"Peak, Peit, Piet, Peet, Pik,.... whats the secret of his name?" @Utopia Rock House

  • There are hundreds of Videos and several Homepages of one of Pattaya's most famous Guitar Players in Internet, but everybody write his name different!
    This short interview may help to clear up this "mystery" :-)
    (A good onversion from Thai language to English is sometimes simply impossible. This is only one exmple).
    BTW: I write "Peak" because he writes this name himself in Facebook: Peak NokZaak
    Recorded 4th of December in Utopia Rockhouse, Walking Street Pattaya.

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  • Uliyana Biryukova
    Uliyana Biryukova 5 years ago

    Ohh!!! I was in Utopia that day!! I fell in love The Climax Band)))
    Peak is great guitarist !!! He the BEST)))

  • Lapiedde Freiherr
    Lapiedde Freiherr 5 years ago

    เปียก ?