$20 Apple Watch Clone! (Fake) Smartwatch Review in 2017/2018- iOS & Android

  • Published on Jan 25, 2017
  • Apple Watch, Apple Watch 2 / Smartwatch / iwatch clone for $20! This is the $20 fully functional fake apple smart watch! An apple watch clone! This clone comes from china for only $20! And yes it's a fully functional Smart watch! This fake apple watch can connect to any smartphone and does a decent task. In this video, we will unbox the fake apple watch clone and do a quick review and show you why you should or should not buy one! Let me know what you think about this apple watch in a comment!
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Comments • 244

  • Royal Tech
    Royal Tech  2 years ago +53

    If you liked this video please help me grow by sharing this video with your friends and family that might be interested! 😇

    • Tech Explained
      Tech Explained 8 months ago

      Hey dude,,,, great vid. I unboxed a goophone Apple Watch clone.... it cost 80$!!! Any tips on how to get popular on RU-clip? Thanks

    • Toxic Batman
      Toxic Batman Year ago

      Royal Tech I can’t find it please get back to me

    • Ewan clarke
      Ewan clarke Year ago

      Good video thanks

    • Yeet My Nibba
      Yeet My Nibba 2 years ago +2

      the link is for the iwo8 not the lfo7 zo dont lie

    • TheMasGaming
      TheMasGaming 2 years ago +5

      You lied bro it costs 60$, here is the real one: www.amazon.com/Lemfo-LF07-Bluetooth-SmartWatch-Black/dp/B016CXU4CC/ref=sr_1_2?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1494703433&sr=1-2&keywords=lemfo&th=1

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 days ago

    I have a cheap smartwatch which I can pair with the iphone bluetooth in settings and the watch can make calls however other functions need "bt notifier" which costs money so I dont want it but tried wear os instead but wear os will not find the watch. Help please?

  • Sugar Salt
    Sugar Salt 9 days ago

    Omg so fakeeeeee

  • S’mores Gaming
    S’mores Gaming Month ago +2

    Can you send a link?

  • The Root Bird
    The Root Bird 4 months ago +2

    Can I download and play games

  • Tanu Manhas
    Tanu Manhas 4 months ago

    it's 153 on amazon

  • Yaseen Muhammed
    Yaseen Muhammed 5 months ago

    Does it have apple symbol

  • Niya Moore
    Niya Moore 5 months ago

    Can I use my real apple watch bands on this watch

  • Max
    Max 5 months ago

    My dad bought me a real apple watch on christmas 2 years ago and once it died I never took the time to recharge it and soley wore it for the looks and thats it. I never even use the damn thing so this alterantive seems great for people who want it soley on the looks for outfits and things

  • My beautiful and amazing Princess

    You couldn't borrow an Android from someone to test the device?

  • My beautiful and amazing Princess

    Does it have gps or can you install apps? Android or any other? If not, there's no point in this product, better buying a smart band, Huawei band 2 has gps

  • A.A Creation
    A.A Creation 8 months ago

    We Can use only watch
    For just time
    Without phone

  • Noa Afridi
    Noa Afridi 8 months ago

    Does it have youtube?

  • The Life Of Lukie
    The Life Of Lukie 8 months ago

    why would you want to spend money on such a crappy watch when you can save up and spend it towards a REAL Apple watch

  • Swastik Pattanaik
    Swastik Pattanaik 8 months ago

    Plz help me where to buy in India ..Suggest me a site to buy safely under $24

  • Qwerty 123
    Qwerty 123 8 months ago

    Works with spotify?

  • Jeff Valentine
    Jeff Valentine 8 months ago

    I would rather buy a Series 1 Apple Watch. Only $60-100 more.

  • Tech Explained
    Tech Explained 8 months ago

    Hey be goophone 1:1 Apple Watch clones bands are interchangeable with the real Apple Watch

  • Tech Explained
    Tech Explained 8 months ago

    I’m Russian and I still use the be English language on the watch 😂

  • Tech Explained
    Tech Explained 8 months ago

    Wow all these Apple Watch clones have the same skins and apps,,,, weird

  • Tech Explained
    Tech Explained 8 months ago

    That’s sooo lit that u can zoom in and out my 80$ goophone clone can’t do that,,, but the goophone definitely looks like an Apple Watch, it uses wireless absorption charging

  • Tech Explained
    Tech Explained 8 months ago

    I like the style of ur filming very pro!!!! Wat cam did u use?

  • InfinityCrafts23
    InfinityCrafts23 9 months ago +1

    Can you add a screensaver ?

  • Ahmed Ghazy
    Ahmed Ghazy 10 months ago +3

    What is the name of this watch

  • Siddheshwar Kendre
    Siddheshwar Kendre 10 months ago

    Sir my iSmart watch pice 297 Amazon order sit confirm android sit

  • Nassim El Jattari
    Nassim El Jattari 11 months ago +1

    best youtuber pls make more vids like this

    • Tech Explained
      Tech Explained 8 months ago

      I agree I wish I could make vids like his, 😟😢 i mean mine are alright but not pro,,,, I also do a Apple Watch clone unboxing

  • Fabian Felipe
    Fabian Felipe Year ago +1

    definitely buying one

  • Fabian Felipe
    Fabian Felipe Year ago

    great video!!

  • J
    J Year ago

    Awful imitation of the Apple Watch!

    • Tech Explained
      Tech Explained 8 months ago

      Yes,,,, I agree it does not look like one but it certainly acts like the Apple Watch, I do an unboxing video on my channel of a goophone Apple Watch clone... it’s a 1:1 so plz check out. It even has a real saffire mirror Digital Crown

  • About Dot
    About Dot Year ago +1

    I just got one lol

  • Jo Jandy
    Jo Jandy Year ago +1

    You should be a hand model 😜

  • Mazen Alaswad
    Mazen Alaswad Year ago +1

    Your vids are awesome never seen anything like this thanks

  • Philippe
    Philippe Year ago +3

    Pretty sure you can do more on android...

    • Tech Explained
      Tech Explained 8 months ago

      Yup,, on this watch the real one is OBVIOUSLY more for Apple

    • Philippe
      Philippe Year ago +1

      @Dana W i meant that you probably have more functions available on android than IOS woth this watch.

    • Dana W
      Dana W Year ago +1

      Did you fail to notice this is fake?

  • ericeric_3210 ?
    ericeric_3210 ? Year ago

    can you please put the link where you got it from

  • Kyle
    Kyle Year ago +4

    I really liked the desk, it makes the video look SO much more professional, i wish more youtubers would paint their desk in such a professional look. Thanks for the review aswell ;>

    • Tech Explained
      Tech Explained 8 months ago

      Yeah, on my vids I use a pretty cheesy background

  • Amit international
    Amit international Year ago +2

    Bro its waterproof . so plz reply me.

  • abdulwasi khan niazi

    Yar bro per websites mei tou is ki price 60$ hai

  • Crazy Motors
    Crazy Motors Year ago

    What is the name of the watch

  • Do Try This At Home

    where can i find the watch

  • Nipex SKY
    Nipex SKY Year ago

    Is it waterproof

  • Funny zone rathod

    From where you buy this watch

  • Hyper Hac
    Hyper Hac Year ago


  • IHaveCarrot
    IHaveCarrot Year ago

    Is there a calculator

  • BloxBloomRBLX
    BloxBloomRBLX Year ago

    Laggiest little piece of shit ever 😂😂

  • a5h001779
    a5h001779 Year ago

    Can you install your own clock faces ?

  • Koseyha Kim
    Koseyha Kim Year ago

    Where did u get it from?? What's the store

  • Lohendra Levin
    Lohendra Levin Year ago

    May I know where did you get this watch from?

  • Patrik Svahn
    Patrik Svahn Year ago

    Damn that Watch is laggy af 😂😂

  • Taylor W
    Taylor W Year ago

    Why are all of the people in the comments disabled?

  • Silverio Merino
    Silverio Merino Year ago

    where did you buy it

  • gay gay
    gay gay Year ago

    Would any sim card work with the watch, or does it have to be from my phone's, or do I get a new sim card and set it up with my Verizon account?

  • Swagstuff Games
    Swagstuff Games Year ago

    I am getting a smart watch in 4 days CANT WAIT

  • Saucyy
    Saucyy Year ago

    200th comment

  • Sorcha Bright
    Sorcha Bright Year ago

    This was amazing vid although I have 1 question
    Is it swim proof?

  • Devrim Karataş
    Devrim Karataş Year ago

    Whats name this wacth

  • Devrim Karataş
    Devrim Karataş Year ago +1

    It’s how dolar

  • Devrim Karataş
    Devrim Karataş Year ago +1

    This smart wacth

  • Devrim Karataş
    Devrim Karataş Year ago +1

    Whats name

  • Alfaz Malik
    Alfaz Malik Year ago

    How much price and where to buy this watch .?

  • Thilina Ratnayake
    Thilina Ratnayake Year ago +1

    Does whatsapp and facebook work