🔧iPhone X & XS Max Glass Only Replacement - home solution👍

  • Published on Jul 30, 2019
  • Impossible? No way! Repair made at home 100% success :)
    Watch carefully 😎
    Remember to not mistake the screws! It is possible to break the motherboard!
    ◉◉◉Steps order:
    1. Turn of the phone and take off the screen of the frame.
    2. Dismount sensor flex from the top of display.
    3. Cut the metal frame on the top and take it off from OLED (use cutter, isopropanol or PCC15 spray, and something thin).
    4. Heat the phone to 80°C (You can use hair dryer) and then cut the glass using molybdenum wire).
    5. Clean the screen (use isopropanol or just take off the glue with Your fingers, and glue new glass to the screen - better use LOCA that don't need UV lamp (link below).
    6. Glue new metal frame to the display (use B-7000 or T-7000 glue).
    7. Put E-8000 glue on the phone housing and mount the new screen.
    Enjoy Your work 😎
    You will need hair dryer (or heat plate if You have), Y screwdriver, * screwdriver, metal thin tool (You can find in first link), LOCA glue, LOCA remover, E-8000 or T-7000 or B-7000 glue, molybdenum wire, new glass and new matal-plastic frame. Thats all :)
    Service equipment & Glass Repair Kits available here:
    ---new touch glass
    ---new frame
    ---LOCA glue
    ---LOCA remover
    ---heat plate

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  • 러브 프로젝트
    러브 프로젝트 15 hours ago



    good jab

  • Bayram Curcur
    Bayram Curcur Day ago +1

    Yeah 1000€ Smartphone und 20€ Glasrepair. Welcome 2020

  • arif ali
    arif ali 2 days ago

    Sir my screen is damage where are u from can u repair my iphone plzz sir reply me humble request🙏

  • #F12
    #F12 5 days ago +2

    100% nach Hause?! 😅

    • Mr. G-saz
      Mr. G-saz 2 days ago

      diese anal_phabetischen zwangsübersetzungen

  • Angelika Dymowicz
    Angelika Dymowicz 6 days ago

    Awesome thank You ❤️❤️❤️

  • Felipe Rodriguez
    Felipe Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Very inspirational for the repair community!!!

  • Carlos Monce Records

    If i send you my screen, How much would you do this repair for?? You got a link??

  • Sunninglord Gamer
    Sunninglord Gamer 9 days ago

    Can this be used for iPhone 10R

  • Nikos Ferkos
    Nikos Ferkos 12 days ago

    I want to ask some iPhone x xs xs max screens from the middle and above the touch doesn't work. This problem comes from different countries, that is, if a cellphone is from America and this screen that has been mounted on someone else who is European does not work properly.
    do you know if There is any programmes?

  • Raffaele Pompa
    Raffaele Pompa 12 days ago +1

    Can someone tell me wat he used for remove the “old” glue?

    • Joshua A
      Joshua A 11 days ago

      It’s in the description bro

  • TT T
    TT T 12 days ago

    is it loca glue TP-2500?

  • Peter Wan
    Peter Wan 17 days ago +1

    I will be better to have a vacuum chamber for bubble removal.

  • LeetPanda
    LeetPanda 19 days ago +3

    wow loca! i didn't see you for a years my good friend

  • Pekkeu Kawlni
    Pekkeu Kawlni 20 days ago

    Can i send u my broken lcd and will u fix it for me😇

  • Spicy Brit
    Spicy Brit 22 days ago

    So after separating and removing the loca you used IPA to clean the excess off of the lcd? Or was it something else?

  • Socially frustrated
    Socially frustrated 24 days ago

    Since I have LCD phone not OLED so instead of glue it uses double sided tape, separating it is harder and more risky without a LCD separater and there's high chance of bubble formation.

  • Ernie C
    Ernie C 26 days ago

    So home solution you just need a couple of hundred dollars of equipment? It’s cheaper to take it to the Apple store. Even if you do get a hold of the equipment. If you don’t do these daily you will guarantee break the OLED screen since they are so thin.

  • Alessandro Carlini
    Alessandro Carlini 26 days ago

    home solution??? so go fuck yourself

  • Sandro Nunes
    Sandro Nunes 26 days ago +3

    Good job man. Lots of steps but job done ✅

  • Hậu Trần Duy
    Hậu Trần Duy 27 days ago

    Why not use oca. Those uv glue will kill that screen soon.

  • Favian Ramirez
    Favian Ramirez Month ago

    Youre not even explaining the shit youre doing👎🏽

    WOJCIECH T Month ago +1

    Jestem pod wrażeniem, gratuluję umiejętności i życzę sukcesów w pracy.

  • Dale Bassett
    Dale Bassett Month ago

    Just a tip if you want to remove any iphone glass or separate it stick the oven on 220° with a baking tray in there covered in foil and let it get up to heat then pull out and lay the lcd glass side on the foil and it's comes off very easily ;) no need for heat plate

    • Akshai s
      Akshai s 12 days ago

      Polarizer will burn, causes discoloration

  • kaya queen
    kaya queen Month ago

    i just dropped my stupid xs max and start crying and watching videos how to fix it i can’t be more miserable in my life, i get my iphone after 3years straight of begging my husband to buy me one , congratulations to me i just screwed my already fucked life 🥺🥺

  • Faze Rug
    Faze Rug Month ago

    How much it cost

  • anmarbukhari1
    anmarbukhari1 Month ago +2

    Omg its so hard

  • chester82gtstang
    chester82gtstang Month ago

    Yeah this really isn't a DIY type of project. Should really be done in a clean room to prevent any debris from getting under glass. Then so many tools used that if purchased you could just buy an OEM screen.

    • chester82gtstang
      chester82gtstang Month ago

      I do appreciate the content you've put out and its nice to see how its done I just don't really agree that this is a DIY most people are not understanding enough of the tolerances of these components.

    • chester82gtstang
      chester82gtstang Month ago

      Plus I don't want to do many more repairs lol. Just the one. Once all the tools odds and ends are bought if I some how mess it up I'm now paying to have the screen replaced.

    • chester82gtstang
      chester82gtstang Month ago

      @Jerry Mobile - Repair Your Phone I have a 3d printer I could use as a hot plate so that's great but like shown in the video the adhesive is UV Curing, and then 6 or so clamps designed for phone repair is the way it REALLY should be done.

    • Jerry Mobile - Repair Your Phone
      Jerry Mobile - Repair Your Phone  Month ago

      No, tools cost is about 50-60$ in total and You can use it for much more repairs. Of course I don't think about heat plate, but really hairdryer will be enough too 😊

  • Pedro Rodriguez
    Pedro Rodriguez Month ago

    Home solution my ass! I would have destroyed the phone in the first 3 minutes.

  • MR Lee T
    MR Lee T Month ago +1

    Great video thanks for that👍 the screen replacement suggested in your description has oca glue on it.

    • MR Lee T
      MR Lee T Month ago

      Oooh I see now you can peel it off. My bad😊

  • grandtheftauto1233
    grandtheftauto1233 Month ago +2

    Good job! Liked the video

  • Turek Kris
    Turek Kris Month ago +1

    Kozak gosc szkoda ze nie wiedzialem ze to mozliwe xaplacilem krocie za serwis screen plus robocizna a na koncu koles ;;yeah it’s ok you will get used to it without Face ID,, ps ile taka naprawa koszt mniej wiecej.? Pozdrawiam

  • TFA Raidz
    TFA Raidz Month ago

    Honestly the most fucking annoying music in a video ever

  • Rauf Asgarov
    Rauf Asgarov Month ago

    What name glue remover ?????

  • ahmad almnsi
    ahmad almnsi Month ago +2

    Great work 👌🏻

  • Thiaguinhoo Souza
    Thiaguinhoo Souza Month ago +1

    Frontal paralela do iPhone X faz o Face ID parar?

  • ronak hasan
    ronak hasan Month ago

    What is your lokicon

  • Châu Hoàng
    Châu Hoàng Month ago +2

    Even more stupid when put glue around the phone. What if the next technician dont know about it and open the phone???

    • Châu Hoàng
      Châu Hoàng Month ago

      SegoUnlocks502 factory dont put glue. They use adhesives. They’re selling it for less than $1

    • SegoUnlocks502
      SegoUnlocks502 Month ago

      Your stupid you gotta put glue around the frame. Just like factory duh!!

    • Daniaal Kahn
      Daniaal Kahn Month ago

      Obviously, you must be one of those typical Chinese manufacturers that does the same thing as this guy but of course you would be a pathetic little stingy a$$-f**ker and make negative comments about this guy. Sure, I would avoid a few things shown in this video but overall, it's an excellent tutorial. People like you are just too narrow minded and the world is turning into sh!t because of greedy and stingy pathetic losers like you.

  • Châu Hoàng
    Châu Hoàng Month ago +1

    Omg see how you take out the frame. Such a mess

    • Châu Hoàng
      Châu Hoàng Month ago

      MR Lee T lol i do this as a daily basis. You can search for video all over youtube for bettery way to do that. The way he will damage the screen at some point. He just lucky this time

    • MR Lee T
      MR Lee T Month ago

      And where is your video?

  • Chad Kandaris
    Chad Kandaris Month ago +2

    not sure why people are afraid to speak in tutorials like this. Many important things could probably be passed to the viewer by the power of speech.

  • Naimur Rashid
    Naimur Rashid Month ago

    Can I pay you to service my xs max broken screen :)

    • Truthbetold
      Truthbetold Month ago

      @Jerry Mobile - Repair Your Phone if your serious how much? My screen is cracked on mine but people keep telling me I need the whole LCD screen too which I'm not sure why as it works perfectly fine.

    • Jerry Mobile - Repair Your Phone
      Jerry Mobile - Repair Your Phone  Month ago

      Od course why not 😁
      Please message on fb

  • Michael SDMobile Stern חידוש מסכים

    Ohh no,loca??iphone x replace glass with loca its terrible,never see this before.why you dont use oca?you almost damage the screen when you removed frame at the bottom flex,you are lacky ,dont received green lines..

    • Hậu Trần Duy
      Hậu Trần Duy 27 days ago

      Jerry Mobile - Repair Your Phone better do not do this at home. LOCA will dry if the uv can reach. But under the black paint, LOCA will not dry because uv light can not reach and soon green lines will come

    • Michael SDMobile Stern חידוש מסכים
      Michael SDMobile Stern חידוש מסכים Month ago

      @Jerry Mobile - Repair Your Phone yes,you can laminate oca by hands,its not problem.the little bubbles will disapire after 2 days.

    • JoshR Gaming
      JoshR Gaming Month ago

      OCA set-up costs are $1000-5000 dollars, not worth it unless you're doing heaps of them. He even says Home solution in the title.

    • Jerry Mobile - Repair Your Phone
      Jerry Mobile - Repair Your Phone  Month ago +1

      "Home solution" and OCA? Are You sure??

  • Rauf Asgarov
    Rauf Asgarov Month ago +1

    sprey 530 ???

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    Chidzeyy 2 months ago +1

    Hi Jerry, where did you get the gold XS MAX screen alignment tool as shown at 11:15? Thanks

    • Reagan Diaz
      Reagan Diaz 2 days ago

      Chidzeyy to me it looks 3d printed.

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    Using a metal tool to lift flex cables is a no no man!!

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      thats only in america, where people wear seat belts

  • Moo Sakda
    Moo Sakda 2 months ago

    Hey dude, there are adhesive for screen selling around. Why do you still use glue?

    • JoshR Gaming
      JoshR Gaming Month ago

      @Jerry Mobile - Repair Your Phone But you can't open up the phone easily for future repairs. You may even break the screen getting it back up.

    • Jerry Mobile - Repair Your Phone
      Jerry Mobile - Repair Your Phone  2 months ago

      Becouse glue is stronger and cheaper 😁

  • Øj Dåntës
    Øj Dåntës 2 months ago +1

    Hey dude, what's the name you used for glue remove?

    • Ernie C
      Ernie C 26 days ago

      You can use lighter fluid just completely remove it with 99.9% alcohol.

  • RDK
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    mohamed ali 3 months ago +2

    It is very hard and risk

    • Jordan Alecci
      Jordan Alecci Month ago

      @Turek Kris shouldnt lose face id by replacing screen if done properly

    • Turek Kris
      Turek Kris Month ago

      It’s hard to open umbrella in the ass dude 🤣true it’s much easier to replace whole screen but client will lose Face ID service don’t care easy cash charge, wish I would know its possible before I replaced mine in x while ago

    • Zwen van Erkelens
      Zwen van Erkelens 3 months ago


  • I Falchi Dell'Aspromonte

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