Nioh 2 - Official Story Trailer

  • Take a look at the story trailer for the upcoming sequel set in 1555 feudal Japan. Play as a mute rogue living as a hired mercenary and renowned Yokai hunter. Born to and abandoned by human and Yokai parents, you are burdened with the ability to take on supernatural Yokai form.
    Nioh 2 will be released on March 13, 2020 on PlayStation 4.
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  • S. Van Bruggen
    S. Van Bruggen 6 days ago

    Great game...

  • Michael Ling
    Michael Ling 26 days ago

    so is this game taking a few decades before the first nioh or so I heard but i'm seeing a lot of characters from the first one in the second one, now either the characters are extremely old/their guardian spirits keep them alive longer or that information I heard is wrong.

  • 2 2
    2 2 Month ago +1

    will this be a open world game?

  • Ryan Jeffers
    Ryan Jeffers Month ago

    So exited!

  • margarita garcia espinoza

    Ninja gaiden 4 come back

  • ktn808
    ktn808 Month ago

    i hope this game takes place from nobunaga's campaigns to the unification by hideyoshi

  • ktn808
    ktn808 Month ago

    i hope this game takes place from nobunaga's campaigns to the unification by hideyoshi

  • 천문양
    천문양 Month ago

    Honda face...
    Nioh 1 like

  • Stanislas Wawrinka
    Stanislas Wawrinka Month ago

    I am in love with white fox with yellow eyes guardian spirit 😍😍😍

  • TristanPR77
    TristanPR77 Month ago

    I demand that I can play this game as Nezuko or Mikasa.

  • Rohit Sharma
    Rohit Sharma Month ago

    Story: Japanese possessed by British people.

  • salamander7319
    salamander7319 Month ago

    Didn't know Kakashi could sing

  • Leon Jee
    Leon Jee Month ago

    Samurais with British accent lol

  • warhawk111
    warhawk111 Month ago

    Did I go back in time. Is this coming out for the PS3. Whats up with the graphics.

  • Dante X
    Dante X Month ago

    I miss William.. but I'll still buy this!

  • Lucitin Hellfire
    Lucitin Hellfire Month ago

    I hope there is a Japanese language option, hearing this spoken in English seems strange to me.

  • Hooman Bekhradi
    Hooman Bekhradi Month ago

    The dubbing is trash

  • Sager
    Sager Month ago +1

    The English dub is the best part. Not interested in games that don't even bother to speak my language. It was my main problem with Jump Force; had to avoid that garbage like the plague.

  • P R
    P R Month ago +1

    Now I can understand what they’re saying. Don’t like reading subtitles while I’m playing.

    • Sager
      Sager Month ago +1

      Same. Subtitles would have been a dealbreaker for me.

  • Freyafanboy90
    Freyafanboy90 Month ago

    And no ones going to talk about how Magoichi is is in here. I only hope they kept his battle theme.

    • archaicYGO
      archaicYGO Month ago

      Fairly sure it's the father of the Saika Magoichi from the first game.

  • MaDDworlD
    MaDDworlD Month ago +1

    I'll buy but only on PC sorry, PS4 you're just too weak.

  • Nawadsama
    Nawadsama Month ago

    Anyone got translation of the song/chant going through out the video? I believe that the first word is 'Human'.
    Also, the person singing/chanting sounds like voice actor of Jirayia from Naruto ;)

  • FrozenStar
    FrozenStar Month ago

    hahahah, english dubs

  • Letho Of Gulet
    Letho Of Gulet Month ago

    Awwhhh man I liked the transitions from English to Japanese in the first game..

  • Goat Church
    Goat Church Month ago

    I see Oda Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Sorin Otomo, Honda Tadakatsu, Magoichi Saika, and some Ninjas. Looks like the plot centers around the young Oda Nobunaga and his rise to power.

  • Time Rider
    Time Rider Month ago

    Nioh looks like mud. sekiro too.
    Not hyped after playing both titles.
    The whole samurai thing is just a slog of boringness. Samurai swords in any DS games was never even used once. I hope elden ring gets things on track.

    • Emilia Mercier
      Emilia Mercier Month ago

      FROM Soft and Team Ninja focuse on gameplay more then graphics.

      As for the whole samurai thing, well that is an opinion, sekiro won goty so that shows not everyone shares the same opinon, The uchigatana in DS3 was very broken and could do a ton of damage before the nerf and the washingpole is arguably one of the best weapons

  • Kelly Mungomo
    Kelly Mungomo 2 months ago

    Imagine eating a clock.......That would be time consuming

  • David D
    David D 2 months ago

    1:50 DO NOT PURSUE... LU BU...

  • JG123331
    JG123331 2 months ago

    English accents?! In-ter-esting....

  • Mike b
    Mike b 2 months ago +2

    I have more then 1k hours played in Nioh 1, I cannot wait for more in this!!

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez 2 months ago

    3 days ago and only 77k view thats sad...

    • Emilia Mercier
      Emilia Mercier Month ago

      it is a niche title, and its an exclusive making it even more niche so its to be expected

  • Adamas Rizky
    Adamas Rizky 2 months ago

    is that u Lu Bu??

  • jthouston44
    jthouston44 2 months ago

    Spiritual successor to onimusho???

  • 360 Entertainment
    360 Entertainment 2 months ago

    Beautiful, ‘nuff said!

  • vishal bachan
    vishal bachan 2 months ago

    Wierd I just played the first one and I loved how it was all Japanese and William spoke English and when Hanzo communicated in English it was with a natural accent. It gave it more authenticity. But this all English trailer just feels wrong

  • DigitalBerserk
    DigitalBerserk 2 months ago

    Step a side Sekiro...the king has returned.

    • Emilia Mercier
      Emilia Mercier Month ago

      well if it were to be king it would have to have won goty to atleast be considered above sekiro, unless opinionwise you mean king, in which case im not in any state to argue.

  • أحمد علي
    أحمد علي 2 months ago


  • THN
    THN 2 months ago

    What is Lu Bu doing there?

  • Stoys
    Stoys 2 months ago

    im SOO hyped for NioH 2!

  • Joshua Davis
    Joshua Davis 2 months ago +2

    Day 1 Adjustments:
    Audio: Japanese
    Subtitles: English

  • que back
    que back 2 months ago

    Onimusha infinite

  • Kevin Reyes
    Kevin Reyes 2 months ago

    The raven set dude is still in the prequel he is cool

  • Cyrus The Riffs
    Cyrus The Riffs 2 months ago

    But the skills and everything else is the exact same thing. Boring!

  • Karrot 12
    Karrot 12 2 months ago

    Hate the accents

  • Lizzy Bennet
    Lizzy Bennet 2 months ago

    I can switch to the Japanese dub, right?

  • J Winters
    J Winters 2 months ago

    The hype is real!

  • Willz Johns
    Willz Johns 2 months ago

    Well I don't care about the long as I get to kill the yokai things......

  • the joka
    the joka 2 months ago

    Lmfao I love all people having a big fight over dubbing and subbing I could really care less I actually prefer the dub never played the first one but I did watch the whole gameplay of it I was going to play the first one but I don't know it just felt off in some ways to me but I can really can't wait to play nioh 2

  • Heaven Crasher
    Heaven Crasher 2 months ago

    Nice! Day 1.

  • Christian Viera
    Christian Viera 2 months ago

    Somebodies gonna through a fit over the English voice acting but forgot Japanese is always and option.

  • Grant Rae
    Grant Rae 2 months ago

    young tadakatsu and nobunagas famous dance this is going to be interesting

  • 01 61
    01 61 2 months ago

    Realistically it's just not going to be better than sekiro is it, bless them for trying though.

    • 01 61
      01 61 Month ago

      @Emilia Mercier Yes sekiro had to contest with a remake (much like nioh 2), a highly anticipated sequel (much like nioh two and a new original game by a legendary game developer. They've got similar odds and similar themes, its deterministic to say but there is no way nioh 2 will be able to compare to a fromsoft game, I'd be surprised if it's even better that DS 2 because nioh 1 certainly wasnt.

    • Emilia Mercier
      Emilia Mercier Month ago

      @01 61 I extremely doubt it, nioh 2 has to compete with final fantasy remake, Doom Eternal and cyberpunk 2077 there is a very low chance it will be goty.

      Sekiro had to compete with DmC 5, Death Stranding and control and RE Remake they were decent games but werent anything amazing
      IF you based a games quality on a award (Which is also an award based on opinion) then that is rather idiotic.

    • 01 61
      01 61 Month ago

      @Emilia Mercier Come back to this comment section next year when the game of the year is announced let's see if nioh 2 wins like sekiro did

    • Emilia Mercier
      Emilia Mercier Month ago

      Realistically that is your opinion, bless you for trying though.

  • Shane Luckett
    Shane Luckett 2 months ago

    But where is William during all of this?

  • H V
    H V 2 months ago


  • Norman M
    Norman M 2 months ago


  • Lady Ashe
    Lady Ashe 2 months ago

    I have to say i am not a big fan of the English dub , really hoping for Japanese audio and subs.

  • Hunter Woleslagle
    Hunter Woleslagle 2 months ago

    Sekiro: Infinity War

  • char sensei
    char sensei 2 months ago

    honnoji bbq again?

  • Rezolutionist
    Rezolutionist 2 months ago

    Why they don't speak japanese like in the first Nioh?

  • FluxMaster Flex
    FluxMaster Flex 2 months ago +1

    Much rather prefer Japanese with subtitles...

  • GainTrainWompa 1
    GainTrainWompa 1 2 months ago

    Boy was that a below average trailer ... way to kill the hype.

  • Najeeb Church
    Najeeb Church 2 months ago +1

    We need to discuss why these Japanese characters are speaking with and English dialect 🤣🤣🤣🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Sager
      Sager Month ago

      What's to discuss? I've no interest in games that don't even speak my language. English Dub, or I'll pass.

  • Devin Walters
    Devin Walters 2 months ago

    1:31 What's the ghost of tsushima doing in this?

  • Prasun Kumar
    Prasun Kumar 2 months ago

    Nioh 1.25

    DESEO 2 months ago

    Lmao is it just me or does that sound like tyrannicon at the biggining

  • James Sengoku
    James Sengoku 2 months ago

    This sounds so unnatural with English dub 😐

  • Jake Rodriguez
    Jake Rodriguez 2 months ago

    so we don't play as william this time?

    • Sager
      Sager Month ago

      Because custom characters are better.

    • Emilia Mercier
      Emilia Mercier Month ago

      nope, you have a custom character you create

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer 2 months ago

    Lol at the japanese girl with a british voice.

  • Son Ryu19
    Son Ryu19 2 months ago

    So hype for this game, can't wait for it.

  • AcciorraOfficial
    AcciorraOfficial 2 months ago

    English dub of Japanese based game has British accents...

  • ailehunter
    ailehunter 2 months ago +1

    we doing english VAs now? Kewl.

  • Rogue Seraph
    Rogue Seraph 2 months ago +1

    Im SUPER ready!!!

  • jjjjorden
    jjjjorden 2 months ago

    1:03 that music drop🔥🔥

  • lorcanman
    lorcanman 2 months ago

    This dub reeks of Xenoblade, I'm interested already

  • JackMango
    JackMango 2 months ago +1 William? What about the Spanish Lady at the end of Nioh 1’s DLC?

  • broccoli assassin
    broccoli assassin 2 months ago

    i thought kiryu kazuma was in nioh2 😂

  • Skyntalor
    Skyntalor 2 months ago

    Sweet! Looking forward to this. But kinda miss my boi William though.

    • Chukwuyenum Enebeli
      Chukwuyenum Enebeli 2 months ago

      Yeah. I'm devastated that William is not in this story. Makes it less personal for me

  • LivingOnLifeDyingfromLife187

    Nioh "Another Shrimp on the BAWwwBeeee" 2

  • Hassan Juma
    Hassan Juma 2 months ago

    Now you don’t have an option but to check what’s on 1:45 because I put it here.

  • Steve Xavier
    Steve Xavier 2 months ago

    I thought the thumbnail guy was Lu Bu