Drake - War

  • War (Official Video)
    Director - Theo Skudra
    Executive Producer - Christian Tyler
    Produced by - Jason Aita, Jacqueline de Niverville, and Kit Weyman
    Associate Producer - Teo Weyman
    Production Coordinator - Alex Dall'Orso
    DOP - Ali Khurshid
    1st Assistant - Camera Nick Petrie
    1st Assistant Camera - Johann Montreuil
    2nd Assistant Camera - Vy Nguyen
    Stills Photography - Norman Wong
    Camera Trainees - Duy Nguyen
    Camera Trainees - Christopher Yeun
    Gaffer - Alex Poutiainen
    Best Boy - Guillaume Cottin
    Key Grip - Martin Kenji
    Best Boy - Maachi Kulpa
    Camera Vehicle Tech - Bob Harper
    Flight Head Tech - Bernard Van Speyk
    Balloon Tech - Pratik Bhakri
    Art Director - Alexa Hollingsworth
    Art Assistant - Brooke Gangbar
    Gobar Falanger - Chadwick Starr
    Production Assistant - Cameron Frengopoulos
    Production Assistant - Patrick Sue Chan
    Production Assistant - Jaiden Davis Jones
    Production Assistant - Jivana Basra
    Production Assistant - Connor Anderson
    Production Company: Colossale
    Film Processed at FotoKem Los Angeles
    Senior Dailies Producer: Mary Chamberlain
    Special Thanks to Robert Murdoch, Michael MacPherson, Colorlab, Frame Discreet

Comments • 80

  • ohtrueyeahnah
    ohtrueyeahnah 11 hours ago

    *t i n g*

    WATCH OUT ! TICK TOCK 14 hours ago +1


  • I Take Chances
    I Take Chances 14 hours ago +1

    Drake fell off tbh

  • zachary jackson-bey
    zachary jackson-bey 16 hours ago

    Thought he was a BAD BOY
    Til man got pissed
    And he went PC 🔥

  • Gili Ronen
    Gili Ronen 16 hours ago

    Somebody plz tell me what they say in the start (axel or something)

  • Yeni Fadiya
    Yeni Fadiya 17 hours ago

    This song really deposited itself in my spirit. This times we live, we all got to realise its a spiritual war were fighting. Drake is ahead Toronto TIME

  • ¿Leøniex. [KØ]
    ¿Leøniex. [KØ] 17 hours ago

    Y O K


  • Amanda Rosario
    Amanda Rosario 21 hour ago


  • Woken Millennial
    Woken Millennial 21 hour ago

    ummmm why does drake want this sooo bad??? You ...... ummm your not uk ..im sorry bro ...im sorry

    • LTate
      LTate 13 hours ago

      Woken Millennial he is now bro

  • Imane Teixera
    Imane Teixera Day ago +1

    why is it not on Spotify?

    • LTate
      LTate 13 hours ago

      Imane Teixera fr


    Sit down.

  • Shifty Mac
    Shifty Mac Day ago

    Hope he tries to come UK and get plugged in the lung. Filthy cunt tryin to move on grime

  • Moumouh Ouaked
    Moumouh Ouaked Day ago

    Since everyone playing roller coster on his dick .
    Tell us about adidon m8

  • Tray Johnson
    Tray Johnson Day ago

    “Woi oi” hit hard when you think deep on it🤞🦉

  • dion moody
    dion moody Day ago

    Judge:anything else. 6ix9ine: Digga d actually stands for Digga drake

  • UnPlantedTree
    UnPlantedTree Day ago

    When Drake said, “We skipped the year 2012” i felt that.

  • moses angel
    moses angel Day ago +1

    Crumpets and Tea Type Beat

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams Day ago +1

    Innit fam

  • Armand Skjønnhaug
    Armand Skjønnhaug Day ago +1


  • Erikas Gr
    Erikas Gr Day ago

    when drake said, everybody im beefing with is a no name, i felt that,really meaningful quote.

  • David Jacinto
    David Jacinto Day ago +1

    Not UK rapper but already better then their own style Drake the goat

  • Marco Olvera
    Marco Olvera Day ago

    Una de las mejores de Drake, no hay rapero que pueda mejorar esta version .. fin.

  • sickid41
    sickid41 Day ago

    thgis nigga sneaked dis Micheal by saying that is his nigga.

  • H N
    H N Day ago +2

    If only Pop Smoke was on this when the best dropped. Rip

  • Los PlayBois De NYC

    When Drake said He ain't trust no one I felt that

  • Daniel Muhamedov

    bad copy of pop smoke

  • Bakang. Privv
    Bakang. Privv Day ago

    Omg,the return of Kakashi

  • tsin kayode
    tsin kayode Day ago

    when drake said "you that been my nigga" i felt that

  • 1k Subs By Commenting Challenge

    Nigga rlly said "woi oi"
    (If u from the UK then u know)

  • Berhanu Tsige
    Berhanu Tsige Day ago

    Spring playing

  • Iheb Melliti
    Iheb Melliti Day ago


  • Rozalinda Sinani

    Subscribe me and I will subscribe back.

  • ElPompasi
    ElPompasi Day ago

    When drake said “bize milletimiz yeter” i felt that

  • kenny jason
    kenny jason Day ago +2

    I don't know why but this music sounds to me like
    Big Shaq- Mans not hot.
    Is it just me?

    • Night
      Night 18 hours ago

      kenny jason nah it just sounds like UK grime

  • Nico B
    Nico B Day ago

    the ovoxo shoutout... hopin for a drake and abel song hella soon!!

  • jam
    jam Day ago

    W O I O I

  • гупи
    гупи Day ago

    Шатаут Паше и Саше

  • osmonautti
    osmonautti Day ago +1


  • Joseph Hermanowski
    Joseph Hermanowski 2 days ago +1

    When Drake said “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”
    I felt that.

  • N M
    N M 2 days ago +1

    Is that song on Spotify as well ? Can't find it..

  • Aplle 007
    Aplle 007 2 days ago +1

    Good one

  • Eduardo Duran
    Eduardo Duran 2 days ago +1

    This Slap Harder Then Ya Girls Cheeks

  • Shortys N Fortys
    Shortys N Fortys 2 days ago +1

    T i n g

  • Jesse Begaud
    Jesse Begaud 2 days ago +2

    Why isnt this on spotify :(

    • Jesse Begaud
      Jesse Begaud Day ago

      StormBreaker yea that'd be amazing

    • StormBreaker
      StormBreaker 2 days ago +1

      Yeah.. I wanna game on PS4 while I have this playing on the background

  • Malik Allen
    Malik Allen 2 days ago +60

    When drake said “Are you dumb or stupid?” I questioned my IQ

    • Arko
      Arko Day ago


  • Strapped
    Strapped 2 days ago

    Merkules KILLED this song.

  • Geno Rhodes
    Geno Rhodes 2 days ago +1

    Im no stan but if I don't like this u a hater

  • nellzy79
    nellzy79 2 days ago

    AXL fuckin it up lately. This beat super 🔥

  • Young A Aldama
    Young A Aldama 2 days ago


    Read the first letters

  • Privat3 Island
    Privat3 Island 2 days ago

    Iraq preparing to drop bombs on the U.S with this shit on repeat....Thanks Alot Drake 😒

  • Guillermo Flores
    Guillermo Flores 2 days ago


  • Kirk Arseneau
    Kirk Arseneau 2 days ago


  • Vanity Yaqny
    Vanity Yaqny 2 days ago +1

    When I saw the comments : I felt that.
    I felt that.

  • danny vickery
    danny vickery 2 days ago

    What a pussy nigga.

  • Marshall Exler
    Marshall Exler 2 days ago

    Why the fuck is this still not on Spotify

    • StormBreaker
      StormBreaker Day ago

      Can anyone somehow upload it on there? or not possible

  • xo_ Cupidd
    xo_ Cupidd 2 days ago +1

    When drake said "... " I felt that on another level

  • Ty L
    Ty L 2 days ago

    We don’t appreciate drake enough.

  • Precious Petals
    Precious Petals 2 days ago +1

    Drake sounds like those British rappers trying to rap

  • Travis Herrin
    Travis Herrin 2 days ago

    Drakes the chameleon of the rap game obviously

  • KA Gaming
    KA Gaming 2 days ago

    When drake said"stress" i felt that

    MIKEXCER 2 days ago


    MIKEXCER 2 days ago


    MIKEXCER 2 days ago


    MIKEXCER 2 days ago


  • Axel Marino
    Axel Marino 2 days ago +5

    Crazy how far dudes come and long he's literally been at the top.

  • Liam Wyssling
    Liam Wyssling 2 days ago +2

    2:35 My man said "Mad Ting" gotta love the UK influence haha

  • blacky
    blacky 2 days ago

    spotify ?

  • Yo Khiroシ
    Yo Khiroシ 2 days ago

    Stole from HeadieOne (3Headie)

  • Meh the Llama
    Meh the Llama 2 days ago +14

    When drake said “ay” in the beginning, the SoundCloud rappers felt that

  • Montana Merimon
    Montana Merimon 2 days ago

    Get this shit on Spotify already lol

  • Milkers McGoo
    Milkers McGoo 2 days ago

    Can they like put this on spotify

  • Sidney Knuckle
    Sidney Knuckle 2 days ago

    1:08 he said "Ting"

  • Asher
    Asher 2 days ago

    wave ridin ass

  • benjamin will
    benjamin will 2 days ago +1

    when drake said "you niqquhs spend way too much time on captions not enough time on actions" I felt that

  • Monica Zeka
    Monica Zeka 3 days ago


  • Abscon Ditus
    Abscon Ditus 3 days ago

    Words can't express the level on which this song is.

  • Shuja Abbas Jafari
    Shuja Abbas Jafari 3 days ago

    man went pc

  • Mohit Sawant
    Mohit Sawant 3 days ago +2

    *Drake is that one rapper that’s allowed in all the hoods*
    Eskimos: nah dawg he belongs with us

  • Leah McDermott
    Leah McDermott 3 days ago

    I’m from London and I’m mad confused. I like this tune but why’s Drake trying to sound like the drillers? He’s not a grime or drill artist and he ain’t done no drilling’s or ride outs. It’s just a little deceiving, but I rate it still 😂

  • Yuki Sakura
    Yuki Sakura 3 days ago +1

    Song actually goes hard.