How to order Coupons + EARLY March 31st Family Dollar Ad P&G coupon preview

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Where do I get my coupons from ?
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    Where do I get my coupons from ?
    💖To order Pre clipped coupons
    Use code:CUTE for 20% off
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  • one cute couponer
    one cute couponer  4 months ago +10

    💖Pre clipped coupons
    Use code:CUTE for 20% off
    💖Massachusetts Region Inserts
    contact: @cheimom17
    💖California Region #1
    💖 Region #2

    • Elizabeth Kass
      Elizabeth Kass 3 months ago

      Also for NC it goes by zipcode so if I buy the paper and don't get the tide, just hop to the nearest store at another zipcode and boom I got tide and gain coupons. Also the other place I get coupons from is this organization called oak city the serve the homeless from 9am to 5pm Saturday thru Sunday. And every Sunday they have six sunday papers complete with coupons so I ask staff and they usually let me have the coupons ;)

    • Elizabeth Kass
      Elizabeth Kass 3 months ago

      I get mine, from my family, and certain shops and places that let me take the inserts. I'm more of a extreme cheapstake than a couponer. So I do it all

    • Bonita Beauvais
      Bonita Beauvais 3 months ago

      @SavingWith Damiz I have been checking daily. They are back up.

    • SavingWith Damiz
      SavingWith Damiz 4 months ago +1

      Hey i can’t seem to find anymore pg april inserts 😞 I’m new to this couponing thing... can i buy some from u. ?

    • Felicia Dependable Angel Services
      Felicia Dependable Angel Services 4 months ago

      _lol I am Felicia ❤_

  • Ana Flores
    Ana Flores 2 months ago

    That website pissed me off I was loving it all day I was checking for clipped on 5/5 for Retail me not wasn’t available 1 minute not and the next minute Sold out 😭😭😭😭

  • Anjali Mishra
    Anjali Mishra 2 months ago

    Can we use these coupons at Walmart..?

  • get2joy
    get2joy 3 months ago

    I don't know if you noticed but on the bottom of the insert where there were no tide or gain coupons 8:46, it say go to or download the flipp app for your coupons. I went to the website and they have free printables for those coupons that are not in your insert! (including gain, tide, ect....)

  • Ellen Barnette
    Ellen Barnette 3 months ago

    Every time I go get a Sunday news paper people take all the coupons are gone

  • Marian English
    Marian English 3 months ago +2

    I'm so appreciative that you take the time out to teach us/me so much. THANK YOU! You are a blessing! 💖👍

  • Keeley !
    Keeley ! 3 months ago


  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 3 months ago +1

    I just try to get the coupons on wecoupinclipz website, there is 1.25 shipping fee?

  • Cheri D
    Cheri D 3 months ago

    Family dollar is closing like 200 stores

  • Shawanna Grant
    Shawanna Grant 3 months ago

    Love your vids

  • Elizabeth Kass
    Elizabeth Kass 3 months ago

    my breakdown in case anyone wants to try it. Couponing
    Food Lion
    2 cinnamon toast crunch cost $358
    Coupons $1 off two
    Total $2.58
    2 Keebler Chips deluxe cookies cost $3.96
    Coupon $1.50 off two
    Total $2.49
    Family Dollar
    Tide Cost $2.95
    Coupon $2 off one
    Total $0.95
    One Downy cost $1.95
    Coupon $1 off one
    Total $0.95
    Two Always Radiant Cost $8.00
    Coupon $3.00 off two
    Total $5.00

    Grand Total $11.97

  • Elizabeth Kass
    Elizabeth Kass 3 months ago

    NC is getting 1 smart source and 2 retail me nots, and the P&G

  • Britney Macedo
    Britney Macedo 3 months ago

    I would like any thing free! I coupon but I only get one paper

  • darlene cortes
    darlene cortes 3 months ago

    Send me some coupons please

  • alicianicole24
    alicianicole24 3 months ago

    Can you do an all digital coupon scenario

  • Bonita Beauvais
    Bonita Beauvais 3 months ago

    p&g was sold out so I've been checking daily and yeah they are back up and I just got mine ordered so thank you very much for the 20% off.

  • michelleleon19
    michelleleon19 3 months ago +1

    I love you ! Lol you taught me so much im glad i found your chanel 😊

  • veronica callicoat
    veronica callicoat 3 months ago

    i am in oklahoma and the soft soap coupons in the paper rn are only for 75 cents

  • Random Chat
    Random Chat 3 months ago

    My aunt knows someone who gives her loads of coupons so they come to me 😁
    Than on my sunday work out, i go to dollar tree and get the news papers. After I nab the coupons, I donate the news papers to my daughter's school.

  • coupons all day is life Chrissy coupons

    Where can we find the Splenda coffee creamer at?

  •  3 months ago

    You said you were going to put information below for the other people you go to for coupons. I have used wecouponclipz but they are sold out of the tide inserts for Sunday and I need them!!! Could you please let me know who else you use and the price. I don’t want clipped coupons just the inserts. Thank you!!

  • Pamela Arias
    Pamela Arias 3 months ago +2

    Erica Question: How do you get around in not committing fraud by purchasing whole inserts. I ask in all sincerity because I know on your channel you teach how to coupon correctly, and abide by the rules, so that it's easier for all to get savings. I personally buy mine from a grocery store. Could you please make a video on the subject, so that we are all well informed? Thanks in advance.

  • Ralph Pennington
    Ralph Pennington 3 months ago +1

    Were do u get ur inserts from and what's the $ also can I pick what regon I want them from

  • Christine Jones
    Christine Jones 3 months ago

    I have received my April P&G inserts and now received my email for the bundles for 3/31 but the bundles that include the Smartsource insert does not include the Johnson and Johnson coupon so does she have any that include these coupons, I have searched the website and don't see anything else:(

  • th1smomentisfate
    th1smomentisfate 3 months ago

    I found this quote on the crazy coupon ladys website: "6: NEVER pay for coupons- It is illegal to sell coupons (or that crap line that you are paying for someones time to clip them!) The fine print on the coupon says that coupon is VOID if transferred, sold, reproduced or auctioned! It is one thing to give your coupons to your neighbor but a totally different ball game when you start selling them on social media sites or through other sites such as Ebay. Everything has a consequence. The consequence of resale of coupons is that major coupon companies such as RedPlum are exploring avenues to remove their coupons from the Sunday paper. They are starting one state at a time. "

  • Colleen Pepper
    Colleen Pepper 3 months ago

    My 3/24 SS insert is completely different than those 2 that you showed. There are some that are the same as yours but definitely drastically different. I'm so sad because mine dont have Sally Hanson coupons. I'm in Rochester NY

  • Deseri Wilkerson
    Deseri Wilkerson 3 months ago

    I had a mfg coupon for Johnson and Johnson 2.00 off I also had a clipped dollar general (m) for 2.00 off these did not stack. The jj was 4.00 should it had been free?

  • th1smomentisfate
    th1smomentisfate 3 months ago

    Isn't it illegal to buy coupons online? Werent you telling people you have to follow the manufacturer's rules?

  • Brittany Ivey
    Brittany Ivey 3 months ago

    Girl couponing at kroger is the best during their mega events!!!! You’ve got to try it!!!!

  • Fabiola Ochoa
    Fabiola Ochoa 4 months ago

    How long is shipping from WeCoupon? I want to order and see if i'll get them in time for the $10 off $40 CVS deal!! : )

  • Stacey Baker
    Stacey Baker 4 months ago

    This was just hilarious!!
    Church !! Can I get a HALLELUJAH!!
    For all the relatives in wacanda!!
    1- hunnurd!!
    Funny LOVED IT!! WAS JUST AS GOOD AS A STAND UP COMEDY we got some good info .....Thanks OCC

  • Heidi Hudgins
    Heidi Hudgins 4 months ago

    I didn’t get either of those SmartSource ones, and my RMN was just a Family Dollar ad. 🤬

    • Heidi Hudgins
      Heidi Hudgins 4 months ago

      No P&G

    • Heidi Hudgins
      Heidi Hudgins 4 months ago

      No palmolive...

    • Heidi Hudgins
      Heidi Hudgins 4 months ago

      No softsoap...

    • Heidi Hudgins
      Heidi Hudgins 4 months ago

      My Smart Source had a lot of the same stuff as the CG cover but no CG coupons! 🤬 Which is what I want!!! Dangit!

  • Heidi Hudgins
    Heidi Hudgins 4 months ago

    Do these coupons work anywhere in the US or do you need a local fairyV

  • jupiter brees
    jupiter brees 4 months ago

    quick question. If the inserts are sold out, do the have a wait list available? How do we know when an insert is back in stock?

  • Beach Life
    Beach Life 4 months ago

    My area only received the make up one

  • Truncine Saulsberry
    Truncine Saulsberry 4 months ago

    Question I know it's off topic but do you know it yakisoba coupons still come out.

  • Esther Bergling
    Esther Bergling 4 months ago

    Is there a site to discover upcoming sales at the stores?

  • Amy B
    Amy B 4 months ago

    You are so funny and cheeky in this video 🤣

  • Julie Carr
    Julie Carr 4 months ago +3

    I"m a newbie! Been doing this for about a month and addicted to saving! love your channel and all u do! would love some MORE coupons! thank you!!

  • Barb Wojciechowski
    Barb Wojciechowski 4 months ago

    Can u get coupons another way?

  • Ayana Love
    Ayana Love 4 months ago +1

    Can you please think of me with your give away (need p&g coupons)

  • Linda Newsome
    Linda Newsome 4 months ago

    Such good info and got me excited about coupon inserts coming up. I get mine on Wed and looking forward to all the great BOGO's from P&G

  • Ayana Love
    Ayana Love 4 months ago

    Don't know how fast people are ordering coupons, they are sold out already :(

  • Juanita Gonzalez
    Juanita Gonzalez 4 months ago

    That $1 off 3 for Gain is NOT OKAY!

  • Pria plush
    Pria plush 4 months ago

    Didn't get P&G in my Sunday paper......Do you happen to know why

  • Alma martinez
    Alma martinez 4 months ago

    Please do a Dollar General Penny haul.

  • Shelby Thomason
    Shelby Thomason 4 months ago

    Hey can you do a coupon video at Walgreens. Can you break down the rules on the $5 off $30 at Walgreens

  • melisa arreola
    melisa arreola 4 months ago

    i just got one insert 😮😯

  • Jeannette John
    Jeannette John 4 months ago

    I always wonder where all the inserts come from. I will never buy inserts, I go to my corner store Sunday evening when the papers are thrown out and get my coupons for FREE.

  • makeupbymelic_
    makeupbymelic_ 4 months ago

    If my grocery store uses the manufacture coupons thru the app can i still use the paper manufacture also or is it one or the other?

  • Charmin Bruner
    Charmin Bruner 4 months ago

    Last two weeks there hasn't been any coupons in paper. Need coupons bad. What's going on

  • Sara Garcia
    Sara Garcia 4 months ago

    One more time for the people in Wakanda? Did I hear that correctly? Thanks for the previews!

  • Anna Gonzales
    Anna Gonzales 4 months ago

    Omgee!! My area didn't get any coupons. 🤨

  • Erika Wagner
    Erika Wagner 4 months ago

    My region didn’t get the softsoap or the arm &hammer 😔

  • Crazy Mama
    Crazy Mama 4 months ago

    Walmart has Pampers in the bags. If I remember right, they are like $8

  • Anna pinkypinky
    Anna pinkypinky 4 months ago

    U got some coupons I didn't get in the march 24 coupons I am in az

  • Crazy Mama
    Crazy Mama 4 months ago

    so i went and bought newspapers and they had NO INSERTS!!!! Has anyone else had this problem? I'm in Missouri.

  • Celina Castro
    Celina Castro 4 months ago

    I got my P&G today Sunday 3/24 in my newspaper 😁

  • Cherelle Simmons
    Cherelle Simmons 4 months ago

    What makes legal if you are not supposed to purchase coupons? And just supposed to get them from newspapers.

  • Sarah Kirkland
    Sarah Kirkland 4 months ago

    I check the diapers at Walmart pampers new ones for $11.93!!!!! $3.00 wow

  • Godsladie
    Godsladie 4 months ago

    So enjoy your vids. I am learning each and every time. One more time for the people in Wakanda, 3/31😁💕💕

  • Anna pinkypinky
    Anna pinkypinky 4 months ago

    My front cover had two coupons for Garcia Mexican food and I got the 75 cent coupons on the soap

  • Mary Martinez
    Mary Martinez 4 months ago

    We coupon clips is already out of the March 31 p and g

  • Tracey Powers
    Tracey Powers 4 months ago

    Hey there, how do you know which state you’re getting the coupon inserts from? My coupon inserts here in Salem Oregon are pretty lame. I’d like to just buy four of each kind of insert, but I don’t know which state to get. Thoughts 💭

  • Chanda Kane
    Chanda Kane 4 months ago

    Im jealous, my smart source had wayyyy less coupons. It had the cover girl cover but it was was way less. I live in Arizona.

    • SayItLoud19
      SayItLoud19 4 months ago

      Mines too I don't have any of the Soft Soap shower gels or hand soaps or dishwashing soap darn.

  • linda B
    linda B 4 months ago +1

    I bought my sunday paper. And it had no coupons😒

    • Priscilla Lewis
      Priscilla Lewis 4 months ago

      Always check b4 u buy bc they said people have took the coupons out of one and stuff it in theres... it's not right!

  • Iamqueen Familyfirst
    Iamqueen Familyfirst 4 months ago

    Can you tell me about the red tags at family dollar

  • Daneen Malloy
    Daneen Malloy 4 months ago

    Let's appreciate the work this RU-clipr is doing to help us save for our families. Don't just view it and use it, CLICK LIKE AND SHARE!

  • Audryee Duenas
    Audryee Duenas 4 months ago +2

    Isn’t it illegal to buy coupons?

    • Audryee Duenas
      Audryee Duenas 3 months ago

      d. g. Yeah it’s a little too vague for me

    • d. g.
      d. g. 4 months ago +2

      Audryee Duenas And I went to the site that she is referring people to and the coupons aren't the same price? If someone is paying for the "service" shouldn't each coupon be the same price? Just sayin'...

    • Audryee Duenas
      Audryee Duenas 4 months ago +3

      d. g. Yeah that makes more sense but it still seems a little sketchy lol I think I’ll just stick to buying my Sunday papers

    • d. g.
      d. g. 4 months ago +1

      Audryee Duenas She responded to this question from another viewer saying that the coupons aren't being sold it's the "service" of having them cut out and sent that someone pays for. ☺ I think I'll pass though because it is too much of a gray area.

  • Sudan Napoli Berens
    Sudan Napoli Berens 4 months ago

    Aaaaaamen! Having MS/Multiple Sclerosis, I’m not able to drive around looking for coupons, so this is really going to be a life changing experience for me. Thanks so much.
    {{{ HUGGZ }}} ~Su

  • Deborah Smith
    Deborah Smith 4 months ago

    Hey CC, i love, love, love your channel. Today I was on FB and there were a lot of complaints about DG and the like, they were not honoring or just being lazy. But, I commented on a lot of them to go your channel and watch and ask you anything about coupons.

  • Tonya Bonner
    Tonya Bonner 4 months ago

    I LOVE the music you choose for your videos... 😎

  • Kim Christensen
    Kim Christensen 4 months ago +3

    I am in the stinking coupon region. Wisconsin

  • Ashley Sias
    Ashley Sias 4 months ago

    Hallelujah for the P&G Bounty coupon increase🤗

  • Ashley Lewis
    Ashley Lewis 4 months ago

    Our local paper in south ms had the 1 with the pants on it. Nothing great. I was so mad I put the paper back!

  • Michelle Mendez
    Michelle Mendez 4 months ago

    Wish i was receiving this p&g 😭

  • Star K
    Star K 4 months ago

    Yaaaaaasssssss to the intro!!!!!!!

  • Xena Carballido
    Xena Carballido 4 months ago

    Can you do walgreens add for this week.

  • Jazmine Aleman
    Jazmine Aleman 4 months ago

    This really needed i was nervous on getting the wrong coupons but you are so helpful

  • Crystal Mastin
    Crystal Mastin 4 months ago

    How do we get the early inserts?

  • Tandi Caldwell
    Tandi Caldwell 4 months ago +3

    Whew! Family Dollar is going to be LIT! I'm going to be DOVE WASTED!! I love me some Dove! 🕊️ 😍😂

    • PUMA
      PUMA 4 months ago +2

      Dove wasted 😂😂😂 I AM WEAK!!

  • Sade Bacon
    Sade Bacon 4 months ago +2

    My insert was awful! I received a very thin smartsource with barely any coupons. I did not receive RetailMeNot or P&G! 😭

  • Tonya Bullock
    Tonya Bullock 4 months ago

    Aye #occgang😁

  • Felicia Dependable Angel Services

    _great video they are not available on the site yet the 3/31 retailmenot insert I am a Felicia lol, I order from the master couponer and we coupon clips too_

  • Lola Kamuda
    Lola Kamuda 4 months ago

    young lady u crack me up!! thanks for all you do, you convinced me tho start couponing again, got off the wagon for a while

  • Nada Ellis
    Nada Ellis 4 months ago

    Can we get shelia info

  • Christina Fisher
    Christina Fisher 4 months ago

    Love your channel ! May Sir God always bless you!

  • JoJoSweets Colon
    JoJoSweets Colon 4 months ago

    Great video as always!!

  • Duppy Conqueror
    Duppy Conqueror 4 months ago

    no hair food not new it sells at target

  • Jpswaggirl 7
    Jpswaggirl 7 4 months ago

    but can you reply to the last comment i sent you on the last video

  • tammy sanner
    tammy sanner 4 months ago

    We coupon clipz was sold out of png when I tried to order

  • Whatupguccipeeps Unicorn squad

    Your oral hygiene should be on point 😂 best line

  • Sugar & Spice And Everything Nice

    Thank you for all your hard work, you make it look so Donna in Florida : )

  • Whatupguccipeeps Unicorn squad

    Bertolli is on sale at Kroger for $1.29!!! Use that coupon you get it really cheap. Their candy is also 50% off, use that candy coupon get some candy for free!

  • Erica Lane
    Erica Lane 4 months ago +1

    Does we coupon clips get more p and g soon cause it says sold out

    • one cute couponer
      one cute couponer  4 months ago +1

      They restock quickly. Sign up for their email notifications so you'll be first to get the restock notice. 💖

  • Cecilia Green
    Cecilia Green 4 months ago

    I just got mine here all time come right on time

  • Maureen Piatt
    Maureen Piatt 4 months ago

    You are so very helpful with your videos

  • Whitney Houston
    Whitney Houston 4 months ago

    I love your channel. You are amazing!!!!

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    Chloe Lynn 4 months ago

    Wow how didn’t I know your in MA!

  • Bobbi McBride
    Bobbi McBride 4 months ago +1

    I thought you were also going to explain how to order from Sheila. I tried once but apparently I failed.

    • Tandi Caldwell
      Tandi Caldwell 4 months ago

      Are you in the One Cute Couponer Facebook group? Just send a join request (make sure to answer the 3 questions or the request is automatically declined). You can ask in there and one of the moderators will get that info for you. I'm not sure if Sheila is wecouponclipz or separate. ♥️