1 week challenge with iPhone 5s in 2018!

  • Published on Sep 11, 2018
  • Is the iPhone 5s worth it in 2018? Full Review of the Apple iphone 5s in 2018!
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Comments • 97

  • 420
    420 Month ago

    I had to do this for 6 months after my 8 broke

  • firearchergirl
    firearchergirl 2 months ago

    And I'm still stuck w iPhone 5.........

  • TherealitzHD
    TherealitzHD 2 months ago

    i use this and my iphone x space grey perfect match its only 16gb tho my 5s and my X IS 64gb

  • Nurmuhammad Rasulov
    Nurmuhammad Rasulov 3 months ago

    Ow so im doing a 5 year challenge?

  • Xean Ball
    Xean Ball 6 months ago

    I used mine for 5 years

  • Justin Seagull
    Justin Seagull 6 months ago

    wow u doing it as a challenge, while me using it in my everyday lifE meN :")

  • Luchon20082010
    Luchon20082010 7 months ago

    Is it a huge downgrade?

  • MrParis22
    MrParis22 7 months ago

    Is that like the old Nokia 3312 instead of breaking the phone it brakes the pavement?

  • Octal
    Octal 8 months ago

    why r u gone remember me?

  • Neo Kenneth
    Neo Kenneth 8 months ago

    im excited to the new iphone SE 2

  • Sneakerhead_107
    Sneakerhead_107 8 months ago

    I have been doing this Challege for YEARS

  • Freya_Matilda_Plays
    Freya_Matilda_Plays 10 months ago

    Lol you did it for a week, I’ve had mine for 3 years!

  • VrajFTW
    VrajFTW 10 months ago

    Im using it in 2019

  • Manual
    Manual 11 months ago

    I’m using it right now
    Battery 🤮

  • Dexter N. Del Rosario
    Dexter N. Del Rosario 11 months ago

    Of course the iphone x is more better than the 5s its just because its the latest but its the same there both iphone if the iphone x is in 2025 your gonna hate it like the 5s but the 5s is amazing all apple product is amazing except of the battery case

  • Rahul Sunda
    Rahul Sunda 11 months ago

    5s is looking good...

  • Charles Twyman
    Charles Twyman 11 months ago

    Orderded one for 32$ but it was 16 gb

  • Abdullah Ahmad
    Abdullah Ahmad 11 months ago +1

    I have this phone as my backup device.

  • Zedy Z
    Zedy Z 11 months ago

    chalenge..sure sure

  • Jamest98
    Jamest98 11 months ago

    Had my Silver 16gb 5s since 2016 and it’s still holding up really well definitely got a lot of fight left in them

  • Bruno Zagorac
    Bruno Zagorac Year ago

    challenge?? i still have this phone, and it works perfectly! use iphone 3G for challenge.

    • Scope
      Scope 11 months ago

      Ha ha ur so poor haha

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow Year ago

    I can easily use my 6s one handed.

  • Emi’s Life
    Emi’s Life Year ago

    Dude I have an iPhone 5s in space grey and I love everything about the size! And bro it’s still a massive luxury? I think it’s the best phone even compared to the iPhone X

  • Edwin Espiritu
    Edwin Espiritu Year ago

    How many hours does the battery last in 5s?

    • 420
      420 Month ago

      Like an hour

    • Angel
      Angel 11 months ago

      Edwin Espiritu 2H SOT max

    SUNDAR K Year ago

    Moto z2 play or Moto x4 great alternative

    SUNDAR K Year ago

    Love to use bezel phone ,not bezel less or notch display,bezel phone is practical & give good contrast while hold

  • Gorin Animations
    Gorin Animations Year ago

    I just got a iPhone 5s today
    It's fine like my sister gave it to me but the FRICKIN home button doesn't work so I can't use iOS 10

  • MR Rahman
    MR Rahman Year ago

    If i use iPhone 5s for my secondary phone & i use it for Call, Sms & few minute of facebook use then its battery can be lasting 1day...??

  • its Darius
    its Darius Year ago

    im on android right now and my phone is lagging and randomly turning off so im gettin an iphone , i was thinking about the 6 or 7 but i dont need much from a phone and i think that they are too big so im getting an 5s.


    iv ha iPhone 5s for 4 years

  • city8986
    city8986 Year ago

    I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about how to use an iphone try Panlarko Simple iPhone Planner( search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my co-worker got excellent results with it.

  • GeneralGh0st
    GeneralGh0st Year ago

    The only problem I have with the 5s is the screen size

    • Some Dank Boi
      Some Dank Boi Year ago

      Lol the se is better for a bit more expensive

    • Street72
      Street72 Year ago

      It's nothing, you can use with 1 hand 👌😁

    POSLERN Year ago +1

    watching this on my iphone 5s

  • Mr. Rey
    Mr. Rey Year ago

    Yes, I think it's still fast and run well for me, or I did test and make a video too about how iphoe 5s play PES 2018

  • ZYL1T3 - Fortnite

    Lol just got the 5s today

  • Mauro Cigliuti
    Mauro Cigliuti Year ago +19

    1 week "challenge"?? That's what a challenge means to you dude? jesus... I've had this phone since it came out in 2013 and I love it. It's a bit slow sometimes but I don't care waiting a second longer for an app to load.. We've become so spoiled with technology nowadays, that we get mad about waiting for more than half a second for our content to load.
    I hope this phone lasts me at least a couple years more, I love the form factor and design (and headphone jack!)

    • hillbilly how
      hillbilly how Month ago

      i use it too. i fully agree with you. it’s an awesome phone but i’ve had mine for so long the charging port is corroding. it still charges but very slowly. that’s why i charge it only at night.

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow Year ago

      Upgrade to a used 6s, you'll love it, and they can be bought in good condition for 150$ The camera is way better screen is just big enough to be very functional. Dont get me wrong, anything on the internet i would rather do from the couch on my 82 inch tv; but on the go, it gets the job done.

    • Sid Callahan
      Sid Callahan Year ago

      If you are getting terrible battery usage/sluggish performance then go to an apple store and get the batter replace for like $29 and it'll be as good as new.. Trust me it makes a really big difference and the phone will last you for one more year or so.

    • suave-alpaca
      suave-alpaca Year ago +1

      my cousin still use this phone. Its still a great phone. Sure cant expect a flagship performance from this - but after ios12 update it works even better

  • Pearl the rebel
    Pearl the rebel Year ago +1

    I found mine. It's so small...I can't

  • Izzy hope
    Izzy hope Year ago +3

    I've had my 5s for almost 4 years, and since I'm still running ios 10, it works like it did 4 years ago. It's the best phone apple ever made, and I'm not giving my headphone jack up any time soon.

  • d d
    d d Year ago +2

    *M A S T E R P I E C E*
    in smartphone history

  • lmfao
    lmfao Year ago +1

    I’m gonna have to use this for 2 weeks until my max arrives urghhh

  • Nathaniel
    Nathaniel Year ago

    where did you buy that

  • Max
    Max Year ago +1

    Imagine a 5s/se but updated with say an a11 processor.

    • Some Dank Boi
      Some Dank Boi Year ago

      @Anant Sharma yeesh just keep the bezels for nostalgia

    • Mauro Cigliuti
      Mauro Cigliuti Year ago +2

      That would be the perfect phone for me.

    • Anant Sharma
      Anant Sharma Year ago

      Boeing787max seriously OP
      And also with a bezel less screen as that of a xs or xs max

  • Harold Suarez
    Harold Suarez Year ago +1

    can you make a review about using the iphone 5c in 2018

  • Tiny Kit
    Tiny Kit Year ago

    Watching on mine

  • Pretty Boy Flizzy
    Pretty Boy Flizzy Year ago +3

    This is a good phone for a 10yr old loooool i bought this for 10yr old. Got the phone for $57

  • Tom Cadogan
    Tom Cadogan Year ago +2

    I’m on that 3 year 5s challenge lol thx god I’m upgrading to the X next week

  • ECHO Duckling
    ECHO Duckling Year ago +9

    I wanted to dislike the video just because you said iPhone X (ex) 🤦‍♂️

  • nitrox
    nitrox Year ago +9

    I have one! The design is good, they just need to make the screen bigger haha! It's nice and worth in 2018 and has a HEADPHONE JACK.

    • Max
      Max Year ago

      @nitrox Not here and if you were joking it will be hard to see for most. A small inch smartphone is needed. Not jokes that confuse people and apple into making only large smartphones.

    • nitrox
      nitrox Year ago

      @Max can't understand a joke?

    • Max
      Max Year ago +1

      I disagree fully. They just need to update it. There are not enough 4 inch smartphones. Your attitude has been like a virus stifling the small smartphone industry.

  • Crystal Raptor
    Crystal Raptor Year ago +4

    iOS 12 helps it a lot

  • Ben Joseph
    Ben Joseph Year ago +7

    This channel is so underated !!

    VIRAJ K Year ago +7

    Should’ve chosen SE for this.

    • LIAMM
      LIAMM Year ago

      VIRAJ K yes, that’s what I’m saying. But now seeing that people do these kinda things with the iPhone 7 it’s not that weird.

    • VIRAJ K
      VIRAJ K Year ago

      I myself use SE & I think it’s one of the greatest Apple product to the date.

    • LIAMM
      LIAMM Year ago +1

      VIRAJ K using an SE isent that weird in 2018, in using one rn and i have many friends that have an SE, it case out in 2016.

  • Raúl Zaldívar
    Raúl Zaldívar Year ago +25

    I am currently using it and I agree with him on what he said but the real problem with the phone is that it can overheat really fast and gets really hot but it can handle games like Pubg.

  • HITLAMP Editors Rvs

    What is it a 80 dollars ??

  • Sup Man
    Sup Man Year ago +64

    Why is it a challenge? It's still a luxurious commodity, man.

    • Hooded Hedgehog
      Hooded Hedgehog 10 months ago

      I just got the IPhone 5S as my first IPhone, and It can do almost everything the IPhone XR or XS models could do.

    • Hooded Hedgehog
      Hooded Hedgehog 10 months ago

      some people are too spoiled with the newest tech around. I've lived with tech from nearly 5 to 20 years ago, and that's because we don't care if we're old

    • Bread Boi
      Bread Boi 11 months ago

      I have a iPhone 5s as a 13 year old its on Ios 12.1.2. Its very nice except for the storage it also runs smooth 👱🏼‍♂️

    • Mr. Rey
      Mr. Rey Year ago +1

      @Not in Gb I think it's still fast and run well for me, or I did test and make a video too about how iphoe 5s play PES 2018

    • Not in Gb
      Not in Gb Year ago +6

      exactly. as if it was a torture of some sort.... what a moron

  • Freak Show
    Freak Show Year ago +9

    Ive had iphone 5s 2 years already

  • earth is not a donut

    what editing softwear do you use its very nice

  • Royal Tech
    Royal Tech  Year ago +20

    What do you think about the iPhone 5s! let me know!

    • Gaming with Bob
      Gaming with Bob Year ago

      Royal Tech I am use an iPhone 5s right now

    • Misile Stuff
      Misile Stuff Year ago

      Probably The Best iPhone

    • Tiny Kit
      Tiny Kit Year ago

      Sean Nit mine does but I don’t use it much anymore since I have a x

    • Mr. Rey
      Mr. Rey Year ago

      @Sean Nit Yes, I think it's still fast and run well for me, or I did test and make a video too about how iphoe 5s play PES 2018

    • Sean Nit
      Sean Nit Year ago +2

      Can Iphone 5s Play still play game?

  • Mahira Kadar
    Mahira Kadar Year ago +1

    Do iPod touch 4g