Holiday Special | OMG We Bought A House!

  • Published on Dec 10, 2016
    Los Angeles Youth Network:
    It’s the holidays once again, and we need to get our home ready for some major cheer! But we’re not just bringing the warmth and happiness of the holiday season to our humble abode, we’re also sharing it with the Los Angeles Youth Network ( as a celebration for reaching 700,000 subscribers!!
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    If we reach 1 million subscribers, one of those lucky people will win a $10,000 room transformation and their own episode with Mr. Kate! Also, for each 100,000 subscribers gained in that time, we're giving $1,000 to a charity to help those in need find homes!
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    Creative Credit:
    Audio Tracks: Epidemic Sound
    A Mr. Kate Production
    Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
    Shot by: Brad Etter and Marco Bottiglieri
    Edited by: Vianne Robitaille, Oleksii Babenko, Drew Rosas
    Sound: Alfonso Cano
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  • Fluffy Unicorns
    Fluffy Unicorns Month ago

    Hey guys I would love it if u could post more baby videos and pregnancy videos because I can’t wait

  • mindy williams
    mindy williams 2 months ago

    I love you guys and you're going to be good parents your baby is going to be very lucky to have you in it's life

  • LanaKitsune
    LanaKitsune 2 months ago

    I realize I'm watching this very late but THANK YOU SO MUCH Kate and Joey for that wonderful donation. I work with youth in a residential house program in Canada and the gift you gave 3 years ago is wonderful! These programs are constantly underfunded and we work to make the money stretch, so any donations are absolutely wonderful!

  • Ramesh Nand
    Ramesh Nand 4 months ago

    U guys are so cute 😂😂😍😍😘😚😗😙🙂☺

  • Andy Loy
    Andy Loy 5 months ago +1

    Kate : Did you just say your momma butt cake ?
    Joey : No
    Like if you heard it

  • Lisa Shaw
    Lisa Shaw 6 months ago

    Is your cat a chimera?? The split colouring on her face says she is, so adorable. X

  • owlhopper
    owlhopper 7 months ago

    just me that thinks joey looks like mark rober

  • Holly Sinclair
    Holly Sinclair 7 months ago +1

    I’m watching this in September 2018 😂

  • Pein Ajero
    Pein Ajero 7 months ago

    This made me cry. Kate & Joey the bessst!!!

  • Kaitlyn Connolly
    Kaitlyn Connolly 7 months ago


  • Renee Hakala
    Renee Hakala 7 months ago

    Omg we bought a sweater

  • Bad girl 22
    Bad girl 22 8 months ago

    I feel like joey is forced to do these things but he really enjoys it 😂 lol they are my favorite couple 😍

  • Janet Caterina
    Janet Caterina 9 months ago

    This is so Martha

  • Meg Brown
    Meg Brown 9 months ago

    O my gosh I love this channel so much y’all are so awesome.

  • Meg White
    Meg White 9 months ago +1

    I am watching in 2018 and she has 2.5 million

  • Amy Rasanow
    Amy Rasanow 10 months ago +1

    Uh Holly Leaves, Holly Leaves, Holly Leaves I just love the name Holly......😂😂😂😂

  • cctvtoys123
    cctvtoys123 11 months ago +1

    Kate: did you just say mammabutt cake?

  • Leslie Gallegeos
    Leslie Gallegeos 11 months ago

    I love yall

  • Rose Parak
    Rose Parak 11 months ago

    joey is looking finee in his christmas jumper tho

  • Mc Lopez
    Mc Lopez 11 months ago

    Hello guys! Can we have sub to sub? Please message me i will sub to your channel thankss

  • Beanie _high_
    Beanie _high_ 11 months ago

    Wait it’s a baking channel now

  • Aleesia Unicorns
    Aleesia Unicorns 11 months ago

    you are awesome get them to 3 million happy holidays

  • Diya Patel
    Diya Patel 11 months ago


  • Maddie Marine
    Maddie Marine 11 months ago

    Binging your "we bought a house" on my sick day today- i'm loving all your videos. thanks for sharing! the cat DIYs are especially appreciated by a fellow cat lady!

  • Vipula Sundar
    Vipula Sundar Year ago

    Santa’s second string of reindeer:
    Smasher, Trancer, Financer, Kicksen
    Vomit, Stupid, Wander, Spitzen

  • Katherine Hamilton

    *love* your sweaters!

  • Amber Frazier
    Amber Frazier Year ago

    This was the best episode!

  • melionette _majesty

    Little Mix haha! There’s a group named Little Mix who sing lol!! I just found that really funny!

  • Marisol Huerta Landa

    That hot chocolate is insulting my.mexican hot chocolate

  • Juliana da Rocha Vieira

    what is this hair? marvelousssss!

  • Aliana DeVivo
    Aliana DeVivo Year ago

    I love the sweaters 👚👕❤️💜🧡🖤💛💚💙

  • Estrella Collazo
    Estrella Collazo Year ago

    your the best youtube

  • ashly hayashi legend plays

    At your back yard you shold bulid a tree house

  • Aoife Otoole
    Aoife Otoole Year ago

    Omg found a new favorite hot chocolate reciepe

  • Maisa Karimzada
    Maisa Karimzada Year ago

    ‘Your mama’s buttcakes’ - Joey 2016

  • Chillboy Hernandez

    Has it seriously been a year?

  • coolkidroro
    coolkidroro Year ago

    saffron buns

  • Anna Barthel
    Anna Barthel Year ago

    We bought a light up broncos Christmas sweater for my mom's boy friend

  • Fatima Ramos
    Fatima Ramos Year ago

    God bless you Joey and Kate

  • Faith May
    Faith May Year ago

    I found one of your videos maybe three days ago and I’ve been l binge watching them since! I loveee your channel! 💐📲🍿

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget Year ago

    That angel bell candle thing is Swedish. If your Swedish you light the candles on Christmas morning to celebrate the gift of light from Saint Lucia.

  • Natalie Schwerdt
    Natalie Schwerdt Year ago

    Who came up with your channels name 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Heidi Dent
    Heidi Dent Year ago

    There is a cat

  • Eleanor Frost
    Eleanor Frost Year ago

    I have the same colour kitchen aid as you guys!!!!!

  • Jj
    Jj Year ago

    OMG your close to two million!!!

  • Aijah Mack
    Aijah Mack Year ago

    Just thought about this... Maybe start a class for an after school program in collaboration to teach the youth the skills you guys have picked up over the years for design and decorating (especially the ones in transitional housing so they can upgrade their homes and rentals)!! Or even just a visit where you create diys with the kids!

  • Shannon Douglas
    Shannon Douglas Year ago

    i came here to watch them work on their house not bake cupcakes

  • Kailey Mo Becker
    Kailey Mo Becker Year ago

    6:12 Twins

  • Amy Howard
    Amy Howard Year ago

    I have that angel bell candle thingy too

  • Emma Mascarenas
    Emma Mascarenas Year ago

    Is Kate wearing a skirt or shorts ? Or is she wearing a skort? Or is the lace just attached to her sweater? Is her sweater a sweater dress? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Romano Gitano
    Romano Gitano Year ago

    I know this is an old vid. but is still 2/KOOL specially "I Love you, You talking to Me or the Cat?" LOL 😂

  • Madisyn Davis
    Madisyn Davis Year ago

    Your future children are going to be so embarrassed when they watch you two making up songs while making cupcakes.. 😆😂

  • SoulAwakened
    SoulAwakened Year ago

    PLEEEAAAAAAASE do a makeover for this organisation. They totally deserve it

  • Susannah Dances
    Susannah Dances Year ago

    I just discovered your channel a week ago, or less, and I'm addicted... I hae been binge watching all of your shows and I seriously love your creativity. This touched me too, that you donate to the community. You two are truly awesome!

  • Ida Nilsson
    Ida Nilsson Year ago

    So cool that you made Swedish cup cakes! There called "Lusse-muffins or Lussekatts-muffins" (At least if there is saffran in them) Muffin is cup cake in Swedish 😄

  • Addison Witulski
    Addison Witulski Year ago

    I like your shirt

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    Lubna Muhammad Year ago

    Dirty oven😷

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    Alexis Michelle Year ago

    Next thing you know omg we’re moving out

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    iiiLauraxFT Year ago

    You guys are so nice and kind I love you guys so much

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    Pame García Year ago

    6:14 omg Joey looks so fuckingly beautiful

  • Kaelyn Scott
    Kaelyn Scott Year ago

    Today I'm sick can I get 3 dislikes

  • Superbae14 Lugo
    Superbae14 Lugo Year ago +1

    That looks like a Santa stripper

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    Nora Garcia Year ago

    What mixer brand is that???

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    Lydia Savitt Year ago

    Are either of them Scandinavian? They had a lot of Scandinavian decorations

  • Lydia Savitt
    Lydia Savitt Year ago

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    TrapMusic RBLX Year ago

    omg we bought a cake wait no its not a stop bot I mean OMG we made cakes

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    Traci Register Year ago

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    S-J & ELLA Year ago

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    zoe mr. clean Year ago

    I live in Canada and I was really confused why there wasn't any snow outside. But then I realized... California...

  • Joanna Eastman
    Joanna Eastman Year ago

    Anyone else watching this in 2017?

  • Isabella Muñoz
    Isabella Muñoz Year ago

    I cried a little when you gave the cheque over, I used to be a 'homeless' teen in the U.K. And now I have my own flat and get so many great DIY ideas off you guys to make the place my own! the last two episodes have brought so much warmth to my heart you guys are amazing! 💕

  • Lynsey Toney
    Lynsey Toney Year ago

    I thought she was vegan and didn't eat eggs?

  • TrashChan
    TrashChan Year ago

    Soooooo, no dinosaur spitting water?

  • Ayan Ghazni
    Ayan Ghazni Year ago

    You should do the rooms for the homeles for theam to feel like they have a cosy room for theamself

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    Victoria Gilje Year ago

    You chood start a vlogg!!!!!

  • Jenni Vee
    Jenni Vee Year ago

    I never thought Joey was handsome(mostly because of his grumpy attitude) but at 6:14 he looks like a literal model.

  • AlexUnicorn V
    AlexUnicorn V Year ago

    93?! It's like they were born yesterday:(

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    Thea Laue Year ago +2

    Who else thinks that at 6:13 Joey looked like a model? xD

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    Estefani Perez Year ago

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    Kate looks a lot like Anna Kendrick... like a blonde Anna Kendrick. I wonder if she's ever gotten that before.

  • Miss Piper
    Miss Piper Year ago

    Kate and Joey you two are such a big inspiration to me and my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that you are doing this for charity!!!!!! Keep making awesome videos!!!! I love you guys from my heart to yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaylie Wilson
    Kaylie Wilson Year ago

    Mr. Kate was a wake-up call to redecorate my 2011 bedroom/ nursery from when I was 5. Mr. Kate, Thanks a lot!

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    EmJay Anieta Year ago

    *AYYEEEE that cupcake remix was lowkey dope*

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    Jaclyn Nguyen Year ago

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