The HU - Wolf Totem

  • Published on Nov 16, 2018
  • The official music video for The HU's "Wolf Totem"
    Available on
    Nature Sound Records
    Tengeriin Gadas Film
    Tuga Namgur
    Brandon Friesen
    © 2018 Dashka Productions
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  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 31 minute ago +5

    Genghis Khan is pleased. He is jamming out in his lost tomb.

  • So Yujin
    So Yujin 35 minutes ago +1


  • Ray Dowdy
    Ray Dowdy 42 minutes ago +1

    It speaks to me.

  • dcfincher
    dcfincher Hour ago +3

    Leftists want to ban this video for promoting toxic mongolinity.

    • Mocha Berry
      Mocha Berry 5 minutes ago

      Chuck Norris shits getting old

    • blacksage
      blacksage 9 minutes ago

      Why? Mongols are generally bad news for Russia so bad news for their Republicans buttsluts by extension

    • Chuck Norris
      Chuck Norris 35 minutes ago +1

      +Mocha Berry You are fake news.

    • Carter Bechtel
      Carter Bechtel 36 minutes ago


    • Mocha Berry
      Mocha Berry 47 minutes ago

      dcfincher oh stfu, with that bs 🙄 just enjoy the video.

  • _ b!0h4z4rd
    _ b!0h4z4rd Hour ago +6

    Truly rock doesn't know any instruments but passion.

  • Raven Meadows
    Raven Meadows Hour ago +3

    Ten of us will strike u as thunder/Hundred of us will shatter your hearts/Thousand of us will destroy and obliterate/ Ten Thousand of us will hand you the wrath of Heaven/..........HU HU HU

  • dAt bOi
    dAt bOi Hour ago +1

    My history teacher showed this to my class

  • Kaito Shion
    Kaito Shion 2 hours ago

    These guys need to collaborate with Bloodywood yesterday :o

    TÜRKİSTAN TV 2 hours ago

    from tatarya turkic turanya...

    • Munkh Tenger
      Munkh Tenger Hour ago

      +tselmeg jonon bolio boli. hun heruul uduugui,doromjloogui baihad. harin mongolchuudiig doromjilson comment taarval naad ugee sain hel medev uu haha

    • tselmeg jonon
      tselmeg jonon Hour ago

      TÜRKİSTAN TV From Mongolia fuck you

  • Jansuro
    Jansuro 3 hours ago +1

    when I saw the HU I thought it was about Hungarians xd

    • Jansuro
      Jansuro Hour ago

      Attila Horváth no I am aTurkish who loves Magyars :))

    • Attila Horváth
      Attila Horváth Hour ago +1

      when I saw this commen I thought you are romanian 😆

  • sagittarius 79
    sagittarius 79 3 hours ago +1

    Цэденбал бы не оценил данный этнический опус , а зря !

  • jesus padilla
    jesus padilla 3 hours ago +1

    Algo bien, se siente el metal a todo lo que da, bien por los hombres mongoles.

  • Andrew OnGoogle
    Andrew OnGoogle 3 hours ago +1

    I heard he sang - "Whos the doctor asked for Morley!" haha

  • Udka Optimistmongolian

    Шар Үс бостол авч байна 🥰 Амжилт та нартаа

  • kristoffer ian sanchez Santilas

    2.5k chinese are mad

  • This statement is false:
    This statement is false: 3 hours ago +5


  • Alex
    Alex 4 hours ago +4

    Удачное начало! Желаю вам покорения мира)

  • Joan Aggas
    Joan Aggas 4 hours ago +3

    Can you make a song about fighting the Devil for Christians? We're under attack all over the world! We need a Christian anthem kinda like "The devil came down to Georgia" but with HU rhythm! Thanks!

    • DeathsHood
      DeathsHood Hour ago +1

      'Under attack all over the world' - Except in basically the entire western world.

  • Jéssica Ribeiro
    Jéssica Ribeiro 4 hours ago

    This will be on my top favourite bands I CAN FEEL IT! HU HU HU

  • Vezunchik87
    Vezunchik87 4 hours ago +3

    Трек просто бомбический! Great work!!!!

  • RexChiller
    RexChiller 4 hours ago +1

    OMG! I fell in love with this band! Please keep going this good work!!!

  • NavySEAL Nick
    NavySEAL Nick 4 hours ago

    You cowards every time you delete my comments cause you know I'm telling the truth??? fucking Mongolians shit

    • Peace Fan
      Peace Fan Hour ago

      What about you crying baby?

    • Wulf Mayne
      Wulf Mayne 2 hours ago

      What the fuck u ranting about?

    • shinee3457
      shinee3457 3 hours ago

      Im from mongolia. What is truth?

    • MiGZ
      MiGZ 4 hours ago

      NavySEAL Nick
      What truth?

  • tyler smith
    tyler smith 5 hours ago

    know what band i wanna hear more of?
    HU, HU, HU, HU, ok i'll stop

  • wozuiniux
    wozuiniux 5 hours ago +9

    No wonder why the Mongols almost conquered the entire world. This music is enough to turn a cowardly man into a fearless warrior who welcomes death as a passage to transcendence.

    • Kaito Shion
      Kaito Shion 2 hours ago +1

      Imagine on top of that... Growing up herding and riding horses on rocky terrain, surviving countless BRUTAL polar winters year after year followed by deathly hot summers, and their diets lending to them being robustly built compared to those of surrounding regions, and to top it all off having this rich shamanistic culture.... Basically being a Dothraki!

  • Tsedkaa Tsedka
    Tsedkaa Tsedka 5 hours ago


  • B.Undur Orgil
    B.Undur Orgil 5 hours ago +2

    БурханХалдун хайрханы бартаа саадыг туулаад явж байхдаа машин дотроо энэ дууг сонсоод явж байлаа. Тэр мэдрэмжийг та нар мэдэрсэн бол ч...

  • david ryu l éveillé
    david ryu l éveillé 5 hours ago

    manifique merci whael !

  • J. Bilguun
    J. Bilguun 5 hours ago +3

    its Mongolia 🇲🇳

  • Leandro Henrique
    Leandro Henrique 6 hours ago +1

    I loved this sound, sucess 🇧🇷

  • Cailean Seamus
    Cailean Seamus 6 hours ago +6

    Subtitled in English from the original Klingon.

  • Temuulen Tp
    Temuulen Tp 6 hours ago +1

    mongolchuudaa ser

  • Jéssica Ribeiro
    Jéssica Ribeiro 7 hours ago +4

    I just see new comments. LETS GIVE MORE SUCESS TO THEM !!! HU HU HU UU

  • Area of Applauses
    Area of Applauses 8 hours ago +1

    Hu translates like “son”
    Well, I think so

    • shinee3457
      shinee3457 3 hours ago

      “Huu” is son. “Hu” means human in ancient hunnu language.

    • D-ShuK kol
      D-ShuK kol 7 hours ago

      Area of Applauses no. Son means khuu

  • goodbadugly654
    goodbadugly654 8 hours ago

    Love it!

  • Alfred Neumann
    Alfred Neumann 8 hours ago +8

    Hope we will see you sometimes in Wacken ... I hope your Album will come out soon. Greetings from Germany

  • Odessa Raven
    Odessa Raven 9 hours ago +5

    Oh now I get their name HU... it’s a sound hu, I was confused with who...

  • Lake Life
    Lake Life 9 hours ago +15

    At some point , this song should be played in Game Of Thrones.

  • Baris G
    Baris G 9 hours ago +2


    • Munkhbat Myagmarsuren
      Munkhbat Myagmarsuren 6 hours ago +3

      HU or HUN empire is Mongolian ancient and first state. Before 2200 years.

  • Rob Wunrow
    Rob Wunrow 9 hours ago

    *Didgeridoos in Asian*

  • KSU_Sinist3r Milsm channel

    I'm really hoping for an album out of them

  • Group Otgoo
    Group Otgoo 10 hours ago +3


  • Ugly Sapien
    Ugly Sapien 10 hours ago +4

    When are you guys coming up with a new song? Been waiting for a looooooooong time now.

  • Cyberdyne system T-800
    Cyberdyne system T-800 10 hours ago +1

    *_con está rola, hasta dan ganas de cortar cabezas_*

  • muugii muugii
    muugii muugii 11 hours ago +7

    2019 onii American Music Awards ntr dr toglogduul solioruulnadaaa GOOD LUCK zaluusaa

  • solongo bold
    solongo bold 12 hours ago +3

    So proud of you! Please do a great concert together with Canion Shijirbat!

  • MrWrgh
    MrWrgh 13 hours ago +2

    sorry guys rock and roll is not your destiny ...polished pathos ... Hun Hur Tu blows you away 100 times ...

    • sak rok
      sak rok 37 minutes ago

      +Munkh Tenger mongoloos yseltei soelig eh yndestei ni xaritsuulj tyynees deer tavina gej baix uu ?!

    • Munkh Tenger
      Munkh Tenger Hour ago

      +sak rok naadhiig chin bi chamaas uuruus chin erguuleed asuuya. chinii oilgoltoor mongolian culture n yu yum? origin of mongolian culture n yu yum?

    • sak rok
      sak rok 3 hours ago

      +Munkh Tenger ... stupid to think that it is more from Mongolian culture than the origin of Mongolian culture.
      - ... tegvel bi yygeer yu xelsen bolj taarch bna ?!

    • Munkh Tenger
      Munkh Tenger 3 hours ago

      +sak rok hervee tuvag mongolchuudiin esreg tavij shuud utgaar helsen bol rock n roll ta nariin zam mur, zaya tuurug bishee gej helehgui l baisan baih. huun huur tu shig iluu undesnii baih heregtei, khoomii kharkhiraanii huchin chadliig buren duuren gargah heregtei gedgee joohon zevuun baidlaar l helchihsen baina dag.

    • sak rok
      sak rok 3 hours ago

      +Munkh Tenger xarin chamd ene xyn edgeer busad xamtlaguudiig medseer baij zovxon Hun Huuriig The Hu giin esreg taviad bna gej naad ogor xushigan tarxind chin buuxgyi bna uu ergyy gichii min?!!!

  • Aku
    Aku 13 hours ago +13

    I found this after learning I'm part Mongolian (like half of y'all probably are)

    Why am I suddenly armed to go to war?

  • drug drugov
    drug drugov 14 hours ago +5

    Великолепная работа.

  • Luz Maria Villalpando
    Luz Maria Villalpando 14 hours ago +2

    Me encantaa💜💜💜

  • Ryan Calderwood
    Ryan Calderwood 14 hours ago +1

    there needs to be a khabib highlight video made to this immediately 😳

    • Zayed Haroon
      Zayed Haroon 2 hours ago

      True that lol MacGregor Irish gonna shit his pants

  • Tuvshee Andrey
    Tuvshee Andrey 14 hours ago +1

    Гайхамшигтай. Өөр юу ч гэхэв .

  • Sleepy Coyote
    Sleepy Coyote 15 hours ago +3

    This is fascinate and amazingly awsome music. Please bring on more. I hope there will be a CD album in the near future, for those of us who still like to use that sort of thing.

    • Sleepy Coyote
      Sleepy Coyote 2 hours ago

      +Yvonne B Thank you for the information. I will look forward to August.☺

    • Yvonne B
      Yvonne B 8 hours ago +1

      Sleepy Coyote Hi, they are going to release the CD in August in New York. The name of the album is Geren. That’s was what they called the ” passport” In the age of Djingis Kahn . You had to have one to pass from one end of the empire to the other. I’m really looking forward to it.😎😎

  • Draconus Spiritus
    Draconus Spiritus 15 hours ago +10

    THANK YOU to whoever was kind enough to add the English translation captions. This stuff is fargin AWESOME and it's made even better knowing what is being said.

  • Jeric Vejerano
    Jeric Vejerano 15 hours ago +17

    i want more of this mongol metal

  • Carlo Santin
    Carlo Santin 15 hours ago

    Wicked shit!

  • James Conine
    James Conine 16 hours ago +8

    I secretly linked my phone to the home theater demo speakers where I work and play this a few times a day. Awesome!! Please come to the US and play at some music festivals.

  • Ákos Szalai
    Ákos Szalai 16 hours ago +4

    Camon please, in Hungary festivals in veszprém, welcome in julius festivals, in European

  • Andrew Harwell
    Andrew Harwell 16 hours ago +2

    Scariest acid trip of 2019

  • Luvsannavaan Ganbayar
    Luvsannavaan Ganbayar 16 hours ago +4

    I ❤️ Mongolia 🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳

    • Jam Ly
      Jam Ly 7 hours ago +1

      Zurhene mende hu Mongolnuud ta. Bi Buryat hun bainabdi. Medhesh manaie? Kalmykanuud medhesh? Oilgostesh?

  • Angela Barrera
    Angela Barrera 16 hours ago +5

    I can't get enough of these guys. 😍

  • David
    David 17 hours ago +8

    Hands down the best thing I've

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz 17 hours ago +10

    I don’t even understand the language and yet this is possibly one of the most metal things I’ve ever heard.

  • medievalman86
    medievalman86 17 hours ago +6

    For the Emperor of Mankind!

  • Justinicus24
    Justinicus24 18 hours ago +6


  • xGuysPlayGamesx
    xGuysPlayGamesx 18 hours ago +4

    Mission Impossible's new theme tune

  • Meg
    Meg 18 hours ago +15

    Incredible music! They're supposed to be releasing their first album this year; I'm itching to buy it!! Off topic, if anyone would like to learn more about the Mongols as they were under Genghis Khan, there's an amazing 4-book series (the Conqueror Series) by a guy named Conn Iggulden that covers Genghis from the day of his birth up until his grandson Kublai conquered part of China and began his own dynasty. It's a historical fiction (meaning the bulk of it is true and accurate, but a lot of the details have been imagined in order to flesh out the characters), and it had me glued to the pages from start to finish. Twice. Very much recommend. The Mongols deserve their reputation as the ultimate badasses!

    • GamingGHOST9
      GamingGHOST9 17 hours ago

      Meg there is also amazing podcast by Dan Carlin ‘Wrath of the Khans’ on iTunes. I understand where you’re coming from. Even Joe Rogan was obsessed with the mongols...

  • Spiffy Goblin65
    Spiffy Goblin65 18 hours ago +2

    Question for anybody who is Mongolian and listen to this I was curious(I've never seen the Mongolian language written before)I turned captions to Mongolian and it looks very Russian uuuum why so

    • Spiffy Goblin65
      Spiffy Goblin65 18 hours ago +1

      Tuluvsaikhan Battulga y'all got great music btw I like it

    • Spiffy Goblin65
      Spiffy Goblin65 18 hours ago

      Tuluvsaikhan Battulga thank you for telling me that

    • Tuluvsaikhan Battulga
      Tuluvsaikhan Battulga 18 hours ago +3

      Soviet Union was our political ally. So after a brief transition to latin script we switched to Cyrillic. Traditional Mongolian alphabets are taught in school but not in daily use.

    • Spiffy Goblin65
      Spiffy Goblin65 18 hours ago

      keyzoro 95 ok thanks for telling me👍🏻

    • keyzoro 95
      keyzoro 95 18 hours ago +2

      Spiffy Goblin65 in mongolia mongols have 2 languages
      First real mongol language is now secondary like language no one use it for speak but everyone can understand and write it.
      And 2nd language is what you heard in the music after 2nd World war russia helped mongolia mongols adapted cyrillique language used it to create another new language... as you understand now in mongolia there is 2 languages
      1 is only for culture and write
      2 is for speaking with others but in the end it wont change anything btw... thanks

  • John Lindsay
    John Lindsay 18 hours ago +1

    Ok one f35 and j dam your all dead let s make videos put all you buddy's in it. Bomb away. How's bike going stop that dumm ass

    • Chief Likeabull
      Chief Likeabull 15 hours ago +2

      +John Lindsay ... Calling someone a dumb ass with that grammar is HILARIOUS!!!

    • Cam Taylor
      Cam Taylor 16 hours ago

      +John Lindsay christ you sound highly uneducated you twit. If you want to sound intimidating or want to insult someone please write a more thorough response.

    • Rick Fite
      Rick Fite 16 hours ago

      +John Lindsay shut the fuck up you ain't nothing but a cell phone Warrior the fuck it out of here with your tales the fuck you how is that your cell phone Warrior

    • John Lindsay
      John Lindsay 16 hours ago +1

      Well dum ass don't like bikers Mongols killed my friend s family in 70s drop fucking bomb on them let have them kill off your mom in fornt you see how you treat them after that. You have no right open you fuck mouth to me boy

    • BP Gnosis
      BP Gnosis 17 hours ago +1

      how dare they have community and pride
      that's for america only...

  • Jéssica Ribeiro
    Jéssica Ribeiro 19 hours ago +7

    I will play this song for workout

  • Jéssica Ribeiro
    Jéssica Ribeiro 19 hours ago +6

    The instruments omg

  • Jéssica Ribeiro
    Jéssica Ribeiro 19 hours ago +6


  • 4f52
    4f52 20 hours ago +10

    Mongolia please become raiders again

  • Adam Rulewicz
    Adam Rulewicz 20 hours ago +8

    Great song. Greetings from Poland.

  • Pichus K
    Pichus K 20 hours ago +1

    Censored ring in 5:13 why?

    • inportrace
      inportrace 4 hours ago

      +sgt Hale107 ppl still connect the swastika with nazies because of what they did, that will never change. i know the swastika was around before hitler and nazies. however they used it, and they used it for something really evil. however the symbol itself dont bother me at all. because i know it was not originally from the nazies.

    • Khangal Tugsbayar
      Khangal Tugsbayar 7 hours ago +2

      This symbol is called "KHAS" and our ancestors created this symbol long before 1940's. In 13th century this symbol was used as "the" symbol for Mongol's politics. Adolf Hitler borrowed it. thats all

    • sgt Hale107
      sgt Hale107 8 hours ago

      +Akisina Ketchup It's not the "Nazi symbol." Jesus Christ, I wish people would understand that the SWASTIKA existed THOUSANDS of years before the Nazis. And it's a PEACE symbol.

    • Chingun Chinbat
      Chingun Chinbat 10 hours ago +1

      It wasn’t Nazi symbol but our swastika /khas/ on the ring. But some whiny girls complain about it so they blurred it out. “Khas temdeg” is still used as the national symbol in Mongolia. We won’t be ashamed of it just because similar symbol restricted in other countries.

    • James Conine
      James Conine 16 hours ago +2

      Because it was a symbol stolen by Nazis. It true meaning has nothing to do with evil, but a few idiot's can tarnish it for a long time.

  • Shinkusanagi The Blacksmith

    If the State ever Waco's me, I'll be sure to play this before they do.

    • Troy Hendrickson
      Troy Hendrickson 19 hours ago

      yeah, it will sound awesome over your screams as the flames consume you

  • Cafune
    Cafune 20 hours ago +6

    Hey guys we really want to listen to your music on Game of Thrones!

  • Robert leRoy Parker
    Robert leRoy Parker 20 hours ago

    Okay. What are the chances that tigers, elephants, lions, snakes are going to form some sort of coordinated attack on these MONGORIANS? Humans though. I'd watch out for them. The most destructive thing on the planet. Like a virus or bacteria. Whevere they spread they spread death and destruction.

  • Josh Hust
    Josh Hust 20 hours ago +8

    throat singing mixed with grunge rock? hell yes, sign me up! this is awesome!

  • tsoomoo tsoomoo
    tsoomoo tsoomoo 20 hours ago +1

    Вааааа ямар гоё юм бэ

  • marthajf73
    marthajf73 21 hour ago +3

    Badass bikers! In my youth I hung out at a corner in Richmond that had 3 bars on 3 of the corners. Had great fun. Just recently found out that that corner was known as The Devil's Triangle because of biker "disputes." These guys were my friends. I would have never guessed it. I mean, I knew to duck into the bathroom or under a booth when somebody said ,"Fight" and I was sitting beside a guy when he was shot. Guess I was naive or just didn't care because I was having too much fun.

    • Robert leRoy Parker
      Robert leRoy Parker 20 hours ago +1

      So, you're saying that you drank so god damn much and put out so much you were oblivious to the surroundings? Maybe that is why your ass is like a tired dogs mouth.

  • Kim Labuschagne
    Kim Labuschagne 21 hour ago +11

    BACK TO THE TRADITIONS OF THE ANCESTORS, back to the time when Nations were Proud Warriors and kept their lands, their stock,... their Families SAFE.. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Sasha Maddah
    Sasha Maddah 21 hour ago +5

    I always play your songs at least once when I'm driving somewhere, or if I'm just sitting at home lol Love your music, can't wait for more tracks.

  • firenze649
    firenze649 21 hour ago +4

    Much love brothers! We are with you

  • drago dragolestat
    drago dragolestat 22 hours ago +6

    The Czech Republic welcomes you to the boys.Keep it up you guys are great.

  • Kennet Ronnerberg
    Kennet Ronnerberg 22 hours ago

    Ni äger så bra

  • chrissy danger grainger
    chrissy danger grainger 22 hours ago +2

    Intense!! Sounds like a chant how do I make that noise??

  • Pedro Portela
    Pedro Portela 22 hours ago +5

    Biker gangs? Heavy Metal in Mongolia? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? Glad to hear your warrior spirit is unconquered! Keep it coming!
    A proud Celt warrior. And now a fan.

  • John Kil
    John Kil 22 hours ago +7

    How ironic it would be if the Hu goes on international tour to Beijing, Baghdad, Tehran, Moscow, and the fans beg for their countries to be conquered again

    • MsBatlkhagva
      MsBatlkhagva 6 hours ago +2

      Hahaha LOL, but this time everything would nice and friendly, with hugs I am sure.

    • Joe Joe
      Joe Joe 10 hours ago +1

      This mob will conquer Australia as well

    • victor bruun
      victor bruun 21 hour ago

      +John Kil fascinating. Nothing. It was a wholly different post i was replying someone saying something about mad starved asians doing negative votes

    • John Kil
      John Kil 22 hours ago

      +victor bruun I'm sorry sir what does that rant have to do with me?

    • victor bruun
      victor bruun 22 hours ago

      More like cia, state department and related fake accounts. This being the cultural wedge charge of a tumen... followed by the rest of central Asian Belt and Road Initiative. Ya know that thing that leaves us out on a silly island looking lonely and Eurasian-African trading internally. Cut off from trade the us dies, and cut off they must be for the endless invasions to ever end.

  • goobee
    goobee 23 hours ago +6

    holy shit this fucking rocks

  • On the Line
    On the Line 23 hours ago +4

    Well....that was different!

  • Asian Boy
    Asian Boy 23 hours ago +6

    My Country !

  • Yavuz Celep
    Yavuz Celep 23 hours ago

    aq mogolları turkler toplanın amk

      TÜRKİSTAN TV 2 hours ago

      nie kufur ediyon lan mogollara orospu cocugu

  • supersexyfatguy
    supersexyfatguy Day ago +4

    HU? ... Damn, Hollywood Undead has really changed their tone...

  • manu11fr
    manu11fr Day ago +2

    really great

  • Radek Szczepański
    Radek Szczepański Day ago +6

    .....Polska Pozdrawia :)....

  • Belgu Erk
    Belgu Erk Day ago +2

    Love from Mongolia

    • reallepke
      reallepke 23 hours ago

      Greatings from HUNgary :)

  • Pure Corruption
    Pure Corruption Day ago +8

    I love Vikings but this is down right badass, and the Mongolians did a way better job of raiding, also killed more people than ww1

    • Seiban
      Seiban Day ago +3

      It wasn't raiding in the Mongolian's case so much as looting. Raiding implies quickly stealing things while looting lends itself better to the Mongol Empire's policy of killing everyone, burning everything not useful to them, and taking everything valuable.

  • Ryan Hickman
    Ryan Hickman Day ago +6

    God Emperor Of Mankind -
    "Who let the White Scars form a death metal band!!!???!!??"

    • Pat Richards
      Pat Richards Day ago +1

      I mean, he already knows the answer. He made Jaghatai and everyone ignored Jaghatai. So The Khan just reinvented The Mongol Empire on his own terms
      The White Scars were always a metal band under his command

  • HellFighterz
    HellFighterz Day ago +12

    Imagine a modern day Mongol horde riding down on your city.. but the rumbling you hear isn't the sound of horse hooves.. it's the sound of motorcycles

  • Zsavage1
    Zsavage1 Day ago +8

    I could not understand the words in this song,...but dam I could feel this song,.. makes me want to dust off my bike and put back on my leather.. but I'll have to lose about 40lbs first.. :)