What I Love And Hate About Living In Greece 🇬🇷

  • Published on Nov 7, 2018
  • It was about time I made a video about what it's like living in Greece! What are the best places to visit? Is it easy being vegan in Greece? What is the financial crisis like and how the recession has impacted the country, the cost of living and the quality of life?
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  • zlivalavida
    zlivalavida Day ago

    Αυτός ο πίνακας από πίσω είναι Waterhouse; Από που τον έχεις αγοράσει αν επιτρέπεις;

  • ii Wolfie ii
    ii Wolfie ii Day ago

    I am fully greek

  • Tony Samos
    Tony Samos 11 days ago

    Did you learn English from your parents or did you live in the states ? Because you have zero accent when you speak English.

  • Mishaka MD
    Mishaka MD 11 days ago

    If you're in a family dinner with your Greek fiance and her family, just don't say that you're vegan.... just don't

  • Tom Lessl
    Tom Lessl 12 days ago +1

    Fantastic looks. I had a neighbor from Greece. Oh! The food she made I could never get enough. I use to landscape, paint and did some odd jobs just for the food. I didn't expect money.
    Thank you kindly on your info on Greece.

  • FyRuZ
    FyRuZ 16 days ago +2

    the minimum wage currently is 758,33 euros for anyone watching now

  • Soundwave
    Soundwave 16 days ago

    World wide healing is on tap. I have not been absent just very busy too with certai n and precise determination to overthrow all oppression. Sovereign power reigns/rains/rains supreme, globally.

  • KidBaklava504
    KidBaklava504 16 days ago

    I have family and friends that have had to leave for work. They ALL have degrees and can’t get a decent job in their fields. It’s a shame. The brain drain is real.

  • Gr Gteco
    Gr Gteco 20 days ago

    You mentiined that min. Wage is 400euros....according ti eurostat jul. 2019 minimum wage in greece is 758.33 euros...around 400 euros is in Turkey . Thank you

  • M3rlin
    M3rlin 22 days ago

    Theres something hard to know. Did you see any clubs with rock or goth / metal music? Any "weirdoos" in the street all gothlike? xD

  • Στελιος Πασχεντης

    You must go to macedonia in north greece its so good place i am greek macedonians from pontos 😊😊😊 all my family from there 😂👌🏻! So farther more the beaches in macedonia are so good !!! And the food its so interesting so if you like macedonia come for yore holydays 😃🙌🏻 its so good place like paradise 😊😊😊😋 you know Greece is paradise 😄😄😄

  • Herakles
    Herakles 27 days ago

    We lived in Greece my parents live there now
    Imarried to a Portuguese woman so my daughter is Portugreek too
    I love Greece

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett 28 days ago

    I'm going to Greece the day after tomorrow ^^
    Great video!

  • The Chair
    The Chair 28 days ago

    Well im from Greece too and let me tell you my part, my views about my country here we go:Thank God i wont be staying in that brothel called greece anymore.Its a country full of retarded and evil people ,that the only thing they know to do is act tough and act like patriots but in reality they all bow down to foreigners and suck their dick.They love it when they see their fellow Greeks suffer and thats because they were raised like that.Young Greeks are raised in an enviroment full of hate,racism, envy and hypocrisy and thats why they turn evil when they become adults.Those smiles and acts of kindness that they do to foreigners are nothing but an act to break the ice and learn things about you and use them against you when the time comes.Oh and also gain something from you , MONEY.Its a country full of loudmouth assholes and bitches,they only yell and act tough , trust me all these assholes flee when the shit hits the fan,they run away like rabbits . This lady in the video says something about the crisis ,she doesnt explain how the crisis happened tho.She says that the politicians stole the money and shit , but in reality the thing that happened in Greece that caused the crisis is this: The politicians saw and realised that the Greeks are a bunch of illiterate peasants that they only care about themselves and they dont give a damn about the fate of their country and so by that they ve made some sort of a secret deal with the voters a deal in a form of a vote - job trade (for example you vote my political party i ll give you job even if you have no university deegre or worse yet even if you havent finished school) with those pricks aka Gayreeks both political parties New democracy and Pasok were hiring people to jobs that were unfit for the job and thats when Greece started to take the downhill.That deal was going for years and years and that caused the poor Greece we have today.Let me explain you now the downhill i previously aforementioned,the downhill is that after that deal was created then every year the same political party was elected again and again and again and every year PASOK was in charge (because the voters had jobs offered to them by PASOK ). The politicians started to take advantage of that and steal from the taxes and the bitchass gayreek voter wasnt able to complain because he ve made the deal i mean he got the job right? that was the deal from the very beginning.So a new circle was created in a form of vote - job - politician steal taxes and this circle was going for years and years.Take note now , Greece is a country that owes money to other countries because it took loans many many years ago .Greece takes loans since 1824 .Greece owes billions .So how the gayreeks were going to repay the dept when the goverment money were turned into villas , expensive cars and yaughts by mister papandreou and mr pangalos? tell me how? you cant pay shit when the government has no money.Thats how the crisis started.Life in Greece is like a frickin nightmare nothing works properly in this country anymore.I mean the police doesnt work,Greek policemen only know how to chill at their bikes late at night sip their frappe , harass citizens and cut them tickets for nothing also there is a phenomenon that happens only in Greece and that is if someone (a thief) comes and breaks into your house in order to rob you and you happen to be awake and beat him up then the police will arrest you , not the thief .Isnt that crazy?? that happens only in Greece.This lady in the video has no clue about the realities of Greece , she is probably from a wealthy family her daddy is an american and that means money , lots and lots of money.I ve been in America so i know , if she is also a New Yorker then she has so much money she doesnt know where to spend it.If im an american and decide to move to Greece for the rest of my life i ll live like a king , i ll have everything at my feet.Imagine now if you are an american woman from New York and decide to move to Greece you ll have the hottest men at your feet ready to bang you cause you have boobs,ass,pussy and money, you ll have money to go to the 10 star hotels of Greece which are amazing , money to buy cars ,villas visit islands etc.Lady if you have all that comforts in life then dont come up to me and lecture me about crisis and the struggle.Get in your lambo with your shredded roidhead boyfriend and go to your 10 star hotel bang each other and shut the fuck up. Even Greek women have a better chance to find a wealthy hot shredded foreigner and live in the US for the rest of their lives , they only have to open their legs one night at Mykonos super paradise beach.If you are born a Greek male in Greece and your family is poor then just pack your stuff and leave,immigrate to another country from the day 1 of your life in earth.Just do it man (isnt that what Nike says?).There is no future for a poor Greek man in Greece.He has a better chance to create his business abroad and become rich by starting working hard in his youth instead of staying and studying(go to school,university) in Greece just to get a lawyer's degree and end up driving a cab at his 30s.Im referring to the people that have no chance, that were born poor not the wealthy ones or the middle class.Im happy that im leaving this brothel and i ll never set foot on it again.I will visit it only for vacation.It has nothing else to offer instead of vacation.

  • Katerina Kiakou
    Katerina Kiakou 29 days ago

    This "imam" is called "papoutsakia" (Παπουτσάκια)
    You're welcome

  • El Gréco
    El Gréco Month ago

    Sprichst du auch deutsch??😳

  • Leon Sleight
    Leon Sleight Month ago

    my family is from Lesvos but i live in england and I HATE IT so me and my american boyfriend want to move to Lesvos but he has a small budjet so house hunting has been hard but we will find the perfect place im sure , funny story my Yaiyai owned hundreds of propertys on the island but she is so old now that she has forgotten where some are and lost all the legal documents to almost all of them so its been hella frustrating when i see her im gonna have words.

  • Vanda Virga
    Vanda Virga Month ago

    It's good to my soul knowing that not only my country is almost unliveable. I mean that my people (with myself) are not alone in the world with this economic freakshow.
    Kisses from Hungary 💗

  • Paula Sadowska
    Paula Sadowska Month ago +1

    best thing about Greece is Fredo Capuccino

  • Maria Michalopoulou

    Well, I'm Greek and I really want to mention that my grandmother emanates from Mani, her mother was from Oitilo and her father was from Areopoli❤ Mani is and will always be my favourite destination❤ It's a magic place to visit ❤

  • Daliang Z
    Daliang Z Month ago

    God bless Greece

  • Sotiria2009 _gamer
    Sotiria2009 _gamer Month ago +1


  • Arthur,s Mendoza
    Arthur,s Mendoza Month ago


  • مترجمات عبرية

    Are you a Leo?

  • OveratedMeme X
    OveratedMeme X Month ago

    I’m half Greek half Scottish and I live in Greece ( santorini ) and I hate it lolllll

    RED CAP BOY Month ago

    What about us normal people who are not began freaks

  • Kryo Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell

    I love Greeks.

  • Gabriella R
    Gabriella R Month ago

    Omg! I'm Greek American and just found your channel. Super excited. I just moved back to USA but was living in USA. I have a clothing line and do a lifestyle blog and RU-clip.

  • SlavingSquatDot
    SlavingSquatDot Month ago

    1:30 I’m on vacation on Malta and I swear every women sounds like that there very nice accent 👍🏻
    Edit: facist you say... Another fucking Mussolini

  • Mr Me
    Mr Me Month ago


  • Katina Sapounas
    Katina Sapounas Month ago

    Γεια σου, ενώ τρώω σουβλάκια πηγαίνω στην τουαλέτα

  • 11Agent11
    11Agent11 Month ago


  • Theo Pouine
    Theo Pouine Month ago +1

    Omg! I am also Greek and I work in the middle east, why did you left dubai?

  • RootBeard Survivor
    RootBeard Survivor Month ago

    Im greek born and raise in PANAMA guess im greek panamenian xD

  • clara
    clara 2 months ago

    I go to mani every year on vacation, never met a fascist haha, stoupa and kardamyli are some amazing places to visit if you go there:DD

  • K Bikos
    K Bikos 2 months ago

    No idea what you’re on about for your looks or dress or whatever on the intro of this but quite frankly, you’re beautiful.

  • Loredana Oresnik
    Loredana Oresnik 2 months ago +1

    you are so pretty💕

  • Helin Üzüm
    Helin Üzüm 2 months ago

    The word imam is equal to clergyman i think, also the food is not named imam in turkish, it is named "imam bayıldı"! And we do it with meat so when I saw that its different than ours by it being vegan; I just wanted to mention!

  • MiraX871
    MiraX871 2 months ago

    I love Greece. I'm from Bulgaria and I feel almost like I'm at my homeland when I go there. Almost the same culture and the same religion. I love greek islands and bulgarian mountains.

  • Omg U found me
    Omg U found me 2 months ago

    What you said about Greek’s accent when they speak English is not right, unless you refer to older people or people who just speak Greek in order to communicate 😂

  • Bengisu Merken
    Bengisu Merken 2 months ago

    I am turkish and I really love you

  • bigdave719
    bigdave719 2 months ago +8

    Awesome Video!
    I'm Puerto Rican and I moved PERMANENTLY to Greece 2 years ago...

  • nessrine difallah
    nessrine difallah 2 months ago

    My favorite traditional vegan meal in my country 🇩🇿called " mahjouba"

  • Leon Lamontagne
    Leon Lamontagne 2 months ago

    You look like a beautiful sexy girl

  • Samia_greece _engel
    Samia_greece _engel 2 months ago

    I’m half Greek and half German

  • Melicia
    Melicia 2 months ago

    It spell knossos not knosos

  • Kranio il Malvagio
    Kranio il Malvagio 2 months ago

    Same thing in Italy... I moved to the UK and then the Netherlands four years ago because I wanted to get an education, and next year a job. I am in science (as in biology, not computing science) and there are no job opportunities for me that would allow me to be independent. I am from the South, my parents are retiring soon and even living in the North would be unsustainable for me. The only jobs that you can get are in hospitality, but most of the time you are employed illegally and paid 3 euros/h. Sometimes I feel like I chickened out by moving away, and I admire people who haven't, but I really think there's nothing for me at home. It really is heartbreaking.

  • Tyler H
    Tyler H 2 months ago

    ah σπανακόπιτα is my favorite is so good

  • Zora
    Zora 2 months ago +1

    You actually sound greek when you speak English. Not too much, but there's definitely a hint :)

  • Marie Bream
    Marie Bream 2 months ago

    The worst thing is that I have lost my hope for a better future ...I am 16 years old and I totally don't know what I should do in order to find a good job in my country ...I don't want to leave this country because I love it ...but guess what they will force me to leave my country , my dreams , my friends , my family , my tradition , my home ...everything ...I don't even know if I will live in 2 years time to study in a university because every day I hear that maybe they will start a war between Greece and Turkey ...My dreams have been destroyed...Happiness and depression are having a powerful fight inside of me ...😉😥

  • İrem Su Yılmaz
    İrem Su Yılmaz 2 months ago

    Imam is a turkish dish and my favorite vegan turkish dish is yaprak sarma. Which is vine leaves wrapped around a bit of stuffing and cooked with olive oil.

  • Fräulein Luise
    Fräulein Luise 2 months ago +1

    It’s insane to know that food is expensive in greece if you know that a lot of the vegetables in discounters in Germany come from greece.

  • Claudia Conejo
    Claudia Conejo 2 months ago

    Wanting this video for so loooooong

  • Faith Esor
    Faith Esor 2 months ago

    Have you ever been to Sparta?

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon
    Pabst Blue Ribbon 2 months ago

    I’ll be living in Santorini for a month with a few friends as a senior trip type thing. Kind of nervous but so excited!

  • K Koukouvini
    K Koukouvini 2 months ago

    my favourite food is "gemista with only rise" (γεμιστα ορφανα αλλιως)

  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator 2 months ago

    The crisis is really good to know about. Hopefully when I'm old enough to move, it won't be as terrible (around 2024 - 2028??).

  • The Matadore
    The Matadore 2 months ago

    I miss the food. I loved it so much. I would order moussaka everywhere.

  • Mohika G
    Mohika G 2 months ago

    Why doesn't greece start farming?
    It will generate jobs and lower there superhigh prices of goods

    • Mohika G
      Mohika G 2 months ago

      @Λογος im from india !!
      Our main lively hood is from farming.
      Farming is indeed hardwork .
      But it is the ownly way to have a sustainable ecosystem.
      Im sorry that its not easy to farm in Greece.
      Thank you for replying.

    • Λογος
      Λογος 2 months ago

      I own a village house in the Cyclades and I have seen Greeks coming back to villages. First they rebuid the old familly house that was often ruined in order to se their grand parents there because it was not possible for them to pay a rent in Athens of a major city anymore.
      Then all kind of ages came back to the countryside. They bought animals and it was a nightmare to drive. Cows and sheeps were walking freely everywhere on the roads. Some bought vignards. Some olive plants. Many are renting rooms on RB& co.
      Greece has lots of mountains and plenty of unexploited terraces because it's not very competitive to grow plants on terraces without tractors and other facilities. It takes a lot of work and courage too.

  • Anya
    Anya 2 months ago

    Guuurl same thing here in Serbia , my brother has been looking for a job for over a year now (he's finishing his master studies) but alas with no luck. People well over their twenties or even thirties still live with their parents and siblings. Everything from food to clothing is too expensive and everyone barely makes it through the month. I've stopped going out, buying make up, clothes and started saving money. Even though as a freelancer I do earn more than a lot of people here (because I work 3-4 jobs during a month) but in the end I can't afford to spend it just on myself, I need to take care of my family and loved ones. I want to have my own family some day, but as I'm growing older I'm scared that it just seems impossible.