorsqu'il est humide sachant que je l'ai mis dans le riz m'a dit que les réparateurs de téléphone avaient causé un dysfonctionnement de l'écran en noir mais ne s'étaient pas allumé pendant trois jours après l'avoir séchée et l'avaient mis dans le chargeur allumé pendant 30 secondes. Sachant qu'il a été séché iphone x alors quelle est la raison en est-il écran d'affichage ou ne pas sécher s'il vous plaît répondez Iphone x

  • Roshan Kumar
    Roshan Kumar Month ago +1

    Iphone x ka original display kitne me milta hai please reply kijiye

    • Shahbaz Ahmed
      Shahbaz Ahmed 7 days ago

      Mohammed Naveed I need iPhone X touch

    • Mohammed Naveed
      Mohammed Naveed 25 days ago

      Roshan Kumar kisi bhi apple authorised store par around 25000rs
      Ya phir first quality duplicate around 14 ya 15k me

  • MsGargant
    MsGargant Month ago

    il à oublier de mettre le joint d'étanchéité.

    he forgot to put the seal (joint)

  • Darshan Thummar
    Darshan Thummar 2 months ago +1

    Bro pzz call me 987985871

  • Darshan Thummar
    Darshan Thummar 2 months ago +1

    Bro pzz call me 9879858371

  • Veronez Drone
    Veronez Drone 3 months ago

    Qual display utilizou ?

  • Viktor Szabo
    Viktor Szabo 3 months ago +9

    Poor quality display

  • RevolverYT
    RevolverYT 4 months ago

    Que trabajo tan mal hecho ni guantes tiene pulsera de tierra ni siquiera hay que tocar los componentes esta mañana hecho este trabajo

  • 도일영
    도일영 4 months ago +3

    Thanks to your video, I was able to fix my Iphone x

  • Glee Bob
    Glee Bob 5 months ago

    Hook me up with a old screen

  • Fire Rox
    Fire Rox 6 months ago +5

    Hi what about the waterproof and dust proof seal

    • iCrayz
      iCrayz Month ago

      You're actually supposed to aply new adhesive after removing the display and putting it back on. He didn't do it, which essentially means that it isn't water/dust proof anymore.

  • Visu RanDom Technology
    Visu RanDom Technology 6 months ago

    👍👍👍👍👍👍nice video support all my friends bro youtube channel👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    STEFAN FILIPOV 7 months ago +5

    useless video and clumsy worker

  • Bryan Palacio
    Bryan Palacio 9 months ago +12

    It's fake. It's not legit OLED display. I'm just saying.

    • Carlos Machado
      Carlos Machado 2 months ago

      It looks like it’s even not oled, probably a tft screen

    • My Brother Bobby
      My Brother Bobby 2 months ago

      Illyrian Tech bro it has a chin it’s 100% not legit lol

    • Cansoller HD
      Cansoller HD 5 months ago

      How do u know? pls tell me

    • Illyrian Tech
      Illyrian Tech 5 months ago

      Bryan Palacio is Oled 100% maybe you think that isn’t Amoled

    • 10MM
      10MM 6 months ago

      Bryan Palacio How can you tell?

  • Charles Peterson
    Charles Peterson 10 months ago +1

    the chinnnnnn

  • Rivvk
    Rivvk 11 months ago +2

    hello, will Face ID work after replacing the screen?

    • Nisar Khan
      Nisar Khan 2 months ago

      I change the screen but face id is not woking

    • Alessandro Crispino
      Alessandro Crispino 6 months ago +1

      normally if you put your old camera into your new screen and connect to your logic board it should work, face id just works for one logic board but several displays

  • jerryl10000
    jerryl10000 11 months ago +1

    lmaoo look of the size of that bezel on the bottom, that screen for sure is Chinese as fuck!

  • Sachin Azad
    Sachin Azad 11 months ago +1

    nice work

  • Figure Gamer
    Figure Gamer Year ago +1

    The new screen has a terrible chin!!!!🙃😕🤢

  • Fabian M
    Fabian M Year ago +1

    is that the LCD tft version and not the OLED? thanks!

  • mustafa pınar
    mustafa pınar Year ago

    I have a 32gb black phone and the motherboard is defective. Do you have a motherboard? What is the price if you have? my mail adress mpinar@metalmatris.com.tr