Life Jackets and Inflatable Life Jackets

  • Published on Jul 20, 2018
  • General information about life jackets and inflatable life jackets.
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  • Mike Scott
    Mike Scott 6 days ago

    idk man that looks sketchy as f didn't look like they inflated that well!!!

  • Adam Atch
    Adam Atch Month ago

    The first one you showed was a Buoyancy aid not a life jack a life jacket is one where if your unconscious it will keep your face out the water by putting you on your back

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis Month ago

    Good info ......I use a manual type .....kayak fishing . Good rule if it ain’t comfortable you won’t wear it ...

  • chris etzkorn
    chris etzkorn Month ago

    Do they make for fat people?

  • Get the Net
    Get the Net Month ago

    Remember at high speeds if you bounced out I’m not so sure the inflatable models wouldn’t get ripped off. Or cause harm to your neck

  • Roger Flores
    Roger Flores Month ago


  • Alisha
    Alisha 2 months ago

    The gas cylinders have a chance of malfunctioning.. its a known problem. If they don't work.. then you drown. Go check out a hobie kayaker use one of these and it didn't go off and he near drowned.. Was lucky that he had a friend to help him but without that friend, he would have probably died. Keep safe on the water.. Check out sea kayaking level 50 type 2 pfd's.. Allot of fishing kayakers I know wear them offshore and the offshore fishing comps I been to they will not allow people to use the gas pfd's in the comp because they know how risky they can be.

  • H Xo
    H Xo 3 months ago

    can I use the manual one for kayaking and swimming? I need a 150n because I have risk of losing consciousness but I want it suitable for swimming too, and I cant decide which one to get

    • 10010100110 01101011001
      10010100110 01101011001 Month ago

      H Xo
      Yes you can. The buoyancy bladder won’t inflate unless you pull the cord.

  • Todd Jenest
    Todd Jenest 3 months ago

    In regards to the automatic, what happens if it rains really heavy?

    • Eee Dog
      Eee Dog Month ago

      Some lifejackets WILL inflate under rain or splash from another boat passing by. There are those that will only inflate under pressure of water - about 4" below surface of water. Google the specs of the jacket to find out which you have. And weigh the canister (33g) to see if it has not deflated- new does not mean perfect.

    • Nolan B
      Nolan B 2 months ago

      It works by pressure of a gauge being submerged

      SKYHAWK 2 months ago

      It has to be under water to a specific depth before it activates to prevent accidental automatic inflation.

  • Todd Jenest
    Todd Jenest 3 months ago

    Not too many of these companies give a shit about us fat people! :(

  • leighrate
    leighrate 3 months ago

    One note of caution: Self inflating life jackets SHOULD NEVER BE USED if a capsize could result in a person being trapped under or inside the craft.
    I know of at least two fatalities (in the UK) resulting from the above. Jacket inflated, trapped them against the craft & they drowned before they could deflate & swim out.

    • Krikit
      Krikit Month ago

      Won't that happen with a regular lifejacket as well?

  • Wendy Brown
    Wendy Brown 3 months ago

    So do i have to buy a new cylinder Everytime i go fishing

    • Adam Atch
      Adam Atch Month ago

      Wendy Brown if you plan on being in the water loads don’t by a inflatable life jacket buy a Buoyancy aid these are the type dingy sailers use

      STAR OF DAVID67 Month ago

      Well yes if you are planning on falling in the water every time you go fishing.

    • OnyxOutdoor
      OnyxOutdoor  3 months ago

      @Wendy Brown, you will only need to purchase a rearming kit when the life jacket inflates. The design and intention of inflatable life jackets allow them to be worn uninflated until flotation is needed. Should you find yourself in a circumstance where flotation is needed, the life jackets will inflate if properly armed, and the inflation handle is pulled. Some inflatable life jackets offer automatic inflation upon immersion in water. Please feel free to e-mail us with any specific questions:

    • Wendy Brown
      Wendy Brown 3 months ago

      @OnyxOutdoor so you are saying that i have to pay $20. Everyday i am on the water of my tournament for a new cylinder?

    • OnyxOutdoor
      OnyxOutdoor  3 months ago

      The CO2 cylinders can be used for many years if properly cared for. Once the inflatable life jacket inflates, you will need a new rearming kit. We recommend inspecting the CO2 cylinders and inflation mechanism before going boating or fishing to ensure the life jacket is properly armed each time.

  • Shannon Bruley
    Shannon Bruley 4 months ago

    The video says to store in a cool dry place. Why can’t I keep it with my boat?

    • OnyxOutdoor
      OnyxOutdoor  3 months ago +1

      Exposure to humidity and high heat can break down the material in the water soluble bobbins on the automatic inflatable life jackets. Keeping inflatable life jackets stored in boat lockers and compartments increases the chances of premature and/or unintentional inflation.

  • aammal mohamed
    aammal mohamed 4 months ago

    Veri Veri cam hur

  • wattlesong
    wattlesong 7 months ago +1

    Very helpful.

  • Nerkec
    Nerkec 7 months ago

    Who else is high as fuck

    • CmstarOfficial
      CmstarOfficial 3 months ago

      co2 it is meant to keep you afloat and NOT a method to get high

  • Carl Hopkins
    Carl Hopkins 9 months ago

    So the am24 is manual only?? I thought the bobin in the am24 made it an automatic? Am i wrong here?

    • OnyxOutdoor
      OnyxOutdoor  7 months ago

      Carl, The A/M-24 can be converted from Automatic to Manual Only mode. Check out that model specific video here: