OLDEST Dim Sum House vs. LUXURY Dim Sum in Hong Kong | How to Eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong Guide!

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • A trip to Hong Kong would not be complete without some dim sum, and this time, I tried out a couple different experiences. I went for old fashioned traditional dim sum at Lin Heung Tea House and then for fancy luxury dim sum at Yan Toh Heen.
    #dimsum #hongkong #dumplings
    ✧ Lin Heung Tea House
    162 Wellington St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
    ✧ Yan Toh Heen
    Yan Toh Heen, Lower Level, InterContinental Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
    Thanks to Virginia and Aiko for being my guides!
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    Under dressed, and high fived a supermodel at a classy joint... I think you’re my hero.
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    Wait, I don't understand the part of cleaning your tea cup in tea.
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    When you were in Bangkok, you should've visited "Man's Kitchen" also, that' place makes world class stuff just like HK :D

  • S. T.
    S. T. 19 days ago

    So he did not go the oldest Dim Sum restaurant in Hong Kong...

  • Charlotte Lau
    Charlotte Lau 19 days ago

    A sudden dim source of light from outside makes the sharp focus when you're having the dessert at the last, I love terrible weather, thunderstorm when I stay indoor

  • T Pike
    T Pike 21 day ago

    I am so hungry from watching this video! I love Dim Sum, but have never had anything like what was shown here. There are no restaurants like those shown anywhere in my area. If I could go to Hong Kong, I would spend most of my trip just eating every variety of Dim Sum that I could! I make my own version at home, a very very poor imitation of the real thing. I would be ecstatic to eat in restaurants like those shown. Wow!

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  • Penis
    Penis 22 days ago +1

    I’ve been to that restaurant on top of the Intercon. Honestly the food was decent but not great specially for what you pay. Our bill for two person was around $400. The view was probably the best.

    • S. T.
      S. T. 19 days ago

      Like your name.

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    Your elbows make me nervous! I keep thinking you're going to hit someone! Stay in your own space! 😂😂
    As a left handed person I am always being hit. The elbow struggle is REAL, MIKE!!

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    Aren't you Cantonese? Why do you say shumai?

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  • Gemein Hardd
    Gemein Hardd 28 days ago

    Yan Toh Heen has how many Michelin Stars?

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    15:11 yeah of course you're welcome, guess who's paying the tab mmhmm >>>

  • Shawn Williams
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    Kind of left out a important piece of information how much was the second meal?

  • Raj Patel
    Raj Patel Month ago

    once at a yum cha restaurant in india i found a lump of gluten stuck to the bottom of a pork bun.

  • Candy monster 120
    Candy monster 120 Month ago

    $60 actually seems kind of expensive - not sure why, but, it looks like it shouldn't cost that much? At least to me. In Japan, I had many amazing foods for under $20 for the whole meal.
    Hmm, did he even say how much the second place cost?

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    Hey Mike,
    You mentioned the price of the first restaurant, but I would really like to know the price of the tasting meny you guys ordered at the second place.
    I'm going to HK in only 4 days, I want to visit both of these places. Appreciate it :)

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    I love traditional but wow does the luxury place look wonderful. I have to suffer along with my pork and shrimp pot stickers and custom dipping sauce of my own making. Theres not a decent dim sum place within 250 miles so Im on my own. As soon as it cools off and my herb garden takes off its time for home made Pho.

  • DR Dan
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    Second chick has the ultimate job. Getting paid to go on a strictly dinner only date at the most expensive dim sum place in the city as a guide and eating for free. I would assume, if possible, a happy ending would be considerably extra but I doubt it. However I bet she knows where to advise her customers to go for that service should they desire.

  • DR Dan
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