Twin Sister Double Date | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins + LazyRon EP 3

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • Vanessa Merrell is on the search for love and with the help of her identical twin sister, Veronica, a group of guys will compete for her heart in the new dating competition show, "Twin My Heart." ❤️A friendly volleyball game gets competitive as the guys try to win Vanessa's heart but it's the double date with Veronica and her BFF Aaron Burriss (aka LazyRon) that goes wrong... or right depending on who you're asking 😳 Who wants to see more RonRon??? 🙋😝
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    Executive Producer: Paul Merrell @ThePaulMerrell
    Producer: Taylor Henriquez @TaylorHenriquez
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Comments • 17 657

  • Keisha Candice Gonzales
    Keisha Candice Gonzales 36 minutes ago

    I think roni doesnt like brandon and knows his real colors

  • Polly davies
    Polly davies 3 hours ago


  • pumpken_playz
    pumpken_playz 4 hours ago

    I think Roni did a double date because she doesn't want Nessa and Brandon to be alone.

  • Grace Mayer
    Grace Mayer 7 hours ago

    christian: makes crembrule and cinnamon french toast - both with dairy free options
    nessa: aw you're sweet
    brandon: makes chocolate strawberries and like not even good ones
    nessa: omg these are amazing we have some serious chemistry
    me: *flips table*

  • Abigail Kemp
    Abigail Kemp 7 hours ago

    Aaron sounds just like Alex

  • Chama Anepha
    Chama Anepha 7 hours ago +1

    Bradon is really hot but he needs to be nicer

  • xevilninjax
    xevilninjax 8 hours ago


  • bruceify
    bruceify 8 hours ago

    Why is this garbage being advertised to me

  • offlife
    offlife 9 hours ago

    I feel like maybe Christian keep giving the ball to Nessa because he wants Nessa to feel included and make sure she was having fun too as he didn't know that volleyball is Nessa least favorite sport.

  • Myriam Castaneda
    Myriam Castaneda 10 hours ago

    OMG I think Brandon is the perfect guy for you😍😘LOL

  • Indianawill1
    Indianawill1 12 hours ago +2

    Why am I advertised this bollocks?

  • Lazy life Lazy liyah
    Lazy life Lazy liyah 13 hours ago

    I feel like Brandon and Nessa will be rlly TOXIC

  • Little_sumsum
    Little_sumsum 14 hours ago +1

    I ship Roni and Aaron 😍

  • Mimoza Dobreva
    Mimoza Dobreva 14 hours ago

    Omg Brandon and Vanessa are so cute!!!!!❤️Sorry but dont take Christian😂

  • MrEp99
    MrEp99 14 hours ago +3

    RU-clip really be making these videos show up for me as ads

  • AllAboutAri
    AllAboutAri 15 hours ago

    ‘eat this entire bottle of syrup’ cmon learn english brandon.

  • Magnificent Bastard
    Magnificent Bastard 16 hours ago +3

    How do I block these two idiots repeatedly coming up on my Feed? Anyone?

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 16 hours ago +3

    One cares about who your sister is shagging next stop making a meal out of it and put ya daddy's bank card away!

  • brodaim wittes
    brodaim wittes 17 hours ago

    How old are they the two tings

  • J DubGTi
    J DubGTi 17 hours ago +4

    Stop advertising this. No one gives a shit about how many boyfriends you have. It's actually sickening.

  • Veer Chasm
    Veer Chasm 17 hours ago +5

    Not sure what you girls are paying to get your videos on my feed but please make it stop 🛑

  • The713Sonic
    The713Sonic 18 hours ago +4

    Hop off my news feed.

  • jpt55
    jpt55 18 hours ago

    Lol why did Tim think he was gonna win?? He literally just follows along.

  • flirtwd
    flirtwd 19 hours ago

    Puppy is bs. It’s always cool in the beginning but it all ends in sorrow. Always!

  • Just Chris
    Just Chris 20 hours ago +1

    These women are a joke, it’s always the mans choice of woman. Not the other way around. I can’t stand shows like this

  • Erica Marsden
    Erica Marsden 20 hours ago

    Anyone know Brandon's Instagram?

  • Pro Tips
    Pro Tips 21 hour ago +4

    Please stop showing this ad.

  • Reza Lucien
    Reza Lucien 21 hour ago +4

    What a couple of hos, auctioning off their vaginas like cheap meat

  • bianca sent a text

    i feel like nessa needs to look at ronis opinion a bit more, nessa needs to maybe look behind the scenes, like how brandon treats other people

  • Abdul Aziz Azad
    Abdul Aziz Azad Day ago +4

    I blocked you guys .but still watching your ads 😭😭 crap RU-clip ads.

    • J DubGTi
      J DubGTi Day ago +2

      Same here. It's annoying AF

  • AlicexTotoro
    AlicexTotoro Day ago

    sugarfish is bomb

  • Sarahy Hernandez

    im soooooooooo happpy that christan didnt get sent home

  • H. C.B.P
    H. C.B.P Day ago +5

    I DONT WANT TO SEE THIS STUPID CHANNEL! STOP ADVERTISING THIS CRAP ON MY FEED!!! I already selected “don’t show this ad” several times. Every time this foolish channel appears on my feed i will leave a nasty comment.

  • Rory Smith
    Rory Smith Day ago +2

    I love how Aaron would have to bend down a lot to reach Veronica's height. That's like me and my friends. :D

  • 「sushi roll」
    「sushi roll」 Day ago +1

    Who ships roni and arron

  • OGapple347
    OGapple347 Day ago +3

    Uugghhh what is this shiiit and why does it keep popping up?

  • Lola Kambi
    Lola Kambi Day ago

    Also, is roni the only one who realizes that Alex should’ve been the mvp or one on one dat?

  • Lola Kambi
    Lola Kambi Day ago

    Nessa: “This date is going soooo well! I mean, Brandon is such a cool chill guy...”
    Roni: *looks at nessa with agitated smile”

  • ᑕᗝᗝᒪ ᒪᒪᗩᗰᗩ ッ

    When Nessa was talking about Brandon, Roni was not feeling it what so ever.

  • Lola Kambi
    Lola Kambi Day ago

    17:27 I see you flexing those AiRpOdS Zach
    Also, I love how all the comments are hate comments on Brandon, and I’m over here noticing how Zach has AirPods on for a split second in the episode. 😂😂😂
    I do hate Brandon tho, so I don’t blame you.

  • Nevaeh Tierney
    Nevaeh Tierney Day ago

    I really want her and Brandon

  • Marlen Vazquez
    Marlen Vazquez Day ago

    everyone like christian i would choose brandon he is sweet but the bad boy

  • Ava Giombetti
    Ava Giombetti Day ago

    Aww Christian got Brandon Tums 🤍

  • savyourself freedom

    Run run run run away from these two girls appalling

  • Andrea Godinez
    Andrea Godinez Day ago

    23:41 But he’s a nice guyyyy
    Roni: ARONNNN😭😩

  • Kyjuana Esteen
    Kyjuana Esteen Day ago

    Why the f is Christian on the bottom 3🙄

  • belle _25
    belle _25 Day ago +3

    I like how roni stares at nessa when she talks about Brandon like he's a "good guy"

  • Kyjuana Esteen
    Kyjuana Esteen Day ago

    Brandon why are you so rude to the boys like shut up and go home no one wants you here 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Jenna Tremblay
    Jenna Tremblay Day ago

    Imagine if Daniel Watched this he would be king of mad at Brandon for making him Chug maple syrup and saying that he dose not care if he feels like Crap that day

  • Regan Paige
    Regan Paige Day ago

    Am I the only one who likes brandon

  • Emily Keegan
    Emily Keegan Day ago +5

    “He can speed eat yogurt but he can’t eat sushi”😂

  • Kittie Lee
    Kittie Lee Day ago

    I lokey love Alex he's so sweet and overprotective💙💙

  • Chris Mclintock
    Chris Mclintock Day ago

    I guarantee most of the comments on here are paid for by their mum and dad.

  • Shiro Artist
    Shiro Artist Day ago

    Omg zac is such a Disney princess

  • cara22
    cara22 Day ago

    dunno but brandon is really good to nessa and they had fun on the date

  • Sakura Cherrywild

    My sister name is veronika and im vanesa-

  • Ghina adra
    Ghina adra Day ago

    no one:

    zac:bolley ball

  • Denisa Gunarova
    Denisa Gunarova Day ago

    15:27 the way roni rolls her eyes when nessa talks about brandon 😂😂😂😂

  • Gene Michelle
    Gene Michelle Day ago

    Brandon is high-key a jerk

  • sabrina carper
    sabrina carper Day ago

    Alex is so cute and hot like whaaaat