Lifejackets - useless unless worn

  • Published on Feb 22, 2011
  • A collaboration between the MCA, the RYA and the RNLI.

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  • YeCannyDaeThat
    YeCannyDaeThat 6 years ago

    Weel my 150N auto lifejacket doesn't have a crutch strap

  • Stephen Wake
    Stephen Wake 6 years ago

    I will had that person did survive but was treated for hypothermia, I think I am right in saying his temperature fell to 33 degrease in less than 10 minutes and that is in winter in British waters. Enjoy your times afloat for there is nowhere else I would rather be but always wear the crotch strap on your floatation device no matter what, the device is hopeless with out it. Stay safe mates

  • Stephen Wake
    Stephen Wake 6 years ago

    I can vouch for this I have seen it first hand only difference it was a floatation suit jacket but the person never used the crotch straps and I have been guilty of that as well. When a person moves their arms about in the water with out a crotch strap on the floatation device they continually fight to stay in the jacket and at sea in choppy cold water I would not give that person 20 minutes to stay alive i think it would be less. The person I saw was helpless in less than 10 minutes