Best of the Worst: The Sweeper, Empire of the Dark, and Mad Foxes

  • Published on Jul 31, 2017
    Oh no, it's Best of the Worst! This time the group watches three films that were recommended to us by one of our Canadian friends. It's The Sweeper, Empire of the Dark, and a German release of a Spanish movie, Mad Foxes! Oh my Goooood!
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  • SwoodMan 127
    SwoodMan 127 5 days ago

    Of course Mike would applaud old people getting violently murdered

  • JimJensonisdepressed andschizophrenic

    Does anyone speak asian? I'm curious what was on the back on the Mad Foxes box.

  • Some Canine
    Some Canine 13 days ago

    Jay's dad: "You can't have any sympathy for a guy wearing a House of Pain hat."

  • Daddy DREET
    Daddy DREET 16 days ago +1

    NECROMANTIC needs to be on here. german sex with dead people movie.

  • DarkReflections86
    DarkReflections86 16 days ago +2

    Love how they completely reused the "just ice" joke in their Justice League HITB episode. What hacks.

  • Jabba Fan BOI
    Jabba Fan BOI 22 days ago

    22:33 rubbing one out

  • GoredonTheDestroyer
    GoredonTheDestroyer 28 days ago

    Joe Pilato out of nowhere with a SPAS-12 is the best and worst variety of Joe Pilato.

  • Ma Von
    Ma Von Month ago

    I'm from germany. And I couldn't understand one word of what Rich was saying. So I guess it's better than his english

  • Jack-a-Lopium
    Jack-a-Lopium Month ago +1

    As the famous author Bill Shakesman once wrote: 'To sleep, perchant to dream.'

  • Lucasful
    Lucasful Month ago +1

    "That's what I juSt S AI d "

  • Cesar Eslava
    Cesar Eslava Month ago

    You censored the cover of Mad Foxes when you showed it but on top of your table you can clearly see the Cover. Pretty funny

  • Global00Vintage
    Global00Vintage Month ago

    ...we have to point that out because people don't remember... Oh. So, am I the only one who watches these over and over again?

  • stolz_ar
    stolz_ar Month ago

    35:43 bewbs

  • jac6995
    jac6995 Month ago +3

    Watching this in 2019 and i have no clue what the beginning is referencing

  • Aerith Gainsborough

    I'm 37 years old, why does the videos on rlms playlist keep asking me if I want to view their videos?

  • lindinle
    lindinle Month ago

    neil breen had a black tank top!!!!!

  • Grey Man
    Grey Man 2 months ago

    Shit, I'm wearing a black tank top.

  • rzeka
    rzeka 2 months ago

    Mad Foxes is the Harvester of weird spanish sex/action movies

  • Edward Thomas
    Edward Thomas 2 months ago

    I keep thinking that's Nigel Farage on Josh's shirt. Think it may just be trauma.

  • HistoriisMysteria
    HistoriisMysteria 2 months ago

    39:09 Bean dip? Bologna? Mike is thinking about those rollups. Thanks Marge!

  • Jimmy Irwin
    Jimmy Irwin 2 months ago +1

    The kid in the back seat of the cop car in The Sweeper is Colt from 3 Ninjas

  • JazzYolo
    JazzYolo 2 months ago

    That needs to be on the next poster

  • Lemtil
    Lemtil 2 months ago

    Vinegar would make a Tums overdose worse, not better.

  • KarbineKyle
    KarbineKyle 2 months ago

    Rich is like a big kid! His laughter and his shenanigans are just a joy to us all!

  • Ewido
    Ewido 3 months ago +2

    So C Thomas Howell went from The Outsiders to The Sweeper.

  • Senyuno
    Senyuno 3 months ago +1

    That was bothering me

  • Mile High Jedi
    Mile High Jedi 3 months ago

    I want the movie poster for Mad Foxes.... Because, ya' know, reasons.....

  • lebensraummetal
    lebensraummetal 3 months ago

    this episode made me wanna throw away my black wifebeaters

  • Great Darknut
    Great Darknut 3 months ago

    10:24 nice blur there guys

  • ArthurAlcantara
    ArthurAlcantara 3 months ago

    The C3 Corvette in Mad Foxes looks amazing though.

  • Food Wizard
    Food Wizard 4 months ago

    that actually is a round pier. Redondo Beach, CA. Lived there 10 years

  • KingThrillgore
    KingThrillgore 4 months ago

    30:11 this joke made me laugh so hard my coworkers noticed

  • matt brown
    matt brown 4 months ago

    Joe Pilato? More like Joe Play-Doh, amirite?

  • Estella montagu
    Estella montagu 4 months ago

    We got bagels woo

  • Nathan Walker
    Nathan Walker 4 months ago

    The weird pervert on earth*
    *Unrelated close-up of Rich Evans

  • Yesenia Robles
    Yesenia Robles 4 months ago

    wow what an annoying intro

  • Mason Selsing
    Mason Selsing 4 months ago

    Legitimately looked forward to turning 18 last week just so I can get more content from the age-restricted RLM videos I couldn’t watch. My boys never disappoint.

  • C Leeks
    C Leeks 4 months ago +1

    Who's the ass who made this age restricted?

  • Serene Doge
    Serene Doge 4 months ago +1

    That bathtub is filled with Campbell’s chicken noodle soup.

  • Peef Rimgar
    Peef Rimgar 4 months ago

    >can't show us the cover of mad foxes
    >have it in the foreground for the entire discussion

  • RobotCharizard
    RobotCharizard 5 months ago +1

    Coming this summer: a heist of epic proportions. The Ellen Show’s Richard Evans (“Space Cop”, “Defeatable”) plays a diabetic mastermind with one goal: steal the worlds TUMS supply. This August, Evans will take your TUMS and your heart in this new classic, Richard Evans is, “The Ticking TUMSbomb”.

  • DarkStar
    DarkStar 5 months ago +1

    I just realized I've never seen this episode before.... aww yeah. Another chance to wonder how Rich Evans can look the most drunk while being the most sober
    I'm gonna step outside and smoke a "cigarette" and be right back.

  • MRWhoreoscope
    MRWhoreoscope 5 months ago

    Justice Inc sounds like a Sub division of Justice League that settles all legal situations. Like property damages, and serving court hearings to villains.

  • Blunt Wolf
    Blunt Wolf 5 months ago

    06:12 Not that bad, Rich. One can actually understand what you're reading. Gut gemacht! Was geht diese Saison mit Christian Yelich, Rich? Du alter Schlagball-Unterliga-Fan ;-)

  • Enthused Norseman
    Enthused Norseman 5 months ago +2

    Why was the 70s so FUCKING GROSS??!!

  • Serene Doge
    Serene Doge 5 months ago

    2:23 yeah, pretty sure they meant “penchant”. It’s the thought that counts.

    • Andrew Gwilliam
      Andrew Gwilliam 3 months ago

      There's no "they", as that's exactly what was printed on the cover.

  • Tyler Thompson
    Tyler Thompson 5 months ago

    What is happening to Rich's stomach at 1:03:40?

  • shadowdragon992001
    shadowdragon992001 5 months ago +1

    aha, i watched every Half in the Bag before coming to binge every Best of the worst, its funny to see the Origin Story of the Just Ice League.

  • Max Um
    Max Um 5 months ago +1

    I see guyver on shelf....

  • PhyierPickle
    PhyierPickle 6 months ago

    Black tank top theory... The room and Miami connection both have scenes with black tank top.

  • RoyalFlush270
    RoyalFlush270 6 months ago +1

    Steve Barkett looks like a balding version of the manager at my local Wendy's

  • Matthew Hogberg
    Matthew Hogberg 6 months ago +3

    40:05 *WE GOT BAGELS WOOOOO* -Don Beverage

  • Boog609
    Boog609 6 months ago

    Mike's "Oh god, what an advenutre!" is so insultingly sweet, i love it

  • CHiEF B
    CHiEF B 6 months ago +5

    The black tank top theory is also known as Steven Seagal syndrome.

  • Raven
    Raven 6 months ago

    Thanks for activating my tinnitus rlm. Love you giys.

  • beandip.
    beandip. 6 months ago

    I can no longer hear that decibel of volume after the beginning to this episode.

  • Raggedy
    Raggedy 6 months ago

    I know this is a year old so no one will see this, but I really love the fact that Swansoncop uses the same sword as Conan the barbarian. Truly a weapon fit for such mighty warriors

  • BunkerFox
    BunkerFox 7 months ago

    "Rich Evans vs Aliens" Oh, you mean Aliens vs Sex Predators?

  • AL13NM
    AL13NM 7 months ago

    I'm wear'n a Black Tank Top while I watch this. An not much else GASP!

  • Alfred Soul
    Alfred Soul 7 months ago

    I'm German and, although it was miserable to sit through, I actually could understand what Rich was reading off the back of the DVD, which is impressive, I think.