Irene VS Heechul who will win??♥️💙

  • Published on May 8, 2019
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Comments • 708

  • Yoona Õø
    Yoona Õø Day ago

    First of all
    Heechul really likes Irene.

  • first name last name

    2:47 Heechul"is there a hole at the bottom "Ha

  • Mikay Hearteu
    Mikay Hearteu 2 days ago

    I was laughing the whole time until i saw Jonghyun😭 I miss you Angel 😭💔

  • Maurice
    Maurice 6 days ago +2

    2:32 Only Heechul would get away with that...... 😂

  • pwintmyatthu_20
    pwintmyatthu_20 6 days ago

    3:13 what if Jonghyun, Irene and D.O are together

  • I'm Dee
    I'm Dee 13 days ago

    Omg. Heechul is realky something he close with girlgroup withoyt scandal like with hani, gfriend, all sm girl group, momo too

  • riseu kay
    riseu kay 14 days ago

    Why irene so cuteee

  • iz*one and wiz*one
    iz*one and wiz*one 14 days ago +1

    Jonghyun 😢😥😥

  • Duble'HH 99
    Duble'HH 99 17 days ago

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  • X Dlan
    X Dlan 17 days ago

    Irene's visual no joke... She like angel 💕

  • Melinda Tan
    Melinda Tan 20 days ago

    wow I didn't think hani would be younger than irene

  • Nick H
    Nick H 20 days ago +1

    2:34 she would be so pissed if it was anyone else

  • k a r m a
    k a r m a 21 day ago +2

    I love the way he pronounces her name

  • Erica Altabano
    Erica Altabano 23 days ago


  • Rj Megalo
    Rj Megalo 24 days ago

    I am gay but wtf I must say that Irene is a Goddess. This is my first time watching her and her beauty really is top class.

  • Aith(^_^)
    Aith(^_^) 25 days ago

    2:32 heechul oppa has the prettiest fingers.🤗

  • Jooniejams '
    Jooniejams ' 25 days ago

    Jonghyun looks so happy there, Awww I miss youb Jonghyunahh😪✊🏻

  • April Angelie Pelagio
    April Angelie Pelagio 26 days ago

    why do i have to see jonghyun :(? i suddenly got sad.

  • Sparriax
    Sparriax 27 days ago +13

    2:51 “World’s Top Class Visuals”
    *This is hard facts*

  • DeVan Kim
    DeVan Kim 28 days ago +2

    Irene obviously 🤣

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 29 days ago +7

    Heechul is the only man Irene doesn’t scare off 😂

  • Xpoin God
    Xpoin God Month ago +2

    2:07 what name program ?

  • sara jones
    sara jones Month ago +1

    Actually Heechul is a vesion of seungri in yg

  • Isabella Solken
    Isabella Solken Month ago +12

    0:49 Heechul: how dare you😱😡

  • Amanda Amorim
    Amanda Amorim Month ago +1

    Hani calling Irene "unnie" is my new religion

  • sweetest dreams
    sweetest dreams Month ago +6

    There are so many " idol vs Heechul " that new fans might think he picks up fights everywhere .

  • BBYU SungJae_SooYoung
    BBYU SungJae_SooYoung Month ago +10

    I ship Irene & Heechul, but I guess I'm the only one 😂😂😂
    I really love their relationship.💜

  • Waterfront
    Waterfront Month ago +2

    Which show is 2:04?

  • StanChuu
    StanChuu Month ago +2

    woman vs woman

  • Vanrich Yer
    Vanrich Yer Month ago +1


    DEARLA Month ago +1

    Hey everyone😊 i made Irene as sims character on sims 4!!! Mind to check it out on my channel? Tell me what you think💕💕💕

  • ymooniverse
    ymooniverse Month ago +1

    Rip Jonghyun 💓

  • Vkook is LaCiMoLaLa
    Vkook is LaCiMoLaLa Month ago +3

    I was so happy and laughing so hard but then Jonghyun showed up. I know that this video is supposed to be funny and about Irene but I just can't help it when I see him...

  • Titonka
    Titonka Month ago

    Oh my gosh, I can't believe he threw his jacket at her and told her to iron. Even if it was a joke, how disrespectful

  • Hyun Yuki
    Hyun Yuki Month ago +1

    Kim Heechul just being an annoying slash funny big brother to his hoobaes. 😂😂😂❤️

  • KangHwang
    KangHwang Month ago +2

    Hehe what a lovely ladybae

  • ASPY _
    ASPY _ Month ago +4

    2:46 Why did I think about some other hole?

  • Ky An
    Ky An Month ago +7

    Heechul, Taeyeon, and Irene look like a real siblings❤️

  • Zein Apisz
    Zein Apisz 2 months ago +1

    Only heechul can play along with irene

    • Xabara Pearce
      Xabara Pearce 21 day ago

      All suju member can play along with irene.

  • Shana Toriano
    Shana Toriano 2 months ago +6

    When hani said “unnie annyeong” red velvet be like “kyaaaaaahhhhh”

  • Coco Janeriat
    Coco Janeriat 2 months ago +1

    Heechul is gold !

  • Jordan Nim
    Jordan Nim 2 months ago

    Irene hella cute

  • Tanaka
    Tanaka 2 months ago +3

    other entertainment artists going well around each other while sm artists fight among each others 😂😂🙈

  • Syau Mhmmd
    Syau Mhmmd 2 months ago


  • Not A Gentleman
    Not A Gentleman 2 months ago +3

    She is the one that made me into kpop. Long ago, i thought kpop was a joke with lots of beautiful women. Then i saw irene on runningman, and was like woww this must be the most beautiful kpop girl. At that time i cant imagine if there are other kpop girls prettier than her. So i ended up searching for her name and stuff, and im 100% correct. No other girls can beat her beauty.

    • Sabrina Ahmed Chowa
      Sabrina Ahmed Chowa Month ago

      Everyone just see her face..but actually don't realize that her personality also makes us too hypnotised towards matter what makes her cutest little bunny out there 💜💜

  • Pranav ShaliKumar
    Pranav ShaliKumar 2 months ago

    2:45 *Is there a hole at the bottom?*

  • little miss cute
    little miss cute 2 months ago +3

    Irene : my bias in Red Velvet
    Heechul : my bias in knowing bros
    OwO waeeee....

  • Varetta Dina
    Varetta Dina 2 months ago

    What song 3:00 - 3:02?

  • Taeyoung태영
    Taeyoung태영 2 months ago

    in 2019 i dont like the kpop videos when Jonghyung in it forget him now i mean seriously if u wanna talk about him than do another video but
    please it makes me sad even tho it didn"t know him its scary to look at a person who is death now

  • Cessum _
    Cessum _ 2 months ago +4

    I really liked her before but every time I see her now I'm always reminded of how her fans call out Leeteuk for being 'pervert' and making her feel 'uncomfortable' during Losiento when all he did was to follow the choreo of that song.

  • Stephnat Living
    Stephnat Living 2 months ago

    what show is 2:36?

  • April Ashok
    April Ashok 2 months ago

    She's sooooo prettyyy

  • Yurisla D. Virgusta
    Yurisla D. Virgusta 2 months ago +4

    her awkwardness and boringness is actually can make you laugh so hard😂

    LAZY VeNOM 2 months ago

    Irene is so beautiful..😍

  • Sóc Nhỏ Xíu
    Sóc Nhỏ Xíu 2 months ago

    Tui ko hiểu nhưng rất hài hước tui thích xem chương trình này 👍

  • •Yoɳe Hyoko•
    •Yoɳe Hyoko• 2 months ago +9

    0:46, 2:30, 2:53
    I really shipp them xd

  • Aghnia Rahmani
    Aghnia Rahmani 2 months ago +9

    let's talk about how gorgeous heechul's haircut😍

  • Yvonne Chan
    Yvonne Chan 3 months ago +2


  • Yvonne Chan
    Yvonne Chan 3 months ago +2


  • Sem David Timothy Sitanggang

    Hahaha heechul, that was close, he almost lick the sauce after he wipe it from irene's chin , yeri is watching 🤣🤣🤣