That's One Way to Do It! 🤣🤣 | Funniest Fails | August 2019 AFV

  • Published on Aug 3, 2019
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    Front Flip, Back Flip, Failing to Flip! We got them all! Check out some new #flipfails and #funnyfails ! There's nothing funnier than watching these and trying not to laugh lol. Americas Funniest Videos has the most epic library for #fail clips and we've put together a list that end your week with a laugh 😆 Which #fail made you LOL the hardest?
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Comments • 169

    ADK DAY 11 days ago

    1:18 THAT SOUND THAT BANG!! SOUND CRACKS ME UP (dad joke in 3 2 1) Crack up more like crack down

  • Gregory Russell
    Gregory Russell 15 days ago

    Play with the kids so I can go to the gym and I are looking for a new job at one time is it don't answer me like that again and you are looking you up to get the car and

  • Kabi Sopheak
    Kabi Sopheak 18 days ago

    Hello, How are you? really funny

  • Eduardo Pereira
    Eduardo Pereira 28 days ago

    The 4th One I feel bad 😔

  • J Erronk
    J Erronk Month ago +1


    CHANNEL J Month ago +2

    Hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Camilo Mutata
    Camilo Mutata Month ago +1

    Litterly all of this is back flips and fails and people screems and crys

  • Camilo Mutata
    Camilo Mutata Month ago +1

    Gym nastiest fails

  • _Luckas_
    _Luckas_ Month ago +1

    2:05 sa pratique le 6... enfin vous savez quoi

    COMEDY GROVE Month ago +1


    xSLONGJEFFx Month ago +1

    these aren't funny these must of hurt. pretend you were all of these poor people. how much pain you will be in?

  • sophie oliver
    sophie oliver Month ago +2

    😎 cool ausome 😂 and 😄👍🏻😎😉😌🙂

    • Tiểu Cương Thi
      Tiểu Cương Thi Month ago

      sophie oliver I also have a RU-clip channel, so I hope all sbcribe channels support me. I’m in Vietnam

  • Jaden Torres
    Jaden Torres Month ago +1

    So they save the black people for the end racist.

  • UnspeakableGaming fan Last

    How do people do these things

  • Goddarkenless
    Goddarkenless Month ago +1

    Hahahahah 4:39 I'll come back later

  • Andreea Sandi
    Andreea Sandi Month ago +1

    Soooo funny😅😅

  • Mimi PapaTV
    Mimi PapaTV Month ago +1

    Awesome beautiful funny videos thx for sharing, I support your channel👆 like👍💕 ️💛💙💚🧡💜

    • Tiểu Cương Thi
      Tiểu Cương Thi Month ago

      Mimi PapaTV I also have a RU-clip channel, so I hope all sbcribe channels support me. I’m in Vietnam

  • D G
    D G Month ago +1

    Good they laughed

  • Kathy Young
    Kathy Young Month ago +2

    The Laws of Physics really should be taught in schools.

  • Anna Soliz
    Anna Soliz Month ago +1

    Why are these people doing backflips and frontflips

  • Allen Mitchell Gardner

    0:06 RU-clip Allen Mitchell Gardner

  • Hadley Wolf
    Hadley Wolf Month ago

    Amateur gymnastics fails are the best

  • Adrian Francia
    Adrian Francia Month ago


  • TSC Music Club
    TSC Music Club Month ago


  • john garner
    john garner Month ago


  • FunToor
    FunToor Month ago


  • I like Bread do you like Bread? Huh?

    0:53 isn’t jumping in the form pit prohibited

  • Joy Powell
    Joy Powell Month ago


  • Shaggy
    Shaggy Month ago +2

    I'm watching people failing and a I giggle about it. yup, that's what I do with my life.....😑

  • Murat Kavcı
    Murat Kavcı Month ago +1

    Gs olan evet desin 😎😎😎

  • علي علينيزح


  • علي علينيزح


  • HacksTum TV
    HacksTum TV Month ago

    This funny better to happen to others not you bila like them very much
    Subscribe to hackstum channel thanks thanks

  • Jeff Carpenter
    Jeff Carpenter Month ago +1

    how hard is it to keep the action on screen not on the blur wtf

  • نينو Mahmmed
    نينو Mahmmed Month ago


  • EPICS TheBoss
    EPICS TheBoss Month ago

    1:15 That Noise

  • Ying Xin Hu
    Ying Xin Hu Month ago


  • BooBoo GaGa
    BooBoo GaGa Month ago +9

    "I gOT iT oN FiLM!!!" "aRE YOu OkAY???"

  • Uranus Subscribe
    Uranus Subscribe Month ago

    The falls were quite painful haha

  • P Franco
    P Franco Month ago +5

    Fat women have little to no hand strength but they think they can swing on a rope string.

  • Leisy Marisol Tah Canul

    Me gusta mucho

  • saul betancourt
    saul betancourt Month ago +7

    Anyone ever notice how AFV thumbnails are provocative and a little bit inappropriate 🤔🤨?!!?

  • Joel Will
    Joel Will Month ago +5

    I didn’t laugh once😑

    • Amber Da wolf
      Amber Da wolf Month ago

      Joel Will same.... it was more painful....

  • Kyshaun Webster
    Kyshaun Webster Month ago

    0.59 in slow motion 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • g b16
    g b16 Month ago

    Creepy Americans there a different bread

  • Crazykidstube 22
    Crazykidstube 22 Month ago

    That zip line at 4:40 oh my😬

  • Eggo My Leggo
    Eggo My Leggo Month ago +1

    You can hear the thud when they hit the ground, letting you know it was not pleasant.

    LOST OF YOURLIFE Month ago +2

    That was fun i enjoyed this😂

  • nyla saria
    nyla saria Month ago +3

    This should be try not to laugh .. cause it's 11pm my mom and my dad are sleeping and here I am trying so freaking hard not to laugh that i have to hold my breath from time to time

  • TheGamingBrothersDK

    Memory hole huh

  • Diego Andres Guerrero
    Diego Andres Guerrero Month ago +1


  • Gutur Gu Return
    Gutur Gu Return Month ago +1

    Really very funny 😉😁

  • michael kroening
    michael kroening Month ago

    I wanna eat at joe’s

  • Adam Sell
    Adam Sell Month ago +2

    Some of them look more painful than funny.

  • My top Ten
    My top Ten Month ago

    1 sub = 5 sub I promise

  • Kids lti
    Kids lti Month ago


  • 10,000 Subscribers No Video Please Subb

    Subscribe to me pleasee 😊
    Have a Great Day😊

  • Yêu Vương
    Yêu Vương Month ago

    I love you America

  • Gãčhä Łīł
    Gãčhä Łīł Month ago +3

    ‘Hold on tight’
    *instantly falls*

    • Maryuri Quinto
      Maryuri Quinto Month ago


  • b s
    b s Month ago