Is the New Chevy Silverado 4-Cylinder Turbo Underpowered? We Drive It For Two Weeks To Find Out!

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
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    ( ) Is the New Chevy Silverado 4-Cylinder Turbo Underpowered? We Drive It For 2 Weeks To Find Out!
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Comments • 1 078

  • oak 1971
    oak 1971 Day ago

    This exists only to satisfy CAFE standards. Hard Pass.

  • L. GT
    L. GT 5 days ago

    hell no i'm not even thinking about this, if i buy a full size truck, i need it for towing, this crap barely beat a suv.

  • Edward Elliott
    Edward Elliott 10 days ago

    Some GMC trucks came with a 4-71 diesel back in the 70’s.

  • alphiejh1
    alphiejh1 12 days ago

    reliability should be good cause chevy told u they put that inline for true the same testing they do with the v8's so that assuring

  • differenttigers
    differenttigers 15 days ago

    Like the idea of the 2.7 but I think it's a mistake not to offer it below the 5.3. I can't imagine many people at all buying it instead of paying less for a V8

  • Jon Static
    Jon Static 18 days ago

    If Trump loses the 2020 election all new trucks will have to get 50mpg

  • Nuclear Pepe
    Nuclear Pepe 18 days ago

    Gm makes 20k profit on average for their half tons

  • cka1799
    cka1799 19 days ago

    As a landscaper I used 4low to pull trees out or I'm towing a load of gravel off road. Otherwise 4 high is all I use (f250 6.0). A truck mainly used for material or long distance runs could do without 4 low if the transmission is geared right. Still don't like the price and I'm not convinced the percent difference in fuel economy compared to other models is worth it. I get 22.5 mph at 65 so it's not worth me sell for 7.1% better fuel economy, especially considering -46.4% tow rating.

  • ExcessMean
    ExcessMean 22 days ago

    Ok people, just because it is a 4 cylinder doesn't mean it's crap. I'm not saying you have to like it, I too would buy a v8. However, saying it is junk for being a 4 cylinder in a half ton is like saying that the 6.7 cummins in the Ram HD is junk because it is a 6 cylinder in a HD truck. Both those engines are designed for the use they are being put through... If I wanted the comfort of a half ton truck, but only need to pull some moderately sized loads this truck is perfect.

    JIGA BACHI 22 days ago

    Save money buying the Frontier, you're going to need to buy gasoline for that fuel hog.

  • Y S
    Y S 23 days ago

    4 cylinder engine in a Colorado not in a Silverado. You need to 6 cylinder turbo in a Silverado

  • Leftoverture One
    Leftoverture One 25 days ago

    It really disappoints me that Chevy did this. I love Chevrolet and Chevy trucks but this really changed my perspective on General motors all together.

  • Joe Rod
    Joe Rod 26 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 4 cylinder is a premium

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 26 days ago

    No thanks like ford another crap Motor

  • Kuncen RIG
    Kuncen RIG 26 days ago

    They both fwd. I stop watching immadi..

  • Adam Hall
    Adam Hall 27 days ago

    The real shocker to me is the lack of a low range!
    I’m not a huge off roader, but there are times when only low range will do. I’m also suspicious of any brake dragging mode.

  • ELPJM09
    ELPJM09 28 days ago

    A turbo engine should never be in a truck. Especially if it’s not a Diesel. Only naturally aspirated engines should be allowed. The best is the Toyota Tundra Engine. It’s non turbo without active fuel management. Just a big naturally aspirated V8.

  • TheMotorman80
    TheMotorman80 28 days ago

    Doesn’t Ford put the 4 cylinder eco boost in the F-150?

    • TheMotorman80
      TheMotorman80 25 days ago

      Leftoverture One Haha, you’re right. I always think the 2.7 is a 4cyl because of the small displacement. That’s a small V6!

    • Leftoverture One
      Leftoverture One 25 days ago

      No. 2.7 and a 3.5 V6 turbo. They call it a “eco-boost”.
      Also, junk!
      It’s a proven fact that domestic car manufactures cannot build four-cylinder engines.

  • JasonScott
    JasonScott 28 days ago

    My 02 v6 std cab long bed with 206.000 miles gets 25mpg they could of perfected it by now and it would be built proof . I dont see this lasting chevy 4 bangers are junk every thing they do should be based off the 350 its what they know.

  • Erik Moore
    Erik Moore 28 days ago

    I didn't think Turbo engines were affected by elevation. Considering they're run the exact same manifold pressure at any elevation

  • Fred Bach
    Fred Bach 28 days ago

    I want to know what's with those stupid blinking front park lights. I mean it's incredibly childish and serve no useful purpose. Can this feature be disabled?

  • Mike Fahy
    Mike Fahy 28 days ago

    Wait so that Chevy costs that much and gets essentially Tacoma mileage??

  • Shane Fuller
    Shane Fuller 28 days ago

    I dont see it lastong long term

  • Brayton Osmon
    Brayton Osmon 28 days ago

    *California special*

  • David Terry
    David Terry 28 days ago

    I can't believe GM did this,a 4 cylinder in a full size truck. The host said it's to compete with mid size . All GM mid size trucks are not very fuel efficient.

    HERPY DERPEDY 29 days ago

    Look under the hood and realize that someone stole half your v8

  • Bryan
    Bryan 29 days ago

    I would rather pay $42K and tow 5000 pounds and get a ZR2. The regular Colorado Z71 3.6 liter GAS tows 7000 pounds and has a rating of 24 MPG highway.

  • Bill P
    Bill P 29 days ago

    It will make a great swap engine when people start wrecking the trucks. Yay for junkyard swaps!

  • Bill P
    Bill P 29 days ago

    Reminds me of the turbo 2.3L fox body mustang.

  • Chris Boyer
    Chris Boyer 29 days ago

    That would be a good motor for some of their crossovers and sedans.

  • Sportysport
    Sportysport 29 days ago

    This is the kind of truck I need. A weekender for those trips to the home center, a bed to haul furniture and trash, good gas mileage and enough room for grown adults. Too bad it costs to much or I would definitely check one out. I don't ever do heavy hauling because I'm not a farmer or construction worker, I just want a comfortable carrier. I'll keep my current truck for now and keep my eye on the price of these in the future.

  • Ric777888
    Ric777888 29 days ago

    is it twin or single turbo?

  • Matt Schuver
    Matt Schuver 29 days ago

    The new Jeep Gladiator Rubicon can tow MORE than this and has 4 low, AND lockers front and rear😆Plus its a less complicated naturally aspirated 3.6 V6. Yeah... i will buy that instead. 😊

  • The Opinion of Matt
    The Opinion of Matt 29 days ago

    I don't know, but I could see a truck from way back in the day having a 4-cylinder. Not a turbo though.

  • CQ Reviews
    CQ Reviews 29 days ago

    For those who feel this truck can't tow. A your average 27ft Camper or 26ft boat CAN be towed with this vehicle. This truck can essentially tow TWO Compact Cars (Corolla, Civic) with weight to spare so don't be afraid of the fact it's a 4cyl truck. Very Capable and a great choice for a Family with a small camper or boat!

  • joe Vulcan
    joe Vulcan 29 days ago

    Turn signals already flickering. 🤔

  • Steven Corey
    Steven Corey 29 days ago

    I seeing used prices for these to be dismal. People rarely buy any used turbos.

  • M Ke
    M Ke 29 days ago

    4 cylinder with turbo??? Not sure if I’m totally sold. I know most of those combinations have problems with the turbo’s timing valves, around a certain mileage

  • Jamal Fakih
    Jamal Fakih 29 days ago +1

    Still rather have the frontier

  • HFR Productions
    HFR Productions 29 days ago

    turbo but still gay

  • Shawn Diftwood
    Shawn Diftwood 29 days ago

    Like the 2.7 turbo but hate the face of the 19 chevy.

  • Carp Spudpicker
    Carp Spudpicker 29 days ago

    That Nissan is basically a toaster.

  • Boyd W
    Boyd W 29 days ago

    My 2011 Ranger XLT Supercab has a 2.3 4 cylinder engine and 5 speed manual transmission and it’s under powered. I really wonder how long a 4 cylinder engine will be an option in a full size Chevy truck.

  • marcus baker
    marcus baker 29 days ago

    I believe International Harvester had a 4 cylinder motor in their trucks back in the late 50's early 60's.

  • Johnny5
    Johnny5 29 days ago

    I'm trying real hard to like the idea of a 4cyl in a full-size truck. After all, for my handyman business, saying I need a big V8 to haul a few sheets of drywall and a tool boxes is more about ego than common sense. I would definitely trade off a few hp for mpg and bank the fuel savings. What I cant wrap my head around is that its getting pretty much the same mpg as the V8, so, whats the point?

  • Enrico Jesus
    Enrico Jesus 29 days ago

    no low range? deal breaker.

  • Esteban Amador
    Esteban Amador 29 days ago

    No low range, no thanks. With that kind of torque probably you will not need the low range to go uphill, you will need it to go downhill at speed of 3mph without overheating the brakes.

  • Hammer Home
    Hammer Home 29 days ago

    Nothing is free ... ya better gas mileage , but your savings went to Chev , not you..

  • Spade Avenger
    Spade Avenger 29 days ago

    Wonder if it shakes like the last 5 years of junk?

  • mama ty
    mama ty 29 days ago

    Both garbage

  • Oliver Walker
    Oliver Walker 29 days ago

    No thanks, ford EcoBoost is a piece of crap and this will be also.

  • Dan Adams
    Dan Adams 29 days ago

    4 years ago? 2011 Roman, 2011

  • Supraman1987
    Supraman1987 29 days ago +1

    Smaller engine that needs low range off road... Chevy: "Na, we're going to... subvert their expectations".
    Also, why the heck are all these suv/truck prices going through the roof? This is a 30k truck... not a 49k truck.

  • Luke Zachary
    Luke Zachary 29 days ago +1

    A naturally aspirated engine will always last longer then a forced induction engine why you might ask? Because a over built engine that isn’t making a whole lot of power vs an undersized engine getting pushed to the limits? You tell me.

  • Craig Dyer
    Craig Dyer 29 days ago

    4cyl no thanks no way it will hold up in the long haul if you use it like a truck if use it like a little car maybe if you tow it won’t go.

  • Ethan Beier
    Ethan Beier 29 days ago

    It has the same payload as a 83 ford ranger!!😂😂

  • Keith Kornatoski
    Keith Kornatoski 29 days ago

    Hey wait one darn minute here ... my 2019 new RAM 1500 4x4 with the 5.7L and 3.21 gears (though with the North offroad package) struggles to get 19+mpg at 70mph ... and in city driving only really struggles to get 15mpg ... FCA what's with RAM guzzling gas???

  • Gary
    Gary 29 days ago

    why are those lights flashing, is that the video camera doing that?

  • Funny Positive Life
    Funny Positive Life Month ago +1

    Who cares if it gets 20mpg now you need to fill the truck with premium fuel because of the turdo I mean turbo.

  • superdrummergaming
    superdrummergaming Month ago +1

    All the numbers are better than a V8 from the past and yet people still think it's inferior. More power and torque than a 5.3L and basically right in the same neighborhood as the Vortec 454. All with better fuel economy and less weight. There is a replacement for displacement and it's turbos and computers. The Raptor proved that too when it lost 2 cylinders.

    • MarkPdot
      MarkPdot Month ago

      This along what I was thinking when I watched take this truck up the Ike.

  • Timothy Clark
    Timothy Clark Month ago

    Silverado 2.7 4 cylinder < Ford f150 2.7 6 cylinder dual scroll twin turbo!

  • Rick B
    Rick B Month ago

    Almost 50 G for a 4 cylinder engine, I don’t think so, not for me. I would need a 1960’s sound of the drags playing through my speaker system.

  • Christian hernandez

    Ok, so 19K for the 4 banger turbo and 30K for the truck????? No thanks, too much competition out there and that engine hasn’t proven itself! I’ll keep my 2014 5.3 Vortec!

  • Ernest Viramontes
    Ernest Viramontes Month ago

    I bet the frontier will last longer than the silverado. Chevy has a lot of electrical malfunctions.

  • Stu Pedasso
    Stu Pedasso Month ago

    Benn a Chevy man my whole life but this truck is just too ugly to even consider, guess I'm climbing on the Ford Bandwagon.

  • Richard Van Deren
    Richard Van Deren Month ago

    Dodge did it in mid sixty not sure what year but it worth saying

  • Frankie Figgs
    Frankie Figgs Month ago

    Why even offer this in a full size, i got the same mpg in my old 5.3 w 160k on it

  • Richard L'Esperance


  • Sawyer Rob
    Sawyer Rob Month ago

    What's with the retarted blinking lights?: They look stupid! Thank God my trucks don't do that!! SR

  • B Martin
    B Martin Month ago

    Interesting as always. Great video

  • arron magaluk
    arron magaluk Month ago

    How does this truck compare to the 2.7 f-150?

  • Ron Bogusz
    Ron Bogusz Month ago

    I thought this wasn't a comparison in trucks but to determine if it was under powered. Seems like it turned into comparison to the Nissan. Good video nonetheless

  • the70boss302
    the70boss302 Month ago

    To be honest, I'm not super impressed by the fuel economy. 24 mpg at 70mph? My 2014 Ram with the Hemi would get 22 at 78mph (Checked at the pump). My buddy had a little Ram diesel that would 30 on the hwy. Doesn't the 5.3 get 24? or at least very close? Seems like you're betting a lot on a little 4 cyl to do the work of a V8, and not really getting much out of it. Fords 3.5 at least can pull its own weight without having to spool the turbos too much. Just not so sure about this one.

  • Jesus Borja
    Jesus Borja Month ago

    Wow the silverdo got more than the epa numbers pretty good

  • Evil Mofo
    Evil Mofo Month ago

    Would be a nice drive to work truck. Maybe just a home owner yard work kinda truck

  • Sherco Rider
    Sherco Rider Month ago

    It's a short box chick truck anyways, 4 cylinder is all that is needed for most people.

  • Mike Skidmore
    Mike Skidmore Month ago

    If the Turbo engine can take advantage of E-85 would be nice

  • K V
    K V Month ago

    Let's see this new chevy race the ford eco boost v6

  • fasttoyo
    fasttoyo Month ago

    If the Toyota T100 was considered a full-size then it was first. 1994-1998 had a 2.7 liter 4 cylinder option.

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith Month ago

    Over 70 highway miles today in my 2018 F150 XLT with the 2.7 Ecoboost I averaged 25.1 MPG. That's better MPG than this truck with two fewer cylinders. I don't get it.

  • Baloney Justice
    Baloney Justice Month ago

    I am big Chevy fan but this costs too much, does not have the all important low range crawler gear I need, and does not actually come with a 8 foot long bed to haul around 4x8 plywood. It might be the closest thing to what I need but at that price, and lack of preferred equipment I might as well get a older truck and use the price saving to pay for the gas being burned.

  • dunno yolo
    dunno yolo Month ago +1

    What’s with the stupid flickering dumb lights ? Trucks a total P.O.S 💩

  • Brian Austin
    Brian Austin Month ago

    The 2.3 ecoboost ranger tows 800 lbs more then this,and is rated for better fuel economy then this. So unless you need the bed space the new ranger is a better option,and probably value as far as price range depending on the trims being looked at. Not sure what all the hype is about this truck.

  • Brian Austin
    Brian Austin Month ago

    Love yalls videos,but yall should’ve tested this against the new ranger,or new crayon/Colorado. The 4.0l in the Nissan is bullet proof but it’s a 15 year old design.

  • Nathan Plummer
    Nathan Plummer Month ago

    The toyota t100 was technically a full size truck and it was sold with a 2.7 liter non-turbo engine.

  • Stephen Contreras
    Stephen Contreras Month ago

    This truck is for guys that go to the toilet to fart 💨 and flush the toilet 🚽 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😳😳😳😳😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinson Month ago

    Whoa, hold on. You pick the oldest & least efficient mid size truck to compare MPG with?

  • David Kutschke
    David Kutschke Month ago

    I love when people complain how dated and the lack of tech in the Frontier is. Take those $10k savings and buy a $1000 Double Din head units with Android Auto/ Apple Carplay and a back up camera system and you have 80% of "modern tech" you are missing.

  • Kris Kazecki
    Kris Kazecki Month ago

    What’s the longest a model has been in production without a significant redesign? That Frontier surely has to be in the conversation

  • frank pellegrino
    frank pellegrino Month ago

    The Frontier with a 4.0 gets notoriously bad mileage. You guys knew this before you did the test. Perhaps comparing it to the Nissan 4 cylinder truck would be more appropriate

  • Jacob coates
    Jacob coates Month ago

    They want sell many of them for that price

  • Jake Ess
    Jake Ess Month ago

    The towing of a midsize for the price of a fullsize

  • Hil Palmer
    Hil Palmer Month ago

    I am interested to see how long it will be until they turboize a gaser in the HD line up.

  • James Jones
    James Jones Month ago

    Heres the thing. If you can afford a 49K do you really give a shit about saving a few bucks of gas? Idk dont seem like it makes any sense. Get this thing down to a 24k 4 cylinder turbo work truck that might make more sense.

  • Shawn_358
    Shawn_358 Month ago

    Lol, what a pile with a huge price tag. These won’t be around 5 years from now.

  • zuesmondo1
    zuesmondo1 Month ago

    Toyota Hilux half ton I believe was delivered in the 80s and then there is also the 4bt diesel that was in the Ford f super duty in Brazil.

  • Chris Gleeton
    Chris Gleeton Month ago

    If I bought this truck with this engine, I would have serious buyer's remorse every time I stomped on the Go-Pedal and didn't hear the sound of a V8.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    One correction, this 2.7 turbo IS the base motor. It's the base motor in mid level trim, whereas the v6 is the base motor in WT/custom. So compare this truck to a mid level F150 with the base motor there (NA v6).

  • Jeremy Rocks
    Jeremy Rocks Month ago

    The 4 cylinder should replace the v6. And it should be the base model. I thought it was great until the price tag! No low range transfer case?!? Towing is half? That truck should be $35k

  • King 43
    King 43 Month ago

    2004 5.3 Silverado - 295 hp/330 lb-ft, 15city/19highway