• Published on May 8, 2017
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Comments • 69 235

  • My life As Cassidy

    Go to 8:28 and look in the center of the money, you won’t regret it.....

  • Pablo TheDiablo
    Pablo TheDiablo Hour ago

    did anyone else see the Illuminati symbol on the flintstone’s money ?

  • Dane Gobble
    Dane Gobble Hour ago

    at 13:25

  • Dane Gobble
    Dane Gobble Hour ago

    gun triger

  • Zakura Angel
    Zakura Angel 2 hours ago

    .... no wonder i had the jebe jives when I was at the it’s a small world attraction

  • Cat Kool aid
    Cat Kool aid 2 hours ago

    lmao 69k comments

  • james jensen
    james jensen 2 hours ago

    2nd one because it is a tv show

  • Jenna Wilder
    Jenna Wilder 2 hours ago

    if u read the bible it says that the devil (who supposedly is part of the illuminate) was the angel of music soooooooo

  • Matilda Proctor
    Matilda Proctor 2 hours ago +1

    When he is talking about the flinstone there is a Illuminati on the MONEY

  • unoriginalitea
    unoriginalitea 2 hours ago

    shane seeing teletubbies in black and white would scare him so bad

  • Sophie Koechlin
    Sophie Koechlin 3 hours ago

    When I was younger I was obsessed with tellie tubbies but now they scare me

  • JoeHazard Hazardus
    JoeHazard Hazardus 3 hours ago

    Flintstone money has the iluminati

  • MC Tiger
    MC Tiger 3 hours ago +1

    The purple telletubbie has a triangle on its head *_illuminati confirmed_* 10:27

  • ava pagg
    ava pagg 3 hours ago

    wait i had a tickle me elmo

  • Madison
    Madison 4 hours ago

    wait when i go to disney i always go on its a small world

  • Madison
    Madison 4 hours ago

    telitubies or how ever u spell it was my brothers fav show

  • lila amad Torres
    lila amad Torres 4 hours ago

    😊(๑´•.̫ • `๑)

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia 4 hours ago

    I dare Shane to go to a sheep farm and set them free with out being noticed

  • cillybop
    cillybop 5 hours ago

    My teacher dressed up as a teletubie for Halloween even scarier then usual

  • Aryanna H
    Aryanna H 5 hours ago

    In the show gravity falls there is litteraly a illuminati named like Bill or billy and before i was like oh look yellow triangle and now its is the illuminati in every single kid show

  • Jakeson williams
    Jakeson williams 5 hours ago

    I don’t fucking care about the podcast bitch I just wanna see the video

  • my chemical disco pilots falling out window's

    Shane didnt notice but the flinstones money also had an illuminati

  • Natalie Harshbarger
    Natalie Harshbarger 6 hours ago

    y’all i went to disney and we went on a small world and it was saying goodbye on the screens and said all my families names and then we went on the everest ride and it was showing ads to fit into the ride like “best mountain trip ever”- ben and it was saying those fake reviews but all the people around us and our names and it was scary af but then we realized it was our bands which means the magic bands have a tracker in them with all your information js and shane plz feature this in ur next conspiracy video🤣

  • BTSArmy 101
    BTSArmy 101 7 hours ago


    • Sad loverBoy
      Sad loverBoy 4 hours ago

      Is Disney world as haunted as land

  • Lonely Philophobia
    Lonely Philophobia 7 hours ago

    now im never going to disneyland lol . like litterally ashes ?! no hell no.

  • Madeline Kapteyn
    Madeline Kapteyn 8 hours ago

    In that scene of harry potter i dont see sex written i see a pig with fire🤣

  • Tiger blood
    Tiger blood 8 hours ago

    Shane : The most haunted rides in Disneyland is The Haunted Mansion and The Small World.

    Me: obviously the haunted mansion is haunted

  • Theodore O riley
    Theodore O riley 11 hours ago

    This is cringey

  • Kyson Metcalfe
    Kyson Metcalfe 12 hours ago +1

    did anyone else see that the Flinstones money had the illuminate symbol in it???

  • Brandon Brinker
    Brandon Brinker 21 hour ago

    8:28 why is there a illuminati symbol on the money

  • Midnight Vixen
    Midnight Vixen 22 hours ago

    Teletubbies ( can't spell ) are ten feet tall XD almost as tall as UF Paps ( if anyone gets the reference )

  • Sadie Mysliwiec
    Sadie Mysliwiec 23 hours ago

    C mon I just had taco Bell !!!!

  • Serina Rodriguez
    Serina Rodriguez 23 hours ago

    It says illuminate

  • Jamie
    Jamie Day ago

    On the money for the flintstones, it had a triangle with an eye in it😧

  • sophie helsinger

    why wasn't bill cipher on the cartoon illuminate examples. He's a fucking triangle with and eye. maybe it was and i didn't see it

  • Game Topia
    Game Topia Day ago

    Bill:He might not find out that I’m literally a triangle with a one eye
    Shane:*does not notice gravity falls*
    Bill:I told ya
    Gravity falls:there is still next time Bill

  • Leisha's Lifestyle

    Shane literally makes this more scary than it should be😂.

  • honeybee _123
    honeybee _123 Day ago +3

    Shane *gEt ReAdY tO wAtCh yOuTuBe oN A rOcK*

    *Me in 2030 watching Shane on a rock*

  • Ezzybola N
    Ezzybola N Day ago

    Replays: 3:42

  • Hayley Russell
    Hayley Russell Day ago

    Does anyone else notice that the flintstones money has the illuminati triangle on it

  • Michelle Moua
    Michelle Moua Day ago

    We all know what Gravity Falls is ALL about

  • George Kammas
    George Kammas Day ago

    Caillou is SIX FEET TALL

  • George Kammas
    George Kammas Day ago

    Also for the tellitubbies the purple one died from being kidnapped and frozen and thrown in the street

  • George Kammas
    George Kammas Day ago

    Also spongebob has a lot of dirty jokes

  • Maya wg
    Maya wg Day ago

    The thing that Shane mostly cares about is the Taco Bell conspiracy theory lol 😂

  • Nilka Pla
    Nilka Pla Day ago

    Is it just me or when Elmo said kill James I thought he said hello James

  • Unicorns 999
    Unicorns 999 Day ago

    8:28, That is LITERALLY the Illuminati...

  • Beasty Boi
    Beasty Boi Day ago

    This is why i keep to videogames

  • Stinker Stinker
    Stinker Stinker Day ago +1

    Why has he not talked about gravity falls? The bad guy is literally an illuminate symble

  • Gacha Cloudy
    Gacha Cloudy Day ago

    Shane I’m actually scared

  • Toccara Jones
    Toccara Jones Day ago

    This always creeps me out btw who watching in 2019

  • C.J
    C.J Day ago +1

    No wonder my elmo gives me nightmares

  • Moomoo Army
    Moomoo Army Day ago

    I loved the tellytubbies and the boohbahs. People find them scary but I don't see why (the telly tubbies are freakishly tall but not very scary.)

  • Taylor Lamb
    Taylor Lamb Day ago

    12:42 is meeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Humayra Ahmed
    Humayra Ahmed Day ago +2

    Shane :"this video will ruin ur childhood ...."
    Me : well the damage is already done

  • Nightblade plays
    Nightblade plays Day ago +1

    Shane the duck tails thing about the illuminati in the second picture it still says "ask about illuminati"

  • Dr.Dinosaur64329

    6:28 wait that still says the same thing

  • Heather Caul
    Heather Caul Day ago +1

    Does anyone notice the Illuminati triangle in the dollar bill from the flinstones clip 👀

  • fog man
    fog man Day ago


  • ShadowSaber Mythic

    Shane the dollar bill from the flinstones section had an illuminati symbol on it

  • Rosie Posie22
    Rosie Posie22 Day ago +1

    Anyone see the illuminati sign on the money time = 8:28

  • Kenyatta Williams

    Another thing about flint stones is that if cavemen were born with dinosaurs why and how could they celebrate the birth or Jesus/ Christmas

  • Clarimar
    Clarimar Day ago

    8:55 Shane they are not that smart

  • Cal Cal Minecraft

    It’s saying “kill James”? I heard L G...

  • Nun Ya!
    Nun Ya! Day ago

    Teletubbies was my fav when I was little sksksks

  • Nun Ya!
    Nun Ya! Day ago

    This gave me mega anxiety anyone else?

  • Stella Vips
    Stella Vips Day ago

    What if the little boy was repeating, 'kill James' over & over to the Elmo doll and it just picked it up?! Isn't that infinitely more creepy? Where is James now?! WHERE IS HE.

  • CreepypastaJuice
    CreepypastaJuice 2 days ago +3

    I don't see what's the point of watching Teletubbies, they just run around and roll.

  • martha reyes
    martha reyes 2 days ago


  • Faith Novak
    Faith Novak 2 days ago +1

    I thought it’s a small world was only in Disney world?🤨