How to Become Pope

  • Published on Feb 19, 2013
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  • Lorenzo Bianchi
    Lorenzo Bianchi Hour ago

    There's a Jewish joke about a Catholic explaining all of this to his Jewish friend, who keeps asking "and then?" until they get to the Pope, the Jewish guy once again asks "and then?" to which the Catholic replies "and then what? It's not like you can become God, can you?" and the Jew says "I think one of our boys made it..."

  • Kylar Lee
    Kylar Lee 2 hours ago

    How much does the Pope get paid?

  • Fiery Morgan
    Fiery Morgan 3 hours ago

    4th- Be a pedo

  • Kebab
    Kebab 3 hours ago

    *Me watching this while being satanist*

  • The Banter God
    The Banter God 3 hours ago

    I'll have crack at it

  • Rasmus
    Rasmus 3 hours ago

    Step one 1:


  • Tóth Bálint
    Tóth Bálint 4 hours ago

    HBO needs to buy this.
    Make it a series.

  • Grace Deng
    Grace Deng 16 hours ago

    Made it up to 10 seconds of the video before I failed the two basic criteria’s

  • Kyle Grimmonpre
    Kyle Grimmonpre 19 hours ago

    I've always wondered this, thank you so much!

  • Blake King
    Blake King 20 hours ago

    This video made up the bulk of my research for a public speaking assignment. Thanks a ton, love your work.

  • skad dkas
    skad dkas 20 hours ago

    Holy war anyone?

  • Dukatelo
    Dukatelo 21 hour ago +1

    Mom: "Get off the computer right now! You have homework to do!"
    Me: "Wait mom, I need to see how to become the Pope."

  • alecsander Ericksen
    alecsander Ericksen 22 hours ago

    Battle royal games were actually based off of this

  • AyıBeden
    AyıBeden 22 hours ago


  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi Day ago

    Ok. I am lazy to watch the video, so someone just let me know how many cocks must I suck? 60? 70? Give me a number I can work with.

  • Bellatrix Lestrange

    I see "how to become pope", i click

  • TB 7788
    TB 7788 Day ago

    i would’ve thought it was touch the most kids along with send the most amount of pedo-priests to a different church

  • TheRushingChinese
    TheRushingChinese Day ago +1

    Instructions unclear. Became homosexual.

  • Ultraft
    Ultraft Day ago

    You also need to have an interest in children

  • Jet Espiritu
    Jet Espiritu Day ago

    How to become Pope?
    Gregg Pope-vich:
    5x NBA Champion
    3x Coach of the Year
    4x NBA All Star Game Coach
    Shut the f*ck up!

  • Abhinav Shinde
    Abhinav Shinde Day ago

    Just bribe everyone.............

    learnt this from Assassin's Creed.

  • mediumraresirloin

    me:watches how to become pope
    also me:is (litterally muslim)

  • DominatorofGAMING

    You forgot to add Sub-Deacons, Deacons and Archbishops.

  • Daniel Vestholm
    Daniel Vestholm 2 days ago

    1) Be brainwashed
    2) Like raping young boys

  • Big moms fat toe
    Big moms fat toe 2 days ago +2

    U forgot don’t be a minority

    Imagine a Chinese pop 😅

    • Moondust2365
      Moondust2365 8 hours ago

      Although, by technicality, that would be wrong considering there's more than a Billion Chinese people in the world. The right phrase would be, "Don't forget to be from the West (i.e. Caucasian or African)". And yes, there has been an African pope, not sure where from Africa exactly.

  • MF A
    MF A 2 days ago


  • Savagery
    Savagery 2 days ago +1

    Now if you add parties to this process, you get America.

  • John Brittingham
    John Brittingham 2 days ago

    Today to become a pope, first you have to be a communist, next you have to embrace globalists.

  • Gautam Chopra
    Gautam Chopra 2 days ago

    This is on level with jee advanced exam.

  • Batavica
    Batavica 2 days ago

    Instructions unclear, became king of the Dutch Empire

  • mats smaling
    mats smaling 2 days ago

    Got a plan for the weekend

  • C James Hand
    C James Hand 2 days ago +2

    "You can choose any name you want."
    Pope Hella Dope the First


    Call me Pope Nigga

  • Tyrant King Frost
    Tyrant King Frost 2 days ago

    There is another non-written rule. No pope has dared to name themselves after the first Pope ever, St. Peter.

    • Moondust2365
      Moondust2365 8 hours ago

      Yup. Although, who knows, we might get a Pope Peter II one day.

  • TęhMøštHåñdśømëŃœb

    I’m atheist and I’m watching this

  • WarpRulez
    WarpRulez 2 days ago

    One of the many, many errors in _The Da Vinci Code_ is that a layman cannot become Pope. There's no such rule. A layman can become Pope, as long as he's Catholic. If by some miracle he would be elected Pope, he would first be ordained a priest, then a bishop, then the Pope.

  • Elijah Ford
    Elijah Ford 2 days ago

    Now do a video on how to become the speaker of the house of commons. I'd really like to say OHDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  • Elijah Ford
    Elijah Ford 2 days ago

    And I thought British politics were ridiculous.

  • Alex Higgins
    Alex Higgins 2 days ago

    How Riddick would become Pope: “You keep what you kill.”

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS 2 days ago

    Watched this during prep and it was one of the only videos that I remember enjoying.

  • 12345 67890
    12345 67890 2 days ago +1

    The last time a non-cardinal was pope it was because there were 2 "popeless" years between 1292-1294 (I think) and a hermit sent a letter to the Vatican asking for them to speed things up.

    It was decided that hermit would become pope, but he only was for 2 days because he didn't like it.

  • Cocoa
    Cocoa 3 days ago

    was this patched in the new update?

  • CosBlay
    CosBlay 3 days ago

    I'm a man. You gotta start from somewhere

  • Youssef Esawy
    Youssef Esawy 3 days ago

    What i'm doing here 🤨 i'm Muslim !

  • Led Tigety
    Led Tigety 3 days ago

    That shit is so racist because womans are not allowed to. Thats why I am planning to destroy the catholic church! :D

  • Uzoaku Amadi
    Uzoaku Amadi 3 days ago +1

    Wait why did I think this was a joke video? Anyway it was highly informational.

  • Collinator 12345
    Collinator 12345 3 days ago

    So you’re saying there’s a chance?? :)

  • Tijn Hams
    Tijn Hams 3 days ago

    I a c t u a l l y d o w a n t t o t a k e b a c k t h e h o l y l a n d .

  • Mathe Kieft
    Mathe Kieft 3 days ago

    Mess with the pope. Get the noscope

  • Aviation Potato
    Aviation Potato 3 days ago

    2:53 The Star Wars guard. Anyone notice?

  • Uzoaku Amadi
    Uzoaku Amadi 3 days ago +1

    I knew the comment section would be full of jokes and that's what I came for.

  • Lirim
    Lirim 3 days ago

    time to convert

  • Norii
    Norii 3 days ago +3

    Instructions unclear, realised I was female.

  • henryredcoat 2005
    henryredcoat 2005 3 days ago +1

    Instructions unclear reformed the norse religion on CK2

  • CFK
    CFK 4 days ago

    You should work with OverSimplified! Sorry if you already have.

  • snopop
    snopop 4 days ago

    3:21 there is a naughty cardinal there..

  • Salt Bae Jr
    Salt Bae Jr 4 days ago

    You forgot about the arch bishop.

  • Kyle Fontenot
    Kyle Fontenot 5 days ago


  • Kyle Fontenot
    Kyle Fontenot 5 days ago

    How to become pope, step one: ignore every commandment Jesus Christ himself laid out in the Bible (be Catholic)

  • Mohammed Al-khadouri

    religions are ridiculous.