Designated Survivor | Capital Rebuilt

  • Published on Oct 20, 2017
  • After one year, the Capital is rebuilt

    Sorry I have not be uploading, I will try and get back to it just for you guys. Also thanks for 100K+ and over 300 subs.
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  • EuromanMovieReport
    EuromanMovieReport 6 months ago +1

    Hope season 3 on Netflix will be as good as previous seasons.

  • Dorkoraptor
    Dorkoraptor 9 months ago +1

    Kinda lame that they just rebuilt the old building exactly. After 9/11 they didn't just build two exact replicas of the twin towers. They built a bigger shiny pretty building instead.

    • RollinsJr Gaurano
      RollinsJr Gaurano Month ago

      @Alan Sampedro calm down,it already bankrupted them,7 billion dollars

    • Alan Sampedro
      Alan Sampedro 5 months ago

      @Federal Bureau of Investigation. build it in a spot nearby but make a new design for the capitol

    • Federal Bureau of Investigation.
      Federal Bureau of Investigation. 7 months ago

      Alan Sampedro Ok, then where the hell do we build a new capital? In DC???

    • Alan Sampedro
      Alan Sampedro 7 months ago +1

      @Federal Bureau of Investigation. a memorial or recognition to those who lost their lives.

    • Federal Bureau of Investigation.
      Federal Bureau of Investigation. 8 months ago

      Dorkoraptor What could go their inserted of the capital

  • Yoshi Todo
    Yoshi Todo Year ago +14

    I love watching Designated Survivor. Gives me an idea what it would be like if the US government was actually good and fighting evil instead of vice versa.

    • Alexander Lopez
      Alexander Lopez Year ago

      Yoshi Todo the US Government Is good. Just the Shitty Leftists are making us Seem bad

  • loner1878
    loner1878 Year ago +6

    What crappy CGI.

  • Getasew Mulualem
    Getasew Mulualem 2 years ago +7

    How can I get all episodes of season 1? Please share links to me.

  • Kai Tung Ng
    Kai Tung Ng 2 years ago +1

    At 0:55 all I could think was that it looks really CGI and it must have been weird for Kiefer to stand there and talk