The Moment The Simpsons Ruined Homer Simpson

  • The best Simpsons episodes are usually from the same couple of seasons, and there's a reason for that. While the funniest Simpsons character is debatable, Homer is absolutely a contender. This show was built as a response to the sitcoms of the decade previous to its airing, and its original creators, succeeded in that vision. But Homer Simpson changed somewhere along the way, this is a look at how.
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  • Nerdstalgic
    Nerdstalgic  2 months ago +4086

    What is the best animated show of the 2000s?
    ALSO: I mispronounce Matt’s name twice in the video because apparently hearing something 8 million times isn’t enough for me lol

    • Incendious
      Incendious 3 days ago

      Gravity falls

    • Chris RJ
      Chris RJ 3 days ago

      *Ed, Edd n' Eddy* - despite it debuting in 1999, the show lasted through most of the 2000s and even got a TV movie, and got a large fanbase.
      *Fullmetal Alchemist* - before its reboot happened and became more true to the original source, the first anime was actually much better with its art, story and character, until the last few seasons when it got weird and went into its own story (the original manga wasn't completed yet, and the creator didn't mind). Its 2nd season opening is still iconic to this day.

    • Scap a rap a doo be doooo
      Scap a rap a doo be doooo 5 days ago

      4 times

    • DreadedEnterprise
      DreadedEnterprise 5 days ago


    • Corto Maltese
      Corto Maltese 8 days ago

      @VideoJamesNZ I agree. But the simpsons couldn't emulate family guys style at all. And now it feels like they don't care about what they parodiate, wich is ironicly the oposite of what made classic family guy unforgetable. Every piece of art needs passion to work, wich was something you could see on the simpsons until season 29. Season 30 onwards still has a bit, specially from the voice actors, but its really small now.

  • Psychokore Underground Rap

    I personaly think that it all has to do with how they want to represent fathers. Low life and dumb. The seed has been planted long time ago. It was a good series.. probably should have stopped after 10 seasons

  • Andrew MacDonald
    Andrew MacDonald 11 hours ago

    I have been praying this show would end since 2000. Like Star Wars, it's just a cash-grab exploiting the brilliance of its earlier years.

  • Will Grennay
    Will Grennay Day ago

    Stopped watching after not pronouncing Matt Groening's name right

  • Matt Wood
    Matt Wood Day ago

    I grew up in the early 90s watching the Simpsons and I can see that this is where I lost interest in the show Homer became to different the show was trying to hard and it was out of material family guy is just a step up in the stupid level it had a couple good first seasons then same thing Peter was just getting worse and worse

  • Frank Short
    Frank Short Day ago

    I feel like the shift from Homer being a well-meaning bumbler to a straight-up dumbass happened between season 2 and season 3, but in seasons 3 through 8 he still retained a sort of child-like innocence that made him more endearing as a character (similar to Spongebob). From Season 9 onwards, he would start to become more like Peter Griffin - i.e., a comically ignorant, self-serving A-hole that we're supposed to laugh at for being such a comically ignorant, self-serving A-hole. It can still be funny, but it's no longer endearing.

  • Sylkis89
    Sylkis89 Day ago

    I liked the "new" Simpsons up until the season when they were going to Denmark and such when it became insufferable

  • The ReAl cHarLiE
    The ReAl cHarLiE 2 days ago

    It’s almost like in the early seasons Homer represented the every hard working man, doing his best for his family. Now the character is a direct ‘dig’ at the decent hard working family man and the family itself. I guess you could use the Simpsons as the benchmark for the downfall of the west and its values.

  • Seth Sathre
    Seth Sathre 2 days ago

    So you're telling me that The Simpsons predicted 9/11, Trump becoming president, and IT'S OWN FATE.

  • fantom.
    fantom. 3 days ago

    dude the simpsons is still great, good or old. you guys just ruin the show for yourselves analysing it so much

  • BonzoDog67 Lizardking

    This dumbing-down phenomenon is also what killed Star Wars.

  • hippythehippo
    hippythehippo 3 days ago +2

    agreed odious s9 and 10 ruined the show

  • Kenzie Creates
    Kenzie Creates 3 days ago

    I personally don’t care, we have Bart, and it’s funny anyways, and it’s a cartoon so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • MAsterr Serch
    MAsterr Serch 3 days ago

    Was waiting for it before I made the comment of what Homer became... I knew you'd eventually get to it!

  • Matt Ruth
    Matt Ruth 3 days ago

    The insightful, touching Simpsons ended pretty early, season 7-ish maybe. But there was still good episodes/comedic ideas til about season 14. Since then it's declined to straight up unfunny garbage

  • Bill Dowling
    Bill Dowling 4 days ago

    Homer in full body cast says to Daredevil Lance Murdock from a hospital bed, “You think you got guts try raising my kids”.

  • Luke Nasti
    Luke Nasti 4 days ago

    This video wasted none of my time, not from the first second to the last second.
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  • Deffective Doggo
    Deffective Doggo 4 days ago

    That’s why I Love Fry from Futurama. He’s an idiot but he’s a lovable one that grew as a person throughout the show

  • JZ Gringo
    JZ Gringo 4 days ago

    It’s still failing, it’s Trump jokes are terrible

  • Michael Blount
    Michael Blount 4 days ago

    Hmmmmm that was great

  • Vincent Arceo
    Vincent Arceo 4 days ago

    Reminds me of how Stranger Things 3 almost ruined Chief Hopper

  • Justin Bayless
    Justin Bayless 5 days ago

    It’s great that most early Simpsons episodes didn’t show race since most of them were yellow. The only real stereotypes were Apu and that one black cop. But even though they were stereotypes, Apu was relatively successful being the owner of Springfields most popular convenient store. And (sorry idr his name) that one cop was actually trying to be good at his job, constantly interjecting himself in Chief Wiggums dumb antics, even though Wiggum never listens. In the end, the stereotypes were the only characters that were the most realistic.

  • Ethan Bagshaw
    Ethan Bagshaw 5 days ago

    Exact same thing happened to Patrick Star

  • Sean Franklin
    Sean Franklin 5 days ago +1

    This same thing happened to Patrick Star. Maybe do a video about that! It’s sad

  • muntu
    muntu 5 days ago

    Everyone knows it was the Frank Grimes episode. Not even one mention. This Nerdstalgic guy is an idiot.

  • Jason Georgis
    Jason Georgis 5 days ago +4

    The Simpsons stopped being great when the plot stopped serving the characters and the characters started serving the plot. It’s most noticeable after season 10 and I think you did a good job highlighting the season 9 and 10 episodes that were the indicators of the coming change.

  • jakob kjær
    jakob kjær 6 days ago

    I agree to a point i loved the show Up to and including season 10, after that IT turned to crap, oversimplefied jokes, sex humor, and they tryed to contemporise the Hole show, sad sad 😑

  • 2000sDigitalBoy
    2000sDigitalBoy 6 days ago

    This entire video could pretty much apply to Peter Griffin too.

  • Shwhsg _
    Shwhsg _ 6 days ago

    I can’t stand old homer just because of how uncomfortable the voice acting is

  • justaquail
    justaquail 6 days ago

    time makes fools of us all

  • Will Fowler
    Will Fowler 7 days ago

    The show could still be good, if they'd write the characters properly. I'm hoping that day comes eventually, before the show is finally axed.

  • Mr.Garbage_625
    Mr.Garbage_625 7 days ago

    Just like every fucking media review lofi hip hop, super high iq big word script, unnecessary long, vhs sounds and effect every 2 secs. Can we fucking stop watching the same videos over and over again people?

  • Ben Attwood
    Ben Attwood 8 days ago

    I too miss the Homer Simpson who, despite no knowledge of textiles, made his daughter a pageant costume with two mattresses, sellotape, and an orange, because her mother was out gambling their money. The same man who helped build his son a go cart, despite not knowing how to, and keeps all the pictures of his baby at work to motivate him. Also the same man who worried he wasn't a good enough husband after his son's friend's father and mother divorced. I much prefer that Homer, to the man who did Skateboard tricks smoking a pipe, or was raped by a Panda, or who took his son out of school to work for him in a grease business.

  • Random Person
    Random Person 8 days ago

    So basically what happened to Patrick Star. Lovable idiot becomes mean-spirited, incredibly stupid jerk who only causes problems for those around him, with no consequences.

  • Corto Maltese
    Corto Maltese 8 days ago +1

    I know the show isn't very popular nowadays, but am I the only one who thinks that the simpsons changed drasticaly after season 30? It felt like they improved the character studies, but something died...

  • Cole L
    Cole L 8 days ago

    "Only" the first 10 seasons were good. Very rarely can you say that about any TV show. That's pretty good in my opinion, considering that they have like 33 seasons now (I think)? 10 seasons, about 25-30 episodes each, and each episode is 20ish minutes long. I think I could just watch the first ten seasons over and over, and just pretend that the other 20 didnt exist

  • krazykarl
    krazykarl 8 days ago +4

    I noticed it taking a turn for the worst when I started seeing the name Ian Maxtone Graham more and a new guest celebrity every week.

  • NLMB Zoldyck
    NLMB Zoldyck 8 days ago

    For a while I was getting seasons of simpsons for christmas and birthdays once I got to like 11 i said no more 😂

  • Jeffrey Dorchen
    Jeffrey Dorchen 9 days ago +1

    Learn to pronounce Matt Groening's name.

  • Mr. O'hare
    Mr. O'hare 9 days ago

    Are u sure they ruined homer and not that homer ruined u

  • Joseph Herbias
    Joseph Herbias 9 days ago +1

    The most pronounced difference to me was when they had that episode with Kim Basinger, etc. I watched episodes sporadically as I was in school, but everyone was acting way out of character from what I remembered

  • donkique956
    donkique956 9 days ago +1

    I stopped watching this show back in 1998.

  • The Vegan Villainess
    The Vegan Villainess 10 days ago

    I stopped watching after the Lady Gaga episode.

  • Devin Brown
    Devin Brown 10 days ago

    Accept it’s still one of the longest running shows so........wrong

  • Peyton McPeak
    Peyton McPeak 10 days ago

    Ironically, The Simpson's Movie, which I believe came out around season 18 or 19, is a very good example of the "old style formula" Homer causes a problem, and spends the rest of the movie dealing with said problem, all while being a good family member along the way.

  • Micah
    Micah 11 days ago +3

    The ruining of Homer Simpsons is indicative of the war on father figures (and men) in modern television.

  • these101
    these101 11 days ago

    Oh come on... most of the newer episodes are gettin better in everey way. I had much fun with early dumb homer, survived these grotesque times of panda, Scream caterpillar and Williams-sisters, but now it's actually quite good and entertaining.

  • Ruben Ashley Westerhoff

    hair (m) + ear (g) = .......

  • PlatonsArm
    PlatonsArm 11 days ago

    I couldn’t disagree more. I can imagine few things duller than the first seasons of the Simpsons. And yes I’m old enough to remember when they aired. The first iteration of Homer was that of a dull, conventional American sitcom dad, not far from, say, what’s depicted in Full House. As The Simpsons developed and lost its bland predictability, creativity was allowed to rush in and take its place. I prefer the more dionysian and socially critical style that developed after the first seasons.

  • Super Q. Position
    Super Q. Position 11 days ago

    The only reason The Simpsons is still alive is because Barks voice don't change

  • jhhwild
    jhhwild 11 days ago +1

    I think they should require every new writer on the show to watch all the Golden Age Simpsons episodes from seasons 3 to 9 and analyze what made those episodes great. Either that or just end the series already.

  • JustMegawatt
    JustMegawatt 11 days ago

    My favorite episode is Lisa the Vegetarian

  • Column01
    Column01 11 days ago

    He went from being a loving father who worked to support his family to a bumbling idiot. I wish they didn't change his character like they did...

  • De B
    De B 13 days ago +1

    Don't forget that Homer Simpson has got a crayon lodged up his nose that is pressing on his brain!!!
    I think you've missed that part out.
    Not only that the underlined issue with Homer Simpson is that he also has ADHD, but most people wouldn't see it because they would think it is reflected in Bart's attitude.

  • TheScholesie09
    TheScholesie09 13 days ago

    9:57 the worlds fastest growing stubble

  • Zenjedi99v2
    Zenjedi99v2 14 days ago

    I watch Simpsons to laugh. I'd rather not every episode be a animated Leave it to Beaver.

  • Sam Vimes
    Sam Vimes 14 days ago +1

    I miss when Lisa wasn't a self-righteous brat. I miss when Ned had more characterization than just "haha Christian man crazy."

  • Ayrat Khalikov
    Ayrat Khalikov 14 days ago

    I agree The Simpsons have become worse but it's still a pretty good show.
    It's a completely different show now. The first seasons were amazing. Smart, funny, philosophical.
    Now it's stupid kind of funny. Family guy, South Park kind of funny.
    Now Bob's Burgers is more Simpsons then The Simpsons itself.

  • Same Ting
    Same Ting 14 days ago

    "True enemy of humanity is disorder"

  • MuzzstepTV
    MuzzstepTV 14 days ago

    You can't use treehouse episodes to prove your point, they aren't canon. But a good video

  • Nimbly
    Nimbly 14 days ago

    Dumbing down. Yep.

  • Izzy Zigg
    Izzy Zigg 14 days ago +1

    The Office did the same thing to the Kevin Malone character. He eventually became a complete moron to the point that it wasn’t funny anymore.

  • steven schneider
    steven schneider 15 days ago +1

    I think this is the very moment when society lost all semblance of depth: when RU-clip bloggers became a voice of a generation, and somehow managed to profit off inane babble and videogame narration.
    wish I had the last 10 minutes of my life back. unfortunately I was making dinner and could not fast forward to a Simpson clip worth watching

    • John Varley
      John Varley 13 days ago

      Totally. I get halfway through these type of video and get so fucking bored. I what kind of authority this RU-clipr has to make these videos. The fact that he didn't even understand the "gym" joke speaks volumes, but, hey, gotta cram enough shit in to get to that sweet sweet 10-minute mark.

  • Mike Brown's Mother
    Mike Brown's Mother 15 days ago +1

    Up till season 9 is great and up to 13 is still watchable ish. After that it's pure unfunny garbage.

  • True Prankster
    True Prankster 15 days ago

    Th worst thing is that they predicted corona virus and we never listened...
    Or did they create corona virus? 🤔

  • Juicy Male
    Juicy Male 15 days ago

    Nobody cares

  • Jay Silva
    Jay Silva 15 days ago

    Homer is still funnier than most cartoon characters even today! Yeah he turned into a moron but Homer has been like that for 2 decades!

  • Justin Widle
    Justin Widle 15 days ago

    IS this fucking BREADSWORD? Sounds like the dude, has the same video style and everything. Wtf.

  • unitedkingdom offiveeyes

    Yeah, I never understood his stupidity but working in a power station.

    • ettenA
      ettenA 15 days ago

      That's more of a societal joke. Like how Kelso from that 70's show became a cop.

  • Team Action Angling
    Team Action Angling 16 days ago

    Screw you all, I love new homer and new simpsons. Especially since family guy turned into SJW guy

    • Tiarnán Hart
      Tiarnán Hart 14 days ago +1

      I think that's because early Peter Griffin is basically what Homer is now. Overweight, lazy, stupid, mean spirited, selfish and never faces any consequences for his actions.

  • drbalchin1
    drbalchin1 16 days ago

    Is this channel just a cheap rip on nerdwriter?

  • xSoporific
    xSoporific 17 days ago


  • hunpo1
    hunpo1 17 days ago +10

    For me the jump-the-shark moment was when he accidentally killed Maude Flanders and felt no remorse whatsoever.

  • Captain Canuck
    Captain Canuck 17 days ago

    One of the worst Homer moments was from the episode where Abe needs the kidney transplant, because Homer's actions are what caused his father's kidney to blow up in the first place; refusing to stop the car so Abe could use the bathroom. On the audio commentary, one of the writers (who didn't write this particular episode) said Homer's cruelty made him very unlikeable. Everyone else on the commentary just laughed.

  • urawizardmerlin
    urawizardmerlin 17 days ago

    Every frame a painting

  • Kahlia Blake
    Kahlia Blake 17 days ago

    Reminds me of what happened to Spongebob Squarepants. Went from a likeable, smart but goofy little concious sponge to just plain dumb and annoying.

  • Edmund Davis-Quinn
    Edmund Davis-Quinn 17 days ago +2

    I miss how good the early Simpsons episodes were. I really wish it's run would just end.

  • David Levy
    David Levy 17 days ago

    I've always said that the first half of the Max Power episode is funny. Until he changes his name......I never thought about it as a metonimy for the show itself until now. Well played.

  • Garrett Oliva
    Garrett Oliva 17 days ago

    The Simpsons predicted The Simpsons.

  • chrisbyerly
    chrisbyerly 17 days ago +1

    While Homer becoming a completely bland, unfunny oaf is definitely where the show is currently, I think you’re completely overthinking his character. Homer being relatable has never been what’s made him a likable and funny character. The fact that he is an oaf is why he’s so beloved. Some of the best seasons of the show are chalk full of classic dumb Homer bits, not anything feel good or meaningful beyond that. They just had great writing and humor, which is what the last decade or so of the show has been missing.