81mm mortar fire for effect


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  • I’m Zack
    I’m Zack 2 months ago +1

    How about their ears???

  • Travis Taylor
    Travis Taylor 2 months ago

    Uuuggghhhh😍😍 I will never forget that sound or the reverberations.

  • Arrow B.
    Arrow B. 3 months ago

    fuck this grid square in particular

  • mini mycologist
    mini mycologist 5 months ago

    Steel rain

    MUSIC LOVER 6 months ago

    Salute this guy. 😮 he is the king of mortars. 🙏

  • Simon Yip
    Simon Yip 7 months ago

    I'd like to see the difference between the various calibre mortars. The Germans in WW2 had the 5cm mortar with 1kg bombs, the British were still using the 51mm mortar until the Afghanistan war, and the US has the 60mm mortar, but I'd like to see the effects of incoming 120mm/160mm/240mm breach loading mortars.
    It's something that I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of.

  • LordRain 06
    LordRain 06 8 months ago

    So this how i get my killstreak

  • ThinkBlue
    ThinkBlue 9 months ago

    So useless

  • Gordon Tubbs
    Gordon Tubbs 11 months ago

    Cause. And effect.

  • fulcrum 29
    fulcrum 29 11 months ago

    Mortars, never outdated
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it, upgrade it

  • Louis
    Louis Year ago

    Hell yeah!!!

  • Mike P
    Mike P Year ago

    Nothing else sounds like 81s. Splash, over.

  • Piano Man42
    Piano Man42 Year ago

    All I saw was the delivery portion. What about the receiving end.? Can I watch that footage? I would really like that.

  • Sir Pants
    Sir Pants Year ago

    I like it how in war movies, mortars make these cute "Doop!" sounds; but in real life and you're standing next to one, it's like "FUCKEN' BANG"

  • wang wang
    wang wang Year ago

    Do the Jesus prayer like fire mortars.It's the best way to defeat demons.

  • Afqwa
    Afqwa Year ago

    I'd find it somewhat worrisome that a projectile is whizzing past my fucking skull shortly after I drop a round into the mortar. Mind your fingers.

  • Don Da Drill
    Don Da Drill Year ago


  • Horse Lover
    Horse Lover 2 years ago

    Bloody hell that's fast

  • Ananta Video Gohain
    Ananta Video Gohain 2 years ago

    deadly firing .

  • phillip Behrens
    phillip Behrens 2 years ago

    Some good A-gunning right there. The sound of impact gets me stiff haha, rah !!

  • Andre Bellingham
    Andre Bellingham 2 years ago

    ah well that piece of ground must be feeling pretty free and democratized now

  • Zachary Wade
    Zachary Wade 2 years ago

    That's awesome.

  • James Barnett
    James Barnett 2 years ago

    that was me all day in the Marines 2/4 weapons co.

  • Phil
    Phil 2 years ago

    What is the kill radius of an 81 mm mortar round?

  • Awacs0808
    Awacs0808 2 years ago

    hells shells

  • NotAlexanderMadara PlayRoblox

    I see the American tax dollar going into good usage kappa!

  • anderson franklin
    anderson franklin 2 years ago

    US cool G.I

  • Derek Wall
    Derek Wall 2 years ago

    fire for effect means bring it in very close am I right?

    • Thomas Johnson
      Thomas Johnson Year ago +1

      So, you fire one round at a time from one gun until you're within the ECR (estimated causality radius) 35 meters. This is called an adjusting fire. Once you're within the ECR you fire an allotted amount of ammunition from all of the guns that are following along on the same gun data for that mission. This is called a fire for effect. Answer your question sir or mam?

    • Matthew Sappington
      Matthew Sappington 2 years ago

      Derek Wall firing for adjustment basically

  • Strider
    Strider 2 years ago +28

    That's what 8 freedoms per 10 seconds ?

    • Travis Taylor
      Travis Taylor 2 months ago

      From 1 gun. There were two or three others on the line. Love mortars!

  • I. Koobmoov Vang
    I. Koobmoov Vang 3 years ago +66

    What I love about smaller caliber mortars, they can fire as fast as the soldier loading it!

    • Fadi Hadi
      Fadi Hadi 5 months ago

      till it heats and kaboom on ur face

  • This slice of paradise This sacred throne of Kings

    Allahhhh wall alfalfa ukbababba ighsksoiw bar

  • Matt Funicello
    Matt Funicello 3 years ago +33

    This gave me a hard on.

  • Fendy Halim
    Fendy Halim 3 years ago

    train in Isis camp dude

  • Kolos
    Kolos 3 years ago +6

    Very very very fast lol

  • YourCozyHomes
    YourCozyHomes 3 years ago +5

    Can you imagine being on the other side of these teams? Devastating. Fucking body parts and screams.

    • Roshi Sama
      Roshi Sama 2 years ago +1

      YourCozyHomes just a whistle then black

  • magorkel
    magorkel 3 years ago +4

    great way to dig a hole

  • The Steampunk Gamer
    The Steampunk Gamer 3 years ago +9

    Just some casual talk in the background

  • Serge kévin Coulibaly

    Pouvez vous ajouter les différents commandements et la mise en oeuvre?

  • 🇮🇪Deebo Belfast🇮🇪

    Get Someeeee

  • Zachary Bernard
    Zachary Bernard 3 years ago

    did anyone else hear that a10 at like 32

  • Evilnescat
    Evilnescat 3 years ago +9

    is this new clash of clans? that mortar is great

  • esquad 540
    esquad 540 3 years ago +90

    This is why the mortar will never go away.

  • Mike Patrick
    Mike Patrick 3 years ago

    excellent fire rate!!!! hooraw...

  • koen42
    koen42 3 years ago

    so how accurete are these things.

    • Hello Hello
      Hello Hello 2 years ago

      Depends on how shitty your FO is

    • JP King
      JP King 3 years ago +1

      I'm an 11C (don't mind my name, made it when I wanted to join the Marines years ago) but mortars are hella accurate. You set up aiming poles, align your sights with the poles, put in your data and level the mortar out with bubbles kinda like a leveler and start hanging.

    • DarthHugsALot
      DarthHugsALot 3 years ago +8

      +koen42 My grandfather was part of a mortar team in WWII. Mortar's of all sizes are vary accurate so long as they are operated buy a well trained crew under the right conditions. You generally need a forward observer, when firing on a target the mortar team fire off a single round (usually a smoke round) which the observer watches for, he radios back any corrections and then the main firing 'pattern' is launched by the mortar teams. You can use a tight pattern where two to three rounds are dropped onto a small target such as a pillbox, aimed at the same point; or you can use a wide pattern where nine or so rounds are dropped over a spread out arc of fire, generally to catch infantry caught moving in the open. Mortars are still very popular with modern militaries because they are highly portable, fairly easy to operate, can fire indirectly over good distances and do not sacrifice much in the way of overall accuracy.

    • TehRasia
      TehRasia 3 years ago +11

      +koen42 +wallabing Hello, I served in Finnish military as part of heavy mortar brigade. Mortars are actually very accurate, we used larger (120mm I think?) mortars and you could hit a bucket accurately to about 7km distance (8km is the maximum effective distance) with less than 5% margin of error. 81mm mortars have smaller (5km max distance).

      Of course you need artillery observer to direct the fire and exchange information so you can readjust the mortar parameters, also weather affects a lot (wind snow etc)

    • koen42
      koen42 3 years ago +1

      +wallabing Thanks. learned something new today. i would indeed shit my pants if a few of those came flying in my direction and move

  • Chia Yu Liu
    Chia Yu Liu 4 years ago


  • MrAdvantage1
    MrAdvantage1 4 years ago


  • ahmed feuzi
    ahmed feuzi 4 years ago

    best of the best of mortar

  • screamengine
    screamengine 4 years ago

    No dessert till their dick's in the dirt.

  • Ayakaishi Ayasy
    Ayakaishi Ayasy 4 years ago +1

    How do you aim with this thing

    • DarthHugsALot
      DarthHugsALot 3 years ago +5

      +Ayakaishi Ayasy Maths basically, specifically parabolic arcs, corrected for windage and elevation.

    • AwesomePossom
      AwesomePossom 4 years ago

      Elevation and corrections

  • Jim Bass
    Jim Bass 4 years ago +4

    At 16-17 seconds is that a bird?

  • Mrmikemike46
    Mrmikemike46 4 years ago

    Great job!! Your saving someones ASS out there!

  • mark barlow
    mark barlow 5 years ago

    It means BOOM

  • Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson 5 years ago +7

    What do they mean by firing for effect?

    • SparK
      SparK Year ago

      November SAINT Underrated comment. The world needs to see this.

    • Leo the German Sheperd
      Leo the German Sheperd Year ago +6

      +Chad Calvert lol. all these 3 responses going from most complicated to least complicated answers

    • Chad Calvert
      Chad Calvert 2 years ago +3

      "Fuckem up"

    • Heath Phillips
      Heath Phillips 4 years ago +39

      -or- in more simple terms "your rounds are on target, so let em have it"

    • xD Vision
      xD Vision 5 years ago +18

      Fire which is delivered after the mean point of impact or burst is within the desired distance of the target or adjusting/ranging point.

  • lion yang
    lion yang 5 years ago


    • kz400ee
      kz400ee 4 years ago +3


    • Emily Evelan
      Emily Evelan 4 years ago


  • Gerry Zamora
    Gerry Zamora 5 years ago

    Cold Steel.. ...make it rain

  • Ciarán Uí Néill
    Ciarán Uí Néill 5 years ago +61

    It's the caspian border.

    • FOO FOO
      FOO FOO 2 years ago


    • SpaceKraken
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    • SergeantSpoon
      SergeantSpoon 4 years ago +5

      @Grenades4Days yaaas

    • Aerozine
      Aerozine 4 years ago +20

      Battlefield player

  • OneElection08
    OneElection08 5 years ago +1

    I wonder how his ear drum is doing...

    • GamingInSlowMotion
      GamingInSlowMotion 5 years ago

      Pretty good, I think he can hear with a pipe connected to his ear.

  • DocEigen
    DocEigen 5 years ago +5

    I've heard if you fire off a hundred of these you can maybe kill, one cow...
    So that's 100 mortar rounds per cow... is that a good way to run a war?

    • hooker joe
      hooker joe 2 years ago +3

      If you were on the receiving end of these mortars, you wouldn't be having a very good day. If you were on the receiving end of 155mm artillery you could say, you'd be fucked.

    • Whiskey2shots
      Whiskey2shots 2 years ago +3

      it really depends how you mean this, if you mean in an ideal scenario, one round from these mortars could kill a section sized element, maybe even a platoon if it was dropped on a base. however in real terms, it can take up to 5 shots to get an exact range etc. on a stationary target, when using a mortar on a moving target, it can take several more, due to the addition of mils, and degrees to accommodate for the movement of the target, but with some clever thinking it is possible. really the chance of a mortar killing someone is down to the skill and intelligence of the spotter, the MFC, and the mortar crew. In a combat scenario mortars are an excellent way to win a war, they move much faster than SPGs, and field artillery, and can get to places the others can't, thus making them much better for supporting infantry, during the war in Afghanistan they have been very useful against Taliban held compounds and other stationary targets. Another thing to mention is that hthey are significantly cheaper than all other types of artillery, thus making them much better in the eyes of the country's government, due to them being able to be far cheaper, and still have a broadly similar effect to an SPG, of field artillery (Except for explosive power, which is supplemented by the speed seen in the video.)

    • King Ching Ching Ching Chong
      King Ching Ching Ching Chong 2 years ago +4

      1 of these could kill a cow and yes it is a very good way to win a war you dumb shit

    • I'm an Alien
      I'm an Alien 2 years ago +2

      doceigen y did u erase so many comments?

    • Erik Seguin
      Erik Seguin 2 years ago +8

      He erased them goofball

  • mumi karic
    mumi karic 5 years ago

    I don't get it, if you put the mortar just a bit slower wouldn't the rocket hit your hand ?
    Look very risky to me...

    • MoonEyes2k
      MoonEyes2k 5 years ago +6

      Not unless you intentionally dawdled with your hand over the muzzle. The grenade comes out of there in a real hurry, but it doesn't fall to the bottom with any greater speed than any thing else. And since you don't want to stand with your face over it, either, as long as you lean away, you're fine.

  • Form Softgun
    Form Softgun 5 years ago +5

    Rapid Fire!!!