Kids First Time Riding A Jetski!

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • A picnic in the parking lot and jet ski's on the lake. Khoa and Keren have reached their goal and hungry for more. One day they will be on the lake and the kids will be in school and they'll be enjoying their chick fil in peace on the boat. Khoa is already crying thinking about it. Enjoy!
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Comments • 653

  • Priyanka Sengupta

    Sutton is the cutest baby ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Velosha Elain Soares
    Velosha Elain Soares 16 days ago

    Build one

  • Trinity Torres
    Trinity Torres 21 day ago

    “Is eh eating mulch?” “Just like his brothers!”

  • Lin Rueangsri
    Lin Rueangsri 22 days ago

    I love you Sutton

  • Olyvia Magiera
    Olyvia Magiera 25 days ago

    Sutton Was Trying To Leave At The End 😭😭 Lol

  • Deniz Ağzı
    Deniz Ağzı 25 days ago +3

    gentle Jackson, wild Landon and mini Sutton

  • Naomi K
    Naomi K 27 days ago

    My life goal is to meet you guys ❤️

  • Belen Carrazco
    Belen Carrazco 29 days ago +1

    Keren walking away from the tube saying “I don’t need one, I don’t need one” is actually me every time I go to the store trying to buy stuff I don’t actually need😂❤️

  • Aidan Graham
    Aidan Graham 29 days ago +1


  • Leah Wertz
    Leah Wertz 29 days ago

    the baby is bigger then karen😂

  • Melany Castelan
    Melany Castelan 29 days ago +1

    "Mommy we're not going home" 😂😍

  • thotiana yeah
    thotiana yeah Month ago

    i rlly want khoa to put a gopro on one of the jetskis 😂😂

  • SnapesPrincess4
    SnapesPrincess4 Month ago

    What an amazing day!! I would love being out on the lake all day like this. So much fun!! I love how fast Landon wanted to go too. That would be me as well, LOL!!

  • Holly McNichol
    Holly McNichol Month ago +1

    Wait to build one! You won’t regret it!

  • Sallyanne Wyllie
    Sallyanne Wyllie Month ago

    Im currently living in Hong Kong for work but i’m from Australia. I grew up on the water and it’s making me miss home 😭😭😭

  • Harry & Dann
    Harry & Dann Month ago +1

    Getting 2 was definitely a good decision!!

    CØNZIΞ Month ago +2

    Buy a lake house and then renovate it

  • Janet Tang
    Janet Tang Month ago

    Sweet Landon 😭😭 he is so freaking cute waving at the camera like that!!! And look how freaking happy Khoa looked too 😂

  • E and T talk
    E and T talk Month ago

    Random question where is your coffee table from??

  • Marren Endaya
    Marren Endaya Month ago

    6:26 that is the cutest thing that i have ever seen

    FAMOUS._ Rii VLOGS Month ago +1

    Landon’s sooooo brave❤️❤️❤️💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Jenna Ryan
    Jenna Ryan Month ago


  • shelby foster
    shelby foster Month ago +4

    Build a lake home, then you can customize everything you want, so it's truly your own dream lake house :) xoxo

  • Lucy Everett
    Lucy Everett Month ago

    please never stop vlogging i watch you guys everyday and its always makes me smile

  • crownzsef 3210z
    crownzsef 3210z Month ago

    Sutton looks like a football player...just sayin' cuz his shoulders are broad for a baby and he is very plmp... football player indeed or a wrestler

  • sarah milton
    sarah milton Month ago

    I love the green and black colors.

  • Makenna Abbott
    Makenna Abbott Month ago

    build one now!!!!!🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • life of the family Lopez

    I have a dream as well i had in mine to take my son for 3 days to Disneyland and California and. I did all my videos are on my youtube channel this is my dream too

  • SimoneSpeed7
    SimoneSpeed7 Month ago

    If you've watched the fresh beat band you'll get this 5:13 lol

  • Darling Kassie
    Darling Kassie Month ago

    You guys are such an inspiration, I daily Vlog myself and you guys just motivate me everyday to keep going and work my butt off.

  • Rachel Menhams
    Rachel Menhams Month ago

    Landon is definitely the Dare Devil of the Boys But Sutton has to Grow up yet . But it looked like so much fun.

  • Danielle Reeves
    Danielle Reeves Month ago

    Khoa did you say "we were POOFED" instead of we were "pooped"? Ahahaha!

  • Lauren Danielle
    Lauren Danielle Month ago

    Loving the vlogs lately 😍

  • Emma
    Emma Month ago

    does anyone know where they get their crawfish from?

  • Talitia Hill
    Talitia Hill Month ago

    KHOA LISTEN TO KEREN!! Don’t buy a lake house yet, your house is beautiful and you are building in a year!

  • Beau Dobson
    Beau Dobson Month ago

    Did they get a new car? I don't recognize the interior of this one

  • Ayo Shimray
    Ayo Shimray Month ago

    Man, I can't stop watching this channel, I feel happy, I m addicted😃

  • Kash Pierce
    Kash Pierce Month ago

    Did you get another new car?

  • Sophie
    Sophie Month ago

    My goal is to have more babies and move to Florida😘

  • Kenzo Gonzalez
    Kenzo Gonzalez Month ago

    Please don’t fall Keren

  • Shelby McDonough
    Shelby McDonough Month ago

    Keren what is the name of the new camera you use? 😬

  • Shelby McDonough
    Shelby McDonough Month ago

    Keren what is the name of the new camera you use? 😬

  • Panda & Co
    Panda & Co Month ago

    can we all move to st Petes together. thhaaaanks.

  • Mayra Rangel
    Mayra Rangel Month ago

    BUILD a house on the lake!!

  • Jose Mtz
    Jose Mtz Month ago

    Did you guys buy a new car ? 🤔 awesome video like always 😃

  • Danica Diane
    Danica Diane Month ago +1

    hearing you guys talk about your goals and the importance of having a dream no matter how big or small was really inspiring to me! feel like i needed to hear it ❣️thank you 😇

  • Caley Rae
    Caley Rae Month ago

    Puddle jumpers are Coast Guard approved too which is what you use in your pool for the kids

  • A look inside of a blind teenagers life !

    Jackson mommy we’re not going home lol!

  • A look inside of a blind teenagers life !

    Awww how freken adorable the kids and the Jetske

  • Linnea Ann
    Linnea Ann Month ago

    Honestly thank you guys for that goal pep-talk. I've been trying to get my GED this year and it's been hard to keep my motivation up. It's a big step to becoming a nurse, and I'm gonna work my ass of for it 💪💗

  • justine
    justine Month ago

    now i want to own a ferris wheel

  • Sincerely Saira
    Sincerely Saira Month ago

    I hope God blesses me with a beautiful family and a care free life like them.

    JESS & MESS Month ago

    Lol!! They shouted out a ghost for watching every day 🤣🤣

  • Javnav 14
    Javnav 14 Month ago

    Do you guys see the EFFORT put into their videos?! Amazing drone shots of the jet skiing! ml

  • Laura_88 S
    Laura_88 S Month ago

    Landon is such a funny character. We need Landon merch ❤️

  • Niya Witcher
    Niya Witcher Month ago +1

    Ya bugging if you want to see hard work and dedication to a job watch HOMECOMING: A FILM BY BEYONCÉ. YOU WONT REGRET IT

  • MegaMusek
    MegaMusek Month ago

    another low iq video

  • Dominique Persaud
    Dominique Persaud Month ago +2

    I think maybe Khoa wants a Ferris wheel ? 🤷🏾‍♀️😂

  • Esmeralda Romo
    Esmeralda Romo Month ago

    Build one in a year !!!! Vlogging the whole process would be so fun!!! Can’t wait to see you guys building your dream lake house!❤️

  • Ayesha K
    Ayesha K Month ago

    the cutest boys on the internet ❤️❤️❤️

  • Victoria Fernandez
    Victoria Fernandez Month ago

    I am lost with all the cars hahaha, you all look so happy♥️♥️

  • Ayesha K
    Ayesha K Month ago

    i love ur cute family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • XChristineX
    XChristineX Month ago

    Keren and Khoa are such amazing role models, they already work so hard, they make me inspired to do the same even though i'm naturally inclined to just be lazy XD

  • oriana shane
    oriana shane Month ago +4

    Khoa is so hardworking. Khoa if you will ever read this I just want to tell you that you are so inspiring and I love you soo much.

  • Zetta Arnanda
    Zetta Arnanda Month ago

    Prabowo menang

  • hannah mackenzie
    hannah mackenzie Month ago

    the whole goal thing, thank you. thank you so much for that. i needed it

  • Chris&Alana
    Chris&Alana Month ago

    My husband and I were just talking about this yesterday. You work work work to hit one goal but then that goal doesn't seem like enough, its good to dream and have something to work for. Its motivating. You guys inspire me daily to keep grinding. Love the vlogs.
    Alana - Chris&Alana

  • nihed nihed
    nihed nihed Month ago

    l love you guys have any day

  • BUg
    BUg Month ago

    i was watching the old vlogs from 2017 and realized how small nae nae and jackson were.. where did time go! 😖

  • Alex Lexa
    Alex Lexa Month ago

    Great vlog so fun

  • Alex Lexa
    Alex Lexa Month ago

    Loved Khoa at the end.

  • chowald
    chowald Month ago

    You two are some of the hardest working people I know. I love when you talk about working towards goals and inspiring your subscribers.

  • Eli Be
    Eli Be Month ago

    My biggest goal is to move to Sydney one day! You motivate me to do my studies etc in order to be good enough to get a job overseas! Thank you for whooping my ass by showing me how far you can come with hard work!

  • Lynnette Trujillo
    Lynnette Trujillo Month ago

    Hi ❤️

  • Lydiana Bentsson Perez

    When is Jackson going to school?❤️

  • Aurora Jackson
    Aurora Jackson Month ago +7

    a lot of people work to being a youtuber and no one makes it. you're very lucky to have made it

  • Couple WildKids
    Couple WildKids Month ago +1

    Just work harder lol. Khoa you're a trip!

  • badluckem
    badluckem Month ago

    karen and khoa are proof that you can simultaneously spoil your children while raising them to be intelligent, kind, and grateful.

  • Haleigh Baker
    Haleigh Baker Month ago +1

    I saw on your Instagram that you were coming out with summer presets. When will they be out? I NEED them!!! I can’t wait!

  • Jennifer a
    Jennifer a Month ago

    please show the vlog your new audi kerennnnnnnn😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sophia g
    Sophia g Month ago

    Did u guys buy a new Audi? 😍

  • Nora Hassan
    Nora Hassan Month ago

    Someone else wondering What happened to the 2018 memories video?

  • Open Armes
    Open Armes Month ago

    100% build one

  • Wra8h
    Wra8h Month ago

    Landon is such an extrovert. He loves animals and enjoys active things at such a young age! I'm glad that's his personality naturally he's gonna enjoy life a lot

  • Uma Franklin
    Uma Franklin Month ago

    So jealous of all ur heat in Florida today’s weather in England is 17°c which is 62°f quite hot for England but no lake near me 😭

  • Debra williams
    Debra williams Month ago

    awww Landon at the end so super cute Khoa you already work so super hard the lake house is in your future its coming good things come to good people

  • Violin Lover
    Violin Lover Month ago

    Build one

  • Tracy Adam
    Tracy Adam Month ago +1

    Landons affection towards sutton is so cute. I love how down to earth this family is.

  • Meme Art
    Meme Art Month ago

    If you do it do it good in one time so i say build your dream lake house!

  • Krismas2604
    Krismas2604 Month ago

    You all are such an inspiration. You go for your dreams and goals and it’s so amazing. Grind every day to get what you want!! Keep doing what you’re doing and keep achieving. Thanks for being an inspiration to me and many other followers. Sending love from Canada. ❤️

  • Lei
    Lei Month ago

    Looks so fun. Your kids are having the time of their lives. I'm so glad that they are having the best chilhood ever to look back when they get old. 😊❤️

  • Lucy’s world Smart

    Did you guys get a new car 🚗

  • lailapurdyxo
    lailapurdyxo Month ago +1

    my goal is to sleep 😂

  • Shanaz Clark
    Shanaz Clark Month ago

    The kids are ridiculously cute. How are they so big.

  • Courtney Kohl
    Courtney Kohl Month ago +1

    Ahh jet skiing is too fun!!! Such a lucky little boy!!

  • Anat Korenfeld
    Anat Korenfeld Month ago

    Because of yesterday vlog I had a dream that my school had a jet sky competition and I live in a desert 😂

  • Nissi Katsopolis
    Nissi Katsopolis Month ago

    You guys deserve all the love and happiness in the world, you work hard for it. And watching your babies grow up brings me a lot of joy. Also build the lake house you know its the only way you'll be truly satisfied =)
    p.s. I know you guys seeing this comment among 526 comments is pretty slim but it's worth a try

  • Nancie Blackburn
    Nancie Blackburn Month ago

    The kids are so cute! Landon is such a pistol! I loved it when he waved at the camera!

  • Katie Anderson
    Katie Anderson Month ago

    I’m IN LOVE with the drone footage of the jet skis 😍

  • Katie Anderson
    Katie Anderson Month ago +1

    That whole pep talk about setting goals was something I needed. Thank you for the TED talk 🙌