The HU - Wolf Totem (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Nov 16, 2018
  • Official music video for 'Wolf Totem' by The HU.
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  • Elga B
    Elga B 15 hours ago

  • Stefan Dedalus
    Stefan Dedalus 16 hours ago +2

    God I love these guys!

  • Politis
    Politis 16 hours ago +1

    Du lourd son bien apprécié en France !

  • Vas János
    Vas János 16 hours ago

    Tuong Lu Kim: Ohhhh, I hate-a Mongorians!

  • Semih Yildirim
    Semih Yildirim 17 hours ago +6

    Thank you for adding Turkish subtitles, greetings from Turkey much love.



  • Zzzap Branigan
    Zzzap Branigan 18 hours ago +1

    This mongolian band has more views on two song then 98% of all RU-clip videos.

  • fefelka 808
    fefelka 808 19 hours ago +1

    Кстати вот это горловое пение. Белые могут заняться попсой. Кроме Кипелова - у него голос круче всех. Но на мое счастье поет металл

  • Chris Fincham
    Chris Fincham 19 hours ago +2

    Now the Mongols ride Harley's and throat it.awsome!!

  • Jona Tripoli
    Jona Tripoli 19 hours ago +10

    You know what's wrong with todays society? No one drinks out of the skulls of their enemies anymore 🤷😂

  • Kathy Kortegaard
    Kathy Kortegaard 20 hours ago +3

    I'm a fan :0)

  • Saabir ahnaf kawsar
    Saabir ahnaf kawsar 20 hours ago +6

    God gifted voice!
    Love from Bangladesh...

  • просто человек

    Немного вспомнилась история, какие были жуткие времена

  • Rickus Kruger
    Rickus Kruger 20 hours ago

    Very tribal sounds, primordial and fiery. Reminds me of Demon Realm in Ashes of Love story.

  • Cristinita Corazon
    Cristinita Corazon 21 hour ago +5

    These men HAD to be raised singing this as part of their culture. UN-FREAK-IN BELIEVABLY AMAZING!!!

  • Monkey Trail
    Monkey Trail 21 hour ago +2

    Woo !!!

  • Ken Sywenky
    Ken Sywenky 22 hours ago +1

    They blur out the swastika ring at 5:13 lol

    • HungarianThinker
      HungarianThinker 15 hours ago

      @Ma1992Wi Okay cool, but if it is so, why we don't ban US flag, Israeli flag, North Korean flag, British flag etc.. There are many symbols in connection with violence and murder. Actually Swastika symbolize the National Socialist ideology itself, practice is an other thing. There are still crescents on mosques, even they killed millions of innocent people.

    • Ma1992Wi
      Ma1992Wi 15 hours ago +1

      @HungarianThinker Are you serious? Ever heard of Nazis? You know, the guys who killed millions of people before and during World War 2? Their symbol was a slightly adjusted Swastika.

    • HungarianThinker
      HungarianThinker 18 hours ago

      Whats wrong with Swastika?

    • Katie_pol
      Katie_pol 18 hours ago +1

      So it can be seen in all countries- in Germany, if you show a swastika, the video will be banned. Obviously, these guys are using it with a VERY different meaning, but that doesn’t matter. It’s an illegal symbol in Germany.
      Easier to blur it.

    • Ambrosia Ilídia
      Ambrosia Ilídia 19 hours ago +1

      This issue has already been much commented on (see what was said in the 23rd comment after this one)

  • Kryptonium
    Kryptonium 22 hours ago +5

    I don't know what they saying but it is a nice tune. I would love to create an extended mix by adding some guitar rift but keep the traditional elements. I like the tough and rugged biker gang image.

  • Sithu Aung
    Sithu Aung 22 hours ago +5

    don't understand a word but i love it. :D

    • Mogoot Derp
      Mogoot Derp 22 hours ago +2

      Go to the caption they recently translated

  • Riuk Corilious
    Riuk Corilious 23 hours ago +2

    These guys remind of the Inuits as far as vocals

  • everton tavares
    everton tavares Day ago +4

    Amazing !!

  • Paul Caldera
    Paul Caldera Day ago +7

    Genghis khan is proud

  • Angry Lettuce
    Angry Lettuce Day ago +11

    Girls sleepovers: “omg did you hear about Nicole and Kyle?”
    Boys sleepovers:

    • Nuj
      Nuj Day ago +1

      Fuck, I'm deceased lmfao

  • The Winners
    The Winners Day ago +14

    The next video track "The Great Chinggis Khaan" is gonna released on RU-clip by tomorrow, on Aug 23

    • Odbayar Batbold
      Odbayar Batbold 19 hours ago +1

      Can’t wait!

    • The Winners
      The Winners 23 hours ago

      ​@SPARTAN 300 1 day left...

    • SPARTAN 300
      SPARTAN 300 Day ago +1

      but todays the 21st?

  • 글베이
    글베이 Day ago +4

    몽골 뽕에 취한다~

  • Белла Скородумова

    Супер! Отличное соединение!

  • patrick O'flannigan
    patrick O'flannigan Day ago +10

    homeboy singing could pass for a khan. they should tour in america and call it "The Khan-tageous tour" or for a summer time bash "The Huns in the Sun" tour

  • juan ramiro Escobar
    juan ramiro Escobar Day ago +15

    I am a new devoted fan from Colombia. Please keep on going

  • Jimmy Wesley
    Jimmy Wesley Day ago +8

    This was the first song I had ever heard of this style of music. Love it 🔥🔥🔥

  • akrinah
    akrinah Day ago +16

    It sounds and it looks like the next Mongolian Horde is getting ready to conquer the world :D

  • сергей матвеев

    Ну и песня блять

  • Jacqueline Lira
    Jacqueline Lira Day ago +4

    hu hu hu hu hu hu hu

  • philosophie de la misère

    ياسر حلو ياسر مزيانة الموزيكا.......a lot of respect from the north africa....from tunisia with Respect...really tasty

  • Арсений Маркин

    Монголия в моих глазах теперь нереально крутая🤘👍💥

    ORKUN ALTUN Day ago +2

    Ya İstiklal
    Ya Ölüm !
    Kökbörü ATATÜRK

  • 메늄
    메늄 Day ago +3


  • drago d
    drago d Day ago +5

    with that jackets and bikes you look more like native americans than mongols :)

    • Odbayar Batbold
      Odbayar Batbold 19 hours ago

      drago d but native americans are from Mongolia

    • Olus Flaschengeist
      Olus Flaschengeist 22 hours ago +1

      @AJ R , and we native Europeans came from africa, right?! Is this theory from David Reich?

    • AJ R
      AJ R 23 hours ago

      s@WarPaint 47Native Americans are from Siberia. Stop calling yourself Native American.

    • WarPaint 47
      WarPaint 47 Day ago +1

      And that is wrong?
      We Native Americans and these gorgeous Mongol warriors are beautiful!
      You assholes are just jealous that eurotrash are wussies with yellow teeth.

    • walk the old ways
      walk the old ways Day ago +1

      @メソVON 100,000 years ago, nobody, absolutely nobody can be considered native using that logic, using that tone is offensive to native peoples of north America, we are all relatives!

  • S Robin Dittrich
    S Robin Dittrich Day ago +12

    Wow! I am so knocked out by this Mongolian group. It is so hypnotic with its huhuhu chanting. Very meditative. Subscribed! I invoke the sacred and holy protection of my Mongolian brothers. My intentions are pure and in respect for your country, landscape, and spirit and soul of your country men and women. Be Blessed my sacred warrior brothers. In awesome respect. Rock on!

  • Geir Holte
    Geir Holte Day ago +8

    Cool. Makes me want to play The Witcher 3 for some reason.

  • FoodOnCrack
    FoodOnCrack Day ago +3

    Nice subtle blurring out the swatsika ring haha

    • Za Za
      Za Za 15 hours ago +1

      ​@Bacon name ..Very true...Mongolian traditional symbols have so deep meanings and swastika has always been our antique goods it's very common to see the swastika....Unfortunately one crazy "Austrian-German guy borrowed and used as his "logo" while killing millions...that's a truly sad part of the world history... :-(

    • Ambrosia Ilídia
      Ambrosia Ilídia 20 hours ago

      @SPARTAN 300 All musical instruments are very decorated (the symbols vary quite a lot). In the song Yuve Yuve Yu we can see these elements very well and many swastikas in one of them with all the details; if we compare all of them with the Hitlerian one (e.g. the length of the different lines; degree of inclination, etc.) we can see there are some differences (
      the most visible one is that the lines are connected to a circle unlike the nazi one).

    • SPARTAN 300
      SPARTAN 300 Day ago

      and on the guitar thingy

    • SPARTAN 300
      SPARTAN 300 Day ago

      that most definitely was a swastika unfortunately you can see it clearly in the bit after 5:17but i'm hoping that's just the asian symbol not one with race in mind

    • Spartan 1347
      Spartan 1347 Day ago

      It has 7000 years of history just like when we started wrestling 7000 years ago

  • Rosibel montalvo
    Rosibel montalvo Day ago +4

    Ganaremos con la sabiduría del Gran Genghis Khan... 🖤🤘

  • alexander rocha felipe

    ya somos varios son como japoneses pero alo macho

    • Odbayar Batbold
      Odbayar Batbold 19 hours ago +1

      It’s not japanese. Its Mongolian!

    • carlos Lized
      carlos Lized Day ago

      Si wey la diferencia es que ases enojar a estos weyes... te agarra uno de cada extremidad hasta arrancarla

  • Muhammet Yiğit
    Muhammet Yiğit Day ago

    Burada da imzamız bulunsun :)
    *21.08.2019 - **17:17*

  • Nightbird
    Nightbird Day ago +13

    *Just discovered this group by accident but LOVE them! Rock on my Mongolian bro's!*

  • Привѣтъ сынъ

    Весьма интересное сочетание традиционной Монгольской культуры и современной суб-культуры,постмодерн во всей своей красе.

  • Drophobia
    Drophobia Day ago +10

    Big Bro : hey bro , did you know mongolian culture?

    Bro : sure i am , *showing this video*

  • Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson Day ago +14

    This is the most masculine thing I've ever seen 🤩😍🤘

    • WarPaint 47
      WarPaint 47 Day ago +1

      I want to sleep with a Mongolian guy!

    • Scott Wilson
      Scott Wilson Day ago

      @Nightbird did I trigger you what's with the middle fingers?

    • Nightbird
      Nightbird Day ago +2 made me want to sleep with a Mongolian 🖕😋🖕

  • Aussie Milo man
    Aussie Milo man Day ago +7

    Guaranteed to make your feet tap in time. wow!

  • Anonymous Bosch
    Anonymous Bosch Day ago +9

    Sounds like if Rammstein smoked opium with Batu Khan. Pretty awesome

  • bobbybrainstorm
    bobbybrainstorm Day ago +4

    John Wick deer aimar shaah duu bn

  • Anonym0us Ryuji
    Anonym0us Ryuji Day ago +8

    Awesome, love from Poland!

  • CK Romulus s11and
    CK Romulus s11and Day ago +7

    This shit rocks, HU HU HU HU

  • Роман Васильев

    The Mongols on iron horses conquer us!

  • saumaya Alazani
    saumaya Alazani Day ago +5

    OMG I can't breath I need Mongolian mouth 2 mouth😳😳😳😳🤪🤪🤪

  • walk the old ways
    walk the old ways Day ago +13

    My birth date is the same day as the great Khan's death, August 18th, he became the Khan at age 44, I am 44, my aunt found my great grandmothers grave a few months ago, carved in it is "Higgins" vary close to "chinggis" I wonder if chinggis Khan had a spearhead birthmark on his leg?

    • walk the old ways
      walk the old ways Day ago

      @Wil Porter wil porter, did you come up with that "all by yourself?" Proud, I'm so proud of you! Wil porter, I know you, hows it going sofa king we tard did? Long "real name you have, but if it fits, and I know it does, use it to the fullest! You ho Sofa King!

    • walk the old ways
      walk the old ways Day ago

      @Wil Porter on what? That we share two things that were important during the legacy of chinggis Khan? Ok, I got a grip, glade you pointed that ot!

    • Operator Joseph
      Operator Joseph Day ago

      @Wil Porter "Get a grip" idk wtf were even talking about. hehe.

    • Wil Porter
      Wil Porter Day ago

      The day of his death isn't certain....

    • Wil Porter
      Wil Porter Day ago

      Get a grip

  • CF King
    CF King Day ago +14

    what up my mongolian fans like if you do like mongolia

  • Toornap Tarraa
    Toornap Tarraa Day ago +6

    *HU!* *HU!* *HU!* *HU!* *HU!* *HU!* *HU!*

  • Nicholas Smith
    Nicholas Smith Day ago +12

    Jaghatai Khan approves of this video

  • walk the old ways
    walk the old ways 2 days ago

    The "all seeing eye" has met its match, you follow? Cola.

  • Sukhbaatar Dorje
    Sukhbaatar Dorje 2 days ago +13

    We are childrens of the Blue Sky...


      @Odbayar Batbold hahaha gaymongolian look at your face . looks like chinese now fuck off to china your real homeland. Ottomans are always turk. if u have butthurt .
      watch that

    • Odbayar Batbold
      Odbayar Batbold 19 hours ago

      Ottomans are not real turks. They are arabs.

    • SoundsLike Turkish
      SoundsLike Turkish Day ago

      Geri zekalı, Tanrı'nın milliyeti yok.


      @sak rok ARABS ARE TURK!!!!

  • Marc H
    Marc H 2 days ago

    Not bad. But, I'm pretty much thinking these are the reprobate God is going to unleash on the elect in the tribulation.

  • Carol AR
    Carol AR 2 days ago +4

    Love from Brazil ^^

  • Furkan Koyuncu
    Furkan Koyuncu 2 days ago +2

    Hi from Turque

  • YouvY 724
    YouvY 724 2 days ago +11

    From horse to bikes

    • Azathar
      Azathar 2 days ago +2

      Still horsepower

  • heikki toropainen
    heikki toropainen 2 days ago +2

    Kill the bastards, stay punk.

  • ThugNasty NastyThug
    ThugNasty NastyThug 2 days ago +14

    October 8th in Phoenix, AZ is going to be brutal.

    All the Native Americans are going to raise hell

    • Ambrosia Ilídia
      Ambrosia Ilídia Day ago

      @walk the old ways I have seen, in this context, that there are people who express some kind of patriotic love sometimes associated with some hatred for other people. Though the song’s lyrics are based on the words of an ancient warrior who gave his life for his homeland this should not be reason for some disrespectful thoughts/phrases… Love for our country is (like any other form of love) a beautiful feeling as we should acknowledge that our development as human beings is due to our family, our ancestors and their traditions and culture and even to the piece of land (where we growth ) with all their beings and beauty. Artists in our country express (better than anyone) its beauty and make us proud…But this love should not be a reason to hate others, because all human beings are linked to each other though some ties may remain invisible. Human beings are not perfect and life on earth sometimes resembles to a little hell; so noboby is totally innocent, there isn’t a completely “holy” being or “holy country”…
      Why don’t we transform the love we have for our country by fulfilling our duties towards our communities, but always respecting people all over the world?

    • Riky 5196
      Riky 5196 Day ago

      @walk the old ways em no .

    • KingsNationCO KingsNationCo
      KingsNationCO KingsNationCo Day ago +1

      Wish I could be there witness my people unit with our relatives through the music
      Mongol mongol mongol hura hurai 🇲🇳👊🏻

    • walk the old ways
      walk the old ways Day ago

      @Riky 5196 maybe you dont fully understand what is happening here, the HU band are emissaries from Mongolia, they are not just a "rock band" just like in the time of the great Kahn, history lies about what happend in those days, the world was a wicked place, just like today, do not insult them in any way, we need them now, more then ever, have you not seen enough suffering? You may be happy in your life, but millions of human beings are suffering, mentally and physically. This world is controlled by a vary small number of vary, vary wicked people! Correct me if I'm wrong, with proof of course!

    • walk the old ways
      walk the old ways Day ago

      @Riky 5196 take your posts down " cola"

  • Ed Christ 666
    Ed Christ 666 2 days ago +3

    20 seconds in and this is already the worst band ever 😂😂😂

    • ol_fortune
      ol_fortune Day ago +3

      pls dont give any attention to a troll

    • Aghoradipathi
      Aghoradipathi Day ago +4

      @Ed Christ 666 Justin Bieber fan found!!!!

    • Toornap Tarraa
      Toornap Tarraa Day ago +3

      "Worst band ever" with 98% like ratio and 15+ mil views... In which universe is this the worst band ever?

    • walk the old ways
      walk the old ways 2 days ago +1

      You need to apologize ASAP, erase your post, it will be forgiven, not forgotten, unless you do this.

    • Sugar High
      Sugar High 2 days ago +2

      @Jemell Beita it's either a trap or hes just a lost dude trying to find himself in life

  • muslim dorzhu
    muslim dorzhu 2 days ago +1

    Это все конечно интересно преподнесено,в красивой обёртке, но мы это уже давно проходили!!! гр.Ятха первые

  • Vlaďka Emingerová
    Vlaďka Emingerová 2 days ago +3

    Ahoj z Čech.

  • Arif M.
    Arif M. 2 days ago


  • itismarvin5
    itismarvin5 2 days ago +9

    Sounds sooooo much better at 1.25x play speed!

    • ZorroNegro 22
      ZorroNegro 22 Day ago

      @ChaosTyrant with this heck yeah!

    • ChaosTyrant
      ChaosTyrant Day ago

      @ZorroNegro 22 praise the diversity mate :)

    • ZorroNegro 22
      ZorroNegro 22 2 days ago +2

      @ChaosTyrant o think theier songs are c
      Kind if mea t to encourage other mo golians to go back to thier roots at least language wise and population in my opinion

    • ZorroNegro 22
      ZorroNegro 22 2 days ago +1

      @itismarvin5 that too

    • ChaosTyrant
      ChaosTyrant 2 days ago +1


  • Amzingred
    Amzingred 2 days ago +23

    When World War 3 starts, all these nations are battling thinking they are the nation about to reach victory. All of a sudden, out in the distance on the bloody hills, motorcycles are roaring and this song starts blaring. The Mongolians have appeared on top of the hills. Every other nation winds up immediately raising the white flag.

  • MaBoJo1
    MaBoJo1 2 days ago +16

    visited mongolia many a year ago, loved your country and this song gives me fond memories. so proud of you getting fame

  • Johnny Cat
    Johnny Cat 2 days ago +7

    Aloha from Hawaii...!!!

  • Paul
    Paul 2 days ago +21

    We are all citizens of the Eternal Blue Sky!


      @Odbayar Batbold fuck you mongol. FUCK YOUR FACE FUCK YOUR CHİNESE FACE.

    • Odbayar Batbold
      Odbayar Batbold 19 hours ago

      Yes except turks

    • Ambrosia Ilídia
      Ambrosia Ilídia Day ago +1

      Perhaps you may agree with this Dalai Lama’s sentence:
      There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and especially live.

    • Paul
      Paul Day ago +1

      @Ambrosia Ilídia Well, there is no time like the present. Let's make that ideal world today.

    • Ambrosia Ilídia
      Ambrosia Ilídia Day ago +1

      Yes, it's true, all humans beings are linked to each other though some ties may remain invisible... In an ideal world we should accept our and other people imperfections/"weaknesses" and respect all human beings in the universe (including ourselves).