INSANE 1 v 5 with NO HP in World of Tanks!

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • Sometimes I believe what I see in World of Tanks - this is one of those games in the T-44!
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Comments • 600

  • Aske Schandorff
    Aske Schandorff 5 hours ago

    What a legend'

  • Pedrector Vallinsua
    Pedrector Vallinsua 4 days ago

    poor rhm at 0:50

  • Oscar Velasco
    Oscar Velasco 5 days ago

    As always, this is a case of idiots rushing in to get the kill without thinking that winning the game is the most important thing to do. I really hate this "KILL ALL" attitude.

    SCARLET★STAR 9 days ago

    I really like how he used his ammo too. All those pay to win super unicorns would have fired gold only on that T44 in that tense situation. He kept his cool and did it all with standard ammo. On a T44 no less with fairly shitty standard pen.

  • W Wojt
    W Wojt 10 days ago

    HANDS DOWN! Best wot game i've ever seen.

  • WhenNoobsHaveGames
    WhenNoobsHaveGames 19 days ago

    QB your shirt has green on it so its made a hole because camera thinks its greenscreen

  • Joseph Pancha
    Joseph Pancha 19 days ago

    “Goes up like a *candle*”😂
    But seriously I love ur vids

  • geeknproud321
    geeknproud321 21 day ago

    I was so excited to get my T-44 but it has been a disappointing tank. Even with all the upgrades over the years its just a paper armor fast tank that isn't really good at anything. The Pershing has better armor AND a better gun. So this game, to me, is amazing.

  • Zoroark Lover
    Zoroark Lover 25 days ago

    Imagine if the enemy team had 3 vehicles capping instead of wasting 4 tanks one by one chasing after the one shot tank

  • Arctic
    Arctic 25 days ago

    0:49 The poor Borsig just getting into position then getting one shotted. Can relate.

  • Guardian831
    Guardian831 28 days ago +2

    Quackybaby sounds like an angry goat when he says hey everyone 🐐

  • Darius Fehed
    Darius Fehed 28 days ago

    Outperform to win > pay to win
    for watching fough like a spartan gj m8

  • the Lord of Adventure
    the Lord of Adventure 28 days ago

    man do i dislike these kind of players in comment sec.This was really game of the year nominee
    first time in a long i am watching same game twice

  • Doomslayer
    Doomslayer 29 days ago


  • Xguest273X
    Xguest273X 29 days ago

    RHM: *Makes stupid plays*
    Also RHM: "T-44. Now listen here you little sh*t..."

  • Aleksandar Gavrilovic

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  • bechir 1999
    bechir 1999 Month ago

    this is clowns serveur omg xD

  • Danny Thomson
    Danny Thomson Month ago

    this is the first quickybaby vid ive seen although ive heard Jingles mention him many many times and by god im glad i finally watched one of his vids, great commentry and man what a match to commentate on, great play MR rUSSIAN PLAYER WHOS NAME IVE FORGOTTEN
    LOL. ()oh sugar lumps sorry guys i left caps lock on

  • Red Beard
    Red Beard Month ago

    nice shirt 🧐

  • Tomo Tor
    Tomo Tor Month ago

    Good game! That reminds me of my gamesin CSGO on Agency map - roaming with 7hp and getting 10 frags...

  • CervezaEstrella Damm

    disgusting enemy

  • Tomas Rusakevic
    Tomas Rusakevic Month ago

    How sad is it,when he shot just 9gold ammo in such a fantastic game and he STILL LOST 2k of credits ...

  • Kris John
    Kris John Month ago

    I'm digging all of your green screen esq shirts.

  • Piotr Żwirowski
    Piotr Żwirowski Month ago

    This guy should really get into the whole lottery business. Getting such luck not only in the rng but also in getting matchmade with such astronomical morons seems like such unbelievable phenomenal cosmic luck that he would be flinging sixes left, right and centre at every lottery if his fortune keeps up

  • Piotr Żwirowski
    Piotr Żwirowski Month ago

    That rhm at the beginning was like a typical douche who tries to bully you out of a position when you where there first. Felt so god when he got the instant karma

  • Akari Akaza
    Akari Akaza Month ago

    ur enemy is just stupid.

  • Gheorghe Negreanu
    Gheorghe Negreanu Month ago +1

    when i watch replays like this, it reminds me how much i suck at this game. I havent played in almost 1 year and i think about getting back in again

  • Gangfire
    Gangfire Month ago

    He had hit points left . . . false advertising! But I don't care, still enjoyed the video, thanks QB.

  • Snagabott
    Snagabott Month ago

    Together guys!?!

    Nah, let's go one by one.

  • Bob Bobbsen
    Bob Bobbsen Month ago

    Awww soo cute to gift him premium and gold! keep up the great work!

  • Victor Zaharia
    Victor Zaharia Month ago

    If you have no health, then you would be dead.....

  • Pico Lovac
    Pico Lovac Month ago

    t44 player have no skill at all, he is arrogant and got lucky by having braindead enemies...

  • me who
    me who Month ago

    Wasn't a 1v5 at any point of the battle, just 5 1v1's :)

  • BruceLeedar
    BruceLeedar Month ago

    While he held it together well at the end, there was some odd plays for someone who has two starred that tank. Maybe Russian T-44 players are lower quality on average because everybody grinds the Soviet tanks there, making two stars easier to get.

  • Thor By Numbers
    Thor By Numbers Month ago

    Why does Quickybaby refer to players in the plural?

  • Jacob Deming
    Jacob Deming Month ago

    So much fun to watch!

  • RedXlV
    RedXlV Month ago

    6:40 SU-100 (is an SU-101)
    6:49 medium tank (is a TD)
    Having a Jingles moment there, Quacky.

  • nick steenhuis
    nick steenhuis Month ago

    t44 is a beast

  • BlackMasakari
    BlackMasakari Month ago +1

    can connect to the t-44 guy for not doing much once on the hill for the 2nd time - the start was very stressful and...gotto get calm :)

    • BlackMasakari
      BlackMasakari Month ago +1

      su-101 didn't even aim fully - rng is so rediculous and so is the su 101 and su100m1 in general..
      He loses credits by making a hilariously awesome carry - yes, very free-to-play this game..

  • Max van Aalst
    Max van Aalst Month ago

    Lol dat Borsig at the start, what an idiot XD

  • Commander Max
    Commander Max Month ago +1

    We need more Russian meds at tier 10


  • jason fidler
    jason fidler Month ago

    That my friend is crap!! Wargaming should award something more for what this tanker did. 1 vs 5 should be awarded 1 million coins for such a feat. Cause it is a rare feat indeed. 😎👍

  • Hussain C
    Hussain C Month ago +1

    Sad how the enemy always rushes me at the same time when I'm the last player alive.

  • Liran Kaplan
    Liran Kaplan Month ago

    all the tanks there has a stabilizer?

  • nigel brazier
    nigel brazier Month ago

    attacking one at a time like an old kung fu movie :)

  • HiTechOilCo
    HiTechOilCo Month ago +1

    _AMPARO did a masterful job of winning this battle, although the enemy team *let* them win. All they had to do was cap and it would be battle over. But noooo, they've got to get greedy! Not very smart. Winning pays out *2-3 times* more silver and XP than for a loss, so the enemy team made a very expensive mistake! Lesson learned viewers?

  • HiTechOilCo
    HiTechOilCo Month ago +1

    QuickyBab, thank you for this great video! Very well done! Please do more of these. :)

  • Gabriele Goria
    Gabriele Goria Month ago

    Luckly for amparo they came one by one to be shot do death :)

  • Kousen
    Kousen Month ago

    i just love how Karma strikes that allied RHM at the start of the battle who's trying to steal the T44's position.

  • heisnotlongbutthin
    heisnotlongbutthin Month ago

    Look at title- See its a T-44 istantly unimpressed

  • loranga japp
    loranga japp Month ago

    The cap must be on 100 for at least five seconds.

  • Tony Valdez
    Tony Valdez Month ago

    And noone shoot Gold/HE wtf?
    What Russian player??

  • M.C. Squared
    M.C. Squared Month ago

    Ok send this replay to Jingles 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer Month ago

    Well they did come 1 by 1

  • oleg jablonsky
    oleg jablonsky Month ago

    Enemy team was full of gentlemen. They all challenged him to a civilized duel. 🧐
    Enemy t-43 died cowards death... 😂☠️

  • Kevin fellow
    Kevin fellow Month ago

    I attribute his success not only to being good, but to red team's lack of skill and unfortunate rng, and being top tier

  • Josh Gilreath
    Josh Gilreath Month ago

    RNG is never on my side

  • Branko Dimitrijevic

    this cant be the game of the year he contributed to the death of his allay in the begining

  • Juan Zulu
    Juan Zulu Month ago

    No cap kill all!