AirPods Drop & Water Test! Secretly Waterproof?

  • Published on Dec 20, 2016
  • AirPods Extreme Durability Test. Washing Machine, Submerged 1 Foot Underwater & Severe Drop Test! DON'T TRY AT HOME.
    AirPods Review:
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  • Lollipop -.-
    Lollipop -.- 8 hours ago

    I’m watching this because I dropped my AirPods 15 ft high because I kicked them by accident when they came out of my purse. So I got so scared but they still work!

  • Henrique Ribeiro
    Henrique Ribeiro 22 hours ago

    Left mine in pants through wash and cycle they survived and sounds the same apple pulled a sneaky on us 10/10

  • -heracles-
    -heracles- 2 days ago

    Who came and watch this after dropping your airpod?

  • SnappierCandy44
    SnappierCandy44 2 days ago +1

    When you’re too poor to afford AirPods and this guy is literally dropping them from 10 feet

  • Know Fear
    Know Fear 3 days ago

    My AirPods case did not survive the washing machine. The AirPods themselves did.

  • Naeh Paxor
    Naeh Paxor 3 days ago

    I for real got AirPods the second they released and I thought they were gonna be good, and better then the wired kind, but no, they take so much time to connect, and they’re not as good quality.. I’m just gonna hide my AirPods in my drawer..

  • Ronaldo Fan
    Ronaldo Fan 3 days ago

    i was only here because my dad allowed me to use his and i was worried i would break it when it falls... but this man don’t give a sh*t
    i be like wtf?

  • ADITHYA Venkatesh
    ADITHYA Venkatesh 3 days ago

    Im so paranoid of dropping my AirPods after watching this video😨

  • ZerkerageVlogs
    ZerkerageVlogs 4 days ago

    Shouldn’t this video be called traumatizing airpod users?

  • …
     4 days ago

    Every earbud is washingmachine proof i put my EarPods in there so many times

  • cam Anthony
    cam Anthony 6 days ago


  • FireTrainer
    FireTrainer 6 days ago

    AirPods Pro 🤔🤔🤔

  • Brian H
    Brian H 7 days ago

    I’m here because my right airpod fell out of my ear

  • God of War
    God of War 7 days ago +1

    If you dont use them, can I have them?👋🏻❤️

  • Amraj Hayer
    Amraj Hayer 8 days ago

    Ahhhh I’m wearing my AirPods and I’m scareddddd

    VCB ETG 9 days ago

    You are a literal headass. Why are you gonna wasting good AirPods that other people would die to have? What a idiot

  • Dr. daddyP3DRO
    Dr. daddyP3DRO 9 days ago

    Hard to watch

  • Rylan
    Rylan 10 days ago

    I have a case on my pods and still dont plan on dropping them

  • Ethan_ McFly
    Ethan_ McFly 10 days ago

    Can’t relate...

    *too broke*

  • Alejandro Del Zauzal
    Alejandro Del Zauzal 10 days ago +1


  • xLegendYtx
    xLegendYtx 11 days ago +2

    Airpods drop from 10 feet
    Nokia drops from 1000 feet survives
    Nokia:FIRST TIME?

  • Armaan Shergill
    Armaan Shergill 11 days ago

    Please can you give me AirPods I am so poor can’t afford nothing

    • FROGMAN 88
      FROGMAN 88 11 days ago

      Armaan Shergill buy Fake AirPods

  • The_Pandaa
    The_Pandaa 11 days ago +3

    I had these in my pocket when I hopped in my pool. Now I'm nervous. They're in rice rn lol

    • Rainz
      Rainz 2 days ago

      The_Pandaa and are they ok?

  • Zach Polanco
    Zach Polanco 12 days ago

    I’m watching this with AirPods in I was so scared I broke them xD

  • Ancilink
    Ancilink 13 days ago +1

    No hate but why would you destroy something that cost 100 to 200 dollars that some people cannot afford but want

  • Nat Rowan
    Nat Rowan 14 days ago

    Watching this because I accidentally dropped my AirPods in the water and I’m hoping they’ll be ok lolll

  • Daan Kwanten
    Daan Kwanten 14 days ago

    My eyes bleed

  • Spooder Man Deadman
    Spooder Man Deadman 16 days ago

    my mom washed my airpods so somehow they still work

  • Fuck The Population
    Fuck The Population 16 days ago +2

    Lemme guess... your forgot your airpods in your pocket🥶😩

  • TheGunCreator2
    TheGunCreator2 16 days ago

    I hate pop and rap

  • Rocketpunch
    Rocketpunch 17 days ago

    Everything Apple pro but got an android

  • Luis Virata
    Luis Virata 17 days ago +1

    Who else watched this video right after dropping them?

  • Jamazan 348
    Jamazan 348 17 days ago +3

    This hurt to see 😢 😞 😔

  • Ethan Moraw
    Ethan Moraw 19 days ago

    I dropped my airpods in water like a dumbass and they survived

  • aazz0099503
    aazz0099503 19 days ago

    This hurt to watch

  • Jog Mog
    Jog Mog 20 days ago

    For me Apple stuff is soooo presious and time c u just dropping them over it’s killing me
    Like if ur watching in 2019

  • TMS Chappie
    TMS Chappie 20 days ago

    I accidentally just right now this current moment accidentally put my AirPods in the washer fuk me I’m scared

  • Mouse
    Mouse 21 day ago

    Apple makes em white cos black doesnt have that apple clean touch

  • 尺ㄖㄖㄒ乃乇乇尺

    You should get a rubber skin around the case

  • Maxine Hounshell
    Maxine Hounshell 22 days ago

    Who else came here after panicking bc they dropped their AirPods in water

  • Ebcu
    Ebcu 22 days ago

    they were out in. 2016 tf

  • MasonVargasLiT
    MasonVargasLiT 22 days ago

    My AirPods went thru the wash and dryer and they still work

  • JohnDeere Garden tractors

    I have washed my ear pods about 4 time they still work fine

  • agust d sent me to hong Kong

    My airpods are coming tomorrow so I wanted to see how durable they were

  • Ninja
    Ninja 24 days ago +1


  • Quinn Zachary
    Quinn Zachary 24 days ago

    Hello fellow rich friends

  • Jacob Lemons
    Jacob Lemons 24 days ago

    I’m watching this on my AirPods 2

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 24 days ago

    I dropped airpods in pool they were in there for 2 hours worked fine

  • Morro is my favorite
    Morro is my favorite 24 days ago

    But I’m surprised to that they still work after all of that

  • Morro is my favorite
    Morro is my favorite 24 days ago

    I’m getting a heart attack because me still trying to save up for these things that are so tiny yet expensive and here he is throwing them and dropping them in water on purpose to see how long before they break

  • Att Jatt
    Att Jatt 25 days ago

    It was in my jean pocket and i forgot to take them out while washing. At that moment i was using one Airpod and another one was in the charging case. Almost after 25 mins when my another Airpod i was using has battery lost then i try to find my charging case but I hadn’t found then I remember it was in my jean and jean in the washing machine. I take them out almost after 25 mins try to wet them using hair dryer just for 1 or 2 mins. Then i used and are working fine as it was before. Actually this accident was quite helpful to clean my Airpod and charging case as it was dirty with little mud, now are’s cleaned.😂😂.

  • hannah hunter
    hannah hunter 25 days ago

    when i get airpods IM WEARING THEM IN THE SHOWER

  • Zynvy
    Zynvy 25 days ago +2

    Bro I only dropped my AirPods case once and the lid is already super loose

    • Summer Wright
      Summer Wright 24 days ago

      Zynvy same when I opened them I showed my mom and it feel only like 30 cm but it’s very loose

  • BeastModeCT
    BeastModeCT 25 days ago

    I don't know about y'all but i washed my wired ones in the wasing machine, like 4 times at least and they work perfectly lmao

  • Fl1kr
    Fl1kr 25 days ago

    Why is this so painful to watch

  • Hello There
    Hello There 26 days ago

    My AirPods are mad rn

  • ImNovaツ
    ImNovaツ 26 days ago

    Well I had to buy a new charging case Bc i put mines in the washer accidentally

  • FAKEYY04
    FAKEYY04 26 days ago +5

    That’s bs my AirPods went through washer and dryer and no longer work

    • Hollow
      Hollow 13 days ago

      FAKEYY04 not his fault u have fake AirPods

    • FAKEYY04
      FAKEYY04 19 days ago

      Summer Wright u think I did that on purpose my boi😂

    • Summer Wright
      Summer Wright 24 days ago

      FAKEYY04 wtf why would u put them in the in the first place

    • Varial YT
      Varial YT 26 days ago


  • Divine OvO
    Divine OvO 27 days ago +1

    There’s companies selling airpod like earpods and they’re using this video for it

  • Truevan ASAP
    Truevan ASAP 27 days ago

    That really hurts to watch