Taking Off My BOYFRIEND'S ..... Makeup

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Alexa, cue careless whisper cause today we’re taking off my boyfriend’s……. makeup. To do that, we’re throwing down an uno reverse card & doing this video backwards. Makeup first, questions in between, clean face last. If you skip ahead to the end a headless ghost will appear at the foot of your bed tonight.
    Seriously though, he’s the absolute best. If you’re not totally sick of us by the end of this video, check out some cute pics of us on insta! mykie

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  • Glam&Gore
    Glam&Gore  Month ago +12226

    By the way, if you’ve already gotten to the end of this video & want something EXTRA fun, check out THIS video from a while ago- the first true reveal of our relationship happens in the last few minutes. (& honestly we still don’t know how she knew some stuff) 😂😳😅 ru-clip.net/video/KcFZbCrqdIk/video.html

    • lilredkillerhood 2003
      lilredkillerhood 2003 8 hours ago

      Please do some more videos with Anthony, you guys are sooo cute together. I just want to see more of it. I am also just so glad to see you soo happy Mykie. I love you guys, you two make me so happy.

    • Hanin Bushnaqtyn
      Hanin Bushnaqtyn 4 days ago

      @pudge wrinkle x.

    • Hanin Bushnaqtyn
      Hanin Bushnaqtyn 4 days ago


    • pudge wrinkle
      pudge wrinkle 9 days ago

      Hi I've watched this so much lol love u guys both can't believe my too favorite RU-cliprs started dating!!!!!!!!

    • Rachel oviatt
      Rachel oviatt 10 days ago

      Glam&Gore I just watched the psychic video it was awesome!!!

  • Gabriella watson
    Gabriella watson 5 hours ago

    For any haters hating on this random weird cute couple.... I APPROVE OF THEIR MARRIAGE not to mention I’m a professional outfit picker and creative outfit maker and I WILL and MUST make sure they have perfect wedding outfits
    Your welcome your welcome

  • awesomegurl3256
    awesomegurl3256 5 hours ago

    get yourself a man or woman who tells you how attractive you while you are in special effects makeup like Mikey did.

  • violin chic
    violin chic 7 hours ago

    wait is ur bf Anthony from smosh

  • Lauren Channle
    Lauren Channle 7 hours ago +1

    ive never watched your videos(i subscribed btw) but when the thing was off i was like "anthony?" lol

  • Kronyum Smoke
    Kronyum Smoke 8 hours ago

    Im not crying your crying

  • Zack_hatton05
    Zack_hatton05 9 hours ago

    “What do you see?”
    My childhood 😔

  • Zack_hatton05
    Zack_hatton05 9 hours ago

    Dead giveaway the first time he laughed

  • Fien Stofferis
    Fien Stofferis 9 hours ago

    very cool video

  • cløudz
    cløudz 10 hours ago

    me seeing anthony:
    also me: s m o s h

  • Shayla Covington
    Shayla Covington 14 hours ago

    You guys are adorable !!!

  • Erin Fitzgerald
    Erin Fitzgerald 14 hours ago

    He laughed in the beginning and I immediately knew it was him

  • lunaria flora
    lunaria flora 16 hours ago

    mykie i FOUND your channel through that collab with smosh all those years ago! crazy full circle!

  • Mariah Stone
    Mariah Stone 16 hours ago

    Four ads in the first eleven minutes? This may be why some people skip to the end.......Cool makeup though.

  • Devyn Young
    Devyn Young 16 hours ago

    It is currently 1:47 am and I have no idea why I'm still up

    Wait! I know! I'm insiomiac and fooockin allergies! YEA! *obvious sarcasm*

  • Adriana
    Adriana 17 hours ago

    i was definitely not expecting that

  • taehyuns_ febreze
    taehyuns_ febreze 17 hours ago

    I had no idea until he ripped off the last of the mask
    And I was like

  • Adriana
    Adriana 17 hours ago


  • Walden
    Walden 17 hours ago

    i just got done watching a shit ton of anthony padilla and then i saw this

  • kylie G
    kylie G 17 hours ago +1

    You guys are the perfect couple ever

  • I’m Dying
    I’m Dying 17 hours ago


  • Sarai Dee Dotimas
    Sarai Dee Dotimas 17 hours ago

    Omg I’m shook

  • Dragon Lama
    Dragon Lama 19 hours ago

    I knew it lol

  • violette olivier
    violette olivier 19 hours ago

    OMG he IS Aaa alien!?!?!!🤯🙊

  • Lexi :P
    Lexi :P 20 hours ago

    So I’m new to the channel and I was not expecting it to be anything, I have been watching anything for a while. (Btw I think y’all are a cute couple)

  • XOXOEmma Paws
    XOXOEmma Paws 20 hours ago +1

    I thought it was someone else but it was Anthony padilla 🤩

  • Moonlight Rains
    Moonlight Rains 21 hour ago

    Is he on smosh

  • ryder huff
    ryder huff 21 hour ago

    I was born 2005

  • Alex Vass
    Alex Vass 21 hour ago +1


  • Phoenix Will-Fly17
    Phoenix Will-Fly17 21 hour ago

    Oh my god!

  • kawaii gacha gacha
    kawaii gacha gacha 22 hours ago


  • Linda Christiansen
    Linda Christiansen 22 hours ago

    daww. This is so cute. Shipping it so hard

  • Lil Fox
    Lil Fox 23 hours ago

    I always read a bit of the middle or end of a book to know if I like it. If that's being weird then I'm a weirdo

  • Terri Becker
    Terri Becker 23 hours ago


  • Galen Hughes
    Galen Hughes Day ago

    them laughing at ripley eating an apple is such wholesome content and i need more of it. it’s why i keep coming back this video, it’s just so cute

  • Christina H
    Christina H Day ago

    Go to 14:14 the noice he makes was so funny

  • Night Bot
    Night Bot Day ago

    I fucking knew it!

  • Tentacle Lemon
    Tentacle Lemon Day ago

    oh my.... k ngl when i saw a post of his with you i lowkey that it was a joke lmao and i kinda cried because i thought you where cute but oh my god i can’t stop smiling congratulations you two :)

  • Brooke Sonnek
    Brooke Sonnek Day ago

    omg those skin colors and texture on the makeup are so goooood. queen.

  • Rosemary Cobin
    Rosemary Cobin Day ago

    TO BACK TO SMOSH GOD DAMMIT! But really...

  • Taylor Vogel
    Taylor Vogel Day ago

    I’m sorry.... I uh.... what?! Like cute but confused.... uhhhhh. *shocked face* *jaw dropped* hi

  • Aurélie
    Aurélie Day ago

    Omg I just discovered Anthony’s chanel like three days ago and I love his vids so much but i wasn’t prepared i didn’t even recognized him befored he said his name im shocked

  • SilentCopia
    SilentCopia Day ago


  • Lindsay Call
    Lindsay Call Day ago

    Careless whisper is my ultimate fave. I cry everytime I hear it and sing it. Now I sing it with my kids(who love it) and my husband rolls his eyes. R.I.P. George Micheal

  • Anne-Marie Derrett

    OMG, i figured it out, 18 minuts into the video

  • Olivia Hughes
    Olivia Hughes Day ago


  • Juju the Savage Ofishal

    He cute

  • The_ Hyd
    The_ Hyd Day ago

    That’s Anthony padia

  • The_ Hyd
    The_ Hyd Day ago


  • starrix ___
    starrix ___ Day ago

    HOLLY S**T ITS ANTHONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie Toft
    Natalie Toft Day ago

    Wait what

  • Zofia Plonska
    Zofia Plonska Day ago

    omg I was like yeah nice anthony and then I realised OMG THAT'S ANTHONY

  • Weirdest_Of_Them_All Ewno

    the second that bald cap came off i knew who it wasss

  • another weirdo
    another weirdo Day ago


  • noona tv언니
    noona tv언니 Day ago

    ...wtf with ppl these days ...ew

  • emilymorrris
    emilymorrris Day ago

    that phillip price impression was so on point omg

  • kittycrow
    kittycrow Day ago

    Pulls the chin off...hmmmm??...pulls the eyebrows off....OMG I KNOW WHO THAT IS!!!

  • Brandy McGuire
    Brandy McGuire Day ago

    This was so cool the way it was done. Loved it.

  • Jungshook UwU
    Jungshook UwU Day ago


  • Rebeca Castellón

    We are back in 2014 when montage time was before the tutorial