• Published on Oct 12, 2015
  • Mobile Service è un furgone equipaggiato con uno smontagomme Leva la Leva, una equilibratrice e un compressore a batteria autonoma, per portare il tuo servizio alla ruota direttamente al cliente.
    Mobile Service is a van equipped with a Leva la Leva (Without Lever) tyre changer, a wheel balancer and a batterypowered compressor, to bring your wheel service directly to the customer.
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  • Doki Bubó
    Doki Bubó 18 days ago

    awesome but probably too the only model u guys offer or any updates lately?

  • Stephen
    Stephen 4 months ago +1

    I feel like balancing tires mobile is a waste of time

  • St calms
    St calms 5 months ago

    wtf ! you meant to be changing a tyre not camping !. All that equipment in the rain good for the side of the road jobs either

    • Corghi
      Corghi  4 months ago

      Dear friends we’re well aware that this is not the best way to work, but in our opinion it’s a very good compromise for this kind of service.
      This is the future of the on-the-raod service.
      Of course any of your suggestion is really appreciated to improve as much as we can.

    ROGER SHARP 7 months ago

    What a joke

    SOURABH DANGI 8 months ago +1


  • How to win. Facts.

    the awning should cover the tire machine

  • mario camilleri
    mario camilleri Year ago

    How much it cost?

    • Corghi
      Corghi  Year ago

      Please for this request contact our distributor nearest you.
      At this page on Corghi website you can find the complete list:

  • Mohammad Omar
    Mohammad Omar Year ago +1

    Way over kill and its has no cover over the wheel balancing machine thats not safe,ok you can drive in to multi story car parks but thats it,there is no other advantage over high top van with equipement inside.

    • Corghi
      Corghi  4 months ago

      @Omar Guzman Please for this request contact our distributor nearest you, at this page on Corghi website you can find the complete list:
      Thank you

    • Omar Guzman
      Omar Guzman 5 months ago +1

      @Corghi where can I buy this equipment

    • Mohammad Omar
      Mohammad Omar Year ago

      @Corghi the risk is still there accidents happen when a rotating wheel is uncovered believe me customers like to put fingers where they should not your opening yourself to be sued we must keep the work area safe 100%

    • Corghi
      Corghi  Year ago

      @Mohammad Omar The low balancing speed
      reduces spin time and risks due to rotating

    • Mohammad Omar
      Mohammad Omar Year ago

      stevelister100 watch at 2.40 he pulls the lever up, he does not spin it by hand .

  • Master Chief 00117
    Master Chief 00117 Year ago +2

    You might want to upgrade that vans suspension. That ass end looked over loaded and sagging by 4" Not an ideal in wet conditions..

  • Dyson Spreybar
    Dyson Spreybar Year ago +1

    Wouldn't a road force test exaggerate readings if it were on a van?

    • Corghi
      Corghi  Year ago

      Please can you give us more details? What do you specifically refer to? Thank you

  • jailbreak جلبريك

    hi im from lebanon i want the same van wwith all equipment whats is the cost??

    • Corghi
      Corghi  2 years ago

      Hi, please contact our distributor in Lebanon:
      SECTOR 32,
      Tel: 009615400058
      Thank you

  • Thomas W
    Thomas W 2 years ago +2

    This set up is shit in so many ways...
    1. Why not just get a van that can fit the machine inside? More moving parts more weight more money to set up and more parts to break.
    2. The wheel spinning on the side of the van will fling dirt upside your van and who knows where else...
    3. I could have done the whole job in the amount of time it took you to set up.
    4. I cant imagine the god awful price tag on this piece...

    • Ash Miller
      Ash Miller Year ago

      Thomas W I don't work there anymore cuz the boss is an ass hole. but it's called TyrZ

    • Thomas W
      Thomas W Year ago

      @Ash Miller what's your company?

    • Ash Miller
      Ash Miller Year ago +2

      Thomas W your right what an absolute shit peice of kit I'm a mobile tyre fitter and the it's all set up inside the van

    • Corghi
      Corghi  2 years ago +1

      Mobile Service is designed to be used also in covered parking spaces, where it’s impossible to work with a van having a tyre changer installed inside. This kind of solution is very required by different markets, mostly in Europe.
      Mobile Service allows to perform a full on-road service thanks to a LevaLaLeva tyre changer able to work with all types of tyre.
      The world of Mobile Service is growing more and more , we think it’s a very good solution.
      Moreover the price is really competitive.

  • Leatile Mokgware
    Leatile Mokgware 2 years ago

    How much would this mobile van cost?

    • Corghi
      Corghi  2 years ago

      Please for this request contact your nearest distributor, at this page on Corghi website you can find the complete list of our distributors:
      Thank you

  • Jose Chico
    Jose Chico 3 years ago +3