8 Epic Vinny vs. Angelina Fights 🥊 Ranked: Jersey Shore

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Of all the “Jersey Shore” roommates, Vinny is the least to fight. Except, well, when it comes to Angelina. These two love to battle, bury the hatchet, and then fight some more. Here are 8 of their biggest, blowout fights from Seaside to Vegas.
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Comments • 274

  • Kari-anne Underwood

    I agree why don't they get together? !?!?!?!?!?

  • Zachary Madden
    Zachary Madden 3 days ago

    "IT'S JUST A GAME FOCKERR!" Pauly on the sideline just killing me. 😁😁😁

  • Slammed Cannon
    Slammed Cannon 4 days ago

    Vinny likes to argue with girls.

  • Malin Johansson
    Malin Johansson 5 days ago

    My god these people are actually adults with kids

  • Sarah Guzzi
    Sarah Guzzi 6 days ago

    They are still a bunch of blushes. It must be nice to get paid a million dollars to act a fool.

  • Philip Love
    Philip Love 10 days ago

    Vinny is a Scorpio ♏️ and Angelina is a cancer ♋️ they are very compatible signs.

  • Me
    Me 11 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 Enjoyed very much!

  • Isabella Belleza
    Isabella Belleza 12 days ago +1

    Her transformation looks amazing

  • Patrick Yousif
    Patrick Yousif 12 days ago

    17:00 Pauly turned alien real quick 😂

  • Caleb !Devante
    Caleb !Devante 13 days ago

    I see why Vinny is mad cause she could not shut up and kept saying he loves me when he really doesn’t 😂

  • rocknroller1986
    rocknroller1986 14 days ago +3

    2 People who love each other but have difficulty admitting it.

  • Saucy
    Saucy 14 days ago +4

    18:25 they are so cute , Pauly already knows wassup lol

  • David Mendoza
    David Mendoza 16 days ago +3

    I would’ve lose on purpose so i can oil him up 😂😭hes fine asf

  • Brianna Fajardo
    Brianna Fajardo 17 days ago +4

    You can’t not love Pauly the man is hilarious!! 😂😂

  • gunna 310DaMan
    gunna 310DaMan 19 days ago +1

    Deena over their smoking a cartridge yeah budddyyyy

  • VikkiTM
    VikkiTM 20 days ago +1

    Is it me or did she get her lips done

  • Deminus
    Deminus 21 day ago

    Angelina: _"...you and your dirty grenades"_
    Vinnie: _"You're the dirtiest one"_


  • TSchiap
    TSchiap 21 day ago +1

    i wish i couldve been the one to oil up Vinny

  • ZS 15
    ZS 15 22 days ago +28

    Should be re-named 'Vinny & Angelina's' 8 most blatant displays of foreplay'. Text book school yard 'fighting'

  • BeautyLilyaa
    BeautyLilyaa 23 days ago +2


    I love you Pauly D🤣👌🏻

  • BeautyLilyaa
    BeautyLilyaa 23 days ago

    I love it..
    It’s like a newer version of Niles and CC Babcock from The Nanny...

  • Noemy Gonzalez
    Noemy Gonzalez 24 days ago +5

    They’re cute they need just get together already

  • Camille Anderson
    Camille Anderson 24 days ago +11

    He gets so mad cause everything she is saying is true...

  • A.C. Slater
    A.C. Slater 26 days ago

    That Rob Kardashian line had her tilted

  • KY LIE
    KY LIE 27 days ago

    Angelina is such a hoeeee

  • Amber Wallace-Goldberg

    I never liked her

  • Alicia Rowe
    Alicia Rowe 29 days ago +2

    She Kno dam well she wanted to oil him up, we all kno Angelina a thot esp for some Vinny 😂

  • Alicia Rowe
    Alicia Rowe 29 days ago +2

    I think if Snooki would've straighten up during this time, Vin would've dated her. He was very interested in her but not her sloppy side. Vin wants a woman like his mom, a caregiver, a loving person

  • Joy Gill
    Joy Gill 29 days ago

    Angelina is and always has been, skanky

  • Coco H
    Coco H Month ago +2

    I like to see these two get together. They’d be adorable.

  • Heavenly Things
    Heavenly Things Month ago

    Ppl stop watching this wicked show the devil is distracting you from coming to the truth. Jesus is coming back soon. Believe in the true gospel if you haven’t. Admit u are a sinner and need a savior Jesus Christ. That he is the son of God. He died for our sins was buried and rose on the 3rd day. Spread the gospel 🙏🏽❤️✝️

  • Heavenly Things
    Heavenly Things Month ago

    These ppl need to come to repentance and believe in Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. They are living a wicked life and they’re souls desperately need God. Let’s pray for these poor souls🙏🏽

  • Matt D
    Matt D Month ago

    angelina looks good af in that jumpsuit

  • Harry De jesus
    Harry De jesus Month ago +7

    I think vinny got his heart broken by her they have a story together that he is kipping quite

  • Tyanna Thomas
    Tyanna Thomas Month ago +1

    Why would Angelina stop talking about Vinny?

  • Tony T
    Tony T Month ago +1

    Angelina is hot 🥵 tho

  • um ok
    um ok Month ago +2

    “Protect the pregnant.”

  • bts lover 101
    bts lover 101 Month ago +4

    Ok I ship them but they act like brother and sister

  • Brayden Sigle
    Brayden Sigle Month ago

    Your derty little hamster

  • AA Just my life Louis Young

    Wow 😳

  • Chloe Cusimano
    Chloe Cusimano Month ago

    Are vinnys eyebrows uneven or is it just me

  • Royalz Reign
    Royalz Reign Month ago +5

    Jenni is such a hater, giving him mustard, she know that shyt don’t come out.

  • India
    India Month ago +3

    I honestly want jenni to leave she so toxic and naggy. It should be just ron , ang, vinny, pauly and mike

  • OLCtv
    OLCtv Month ago +1

    Angelina still badd 😆 minus the new lips. I hope she ain't really dirty

  • OLCtv
    OLCtv Month ago +8

    Why Vinny lying about knowing her though 😆 c'mon bro

  • Cynergy King
    Cynergy King Month ago +2

    Was doing push ups necessary? 😂😂😂😂

  • Big crip 4 life BIG C

    Yo i will rush her if i was a girl

  • lotta cooties
    lotta cooties Month ago

    Pauly is good vibes 💗💯🌶️

  • Lucari_Brix
    Lucari_Brix Month ago +3

    “Angelina... bend the knee!”

  • Date Mike
    Date Mike Month ago +2

    Theyre going get to get married in the future!!! Watch

  • Rendon Sanogal
    Rendon Sanogal Month ago +3

    18:26 i know that look hahaha

  • Descending Angel
    Descending Angel Month ago +1

    I think Deena is soo cute :3

  • T'challa Ware
    T'challa Ware Month ago

    Snooki vs. Angelina is number one to me

  • changolini
    changolini Month ago +1

    Their more ratchet then anyone here in Detroit

  • Leslie Norton
    Leslie Norton Month ago +28

    Who else would die to be Pauly D’s bestfriend, like he is so funny.😂

  • Nayops 19
    Nayops 19 Month ago +1


  • Mary Cantu
    Mary Cantu Month ago

    Lots of Botox on the situation

  • Ms. Vee
    Ms. Vee Month ago

    Why is Snooki still peeing on herself

  • Amber Gonzales
    Amber Gonzales Month ago +2

    My two braincells during a exam:

  • Alexis.B
    Alexis.B Month ago +1

    I mean I can see that vinny likes her (idk why) but it’s only cause he hasn’t met me yet 🤷🏾‍♀️