James Harden is the ‘thirstiest’ scorer, not the best - Max Kellerman | First Take

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith debate whether James Harden is the greatest scorer of this era of the NBA.
    #FirstTake #NBA
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Comments • 3 042

  • Kevin Gapayao
    Kevin Gapayao 4 days ago +1

    Thirstiest scorer. 😂 the best words to describe harden . You got it right Max 👌

  • WaDa
    WaDa 14 days ago

    Oooouu he got a good point I never looked at it like that

  • Mike
    Mike 27 days ago

    Thirstiest shooter not thirstiest scorer. Thirsty scorers always find ways to win playoff games. Thirsty shooters does not do that.

  • leeroy dream
    leeroy dream 29 days ago

    These guys always answer questions wrong and try to use imagination. Let’s not imagine KD taking a lot of shots the bottom line is James harden scores more and is more aggressive

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez 24 days ago

      leeroy dream kd has a higher ppg average on better efficiency from everywhere on the court lol. Unless you’re rewarding missed shots, harden isn’t a better scorer than kd by any metric or the eye test. The only place offensively Harden is better than kd is ball handling. Kd ‘s better from 3, he’s more athletic, way better from mid range, a better post player, a way better off ball player, and a better finisher

  • Organic Life
    Organic Life 29 days ago

    Thats a FACT!!!!! James Harden is overrated !!! and TRASH!!!!! Ball Hog!!!!!

  • Drew Meyer
    Drew Meyer Month ago +1

    Taking nothing away from Harden but let’s be honest he’s playing in a Dantoni system, NBA is probably the softest it’s ever been you breathe wrong and you’re getting a tech, he flops, players basically can’t play defense due to NBA rules and finally he has the green light to shoot as much as he wants.

  • Dope Boy
    Dope Boy Month ago

    0:30 when I’m trying to think of a comeback when I’m getting roasted so badly 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  • Malik Gaskins
    Malik Gaskins Month ago

    James Harden looking at Kellerman like he stupid af in the thumbnail 😭

  • Jordan Sharpe
    Jordan Sharpe Month ago

    I agree with max he’s always beasting for points he a stat padder more than Westbrook

  • Fortnite Scout
    Fortnite Scout Month ago

    They were all forgetting about wilt

  • IMO Sports TV
    IMO Sports TV Month ago

    KD is the better scorer but not by how Max argued it. Max is a surface level basketball analyst. Talking about 6th man and on the same is not relevant when it comes to right now. Arguing that Harden takes more shots isn't a good argument either. Free throw shooting is the key. Foul calls

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez 24 days ago

      IMO Sports TV The only area offensively harden is better than Kd is getting to the free throw line and ball handling. Kd’s more athletic, a better finisher, better from 3, way better from mid range and in the post, a way better off player , etc. . All the metrics and eye test say kd is a better scorer and if he was in the Dantoni system he would be averaging more than harden on better efficiency

  • J Gucci
    J Gucci Month ago

    Where KD at right now. It’s about what your doing Today.

  • Toddy Kwest
    Toddy Kwest Month ago

    Max ruined his own argument by not mentioning the man, the myth, the legend who scored 100 points in a game... smh

  • Mavve Flexman
    Mavve Flexman Month ago +1

    This is the song i always hear in the background when Max opens his mouth 1:16

  • Brotha Clutch
    Brotha Clutch Month ago

    Semi unrelated but is it just me or was KDs injury the worst injury in the history of the NBA?? I mean it wasn’t gruesome or anything, but I was just thinking about it when it happened and I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way about any other player getting injured. Obviously you feel for guys when they have those career altering injuries, but not like that. I felt like I just lost a loved one, and my stomach was all knotted up. It’s even worse because this dude, despite 3 straight years of criticism, still wanted to be there for his team. He was out for numerous weeks to finally get ok’d, came out torching the opposing team, and ended up fucking his whole career up. I don’t know if he’ll ever be the same, and it’s crazy how quick the narrative changed from the same people who criticized him for going to play with GS. Idk I just thought about that feeling I had in the pit of my stomach, and that shits still pretty crazy

  • Mike5
    Mike5 Month ago +1

    No, not even close K.D, LeBron is even a better scorer than him & and Kobe.

  • Jersey Carr
    Jersey Carr Month ago

    Max you need to stop HATING on James harden yo!!!

  • Jersey Carr
    Jersey Carr Month ago +1

    Max is a James harden hater!!!!

  • Taaha Siddiqui
    Taaha Siddiqui Month ago

    You're right, but you're also wrong and here's why.

  • Emmanuel Bustillo
    Emmanuel Bustillo Month ago +1

    Who is the best scorer of this era?
    Max: KD
    Stephen A Smith: KD
    Paul Pierce: Me

  • HulkVahkiin
    HulkVahkiin Month ago

    I agree with Max that KD is the better scorer, but using their days on the Thunder is almost invalid. James Harden wasn't....well....James Harden back in those days.

  • Jakeem
    Jakeem Month ago

    stephen a, i know your basketball IQ is low but just because he shoots more that doesn't mean hes greater

  • brianespo22
    brianespo22 Month ago

    James harden is more worried about scoring than winning

  • Brett
    Brett Month ago

    Does anyone feel uncomfortable for her ? Or is it just me cuz im kinda cringing

  • Dylan Harrison
    Dylan Harrison Month ago

    SAS just proved max right 😂

  • Mark Kukowski
    Mark Kukowski Month ago

    Great content !

  • Avneet Singh
    Avneet Singh Month ago

    What about Lebron, there is a reason why he is top 4 in scoring in all time, and at this pace he is going to beat kareem

  • izavincy
    izavincy Month ago


  • Coach Lafayette
    Coach Lafayette Month ago

    This is the weakest case sas has ever made.

  • Zach Dejesus
    Zach Dejesus Month ago

    Was kobe not a thirsty scorer?

    WHAT'S GOING ON TV Month ago

    My Very 1st agreeing with Max anybody will have a lot of points if you shoot 77 times every game

  • Tony Greene
    Tony Greene Month ago

    I love how when SA is making his point, he always has to go very quickly over a handful of other attributes that are not really in question. He does it when he rants. Hilarious. SA is the best

  • julian rl
    julian rl Month ago

    Max kellerman is a dumbass guy, he sat out the 4th quarter when he drop 50 in 3 how is that thirsty

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez 24 days ago

      julian rl But is he a better scorer than KD let alone a prime Kobe ?

  • AD woppo
    AD woppo Month ago

    Max been on a roll 👀

  • Cayzay Mitchell
    Cayzay Mitchell Month ago +1

    Imma tell my kids that this was Stephen A's Chris Rock impression

  • John Wick
    John Wick Month ago

    I mean James harden is doing crazy stuff as far as scoring goes why wouldn’t he be in your conversation. Kobe and harden are the same, they volume shooters that are not that efficient but Kobe got 5 rings !

  • Santana DeMarco
    Santana DeMarco Month ago

    I like SA but sometimes he just likes the sound of his voice

  • Dabby Dabber
    Dabby Dabber Month ago

    They say thirsty I say he hungry being in kd a russ shadow he is a better scorer than Russ

  • Richie Porter
    Richie Porter Month ago

    A prime Kobe & Iverson would average 40 in today’s game. They would be scary.

    • NBA 2k
      NBA 2k Month ago

      That's what harden is averaging. Bruh!

  • billmeister 53
    billmeister 53 Month ago

    Does this 2 idiot's opinion matters? Really?

  • Bryan Rivera
    Bryan Rivera Month ago +1


  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia Month ago +1

    Can’t respect James harden because he get at least 18 to 20 free throws a night

    • Stay Limitless
      Stay Limitless Month ago

      And that’s a bad thing💀💀points are points homie quit following the trend of hating someone for no reason

  • OhDaughter Fan
    OhDaughter Fan Month ago

    first time where I agree with these donuts

  • Evan Pitchers
    Evan Pitchers Month ago

    Why is Molly there?

  • Will Joyce
    Will Joyce Month ago

    "KD be like 'That ain't the way to play', Harden is like 'Ok'".
    And that's why Harden has 0 rings and KD had multiple, not a plus Stephen A

    • Jimmy Hostetler
      Jimmy Hostetler Month ago

      Will Joyce they were already the best team in the league and were going to the finals either way. I believe KD is a better player than harden but my comment was referring to the dominance of the warriors more than anything

    • Will Joyce
      Will Joyce Month ago

      @Jimmy Hostetler you can believe that if you want but I doubt they make it to the finals a few times they did with KD with Harden, KD's defense is more present plus he's just such a large defender whereas Klay would be utterly overwhelmed covering for both Steph and Harden, especially having to play Small Forward. KD fits the team way better plus Harden would regress offensively outside of Dantoni's system and having to feed both Klay and Steph

    • Jimmy Hostetler
      Jimmy Hostetler Month ago

      If harden joined the warriors a few years ago he would have just as many rings as KD

  • Will Joyce
    Will Joyce Month ago

    KD isn't interested in taking an excessive amounts of shots and burning himself out for a mostly meaningless regular season? The Regular Season MATTERS THE LEAST EVER STEPHEN A

  • Kakashi
    Kakashi Month ago

    stephen a agrees with max yet disagrees

  • Charlie Cruz
    Charlie Cruz Month ago +1

    How much y’all think molly gets paid to stare brain dead into space? 💀

  • keyboard warrior
    keyboard warrior Month ago

    Max "er er uh" Kellerman

  • Public G
    Public G Month ago +2

    Who has never dropped more than 54 points-kd

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez 24 days ago

      Public G Who was riding the bench while Kd was leading his team to the finals ?

    • TheHuskyK9
      TheHuskyK9 Month ago +2

      Who has a ring and lead the league in scoring more times in the regular season and playoffs? KD

  • Patrick Hoey
    Patrick Hoey Month ago

    Max is sometimes the thristiest hot-taker in sports TV...

  • thebigwarthog
    thebigwarthog Month ago

    MJ would average 40 in this league

  • Official Feature Reviewer

    KD could average 40 if he wanted

  • claud rapoza
    claud rapoza Month ago

    It has been working for the most part

  • Mike Comentando
    Mike Comentando Month ago

    Max clearly won this time

  • Jeremiah Hosea
    Jeremiah Hosea Month ago

    I'm not a Harden fan, but in terms of scoring you've got to give the man his props.

  • max Johnson
    max Johnson Month ago

    James harden is the best scorer since MJ free throws are points they count if you have to shoot a lot cuz your teams trash them he does he is just a pure iso just get them buckets type of player

    • max Johnson
      max Johnson 24 days ago

      That wasn’t the question it was best scorers pure scorer and James harden is most definitely the best pure get a bucket when he wants scorer

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez 24 days ago

      max Johnson Uh not better than Kobe or kd lol. We can compare their playoff numbers if you want lol

  • pronewname
    pronewname Month ago

    He would literally loose skill if he was forced to shave

  • RedLightning17
    RedLightning17 Month ago

    Don't let the KD praise distract you from the fact that Stephen Curry is also a better scorer in this era than Harden

  • jose lemus jr
    jose lemus jr Month ago

    Everyone in the comments are Lakers fans