Pro Chefs Blindly Taste Test Snacks | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

  • Join Carla Lalli Music, Gaby Melian, Andy Baraghani, Alex Delany, Sohla El-Waylly, Priya Krishna, Molly Baz, Chris Morocco and Claire Saffitz for another episode of Test Kitchen Talks. In this episode, they blindly taste test snacks from all over the world and try to guess the flavor and country of origin of each.
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    Pro Chefs Blindly Taste Test Snacks | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

Comments • 80

  • i’mTryin2helpUmotherfucker

    Edit: Brad is in here 22 times

  • BrettDN
    BrettDN 2 hours ago

    "Smells like a bag" Thanks Delany!

  • vian aztraguzt
    vian aztraguzt 10 hours ago +1

    Gaby most words "south America and Recyclable" 😆

  • vi
    vi 22 hours ago

    every BA video i've been clicking, i hear sITuATioN

  • GenBloodLust
    GenBloodLust Day ago

    these definitely arent lays, while eating UK lays

  • Ti C
    Ti C Day ago

    Bon Appetit: We're going to do a tasting video.
    Claire: The woman who has to nail the taste down for every snack she makes.

  • Lenny P
    Lenny P Day ago

    Am i the only one who thinks they're constantly not giving Priya the points she gets? They did it in the ice cream challenge, and in this one with namkeens as well.

  • John Top
    John Top Day ago +2

    No one:
    Gabey: tHiS iS rUFflEs

  • Jandi Posadas
    Jandi Posadas Day ago

    Every time Alex smiles, I feel like a fairy is born.

  • Deepto Chatterjee

    Makes absolutely no sense that Sohla and Priya didn't get points for actually identifying what the Indian food was and not just saying the word "masala" which somehow describes what chanachur is yet being one of the most general terms in Indian cooking?

  • Rabbit Man
    Rabbit Man Day ago

    Sohla said it correctly, its chanachur people. She said it perfectly.
    Do some background research before giving points. 🥺

  • Jeff Craig
    Jeff Craig 2 days ago +1

    Thought Gaby at first was going to be talking about recyclable packaging every time she came on. Must have been the kitchen manager side of her kicking in there.

  • Holland Marsh
    Holland Marsh 2 days ago

    See when they call that the food is Chinese or Japanese food it’s not racist but saying the corona virus is Chinese is???? Ppl are dumb none of it is racist

    • Nada
      Nada Day ago

      I'd tell you how wrong you are, but I'm gonna hazard a guess that you're fishing for attention/conflict sooo hard pass

  • Grand Priestess of the Shark Cult

    "Honey butter, viral snack trend"



    *War Flashbacks*

  • Elizabeth Choi
    Elizabeth Choi 3 days ago

    i'm offended... i LOVE honey butter chips!!!!

  • Kas Ann
    Kas Ann 3 days ago

    Gaby our environmentalist queen💕🤰🏼💫🌿 I love her

  • Breanna Romero
    Breanna Romero 4 days ago

    6:53 she says peanuts and gets it wrong and when idk ( the other blue girl) says it she gets it.

  • Gemma Pecorini Goodall

    as someone who lives in the UK who LOVES walkers crisps, I've never seen pickled onion before

  • Nia Bagchi
    Nia Bagchi 5 days ago

    That totally wasa channa chor solha was right with those indian snacks

  • Soumyanetra Pal
    Soumyanetra Pal 5 days ago


  • Bluemilk92
    Bluemilk92 6 days ago

    10:11 If anyone on the planet can't immediately identify Takis... Whelp, that's just the perfect reason to eradicate the species.

  • Mike B
    Mike B 6 days ago

    claire knows she has an advantage cause once takis hit she was like this is unfiar

  • Nicola Cornolti
    Nicola Cornolti 7 days ago

    I really wanted them to try croccantelle

  • c j
    c j 8 days ago

    please bring back the bon appétit sweater that carla has on 🥺🥺🥺 pleeease

    SUBHAH HOQUE 8 days ago +30

    When Sohla said channad chur for the Indian snack, she was right. It's just the Bengali name for it, but it's literally the same thing.

  • Liz Wintermyer
    Liz Wintermyer 9 days ago

    always rooting for claire to win

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 11 days ago

    11:08 how we all felt

  • Anirudh Sharma
    Anirudh Sharma 11 days ago +1

    Priya done dirty tbh, That definitely is a namkeen, at least what we Indians call it. But it's 'cHaT tOpPiNg' apparently

  • Nikita Nanda
    Nikita Nanda 13 days ago

    Um what how was Namkeen and Chanachur wrong

  • Tonie Manriquez
    Tonie Manriquez 13 days ago

    Dalaney lol

  • Tonie Manriquez
    Tonie Manriquez 13 days ago

    Delaney is so cute

  • Sailor of Fortune
    Sailor of Fortune 13 days ago

    lol @ Andy's face reaction.

  • Thelsnyc S
    Thelsnyc S 14 days ago

    Gabby irritated me

  • Shieldsy
    Shieldsy 14 days ago

    Pickled onion flavour is not popular lmao

  • AFM X
    AFM X 15 days ago

    11:10 I literally died laughing at this. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 15 days ago

    😂 Is Molly taste blind?

  • X
    X 15 days ago

    surely instead of plastic bags, we could use aluminium foil bags, or even cans? it'd be a little bit more expensive but it'd be recyclable.

  • denicekimberly
    denicekimberly 15 days ago

    i really wish i could like Priya but i’m finding myself avoiding any videos she’s in

  • Jordan Roquemore
    Jordan Roquemore 15 days ago

    editing was on point :-D

  • PragatiK07
    PragatiK07 15 days ago +24

    Namkeen is called chivda in the western part of India. So, Molly was right, even though her pronunciation was off the mark. :)

  • pritom saikia
    pritom saikia 16 days ago

    That million dollar smile.

  • Sagar Kumar
    Sagar Kumar 17 days ago +25

    Priya was right, that definitely counts as Namkeen

  • Claudia Evans
    Claudia Evans 17 days ago

    Molly looks like Dakota Johnson

  • Tilly
    Tilly 18 days ago

    Popular in the UK??? As a UK native I can say the Walkers brand is v popular but I have never seen the pickled onion flavour before in my life lol

  • Eco
    Eco 18 days ago

    OMG Gaby stfu.. Yes, recycling is very important but you don't need to be in peoples' faces about it constantly.

  • starsaint
    starsaint 19 days ago

    The maple flavour is not the original, nor most popular flavour of the famous Honey Butter chips.

  • Tanya Tanya
    Tanya Tanya 19 days ago

    One of them is cheating a lot lol by pulling thr eyemask

  • Avni T
    Avni T 19 days ago

    since when is mirch masala off brand......😔

  • Luke Perry
    Luke Perry 20 days ago +9

    The cut to Delaney saying “Smells like Bag” made my day.

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 20 days ago

    11:11 That grin is priceless 😆

  • Hailey Dudley
    Hailey Dudley 21 day ago

    Claire winning made my whole day!!

  • دونالد ترامب

    namkeen is actually correct, shouldve given her a point. I know ya'll were looking for masala specifically but that point seems kind of cheated out to me. Masala is essentially any spice mix so...

  • Tita Vargas
    Tita Vargas 21 day ago

    andys face!! hilarious!!!!!!

  • HellLoveAngel7777
    HellLoveAngel7777 22 days ago

    More international snacks!

  • Marco Abyss
    Marco Abyss 23 days ago

    my favorite thing to do on train stations is to buy a bunch of snacks before boarding the shinkansen. i can't read kanji that well so it always ends up a surprise. i call it japanese snacks bingo.

  • Samantha Radiuk
    Samantha Radiuk 23 days ago

    Andy’s face at the end!!!!! I CANT

  • candyvodka
    candyvodka 23 days ago


  • hujiba
    hujiba 25 days ago

    Eat your cereal

  • pcman87654
    pcman87654 25 days ago

    "Is this a ruffle?" Feels it before and isnt lpl

  • Pancake Plus
    Pancake Plus 25 days ago

    I cannot express how much I love Gaby

  • Diana Samson
    Diana Samson 25 days ago

    11:11 dang andyy 😂 i laughed so hard

  • Danielle
    Danielle 25 days ago

    They made this video to make Chris willingly taste a taki again

  • Jonah Lindhé
    Jonah Lindhé 26 days ago

    I love all of these people but i will never trust someone who likes salt and vinegar chips. The last time I tried to eat it I was close to puking.

  • Ilgım soysal
    Ilgım soysal 26 days ago

    No one :
    Gaby : is this recyclable

  • Christine Ngo
    Christine Ngo 26 days ago

    sohla said it smells like an old house LOLLLLLL

  • C B
    C B 27 days ago

    Best selling crisp brand in the UK Walker's maybe, but pickled onion definitely not best selling flavour, I would say cheese and onion or salt'n'vinegar would be flavour

  • Tarannum Ahmed
    Tarannum Ahmed 27 days ago +9

    When she said "it feels like the same kind of plastic that is hard to recycle", YOU GO OFF SISTER

  • Pia Frank
    Pia Frank 27 days ago

    Was anyone else, like, “Oh no, Chris is so sick! Poor guy 😭”?

  • Kaberi Roy
    Kaberi Roy 27 days ago

    Namkeen and chanachur were correct guesses...they are just different names in different languages namkeen is hindi and chanachur bengali

  • Continental Gobbler
    Continental Gobbler 28 days ago

    There's something about Andy that screams cute and handsome.

  • yuxuan cai
    yuxuan cai 28 days ago

    i would definitely win this

  • SirAgravaine
    SirAgravaine 28 days ago

    Priya was right in calling it namkeen

  • exscythed
    exscythed 29 days ago

    molly is crap as always, as well as gaby

  • Holleay Sevin
    Holleay Sevin Month ago

    I love how pissed Chris is about it being Takis

  • CheeseSauce
    CheeseSauce Month ago

    What? We don't eat pickled onion crisps here in the UK.

  • Nathan Simpson
    Nathan Simpson Month ago

    The problem with this test is that there's a lot of crossover between Japanese and Korean snacks.

  • omar saad
    omar saad Month ago

    Coolest last names of all time

  • Mini
    Mini Month ago

    "Are they recyclable?" This is freakin' me.

  • Albino Gorilla
    Albino Gorilla Month ago +2

    Priya definitely isnt a professional chef...

  • Kirsty Durkan
    Kirsty Durkan Month ago

    I can speak for all British people when I say pickled onion Walkers are probably the least popular crisp flavour we have 🤣 I don’t even know if they exist any more 😆