• Published on Jul 26, 2019
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    The Ireland Boys went to area 51 before the raid. We stormed area 51 early and our friend Jack actually crossed the line at the fence of #area51 , we do not recommend that any of you try this. We stormed and raided area 51 before everyone goes there in September and when we found the fence and the line at AREA 51 our friend crossed it and we got #chased out of area 51 by the security that guards the outer fence of area 51 . SMASH the LIKE BUTTON for THIS adventure!
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  • Ireland Boys Productions
    Ireland Boys Productions  Month ago +2420

    If you haven’t seen part 1 click here ->

    And follow the boys in IG &

    • Babytoon the Cartoon
      Babytoon the Cartoon Day ago

      These guys don't know what they up against, the military has sniperbullets the size of your ✋

    • db swisscheese
      db swisscheese 2 days ago +1

      sincerely: me

    • Alexander Carter
      Alexander Carter 4 days ago


    • Arturo Reyes
      Arturo Reyes 12 days ago


    • family channel
      family channel 14 days ago

      K0jiiijkiuijjjjjuyyyyhyuj guy ghytyyyygghyhhyyvbyyuibguyt7ygvuy has been in a very different situation lately in 6jnuhmuyujukukjuil,,oim

  • Junior B
    Junior B 21 hour ago

    oh my god!!!!!!!

  • Evan Mendoza
    Evan Mendoza 22 hours ago

    Are Aliens even real cause people say it's fake or not take so like are Aliens even real??????!!!!!!!??? 😨😐👾👽👾👽👾👽👾👽 STAY SAFE EVERYONE 🌏🚷⛔⚠

  • GeGe 2x
    GeGe 2x 23 hours ago

    Wait If the military says that there is no aliens then why are they protecting it from people going into it?

  • Abdulqader Alkanderi
    Abdulqader Alkanderi 23 hours ago +1

    2:54 I wish I was there to make a tiktok lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gamin Ender
    Gamin Ender Day ago

    10:19 No? Only for 1 year do you not read the signs?

  • Juan Vega
    Juan Vega Day ago


  • Valmira Kurtulaj

    Jack is som dum

  • Arjohn Monserat
    Arjohn Monserat Day ago

    I will not subscribe dis video

  • SarahCruz21
    SarahCruz21 Day ago

    Did you know that aliens are not really real it’s just the devil making people scared it’s the truth please trust me I’m Christen and it says it in the bible

  • Giulia Fiorfuzio
    Giulia Fiorfuzio Day ago +1


  • *Area- 51*
    *Area- 51* Day ago

    Never fucking mess with us aliens xD

  • Kieran Liew
    Kieran Liew Day ago


  • Ayman baaloul
    Ayman baaloul Day ago

    Naruto run

  • Oscar Nelson
    Oscar Nelson Day ago

    Your alowed to cross that bit

  • Watch Dogs
    Watch Dogs Day ago


  • The Bandit
    The Bandit Day ago +2

    Area51:Do not cross line!
    Me: *goes around*
    Area51:Aresst him!
    Me: According to the law you do not cross the line, so I went around
    Area51:Hmm, I guess you can go
    Me:All RU-cliprs storm around the line to Area51!!!!

  • Harry Edgar
    Harry Edgar Day ago +1

    What did you expect you trying to step into a highly secret military base

  • I Love cookies 123

    What if we are the ailiens...

  • Phrog Man
    Phrog Man Day ago

    U sure u didn’t get shot out

  • Woo Ze Kai
    Woo Ze Kai Day ago

    You were being watched by cctvs and drones the whole time, they knew you were there few kilometres away.

  • jeruhmi fan
    jeruhmi fan Day ago

    #area 51

  • Jason Gaming
    Jason Gaming Day ago

    Did you see the alien

    In the space

  • Maria Andrade
    Maria Andrade Day ago

    Yo dude why you cross the line chesee

  • Charo Shahswar
    Charo Shahswar Day ago

    Your Adams

  • Colo King
    Colo King Day ago

    Stupid teenagers i sware🙄

  • Jacob 0w0
    Jacob 0w0 Day ago

    Staged and sure u “went to jail”

  • Amy Obermeyer
    Amy Obermeyer Day ago

    This is the wrong area

  • Antonio Kou
    Antonio Kou Day ago

    Are aliens real but. ARE THEY

  • ChubbyWubbyGaming

    Fake af

  • Kevin Duran Montes

    Yoooo he was wanna say a bad word i see you

  • Jayden Webb
    Jayden Webb Day ago

    You literally haft to drive all the way

  • SquareBand6667
    SquareBand6667 Day ago

    100000% Fake.

  • Frankie Gray
    Frankie Gray Day ago

    Why can’t you cross the line

    • Frankie Gray
      Frankie Gray Day ago

      Oh ok thanks

    • Alieza Samad
      Alieza Samad Day ago

      U can get arrested and fine or get shot which means u have to be going all the way in. There have been ppl who crossed it a little and they were fine.

  • Cay_ cookie
    Cay_ cookie Day ago

    Fly a drone there

  • Sharon Rancourt
    Sharon Rancourt Day ago

    Today’s the day of the raid and I’m watching this....

  • Thor Aksel Krohn-Jacobsøn

    Frikkinh camo dudes

  • Ferrari47x
    Ferrari47x Day ago

    Scared little bitches

  • The Non Famous Midget


  • Mackenzie Yates
    Mackenzie Yates Day ago

    That isn’t even the entrance

  • Vid_nfh
    Vid_nfh Day ago


  • david williams
    david williams Day ago


  • david williams
    david williams Day ago

    bloody idiot

  • Yunona Betty
    Yunona Betty Day ago

    You need sans cuz he can give the the cops a **BAD TIME*

  • Dr. Potato
    Dr. Potato Day ago +4

    All of them are going should go to jail because the 2 that didn’t cross the line are hoarding a fugitive

    🚔 👮

  • Scott Higton
    Scott Higton Day ago +1

    anyone saw a 64 sign is that AREA 64 come back for august 12 2020 for the next raid

  • J Ray
    J Ray Day ago +1

    Pure garbage, lol dudes arent even old enough to drive and talking about going to jail.

  • J Ray
    J Ray Day ago

    Look at photos, it's just a RU-clip convention everyone trying to get views of a raid that isnt going to happen

  • Crazy Comedy
    Crazy Comedy Day ago

    He can go to jail for ages for what you just did. They proceed to upload this to RU-clip🤔

  • rlrouvier
    rlrouvier Day ago

    Today is the day! September 20!

  • #chees
    #chees Day ago

    This is just bolshit

  • Cesar Garcia
    Cesar Garcia 2 days ago

    Jack is so stupid wtf

  • Norma Ticas
    Norma Ticas 2 days ago


  • crazy times
    crazy times 2 days ago

    I dare you to go to Area 51 and where person suits come on champions

  • Damian Cofalik
    Damian Cofalik 2 days ago

    co za sieroty....

  • JK Vose
    JK Vose 2 days ago

    The man has guts

  • Harry Ballsnack
    Harry Ballsnack 2 days ago


  • spacechug
    spacechug 2 days ago

    jack is an idiot

  • Extrusive Vids
    Extrusive Vids 2 days ago

    It is jail for 1 year

  • Eric Morales
    Eric Morales 2 days ago