Tikka "T1x MTR" .17HMR Rifle (with accuracy testing)

  • Published on Sep 17, 2018
  • The Tikka T1x MTR rifle is available in 17HMR and 22LR. It is a typical Tikka, smooth action, crisp trigger and accurate. I managed a .6" 10-shot group @ 50 yards with Hornady 17gr V-Max ammo.
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  • Bully Heavy Duty
    Bully Heavy Duty 19 days ago

    I bought a T3x Hunter in 30-06 at the beginning of November 2019. The only mod I did was glass bedding it. I went to the range and sited it in on Friday November 15th and got a whitetail buck the day after. It is extremely accurate. I'm looking at the T1x in 17HMR for wolves and coyotes. I'm hoping the T1x is as good as my T3x. Can't wait! Good review, really like your videos!

  • Christopher Taylor
    Christopher Taylor 24 days ago

    Hello from Kentucky USA. New subscriber here. Your videos are great. Very informative.

  • Crafter
    Crafter Month ago

    59000 views 471.likes .miserable gits.....ps nice video .Greetings from eco warrior Scotland....

  • Duncan Maxwell
    Duncan Maxwell 4 months ago

    I looked at one today at my LGS. Love at first sight.

  • Skorp †
    Skorp † 5 months ago

    Another great review Cheers Ozzie! - Mate, Are the "Bunny Buster" bundles still available do you know? Also, whats that scope like? Cheers cob

  • Brock Salter
    Brock Salter 5 months ago +2

    The budget box CCI A17 poly tip ammo works best i find. It's slightly quicker by 100fps than most other ammo. Maybe try next time

  • NK 60
    NK 60 5 months ago

    Hate to say but both my CZ 452 Varmints (one is .22 lr and one .17 hmr), shoot better groups than this, sorry Tikka, sticking with CZ.

  • Harvey Pinsk
    Harvey Pinsk 6 months ago

    I really would like to see it on a Tikka A1 chassis

  • Rotas australis
    Rotas australis 6 months ago +1

    Again Ozzie, excellent review. You've explained & shown everything I need to know.
    I'm currently looking to buy one of my gun loving daughters a rimfire &, I've been looking intensely for good info pact reviews because I have no other option cause I don't own them. Your reviews are very much appreciated. I know you put a lot of time & effort into these reviews so people like me can benefit.
    Thank You mate.

    • ozziereviews
      ozziereviews  6 months ago

      Thanks for the supportive comment it means a lot.

  • Roy Rodriguez
    Roy Rodriguez 8 months ago +1

    loud crap music intro ...its a fucking rifle not a rock shit retarded ozzies

  • Diderik van Loef
    Diderik van Loef 9 months ago +4

    Ey man ... little question if you could only buy one rifle a CZ455 or a Tikka T1X ... what would your choice be and why?
    Hope to hear from you 'cause I can't seem to make my mind up :-)

  • Guide504
    Guide504 9 months ago

    Does it come with chicken tikka?

  • tacfoley
    tacfoley 10 months ago +1

    I like your videos, but can really do without all the giddy-up C&W stuff that goes with them - any chance of toning it down a bit?

    • Allenwrench
      Allenwrench 5 months ago

      Back in Black is one of only 5 albums that made double diamond ( 20 million copies sold in America alone ) - it's not Ozzie's fault obviously......so if he likes his hard R&R and you don't, well then you can just p@#$ o#$....

  • Aussie Hunter
    Aussie Hunter 11 months ago

    European thread hey, that’s a shame I’m sure there are many people wanting to fit existing muzzle breaks with standard threads.

  • Mouse Australia
    Mouse Australia Year ago

    G'day mate👍🏻 I was just wondering, when you changed the stocks around. What did you do with the piece of plastic that wedges in between the barrel and stock? Can you remove the plastic plate and have a free float barrel? Regards Jim

    • Flemo Aus
      Flemo Aus 11 months ago +1

      Mate I have a T1x 22lr the wedge does not touch the barrel on my rifle you can slide paper along it no problem but you can remove that wedge if you don't like it, I have a T3x 223 but I haven't tried swapping the stocks yet.

  • andrew moroney
    andrew moroney Year ago +2

    Hello. Thanks for your review, I really enjoyed it, as did I also enjoy your review of the Tikka T3x Tac A1... As you have experienced both, I was wondering what your thoughts would be on a rifle with with T1x action mounted in the T3x Tac A1 chassis?
    I ask because I have recently got my licence and am about to purchase my first rifle. I don't want to start with the t3x as I anticipate I will need to send many, many rounds downrange each visit to the range for the first 12-24 months while I learn to shoot and hone my skills, and 22lr ammo is far cheaper. Plus with far less power I thought it may be good to work on learning about wind and reading wind at long distances for a 22 ie 300m? I thought Tikka 22 in the T3x Tac A1 chassis would let me get used to the ergonomics, the trigger etc, and when ready I can swap the action to something like a 308 or 6.5mm. Once I move past the 22 I can put its action into a cheaper chassis so it doesn't go to waste.
    I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thankyou

  • NJMS EDC & Outdoors

    Do you know if the T3X/T1X stock will take a T3 rifle (10yrs old). Or vice versa. Thinking about a new 223rem replacement but I've a custom thumbhole stock for my current T3 Lite.

    • Flemo Aus
      Flemo Aus Year ago +1

      I am sure your local gun store would let you try your custom stock on a new rifle mate.

  • Matthew Hunter
    Matthew Hunter Year ago

    Federal generally does better from my experience, I suspect this is a shooter issue. That said, seems accuracy of this rifle is somewhat worse than CZ /452/455. Those sure are expensive there thought, about twice as much as in the states.

  • tylar haugan
    tylar haugan Year ago +2

    Wish they made one in 17 wsm the ammo is pretty cheap

  • Peter Miller
    Peter Miller Year ago +2

    Love your honest reviews Ozzy. Keep ‘em coming please.

  • ivan ivanov
    ivan ivanov Year ago +7

    Tikka T1x or Sako quad 17 hmr - Which is better ?

  • Cheyne Hosking
    Cheyne Hosking Year ago +3

    Hi there Ozzie. Ive been shooting the 17HMR for years and am happy for several reasons. My question...I'm wondering if you used a quick run through of a bore snake or some kind of clean between all your testing and comparison of ammo? I find my 17HMR likes the CCI but will get dirty pretty quick, so Im meticulous for cleaning as every little bit improves accuracy. Any thoughts?

    • Kevin Ryan
      Kevin Ryan 4 months ago

      Cheyne Hosking I’m seriously thinking about getting a 17HMR, at what range would you shoot foxes ?
      I’m thinking out too 120 yards ?

  • Mat M
    Mat M Year ago +1

    Hi ozzie regarding the 17hmr calibre have you noticed any accuracy drop off due to fouling? Have read that they tend to foul quickly and accuracy drops off compared to 22lr and 22mag. Great reviews cheers 👍

  • Peter Miller
    Peter Miller Year ago +1

    Another honest & informative review thanks Ozzie. As for those that rubbish the 17 hmr, it is brilliant for small game at longer distances & far outshines the 22 wmr for accuracy & range in calm conditions. I have heard that 17hmr ammo made today is not as good as it was initially ( less precision) but unsure if this is true. Keep up the great reviews please Ozzie.

  • Katrina Crown
    Katrina Crown Year ago

    just don't see the point of the HMR anymore not that accurate average killing performance on fox size targets and expensive to shoot at best a 100 m rifle .

  • Brian Trujillo
    Brian Trujillo Year ago

    Shoot a marlin 17 hmr it will shoot better

  • Argyll
    Argyll Year ago

    Anyone know the thread size for the 17 hmr???

    ImNoBSING Year ago +1

    Ozzie attach your target camera properly, it is very annoying when the image moves each shot to a random direction.
    Thanks for the review!

    • ozziereviews
      ozziereviews  Year ago +2

      It is attached properly, I'm looking at getting a heavier tri-pod and/or a new camera. This camera has been exposed to some pretty full on noises in it's time!

  • LWM 16
    LWM 16 Year ago +2

    does anyone know if the 22lr or the 17hmr come in left handed models

    • nick mcarr
      nick mcarr 7 months ago

      Not yet, but hopefully. The Lithgow does.

  • Wasps76
    Wasps76 Year ago +3

    My son’s on it’s first outing at 100m using Hornady vmax 17g is getting .7 moa. I’m very impressed with the rifle.

  • Offhand Airgunner
    Offhand Airgunner Year ago +1

    Enjoyed your review, Sir. If you could compare this rifle to a CZ455, I'd like to hear your opinion.

    • Robert Busato
      Robert Busato 2 months ago

      Josh Talbot well I also have both and the T1X has a way better trigger and smoother bolt action. So if you really do have a Tikka also you would know there is no comparison

    • Josh Talbot
      Josh Talbot Year ago

      I have both and the cz it leaps and bounds better of a deal. Nicer action, better fit and finish and a nice peace of wood instead of hollow plastic. No plastic on a 455/452

    • ozziereviews
      ozziereviews  Year ago

      I like the Tikka, although CZ make good rifles too as most people know. I just like the finish of the Tikka that bit better...

  • ramjet177
    ramjet177 Year ago +3

    Here I am in Canada still waiting for my preordered .17hmr t1x since early April😡

    • Pie Bar
      Pie Bar Year ago +3

      ramjet177 got mine two weeks ago it’s amazing

  • Motologi
    Motologi Year ago +8

    Will you test t1x 22lr?

  • Really?
    Really? Year ago +1

    Great review. Can you please tell me what is the length of pull on this rifle? It looks exactly like the T3X compact stock. Also did it come with the "accessory" spacers?

  • Edgunsuk
    Edgunsuk Year ago +1

    you dont seem to have a notifications bell i keep missing your new videos !

  • Naite Hoskin
    Naite Hoskin Year ago

    Great video Ozzie , I would like to see a review with a under and over shotgun

  • Passion for Rifles

    1/2" X 20 is the Europian thread size. Ase Utra ECO is awesome tiny supressor for this rifle. www.reloaders.co.nz/shop/Gun+Parts/Suppressors+And+Muzzle+Brakes/ASE+ECO+Rimfire+Suppressor+.22cal+12x28+Thread.html

  • Aussi Gunner
    Aussi Gunner Year ago +1

    The Euro thread pitch is 1/2-20, e.g Sako FinnFire. US thread pitch is 1/2-28 e.g Ruger American

  • oncall21
    oncall21 Year ago +1

    Great review Ozzie and one well worth waiting for. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jai B
    Jai B Year ago

    In .22 i could see this rifle being really good.
    17 as a calibre is rubbish unless its 17 rem drivin those lil pills at 4000 plus fps. Even then , its just a light little flat laser blaster.
    22 has more options

    • Jai B
      Jai B Year ago

      @J Thom they will sell plenty i believe lol
      Just dont like the calibre rifle looks good

    • J Thom
      J Thom Year ago

      your'e right! They wont sell a single one of these things.

  • sam henderson
    sam henderson Year ago +3

    Could be handy to see what the .22lr shoots like.

  • alan greenyer
    alan greenyer Year ago

    Ozzie I just got my 17hmr yes had to wait 8 months but well worth it, The point am making is that you do get the 17hmr in a 16" barrel as my one is, All the best Alan from the north of Scotland.

    • alan greenyer
      alan greenyer Year ago

      Now that's pish, think you might check on tikkas rimfires.

    • Pie Bar
      Pie Bar Year ago

      It isn’t an option anywhere

    • ozziereviews
      ozziereviews  Year ago

      alan greenyer ok that’s interesting as 16” isn’t an option for 17hmr down here

  • Burt Burrell
    Burt Burrell Year ago

    Finally -- nice to see a review on this rifle. I would expect the groups to tighten up a bit after you put a few hundred rounds down the pipe. Did you clean before shooting? AND, I may have missed it, but I did not hear anything about the the trigger. Was it light, heavy, crisp, creepy? Any comment you could give us on the trigger would be appreciated.

    • ozziereviews
      ozziereviews  Year ago

      Burt Burrell yes light crisp trigger and yes I did clean before shooting

  • Joseph Weinrauch
    Joseph Weinrauch Year ago +1

    Thankyou I value your reviews, and was hopeing you would cover this one. Cheers

    • ozziereviews
      ozziereviews  Year ago

      Joseph Weinrauch no worries glad you liked it

  • Paul Davies
    Paul Davies Year ago +6

    Calls himself ozziereviews then measures everything in yards and inches. Use metric like the rest of the country!

    • Paul Victor
      Paul Victor Year ago +5

      Why must there always be a rude idiot to spoil things.

    • Dunk
      Dunk Year ago +1

      ozziereviews Obviously not as talented as us blokes who know how to convert these measurements Ozzie... Guess who didn’t pay attention at school 😂😂😂

    • ozziereviews
      ozziereviews  Year ago +10

      Paul Davies I laugh when I read comments like this because it shows how little experience you’ve had in the shooting world here in Australia. If you had you’d realise that the majority of ranges here are measured in yards and that 99% of ammo is from the States so it has measurements in imperial, so this is why when it comes to shooting I use yards and measure group sizes in inches (moa).

  • John CZ
    John CZ Year ago +1

    Retiring my old Brno to the back rack soon I guess since I have been waiting eagerly for these to become available since the Shot Show anouncement. If NRL22- Precision Rimfire Competitions take off in Australia these will have to be a front runner due to the ton of stock option already available and the ability to mount full size optics.

    • ozziereviews
      ozziereviews  Year ago

      John CZ with some decent quality glass and more magnification on top it would be interesting to see what could be achieved with the rifle

  • yeahitwillhappen
    yeahitwillhappen Year ago

    European is 1/2'x20 thread. Same as the cz452.

    • ozziereviews
      ozziereviews  Year ago

      yeahitwillhappen thanks for mentioning that, yes I’ve since confirmed that is the thread on the Tikka too, cheers

  • Philip Alpers
    Philip Alpers Year ago

    Same trigger group at t3x

  • Elliott G
    Elliott G Year ago +1

    Can't wait to see some real accuracy with some quality 22 target loads.

  • Bolt-Action Productions

    .22 Mag would be nice. Good review mate.

  • Paul Victor
    Paul Victor Year ago +18

    Great review of a great rifle! Now I cross my my fingers it will come out in .22Magnum so I can put my money down.

    • Skorp †
      Skorp † 5 months ago

      *Paul Victor* Do you think the 22Mag has more stopping power? cheers

  • oliash92
    oliash92 Year ago

    not to impressed with the long awaited T1X grouping wasn't to great, i may go Steyr 17hmr now, thanks for a honest review as normal mate! love your work

    • Christian Stussi
      Christian Stussi 6 months ago

      Just bought the T1X in 17hmr and both myself and my 14 year old son are shooting sub .5” groups at 100 yds using Hornady Vmax, CCI Gamepoint and Remington Vmax. I was quite surprised to see such poor groupings in this video as the rifle is definitely capable of 1/2 moa.

    • Gobangs11
      Gobangs11 Year ago

      Just buy a CZ or a Lithgow. Tikka is not what it used to be.

    • zook60
      zook60 Year ago +5

      Oliver Perkins how will putting a 1k scope on make it shoot any better at 100m?

    • Lokyi 792
      Lokyi 792 Year ago

      $800 rifle with $3-400 relatively low mag glass on it... how much do you expect? Put at least a $1k scope on it and see what it does then.

    • Andrew Murphy
      Andrew Murphy Year ago +2

      oliash92 Yeah I've owned two Anschütz 1515-16 22 mags. Both shot like stink. I used the 30gn v-max CCI loads in both and that's not far behind the 17hmr 20gn. Sold one to my brother and the other to a mate. Kick myself in the arse over that. I will get one of these Tikka's in 22mag when it comes out, apparently in about 12 months. I have a mate who has a 17hmr and it's good but I just like the 22magnum, that's all.

  • Chuckin'
    Chuckin' Year ago +1

    Long awaited. Not available in the states yet. Great review as always Ozzie.

    • ozziereviews
      ozziereviews  Year ago

      Chuckin' thanks mate, I’d imagine they will be appearing in the US soon enough...

  • Jay Mann
    Jay Mann Year ago

    No sub moa accuracy guarantee with this ?

    • Jai B
      Jai B Year ago

      @ozziereviews so it shoots less than half inch 5 shots at 50?

    • ozziereviews
      ozziereviews  Year ago

      Jay Mann the manual says the usual 3 shot MOA guarantee at 100 for centrefires and 50 for rimfires or 5 shots for varmint models. Either way the rifle definitely is sub moa for 3 or 5 shots at 50

  • Mike Dee
    Mike Dee Year ago

    Can't find those in the U.S. Catalog Ozzie. 😬

    • Mike Dee
      Mike Dee Year ago

      @ozziereviews I hope you're right mate. That's an incredible package I'd love to purchase.

    • ozziereviews
      ozziereviews  Year ago

      Mike Dee I’d say they won’t be far away :)

  • JOSH Pittman
    JOSH Pittman Year ago +8

    The fact that 17hmr is so inconsistent on a chronograph these are very good results! Great shooting great review thank you sir.

    • Jai B
      Jai B Year ago +1

      17 is rubbish.. period
      Pills are just too light
      Unless your using a 17 rem and moving a 20gr pill at 4000 plus fps
      Then its somewhat useful
      But HmR is rubbish

    • JOSH Pittman
      JOSH Pittman Year ago +2

      MrDogsballs all about energy anything past 100 meter the 17 doesn’t have any. Sure it’s fast at close range but at about 150 meters the 22 mag is moving along a tad faster with much more energy. And the accuracy thing well I guess that depends on the gun and shooter

    • MrDogsballs
      MrDogsballs Year ago +1

      So it wouldn't be more accurate or have less drop @ 100m..Theres 2 areas it's already better than a magnum..not to mention accuracy at any distance in between..Dont get me wrong as i have a magnum now but i'm about to swap it for a 17hmr..

    • Jai B
      Jai B Year ago +2

      @JOSH Pittman
      My issue josh with it is the light pills they dump the speed and energy so damn quick its not funny

    • JOSH Pittman
      JOSH Pittman Year ago +1

      In the rifle market or at least here in the United States everybody wants the biggest fastest thing out. Just because it’s new and faster doesn’t mean it’s more efficient and accurate. The 17hmr is a decent caliber for what it is but it will not do anything the 22mag can’t do better.

  • allenclayton7
    allenclayton7 Year ago +1

    how does the barrel attach to the receiver? Thanks for the review!

  • Stephen Jones
    Stephen Jones Year ago +1

    Good review mate, good to see ya didnt sugar coat or try n fudge the groups. magazine issue may just be a bit of roughness inside and like ya say a bit of G96 cured the drama

    • ozziereviews
      ozziereviews  Year ago

      Stephen Jones I was wondering what happened at first but it was sorted. It may have been just my rifle but still I show it exactly how it performs for me at the time of reviewing

  • raider6511
    raider6511 Year ago +2

    Need a 17 WSM, It shoots faster and flatter.

    • Jai B
      Jai B Year ago

      I didnt doubt a headshot with a 17 would mate
      Ive heard thuds when my mate shot and the foxes ran off but mind you he was a notoriously shit shot anyway. Little calibres your shot placement needs to be good. His was definately NOT
      I just hate 17's mate im a hater.. haters gonna hate ay haha

    • Dunk
      Dunk Year ago +1

      Jai B Foxes don’t run after being shot in the head with a 17 WSM. You’ll just have to trust me on that. 😂

    • Jai B
      Jai B Year ago

      Hey if the wsm works for you then cool its just a calibre i dont have much use for. I usually encounter dingoes foxes and pigs the odd hares up here in qld. So i cant go walking around with a pee shooter if i see something bigger than a hare or fox. But it might suite your needs and thats fine. My needs are diff :)
      All our hunting conditions will be different too i usually am on foot whereas you might be in a vehicle so having a few options in the ute wouldnt hurt. I got one body carrying more than one guns not an option.
      Happy hunting

    • Jai B
      Jai B Year ago

      @Dunk im saying i wont own a .17 anyday of the week lol
      Arent i making it clear i think its worthless
      A .22 will do the job at 17 ranges anyway with more pill options and less noise. I only pointed to the 17 rem because its the only 17 worth talking about in my oppinion. But its just an oppinion. As for range my longest shots are 301m with a .223 on a dingo and 273m on a fox. I usually dont take those long shots but i had to on the dingo it was having a go at a pony on the farm. As for the fox that was a 6.5x55 swede so i was confident in the rifles abilities as well as my own so i took the shot and it dropped on the spot.
      I got the 273m one on film if you wanna see it :)
      Also what you hunting with a 17? Rabbits.. foxes.. for foxes id use something bigger anyway so whats it good for.. hares and rabbits. Well so is a .22 makes less mess too if your interested in eating it. Ive seen my mate shoot at foxes with his 17 hmr heard the thud and the fox runs off... not cool. I use a 6.5x55 for everything now because overkill doesnt exist but underkill DOES

    • Dunk
      Dunk Year ago

      Jai B well honestly .. How far out are you trying to shoot with that tiny 17 pill ? Anything more than 200 yards with a well placed head shot and your not really starting to be an ethical hunter.. for up to 200 yards I will confendently use my wsm all day all night... it’s cheaper than even reloading for the 17 rem and certainly has a better life span on the barrel . I’d own a 222 or (223 which I do own ) before the 17 rem any day of the week. So in sticking with the original persons post statement .... Yes I would have an WSM over the HMR RIMFIRE any day !

  • Reg Sparkes
    Reg Sparkes Year ago +12

    My question to you Ozzie, and I realize that this may be 'unfair' to ask you, BUT, which rifle would you prefer the Lithgow LA101 or this TikkaT1x MTR.
    By the way,..this is a great video,..thanks for showing this one.

    • ivan ivanov
      ivan ivanov Year ago +2

      @ozziereviews tika t1x 17hmr or sako quad 17hmr which is beter ?

    • Reg Sparkes
      Reg Sparkes Year ago +1

      Thanks again Ozzie,...I have about 2 to 3 weeks before the Tikka comes in to my dealer, when it does,...I'll handle both ( hopefully) and then I can see and learn.

    • ozziereviews
      ozziereviews  Year ago +4

      Reg Sparkes I think so Reg, I have only seen results of the Lithgow 17hmr sent to me by fans of the channel and the results were very tight so not sure if the Tikka is better or worse without having them side by side on the same day with the same Ammo and same optic

    • Reg Sparkes
      Reg Sparkes Year ago +2

      SO it would seem that weight is the biggest difference and it will be a consideration in my decision to purchase.
      Thanks for this.