Addicted to Burnt Sausages | Freaky Eaters | Only Human

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • 19-year-old Nat lives in Manchester with her mum, but she's about to leave home for the first time and move in with her boyfriend. She dreams of being a chef, but there's one thing holding her back... Nat is on a diet of sausages...burnt sausages. Unless Nat changes her ways she can kiss her dreams and her health goodbye.
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Comments • 1 046

  • Francesca Haize
    Francesca Haize 9 hours ago

    I - I am stunned

  • xXxCookie creamy BiscuitxXx

    Oof tbh i love burned saussages

  • Amy Anime Lover
    Amy Anime Lover 3 days ago

    She's 19?! She looks 40!

  • Captain Barbossa
    Captain Barbossa 4 days ago

    Natalie loves the sausage

  • Livmativ :p
    Livmativ :p 5 days ago

    24:20 Imagine the dog just goes: Wow this tastes like shit I quit too.

  • MarleeSky
    MarleeSky 5 days ago

    Selective eating disorder sucks

  • Alyssa Nering
    Alyssa Nering 5 days ago

    I love how her bf and parents act like they hate the sausages like 😭 I love sausages

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 days ago

    Nat's parents are the problem with food and how Nat was raised. How does a person today have no idea how fruits and vegetables grow?!

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 days ago

    The stupid music just drowns out the narrator, how dumb.

  • Gabriella Camille
    Gabriella Camille 7 days ago

    I don’t blame her avocados are nasty

  • Kareem Osman
    Kareem Osman 7 days ago

    what's the point of burnt sausage.

  • Anele Lopez
    Anele Lopez 9 days ago

    Burnt sausages or any thing burn can cause cancer

  • Mïdńïght_Plâyš 107

    *She would thrive in my school....*

  • Trinity Cress
    Trinity Cress 11 days ago

    Who are these people, I want JJ virgin back

  • Aja Cameron
    Aja Cameron 12 days ago

    I wonder what he named his fish

  • Cookiedahrabbit
    Cookiedahrabbit 14 days ago

    It's one thing being obsessed with sausages , but it's ANOTHER thing being obsessed with BURNT SAUTERNES

  • rabdomk snfdkns
    rabdomk snfdkns 17 days ago

    Roses are red, Violets are not blue, am i a joke to u?

  • Fiama Mendoza
    Fiama Mendoza 17 days ago +1

    _"I didn't know beet roots grew"_
    *or something like that- but she said that line...*


  • Coco Toffe
    Coco Toffe 17 days ago

    25:34 is exactly like Shawn mendes

  • Triz
    Triz 19 days ago

    I mean, I love sausages.. But, BURNT?

  • Shannon Jackson
    Shannon Jackson 19 days ago

    Why every time I watch videos with British ppl., their teeth are messed up???

  • Adam Thorton
    Adam Thorton 20 days ago

    "People are starving in Africa..." That's the FIRST time I've seen anybody on this show object to chucking their food in the trash. Usually, it's just, "oh, no... I can't have my crappy food anymore."

  • Ner Montiero
    Ner Montiero 22 days ago

    There's NO WAY you can be a cheff.

  • Shin. Miyagami.
    Shin. Miyagami. 23 days ago

    Ok I'm sorry but does anyone else have a hard time understanding anything she says? I'm not sure if it's because of her accent or if she and her family just can't speak. Fuck this annoys me. I hate when somethings interesting but the sound is annoying

  • chestypants78
    chestypants78 23 days ago

    @2.44 The worst looking pizza anyone has ever seen. Ever. And she wants to be a chef?

  • West Side is da best
    West Side is da best 24 days ago

    What!? What!? I can't hear you, she what!? She's on a diet of Burnt lozenges!?

  • bruh moment
    bruh moment 25 days ago

    Wat the heck I cook sausages like that...

  • von junzt
    von junzt 29 days ago

    i like some char on hot dogs. in fact grilled charred dogs are by far the best. also i like franks and beans over fried potatoes.

  • Karen Meehan
    Karen Meehan Month ago

    Wants to be a chef but only eats burnt sausage?
    Lmfao yea good luck with that 🤦🤦🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Seriously how tf do you live 19 years and have never ate strawberries or banana in your life? Wdf 🙄🙄

  • Michael Frost
    Michael Frost Month ago

    Just sad.....

  • unknown name
    unknown name Month ago

    wait what’d you say again?

  • Mitchell C
    Mitchell C Month ago

    Gordon Ramsey doesn't cut up coriander with a bread knife.

  • Pseudo Fukurō
    Pseudo Fukurō Month ago

    Horrible unnecessary music

  • Thomas Casavana
    Thomas Casavana Month ago

    She has a tounge piercing I wonder if she likes the taste of sperm

  • evalyloo23
    evalyloo23 Month ago

    Only sausages for this girl 😏😂

  • elkilke
    elkilke Month ago

    Why are they always skinny

  • *internal screaming*

    the narrator is so loud ugh

  • TeacherTeacher
    TeacherTeacher Month ago

    I love burnt sausage, bacon, pork chops, chicken, ziti.... basically anything with crunchy edges.

  • lee riches
    lee riches Month ago

    I have no idea why her boyfriend was laughing when he was talking about it. It's not gonna be very funny when you're burying her because she wasn't getting enough nutrients.

  • Juju & Tech
    Juju & Tech Month ago

    God damn her parents shoulda raised her better

  • hoot hoot
    hoot hoot Month ago

    why is the music so loud???? cant hear a thing

  • Shemeka Watkins
    Shemeka Watkins Month ago

    That burnt sausage got her looking old as hell.

  • stacy stacy111
    stacy stacy111 Month ago

    You know it’s bad when there is no Jj Virgin to be found

  • Liria Miller
    Liria Miller Month ago

    Na i dont believe sensing attention seeker.i bet behind closed doors she binges on cakes and ice cream

  • Deja Porter
    Deja Porter Month ago

    Girl, strawberries are DELICIOUS! 🤗🍓

  • Alavoi
    Alavoi Month ago +1

    I watched this show just for JJ Virgin, who tf are these guys!?

  • Mel Francois
    Mel Francois Month ago

    Bic##h cant be a dam chef never 19but don't have a clue where food comes from THATS sad bi*#ch

  • Ray
    Ray Month ago

    Her pants are huuuuuuuuuge...

  • Sluga Bunny
    Sluga Bunny Month ago +1

    this music is Cray cray..

  • Mekka P
    Mekka P Month ago

    I have to agree with her, burnt sausages are really nice but I don’t think I could live on it alone.

  • Oscar Aglubat
    Oscar Aglubat Month ago

    The hell where did they find this kind of people?!?????? Weirdos

  • SportSciencePT
    SportSciencePT Month ago

    Part of being a chef is tasting food and adjusting ingredients appropriately. Unless when says Chef and means flipping bugers at a fast food joint

  • IrBe
    IrBe Month ago

    I'm shooked bc she's 19, wants to be a chef, thinks that 'vegetarians eat fish like cannibals'... omg, really...

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams Month ago

    Great now she has a gravy addiction

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams Month ago

    Why the fuck does everybody in this video have disgusting ass teeth

  • Bob the Builder
    Bob the Builder Month ago +1

    Damn the dog gotta eat it too and the girl look old as hell. I thought she was like 40, nah she 19.

  • Great Greebo
    Great Greebo Month ago +2

    Her: I don’t understand how vegetarians can eat fish, that’s like cannabilism
    MENSA: Next

  • Alexis nicole
    Alexis nicole Month ago

    I hate her she doing to much

  • Amanda Davies
    Amanda Davies Month ago

    I'll never understad the obsession with roast dinners. Worst meal ever, for me, and mash makes it even worse. As bad as burnt sausages but in a different way.

  • Frisbee Dog
    Frisbee Dog Month ago

    You don’t know how hard I laughed at the title of this video