Abstract Landscape Painting Demo / Easy Technique / Acrylics & Fan brush/Daily Art Therapy/Day #0150

  • Published on Sep 1, 2019
  • Demo of abstract landscape painting on canvas in easy technique using acrylic paints, fan brush and palette knife from Daily Art Therapy/ Day #0150
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  • No Respondas Porque Te Jodo

    so horrible peinting 👎

  • Lidiane Rachman
    Lidiane Rachman Day ago

    dom maravilhoso

  • Anthony Romano
    Anthony Romano 2 days ago

    its... BLOB ROSS

  • Art Delight
    Art Delight 4 days ago

    Wish a had 1 view in my channel

  • Ťôŕţíķ tv :3
    Ťôŕţíķ tv :3 4 days ago +1

    Я одна здесь кто говорит по русски?

    Если ты говоришь на русском то поставь лайк под этот коммент


  • Annie Staňková
    Annie Staňková 5 days ago

    That black... nooo :/

  • Jacklyn Ann
    Jacklyn Ann 8 days ago

    I was here before jenna marbles and I feel like that's important. Maybe not but ya. Beautiful work!

  • Zinaida Oganova
    Zinaida Oganova 11 days ago


  • Shazia Ejaz
    Shazia Ejaz 13 days ago

    Plz make a video on abstract nervous

  • Khemissa Aboudi
    Khemissa Aboudi 14 days ago

    J'adore des. Tableaux. Com. Ce. La. Il est. Virement. Magnifique. Bravo.

  • Safia V V
    Safia V V 14 days ago


  • Antonio Yudi toto
    Antonio Yudi toto 15 days ago

    que merda

  • Josh Salvi
    Josh Salvi 15 days ago

    Getting Serious Australia Vibes From This Right Now

  • منوعات وعالم لولو

    What kind of the couler,pleas?,

  • BlackbirdMaster
    BlackbirdMaster 16 days ago

    Strangely satisfying to watch. I liked it.

    • BlackbirdMaster
      BlackbirdMaster 16 days ago

      But somehow, I just got to think about Australia...

  • Киричок 2019
    Киричок 2019 16 days ago

    I thought this Australia...

  • Muskan Shaikh
    Muskan Shaikh 16 days ago

    Was that moon???😂😂

  • The Gomarin
    The Gomarin 16 days ago +1

    "Abstract landscape" ... Where is the abstraction?

    0:58 abstract enough.

    4:40 yeah... fairly abstract, it works for me.

    4:56 ok, another street art painting.

    8:45 well... it's nice... wtf!!! a dove's shit? oh! wait, it suposed to be the moon... right?

    10:15 nice, but any abstraction here...

  • Sibulele Mini
    Sibulele Mini 16 days ago

    Mans said “ f*ck them trees 🌲 “

  • Lou Cole
    Lou Cole 16 days ago

    Happy little accidents all over that canvas

  • ju le
    ju le 16 days ago

    This is beautiful, thank you! So sad at this moment I only see a burning forest

  • wayne curie
    wayne curie 17 days ago

    On 5.23 it hit me...this is a picture of Australia 2019-2020

  • Taher Ali
    Taher Ali 17 days ago


  • FanaticalDrummer
    FanaticalDrummer 17 days ago

    Not Art Basel material...
    You were supposed to leave the trees and dots of paint as is LOL

  • Tyler Wilhelmsen
    Tyler Wilhelmsen 17 days ago

    My daughter says you are amazing.

  • William Kious
    William Kious 17 days ago

    Started well, then overworked everything

  • MaiêuticaTv - Prof. Zé Mendonca


  • Kev C
    Kev C 17 days ago

    Started off good, then!

  • Charlotte Wells
    Charlotte Wells 18 days ago

    Wow! Gotta try this!

  • James Ash
    James Ash 18 days ago

    ...kind of shit the bed with the anus sun (moon?) and the light.

  • Longdays609
    Longdays609 18 days ago


  • Antonio Manteca
    Antonio Manteca 18 days ago

    Great until 6:15. After that imho the strong black and white mess it up.

  • Peruvian Gemini
    Peruvian Gemini 18 days ago


  • rolas biker
    rolas biker 18 days ago

    Prefiero a Bob Ross

  • brandon crowell
    brandon crowell 18 days ago

    Omg the music. *mute*

  • Sherwyn Fabria
    Sherwyn Fabria 18 days ago

    If only its not almost midnight here ill be in on my art room and painting.. i love the video specially the water replication is si good..

  • Muhammad Usman Sabir
    Muhammad Usman Sabir 19 days ago

    Amazing. Very nice.

  • Josh Hahhuvgg
    Josh Hahhuvgg 19 days ago

    Damn that white paint in the middle at the end ruined it

  • mja music switzerland
    mja music switzerland 19 days ago

    Crazy 👍🎧🇨🇭🎶

  • Sahil Hogan
    Sahil Hogan 19 days ago

    Where you Live Sir?

  • Liu John
    Liu John 19 days ago


  • Tea Gamer
    Tea Gamer 19 days ago

    I got her kg og gloom

  • Mr. Fath
    Mr. Fath 19 days ago

    Why even draw trees?

  • Keira Siobhan
    Keira Siobhan 19 days ago +2

    I was just watching this with my cat next to me and he LOVED following the brush 😻

  • Joshua Reyes
    Joshua Reyes 19 days ago

    Some people are so talented.

  • Matías Mañana
    Matías Mañana 19 days ago

    Chapu!!! La cagaste amiguero, saludos a gandhi!

  • Aaron Kim
    Aaron Kim 19 days ago

    Bob's technique

  • waleros
    waleros 19 days ago

    Clase mielda

  • zzz
    zzz 19 days ago

    En el minuto 8:00 ya era el fin de esa pintura

  • Art Paint Craft GALLERY

    That is so great. Good job. I do pouring art but I may try this out.

  • Gab hein
    Gab hein 19 days ago

    Why is there a pigeon shit on the top of it ?

  • S.F project
    S.F project 19 days ago

    its so beautiful

  • Maximilii
    Maximilii 20 days ago

    I will do it just like you did and it will look like shit.


    Кто из России лукас

    Добейте 20 сабов плиз🙏

  • VistarCreative
    VistarCreative 20 days ago

    I can’t draw a proper stick figure. And how did I get here anyway?

    • Ytanythinggoes
      Ytanythinggoes 18 days ago

      VistarCreative ... because you want to paint bad don’t you lol jealous or what. Ah hahahahaha.

  • Galactic Residue
    Galactic Residue 20 days ago +4

    Where’s Bob Ross when you need him?


    힐링되는 영상이닷

  • W. A. 13
    W. A. 13 20 days ago


  • Keti Coppetti
    Keti Coppetti 20 days ago

    Vera arte

  • Trista n
    Trista n 20 days ago

    Australia be like