2018 iPhone XR/XS Plus Leaks! Pre-order Date, Faster Charging & SE 2 Lives?

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
  • NEW 2018 iPhone XR & XS Plus Leaks! Final Release Date, Even Faster Charging, Mysterious 'iPhone XX' Found, Apple Pencil & More!
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  • Dana&Gram TV
    Dana&Gram TV 5 months ago


  • Robert Etzenhouser
    Robert Etzenhouser 5 months ago

    Whose here in 2019

  • Blitzy 9979
    Blitzy 9979 7 months ago +1

    Who else is watching it right now to see if they were close to getting it right?

  • Younas Ali
    Younas Ali 8 months ago


  • Younas Ali
    Younas Ali 8 months ago

    I like the iPhone se 2

  • Faizan Suhail
    Faizan Suhail 9 months ago

    Hahah good comparison

  • Ken Roth
    Ken Roth 10 months ago

    I like the smaller phones from apple. It is nice. It is easy to hold. It is simple.

  • Mujtaba Merchant
    Mujtaba Merchant 10 months ago

    Thank you for the video. Appreciate the iPhone SE for its size and handy phone to have. I also admire the iPhone 7 it is been priced too heavy in our country The iPhone SE was affordable and it was an upgrade for me from the 5S I hope Apple things out strategy for users like myself

  • john doe
    john doe 10 months ago

    On the iPhone 9, Will you be able to see a full 16:9 video without the notch interfering because it’s 6.1 inch?

  • Wanda Lebron
    Wanda Lebron 10 months ago

    I no like iPhone after Steve die I’m team Samsung

  • Fran Noerr
    Fran Noerr 10 months ago

    Omg is that a peacock on your deck? To darn cute ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bryan Wishingwell
    Bryan Wishingwell 10 months ago

    I so excited for the watch to can’t wait for the release date and the keynote

  • Sunday Morning
    Sunday Morning 10 months ago

    Still can't buy ,so expensive for me 😅😥😥😥

  • Li-Feng Lo
    Li-Feng Lo 10 months ago

    Steve: Tom Cook, you are fired!!

  • Christopher M
    Christopher M 10 months ago

    🍎People , ban 5G in your state, city. It was developed as a weapon, and creates insane amount of health effects. People need to do their own due diligence and the research. Think about it, they haven’t even perfected 4G or LTE yet. There is a reason for this 5G roll out and it’s not for what you think. Say NO, And you Everything’ Apple 🍎 area channel that puts out research and information and with your large audience, you can get the word out.
    RESEARCH AGENDA 21, it will make sense then.
    Peace to all , we need to ban together as people to protect ourselves and children from the powers that be. Please do your own due diligence people and research dangers of 5G and agenda 21. And Google is not your friend when you do this research, you need to dig because the government don’t want you to know the truth !!

  • Zakir hussain
    Zakir hussain 10 months ago

    do you have iphone 9

  • - 2JZ x RB26 -
    - 2JZ x RB26 - 10 months ago

    Bruh I want that yellow 😩

  • Damian Escalante
    Damian Escalante 10 months ago

    I had an a idea that there would be a model like the 8 plus but has features of the X like face ID and stuff

  • mrsblue23
    mrsblue23 10 months ago

    Yes excited for both

  • Lp_MenozezX - فيكس_١٣

    Are you making iphonex

  • Nick
    Nick 10 months ago

    2019 iPhones will be completely wireless charging and no charging port. Come back to this if you don’t believe me

  • Danproud
    Danproud 10 months ago +1

    It’s just the iPhone X

  • Dz N
    Dz N 10 months ago

    Haha steve jobs has been shoot out

  • Ethan Kaminski
    Ethan Kaminski 10 months ago

    I might get the new one

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson 10 months ago

    China chicka boom

  • احمد عزيز
    احمد عزيز 10 months ago

    I’m waiting New iPhone release to buy note 9 because it’s will be less cost :)

  • jamaludeen ibrahim
    jamaludeen ibrahim 10 months ago

    the same bolshit all over

  • Elliot Golding
    Elliot Golding 10 months ago

    Still waiting for iPod touch 7

  • David Raymond Games
    David Raymond Games 10 months ago


  • Josh
    Josh 10 months ago +1

    But does it come with a 401k and make your dick bigger?

  • Joshua Brazezicke
    Joshua Brazezicke 10 months ago

    What if they call the cheaper 6.1” iPhone the iPhone Xc?

  • Charisse Mae Jabagat
    Charisse Mae Jabagat 10 months ago


  • Lt Steroz
    Lt Steroz 10 months ago

    A thicker phone ewww. Just kidding that sounds great

  • Benita Dufresne
    Benita Dufresne 10 months ago

    You have some nice concept renders

  • Hayden Pau
    Hayden Pau 10 months ago


  • Tutu Adams Yoruba
    Tutu Adams Yoruba 10 months ago

    Your voice is so attractive lmaoo

  • Jonhatan Verdugo
    Jonhatan Verdugo 10 months ago

    I could go for a iPhone with no charger port just wireless.. I have a Samsung charging pad that I use for my 8 Plus

  • Savage Dancer
    Savage Dancer 10 months ago

    He has them already!! Lucky

  • Manoj Kale
    Manoj Kale 10 months ago

    Video intro is iconic man.. who want the stylus!

  • Andrea Pyne
    Andrea Pyne 10 months ago

    iOS 12 is awesome

  • Khaly29 Ali
    Khaly29 Ali 10 months ago

    I miss my iPhone 4

  • trxsh trxsh
    trxsh trxsh 10 months ago

    I shouldn’t bought the iPhone 8 Plus... JK IM RLLY HAPPY FOR MEH IPHONE 8 plus.

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  • waffles toast
    waffles toast 10 months ago

    I believe Steve Jobs would have changed his mind about the stylus today.

  • Tyrique Hendricks
    Tyrique Hendricks 10 months ago

    Can't wait to see it

  • BananaSlayer
    BananaSlayer 10 months ago

    21st of September is my birthday. Thanks for the gift, Apple.

  • Robert Salas
    Robert Salas 10 months ago

    Pew pew pew

    SPILL DATEASIS 10 months ago

    It’s also amazing that iPhone X is getting a gold colour woo

    SPILL DATEASIS 10 months ago

    I’m just going to get the next iPhone next year the biggest one which is for the tea spillage sis

  • Mason Morris
    Mason Morris 10 months ago

    Ayy I want to win that give away

  • Diego Muzquiz
    Diego Muzquiz 10 months ago

    Will like the new iPhone

  • Jack The potato
    Jack The potato 10 months ago

    I want the yellow! I rly want to save up now 🤞

  • Lavish Lyfe
    Lavish Lyfe 10 months ago


  • [ deathrodamus ]
    [ deathrodamus ] 10 months ago

    iPhone with no port? So what’s the next part to be removed?

  • Chris
    Chris 10 months ago

    Question for anyone on the AT&T plan to upgrade every year. This applies to everyone. Considering the iPhone X was made available last year in November and all out plans started at that time. Technically nobody is eligible for their yearly upgrade when the 2018 iPhone comes out in September unless you pay 2-3 months in advance to have 50% of the 2017 model paid off.
    Food for thought.

  • XnotYas
    XnotYas 10 months ago

    i understood nothing

  • Devanand Shaji
    Devanand Shaji 10 months ago +1

    I guess those batbit,ratbit,and dogbit on those phones gave steve a heart attack.I loved apple's authentic design that they did with 8,8 plus.

  • A Man
    A Man 10 months ago

    Great news would be for Apple to charge reasonable prices and respect their customers without the premature obsolescence they include in their products... everything you mentioned in this video is not great news!!

  • Mr RoRo
    Mr RoRo 10 months ago

    Please contact me as soon as you get this... I want you to be the first to here the news about the new iPhone.:.

  • Mr RoRo
    Mr RoRo 10 months ago

    I need you to contact me as soon as possible... I have some news I think ur going to want to here

  • DonSawyerBK Sawyer
    DonSawyerBK Sawyer 10 months ago +1

    4 left wild.link/apple/AOSnBA

  • Jasmine Love
    Jasmine Love 10 months ago

    Dang, I wish I could have an IPhone. The design is so beautiful. Waterproof, great quality on the camera. Everything is perfect. My cousin has one and it is so amazing in every way.

  • Evan R.
    Evan R. 10 months ago

    one geforce gtx is not enough. you need sli!
    i suggest you check out linus tech tips

  • BlackMagic1
    BlackMagic1 10 months ago

    It would be so nice if they could make it look like the first Iphone they made..

  • JK
    JK 10 months ago

    iPhone SE 2
    iPhone X 2
    iPhone X 2 Plus

  • pro roblox
    pro roblox 10 months ago


  • yerbwoiii i
    yerbwoiii i 10 months ago

    the camera will be triangular or diagonal on these phones

  • Richárd Tallián
    Richárd Tallián 10 months ago

    8:40, ay lmao

  • Jeramiah Castillo
    Jeramiah Castillo 10 months ago

    so no more 6'1 inch iphone 9?

  • V mesrobian
    V mesrobian 10 months ago

    : P