SMART AND SIMPLE GIRLY HACKS || Make Your Life Easier With These Cool Ideas

  • Published on Mar 2, 2019
  • Every girl needs some tricks to help her look her best and stay beautiful.
    We are sharing with you a roundup of great girly hacks to get you looking fantastic!
    This compilation of life-saving hacks would surely help you in every day’s beauty routine.
    So, watch these beauty hacks and learn some valuable and useful insider tips!
    This video is for all the ladies out there who can’t get enough of girly hacks!
    0:17 Earring cleavage hack
    0:51 How to lift your booty
    01:44 Tampon medical bandage
    02:32 No-heat curls trick
    03:47 Face-dunking make up fixing trick
    04:46 Gradient lips technique
    05:24 How to revive your dried-out liquid eyeliner
    06:47 BLOOPERS!

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    Hey! Check out these life-saving girly hacks!
    Did you try them yet? Let us know in the comments!

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      Ilove your 123go

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      Ivan O. Thomas 22 hours ago

      This makes no sense because the person fell u got a tampon but they already have a bandage they could use that bandage to cover their wound

    • dr flappe
      dr flappe 15 days ago

      i love this so much pls make more

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    My best friend and I LOVE you guys and we LOVE to do your hacks.

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    When are you guys talk like a like button if you think that they should talk more often and you your your glasses videos are literally so funny I cannot stop laughing everyone in my family loves it and I love you guys like the light but and if you love them and have a good day

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    I saw Vickys underwear 😄

  • Garry Humby
    Garry Humby 5 days ago

    At 2:25 what is the point if you have a band aid in you purse no need to use a tampon if you have a

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    I know how she feels

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    But no pain by earring on dress

  • Laurie Olinger
    Laurie Olinger 8 days ago

    At 1:50 that That happened to me and I had to go to the hospital because I couldn’t walk on it and I got an x-ray but it turns out I have Bruises inside of my knee and I had to wear a knee brace

  • veronica chavez
    veronica chavez 8 days ago +4

    When they used the tampons they stuck it to their neee with a BANDAID why couldn’t they just use the bandaids🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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    How does vickey even cut her knee? She was walking on a tile floor

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    Ava Wiedemann 18 days ago

    I am not girly but I am watching it...

  • Ava Wiedemann
    Ava Wiedemann 18 days ago

    I am not girly but I am watching it...

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    Хоть бы кто-то Нашёлся Кто говорит по-русски

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