10 People Who Played ONE Game For YEARS Until It Paid Off

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • These people took their enthusiasm of specific games to the next level. We (mostly) salute them and their accomplishments.
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  • Billy Jones -Altitude-

    I've played Fable The lost chapters for years. Been through 2 Xboxs and easily 10 discs. Rip.

  • RookEE player
    RookEE player 8 hours ago

    i played minecraft for like 4 yeasrs and had one world of it

  • Whop Zop
    Whop Zop 14 hours ago

    Athena played 1st match became pro

  • Dorito Lover
    Dorito Lover 16 hours ago

    I have been playing roblox since I was 4 I’m now 8

  • Fast Harbor
    Fast Harbor 18 hours ago

    Halo 5 LASO second mission with me and 2 clan members for 15 hours

  • live life
    live life 18 hours ago

    I played roblox for 3 years using numerous accounts.

  • Tatoretot
    Tatoretot 20 hours ago

    I’ve only been watching RU-clip for the past 9 years but I found a new hoaby so I don’t spend as much time on RU-clip

  • Tr ip
    Tr ip 2 days ago +1

    I've played a game for years and didn't pass the missions it's called *s C h o O L*

  • White Rat
    White Rat 2 days ago

    I played World of Tanks from release the game,stop 2 weeks ago

  • Bryan de Sá
    Bryan de Sá 3 days ago

    Warcraft is definitely going to live on for a long time, I agree. Hope I can get to that world soon enough hahaha

    ALCHEMIST 43 3 days ago

    I've known about the mortal kombat thing for years now

  • I Am Jonh
    I Am Jonh 3 days ago

    *I been playing roblox for 10 years*

  • Fisherman Freso
    Fisherman Freso 4 days ago

    The fact that wii fit has been out for ten years makes me feel old af 😭😭😭

  • Christopher Kenneth
    Christopher Kenneth 5 days ago

    Pretty interesting that Civilization II follows the EXACT GODDAMN series of events as George Orwell's 1984. 3 major superpowers at stalemate war producing enough resources to continue said stalemate. That's not possibly coincidence. Not at all.

  • Sprint car pusher04
    Sprint car pusher04 6 days ago

    I have played fallout for 5 years

  • CrunchyNutCornflakes

    Is Wii-fit considered a game?

  • Joseph Hnamte
    Joseph Hnamte 6 days ago

    i played frindly strike 3 when i was 9 ,now i'm 16

  • MAGICAL Miscellaneous
    MAGICAL Miscellaneous 8 days ago +1

    I played Mario forever for 10 years😅😅😁😂😂

  • EW_MysticMichael
    EW_MysticMichael 9 days ago

    I once played fallout new vegas and three for 3 years straight Just to do it all.

  • Stephen Solis
    Stephen Solis 9 days ago

    Fallout 3 still havenr seen everything

  • JRaptor 147
    JRaptor 147 9 days ago


  • ozkumfin gaming
    ozkumfin gaming 9 days ago

    12 years of wow

  • nintendians
    nintendians 9 days ago

    10. i guess there was nothing.
    9. that's how it is.
    8. reminds me of the mame emulator.
    7. that a long time.
    6. that's cool.
    5. kind of heard that some time ago.
    4. bunch of haters.
    3. it's the ultimate challenge.
    2. cool.
    1. wow.

  • David Francis.
    David Francis. 9 days ago

    Call of duty Black Ops 1 zombies one once said there's a way to get out of kino der toten I never stopped looking I don't know how long it's been all I know is I been looking since 2011 and im sill looking for it now in 2019 if you can translate how many years it's been please let me know

  • Sophia Cristina
    Sophia Cristina 10 days ago +1

    To be honest, i play doom since 1996, i'm "addicted" to FPS, i just play FPS and nothing more, i used to play variety of games, but i got bored, it got to a point where i prefer to raise my high skill instead of playing other kind of games, i know it is not just ONE game that i play, but getting back to the point, i play Doom since 1996, i still play it, i play it online with difficult mods (doom is too easy for me right now), i play duels, deathmatch, ctf (my fav, i had a clan and stuff before becoming the lone wolf, ctf is the e-sport of doom) and etc... Sadly the last two years the community almost disappeared, there was pub ctf almost always and now there is very few servers being played, now, there is just some few survival servers, but i still play, it don't paid off to me, but i can say i play Doom for 23 years and i'll play it for more years, of course i play other FPS games, so i don't fit the description of this video...

  • coolfastlouis
    coolfastlouis 10 days ago

    gta5 about 2 to 3 years

  • Brandon Frye
    Brandon Frye 10 days ago

    Any of us can be on this list😂 I been playing coc for 6 years

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 11 days ago

    So cool

  • hiku steel
    hiku steel 11 days ago

    ive been playing skyrim for 5 years lol,

  • Joshua Sutton
    Joshua Sutton 11 days ago

    GTA 5 2013

  • Alex Spartichino
    Alex Spartichino 11 days ago

    kharsak probably stopped because he spent nine years to get through that door and when he finally did it it was a waste of time and he prolly slipped into depression XD

  • jackson Harris
    jackson Harris 11 days ago

    took me 2 years in skyrim to find the white gold tower easter egg

  • Boricua 787
    Boricua 787 11 days ago

    How the fuck can you play an arcade game for 10 YEARS

  • pug ster
    pug ster 11 days ago

    6years on gta5

  • Rust-0H Spray
    Rust-0H Spray 12 days ago +1

    Bro I’ve been playing gta 3 since 2001 can I be in the video

  • spirits are Dark real Dark

    I played fortnite for 0.1 seconds so yea

  • Mister B
    Mister B 12 days ago

    Kharsek has been aiming for lvl 1500 lately
    Another milestone ey.
    I've never managed to get past level 70

  • bluephoeenix
    bluephoeenix 12 days ago

    Skyrim. I've played that for years. It's like it's a never ending game.

  • YFM Benetar
    YFM Benetar 12 days ago

    I played ONLY _Watch Dogs_ for over 5 years

  • RayRexDex
    RayRexDex 12 days ago

    Here I'm playing Minecraft for 7 years.

  • Player 2 Nation
    Player 2 Nation 13 days ago

    I've been playing OG Sims since it launched, its not my ONLY game but i still do play it daily.

  • Mahmood Habib
    Mahmood Habib 13 days ago +2

    World Of Tanks 8+ years
    MOOMO ^_^

  • Reiner Moraes
    Reiner Moraes 13 days ago


  • tHaT FbI dEpArtMeNt
    tHaT FbI dEpArtMeNt 14 days ago

    I been living live consistently for more than 11 years :/ do u get anything?

  • Anthony nameing
    Anthony nameing 14 days ago

    when you play csgo for 5 years and still ended as silver

  • Simon Montilla
    Simon Montilla 14 days ago

    Bf3 +3 years

  • ricardo Padilla
    ricardo Padilla 14 days ago


    SWE SUBZERO 14 days ago

    Yes, I have played skill sf2 for 6 years, but sadly the Europe and US servers closed down not to long ago :(

  • Lazaro Grana
    Lazaro Grana 14 days ago

    Ive played gta online since it came out

  • hexis 45
    hexis 45 14 days ago

    My bruder is playing for over 6 years

  • True Facts
    True Facts 14 days ago

    I played the game of Life....and still playin it.

  • Kerim Lilly
    Kerim Lilly 14 days ago

    PSO all day!!

  • Tobias Kragh
    Tobias Kragh 14 days ago

    I completed the Fallout 76 campaign. That was a god damn long time with a lot of bugs

  • DoomWalker HellSlayer
    DoomWalker HellSlayer 14 days ago

    No one here from warframe?

  • presi 300
    presi 300 14 days ago

    Ben playing minecraft since i was 6... now i am 14

  • xX DarthPredator Xx
    xX DarthPredator Xx 15 days ago

    Been playing fortnite for 2 years

  • banana joe
    banana joe 15 days ago


  • Captain America
    Captain America 15 days ago

    I've been playing the game of life for quite a while now. It only seems to get harder as you progress through the campaign. Honestly, I've played on normal difficulty for a few years but lately it feels like I'm on veteran. Does anyone else play this game? ;)

    • Fogolol !!
      Fogolol !! 12 days ago

      lucky you my friend, i started on hardmode on accident now i can't go back

  • Domagoj Gašparić
    Domagoj Gašparić 16 days ago

    The best payoff is the Fortnite..: $3.000.000

  • Ulf Danielsen
    Ulf Danielsen 16 days ago +2

    i have played minecraft for 3 years.