Race to the MVP: LeBron James Top 10

  • Published on Mar 17, 2008
  • who will win the mvp? will it be lebron james? could king james land his first mvp for his triple-doubles and high-flying dunks for the cavaliers? you decide from his top 10 plays.. personally..i still say...no way! it's all kobe baby!
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  • Alexis Peroulakis
    Alexis Peroulakis 9 years ago

    When you see a play like that at number 10, you know it's gonna be a good countdown!

  • Steve Baker
    Steve Baker 10 years ago

    1: Kobe Bryant
    2: Lebron James
    3: Dwyane Wade
    4: Chris Paul
    5: Dwight Howard
    6: Carmelo Anthony
    7: Brandon Roy
    8:Dirk Nowitski
    9: Chauncey Billups
    10:Tracy Mcgrady

  • ImFiRiN wItThAtIrOn
    ImFiRiN wItThAtIrOn 10 years ago

    where was the one where he jumped from the free throw line? bullshit

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez 10 years ago

    Kobe isnt putting up points this year because his team is doing better than ever. They are winning and shit without kobe even having to put up more than 20 points. Playoffs started today and watch Kobe be a fucking beast. Just watch.

  • adeeb yousuf
    adeeb yousuf 11 years ago

    im hungry

  • MEng12345
    MEng12345 11 years ago

    lol biggest hater ever haha . i bet u suck so baddd at ball . ur such a loser that u bother writting what u think about it on net . i bet u have a diary on how much u hate lebron . what a loseerrr

  • Maryam Anvari
    Maryam Anvari 11 years ago


  • Ovidijus .Speičys
    Ovidijus .Speičys 11 years ago

    it looks like the game is easy for him

  • Mitchell Romney
    Mitchell Romney 11 years ago