pineapple,cube,groove/double and crocodile skin twist with rail spikes

  • Published on May 8, 2018
  • Heres a few basic twists with what i had in my shop..rail spikes
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  • kyle gutzwiller
    kyle gutzwiller 17 days ago

    keep calm and twist on ya feel

  • T S
    T S Month ago

    Very nice of you to sharing this with us

  • Felonious Fisherman
    Felonious Fisherman Month ago +1

    Is your twist thingy a railroad spike welded to an allen wrench. Im new to blacksmithing and don't know all the technical names so im sorry if thats not what is is called. What is your favorite twist?

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  Month ago +1

      Yeah i had no normal stock to weld to the wrench so i used a spike. Ill make a twisting wrench at some point. My fave is probably the cube twist or gator skin twist

  • Randall Summers
    Randall Summers Month ago +2

    Yes I liked them all. The croc twist was the best! Should make a nice knife handle. Take care.

  • Анатолий Гнатченко


    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  Month ago

      had to translate thank you i will fasten my vice as soon as possible!!!!

  • Art Tarr
    Art Tarr 5 months ago

    Where do you get all the railroad spikes?

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  5 months ago

      I got them from a rail yard a couple of years ago from one of the foremen there. Check ebay or amazon they are cheap

  • John Howard
    John Howard 5 months ago +1

    Long live Vault Boy!

  • Ian J. Perreault
    Ian J. Perreault 6 months ago +2

    Awesome !! Thanks for posting, Iam in the process on making a coat hanger with railroad ties. It will add a bit more detail instead of the boring original look !!:) btw the crocs are very comfortable for everyday use !!:) keep up the great content !!👍🏽👍🏽✌🏽

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  6 months ago +1

      Lol maaaaaaan i was forge welding today and the flux shot off fell through a hole and landed between my toes...i love crocs but i think i need to get better shoes lolol

  • Marcus    R. Hill
    Marcus R. Hill 6 months ago


  • BubbleOnPlumb
    BubbleOnPlumb 7 months ago +1

    Short pants, Crocs, and red hot steel? That is one combination that I would avoid at all costs. To each his own I guess.

  • Doodles Pachesco
    Doodles Pachesco 7 months ago

    Good job.

  • Larry King
    Larry King 7 months ago +1

    Great Job , I have always loved TWISTS ! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !

  • Michael Mantion
    Michael Mantion 7 months ago

    annoying background music ruined the video. Sad I really wanted to watch this.

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  6 months ago

      @Michael Mantion like i said check the newer vids then we can talk. I get what you are saying man 1000000% but the vid is there and im not taking it down or taking the music out because it will destroy what sound is on the vid right now. You are making up your mind on content but havent seen the other vids? Seriously go check any other one out and dont judge just because of this one

    • Michael Mantion
      Michael Mantion 6 months ago

      @CG Smithing not a troll just someone who takes the time to give constructive criticism? I really like the subject and pace of your videos but the background music is annoying. Do this say "thanks, I always like knowing why people don't like my videos, and ty for taking so much time in explaining your views".
      OK now for a young channel. I sub to over 800 channels, I have unsubbed from at least 300. I have seen channels grow from 20 subs to 2 million subs. Its sad that you are happy with 47k. Sorry you are so bothered by me trying to make your videos more inclusive and reach a broader audience. I won't spend any more time trying to help you but will respond to any snarky or insulting comments you make.

    • Ian J. Perreault
      Ian J. Perreault 6 months ago +1

      CG Smithing ... micheal is a RU-clip troll !!:) don't fret on the comment from the peanut gallery/troll !!:)

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  7 months ago +1

      @Michael Mantion i hear ya bud im the one editing all these videos...its a very young channel and if you look at THIS video and compare it to my newest video you will see a massive difference. tomorrow im re-shooting 4 videos to replace my vids on punches and chisels because they suck. So i know exactly what you mean. slowly but surely it gets better. i like constructive criticism LOVE it actually but, leaving a comment like that is a bit of a opinionated way of looking at this video and no help at all.

    • Michael Mantion
      Michael Mantion 7 months ago

      @CG Smithing Its not all good. Why don't you want people to watch or like your video? 800 likes. 800, that's it out of your 47k "views" Keep in mind I counted as a view. How many of those 47k make it to the end? Its your channel, its your video, you spent hours and days filming and editing it. I wanted to watch it just like the other 47k people. Turns out very few people watched to the end all becaue of annoying background music. I know how hard it is to make good videos, and I know how easy it is to ruin a good video. Upload this same video with out music and see what happens. in a year you will have way more likes.

  • Andrew Vida
    Andrew Vida 7 months ago +7

    Oh, and your pineapple should have been undone 1/2 turn. not 1/4.
    Whatever you twist first, you untwist half that number. That produces the right effect.

  • Andrew Vida
    Andrew Vida 7 months ago

    Grooving with an angle grinder?

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  7 months ago +1

      Hahaha got to do what i got to do!!!!

  • gokblok
    gokblok 7 months ago

    Alligator twist looks like a turd lol

  • Simon
    Simon 7 months ago

    Great work .... They look amazing 👍🤣😂

  • Sir.Tony Blair jr
    Sir.Tony Blair jr 7 months ago

    Hey CG😎, wow man, they look awesome. You can make knife out those now.i ReAlly like the alligator twist that you did.
    Where did you railroad nails at? I was told that they are government property of the railroads so, you can't get them (Tenn)? But, you keep up the good work and videos cause will be watching.

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  7 months ago

      so i figured its better to ask first before getting in big trouble hahaha

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  7 months ago

      about 3 years ago i went to a rail debot and asked one of the guys if i can grab 1 or 2 spikes and he laughed he then said go check the in the back and take as much as i i filled up a 5 gallon pail.... today i have about 6 left lol

  • Keith Spencer Sr.
    Keith Spencer Sr. 8 months ago +1

    Hey CG I see your a fan of vault boy, I 3D printed and painted him the correct colors, want to make a trade?

  • Keith Spencer Sr.
    Keith Spencer Sr. 8 months ago

    CG enjoy your vids man but you scar the shit out of me being your not wearing shoe, lol

  • Anti Antifa terrier
    Anti Antifa terrier 8 months ago +1

    I see so many people making knives from rail spikes. Is this for practice purposes or what? Asking because to my knowledge the steel doesn’t hold an edge very well.

    • Anti Antifa terrier
      Anti Antifa terrier 8 months ago +1

      CG Smithing right on. I wasn’t judging or anything just a harmless question. I will start forging soon too. I have a semi truck rim I was going to build a coal forge with but decided I need to go with propane. I have a 7” long train track rail for an “anvil”.
      Anyway nice work and party on👍

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  8 months ago +1

      Its for fun and they sell really well too. The steel is crappy for sure but like i said i still love making knives from rrspikes

  • Bastard
    Bastard 8 months ago +1

    very Nice little project

  • Wayne Rainey
    Wayne Rainey 8 months ago


  • Jim Dickinson
    Jim Dickinson 8 months ago +1

    Freaking awesome!!

  • John Jude
    John Jude 10 months ago +2

    Thanks today I did the alagator twist my fisrt try, it was fun...Thanks

  • M-TAF
    M-TAF 10 months ago +2

    Awsome vid. I'm considering buying a rail knife but the only worry I have is that the metal isn't really the best and might rust. Other knives are made out of stainless and these seem more like raw iron.

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  10 months ago +1

      Rr spike knives are pretty crappy, but forge welding a nice high carbon piece of steel in is a possibility too.

  • mooze Patt
    mooze Patt 10 months ago +1

    I like your twisting wrench, I made mine the same except I used an old square jaw stillson wrench. Great video!

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  10 months ago +1

      Sweeeet thanx for the support bud!!!

  • Kurt Simmons
    Kurt Simmons 11 months ago +1

    When you do a pattern like that do you need to flux the material before you start forging it?

  • bwhip
    bwhip 11 months ago +3

    The crocodile skin twist is a new one to me. Very cool. Thanks for the video.

  • Tracy Ladroga
    Tracy Ladroga 11 months ago

    love the shirt

  • West Wind
    West Wind 11 months ago

    Hey what a nice shirt. It looks SPECIAL haha

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  11 months ago

      *insert vault boy thumbs up hehehehe

  • Kevlar 45
    Kevlar 45 Year ago +2

    I like how in-depth you went in your explanation. Good job

    ARCTURUS Year ago

    Great video, Roughly how far should I put the spike in the vice to have enough meat left to make a decent knife ....Just subscribed

      ARCTURUS Year ago +1

      @CG Smithing Thanks man

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  Year ago +1

      Before you even think of doing any artsy stuff with the spike stretch it out just a little bit. The blade portion before you forge it id say should be around 3". Im not in canada right now as soon as i get back home i will give you the measurements bud

  • rashid ali
    rashid ali Year ago

    Good job

  • Lachlan Chadwen
    Lachlan Chadwen Year ago

    C'est bien de montrer son savoir faire mais la sécurité va avec . Tu peux aussi travailler en maillot de bain et tongs 😲

  • Ben VanderKinter
    Ben VanderKinter Year ago

    Awesome video! Thanks for making the video it inspires me to try these new techniques!

  • Midgardschmiede
    Midgardschmiede Year ago +1

    Very good explain

  • Carl Barber
    Carl Barber Year ago +1

    So I see you like Fallout and yes thanks for the good video

  • JB Rustic Forge
    JB Rustic Forge Year ago +2

    Awesome vid! Can’t wait to see them turned to knives. Also what would the effect look like if there were only horizontal lines cut in like the alligator and no lengthwise lines cut?

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  Year ago +1

      I would think it could look pretty weird too but functional. Hey man and thanx for the support!!!

  • Manuel Miatello
    Manuel Miatello Year ago

    Muy bueno su trabajo m gusto mas el último ...intentare hacerlo si no le molesta

  • Tucker
    Tucker Year ago

    Fucking thieves,,,railroad property cops on way .....

  • Warren Brownlow
    Warren Brownlow Year ago +1

    Good Job.

  • twisted metal
    twisted metal Year ago +2

    Sick bro i just got a lot of railroads spikes to play with going to try all your techniques

  • Peter Tricker
    Peter Tricker Year ago +1

    Fantastic stuff, i gotta try those!

  • shepards forge h
    shepards forge h Year ago +5

    I think ya,gotta,loose the crocks bud lol

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  Year ago

      shepards forge h heeelll no crocs gotta stay i lovem hahaha

  • B & B Forge
    B & B Forge Year ago

    very cool I only know how they did three of them got made

  • Island Metal Forge
    Island Metal Forge Year ago +1

    That's what I am talking about! Excellent job on that alligator twist! That pineapple came out great too. I need to upload my video to my channel and link to this.🤙

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  Year ago

      Panic Free Radio yeah man do it!!! And thanx buddy!!!

  • Curiosity Forge
    Curiosity Forge Year ago +3

    Yeah, that answered a few lingering questions. Maybe the links to these could use their own pinned file on FiF to make them easier to find. You seem to have a good knack for making tutorials.

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  Year ago +1

      Sure i can do that!!!!

    • Curiosity Forge
      Curiosity Forge Year ago +1

      Christiaan Gerber Smithing Yeah, a tutorial on the Dremel engraving would be nice, especially on what wheels to use and stuff like that.

    • CG Smithing
      CG Smithing  Year ago +2

      It was fun buddy ill throw out more of these

  • techron mattic
    techron mattic Year ago +1

    Well done, first time ive seen the alligator twist, might be worth playing with that one some more to get some different results