Check Out the Full, Raw, Hysterical Version of Our One Chip Challenge

  • Published on Nov 17, 2017
  • There was a lot of pain in the office after this one. Some cried. Some cursed. And some spent the rest of the afternoon vomiting. We're not joking. See the full unedited experience here.
    Check this out!!!
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Comments • 921

  • Shiro Ichi
    Shiro Ichi 10 hours ago

    Geeeez, i hate women who nibble 1/50 of a chip at a time. It's not a whole meal or something.

  • PrPwnage
    PrPwnage Day ago

    wow music so good!

  • PrPwnage
    PrPwnage Day ago

    fakers. If you had capsaicin in your eye you couldn't bear to keep it open and it would be streaming with tears like pepper spray

  • zoobly3
    zoobly3 Day ago

    I won one of these evil little fuckers through a paqui promotional. It was a blue corn chip with charcoal powder on it. It was black as night and hotter than the fucking sun itself. I ate a third of it and chucked that bastard in the trash. I kind of wish I had kept it, ground it up and used that shit SPARINGLY as seasoning perhaps. Oh did I mention that my asshole fell out?

  • keith houin
    keith houin 2 days ago

    Eat a real Reaper chili. Good times.

  • Роман Захаренко

    I love u Faith!

  • Michael Lankford
    Michael Lankford 3 days ago

    That blonde woman in black is a straight up badass!!!!

  • homebrewAlchemist
    homebrewAlchemist 4 days ago

    the women in the white t shirt was a badass

  • Never Give Up
    Never Give Up 5 days ago

    Music is great! Love it

  • Never Give Up
    Never Give Up 5 days ago

    I seen this before where a guy ate 20 of these hot chips in one sitting

  • 1nm1
    1nm1 5 days ago

    If you add the word "Paqui" to the title it probably would get a LOT more views (only 314k now).

  • Mike Hike
    Mike Hike 5 days ago

    The girls in this video hotter than the chip. ♥️♥️♥️

  • Joel Lopez
    Joel Lopez 6 days ago

    Chaparrita, the amo ajuaaaaa!!

  • richard Turk
    richard Turk 7 days ago

    $5 bucks a chip huh? we know who the dumbass is.

  • Rolando Librojo Jr.
    Rolando Librojo Jr. 8 days ago

    20:00 its Sansa and Arya Stark lost middle sister

  • aSaiyanNamedTomoa
    aSaiyanNamedTomoa 8 days ago +1

    Why spit out the milk..

  • John Parisi
    John Parisi 9 days ago

    The Mexican music is so racist!

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 9 days ago

    There's just a kind of person who can manage such a pain, and that person must be a woman.

  • Tenkai Pitstop
    Tenkai Pitstop 9 days ago

    Is that spicy? I cant buy in my country and i searching all over internet, online shop... Its none, zip, zero

  • snicklefritz
    snicklefritz 9 days ago +1

    props on the choice of music

  • Charles Kline
    Charles Kline 10 days ago

    Should have ranch dressing girls and guys not milk .and the winner is Faith

  • Nucks4Life Boy
    Nucks4Life Boy 10 days ago

    Do do the damn challange if your only going to have a bite. Thumbs down.

  • Nucks4Life Boy
    Nucks4Life Boy 10 days ago

    #2 is such a pussy.

  • Paula Shelton
    Paula Shelton 10 days ago

    Why they think anyone wants to listen to ten minutes of his disgusting gargling and spitting noises is beyond me. Gross!

  • Larry Allen
    Larry Allen 11 days ago

    It's not that bad.. Yet

  • Lori Owens
    Lori Owens 12 days ago

    Third guy: LMFAO

  • Eric Cordova
    Eric Cordova 13 days ago +1

    Eats Carolina reaper chips....plays mariachi music for 48 minutes lol.
    Note: the mariachi music is PERFECT

  • Axis
    Axis 14 days ago

    lol, imagine making out with her after she just ate one of those and you didn't know it. She's hot on so many levels! Haha. And yes, I mean Abby:) Crush.

  • Hyde And Seek
    Hyde And Seek 15 days ago

    Good call, spitting it out. Everyone should have that many brains.

  • Kelly Ryan
    Kelly Ryan 16 days ago

    The best!!!

  • A Leo
    A Leo 18 days ago

    Hillbilly math too.Smh.

  • Sendie •
    Sendie • 18 days ago +1

    After watching this I had a dream a mariachi band was stalking me singing this song so everywhere I ran they ran behind me, I saw a river and swam across it and when I looked back they were swimming on their backs While playing their instruments. I freaked out. So I get to the shore, I’m exhausted and out of breath while hands on my knees they surrounded me singing. Then the worse thing happened. I looked down to see my foot tapping to the beat while a big piñata bull was trot dancing....

  • Jimmy Diamond
    Jimmy Diamond 21 day ago

    She was in the Subaru animal advert gunner is a duffus

  • Joe A.
    Joe A. 23 days ago

    Music is too loud

  • Joe A.
    Joe A. 23 days ago

    That Girl needs to swallow not spit 😂😂

  • hobanagerik
    hobanagerik 24 days ago

    Smells like Satan’s arsehole, and he’s not wiped properly.

  • A.E Estrada
    A.E Estrada 24 days ago

    6:32 that's what she said

    • 333 333
      333 333 17 days ago

      More like that... 7:53

  • Adrian Beaumont
    Adrian Beaumont 24 days ago

    Legit food porn!!!! Not the chip... whatever is used to aid the heat is consumed in a way that one weird sick or just imaginative person could consider sexual 😉

  • Soviet II
    Soviet II 25 days ago

    I don't understand why your chip looked so pale - all the other challenges I have watched, the chip was very dark brown or black...

  • shig
    shig 27 days ago


  • Patricia Martinez
    Patricia Martinez 27 days ago

    Funny as shit. Lmfao lol hahaha. 1am and I am laughing so hard. Omg too funny. And the music to boot

  • J. Seagroves
    J. Seagroves 28 days ago

    Pause at 27:01 and ask someone to guess what you're watching.

  • Gold Rush Redman
    Gold Rush Redman 28 days ago

    LMAO 💪😎🔥💯🦅🍺

  • Peter Pasquerello
    Peter Pasquerello 28 days ago

    I LOVE FAITH TUCKER!!! SHE IS STEEL!!! WOW!!! 7:24!!! I'm in love seriously...

  • Bill Prechtl
    Bill Prechtl 29 days ago

    What is that song and what group performs it?

  • Steve Dittman
    Steve Dittman 29 days ago

    Milk does absolutely nothing to help calm the burn because all it does is create more mucus and spread the capsaicin molecules around

    STAR STAR Month ago

    Shut your eyes and listen to the third guy that sounds like he's in some kind of perverted sex act

  • Bob Robert
    Bob Robert Month ago

    Failed !!! ☠️

  • Daniel Crowell
    Daniel Crowell Month ago

    You would eat a hot pepper for just a sticker?

  • karlwjm
    karlwjm Month ago

    Not only does the pepper itself burn off your taste buds (they do eventually "grow" back), but the heat builds up and will last approximately 8 hours before, before it even remotely begins to subside.

    DERIC BARNWELL Month ago

    at 22:00 she says, lord save me. there's a busy signal in heaven because the lord fell off his throne laughing so hard

  • Ivan Mcallister
    Ivan Mcallister Month ago

    Music's hilarious. Put the Andres in the freezer.

  • Tom Leadbitter
    Tom Leadbitter Month ago

    Man, could you have possibly chosen more annoying freaking music?!?! Thumbs down just for that, otherwise, it would have been interesting.

  • Christian Brin
    Christian Brin Month ago

    Lol not cool

  • Dwayne Arrowood
    Dwayne Arrowood Month ago

    Shit through a screen door!! Girlfriend has to be from Tennessee or Georgia.

  • GreyGamer
    GreyGamer Month ago

    That music was the real challenge 😳

  • Karen Kissoon
    Karen Kissoon Month ago

    Next challenge is to drink a cup of hot tea right after eating the chip.

  • Keith Miller
    Keith Miller Month ago +1

    There's a video on youtube where a guy eats 32 of the new hotter ones.

  • Justin Doss
    Justin Doss Month ago

    Faith was a total boss. Love that competitive spirit. Such a foul mouth get dirty sexy woman. Think I'm in love. Lol.

  • Tabitha Slaughter
    Tabitha Slaughter Month ago

    You did the dam thing