The Order: Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • Magic. Monsters. And....midterms?
    At Belgrave University, college freshman Jack Morton joins a fabled secret society where he's thrust into a dangerous game of life or death. As Jack goes deeper, he uncovers dark family secrets and an underground battle between werewolves and the magical dark arts.
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    The Order: Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 3 577

  • Amy Thach
    Amy Thach 8 hours ago


  • Blake Dempsey
    Blake Dempsey 22 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me what the "nothing is as it seems" song called

  • Banđit Änimations

    *There should be a fandom for this* Its really amazing I'm on episode 4 and and I'm love thissss. ❤

  • Carlos Morg de Zurd

    Harry Potter meets Orange County....garbage

  • Oskar
    Oskar 2 days ago

    I hope it's not one of those A witch girl meets a boy and HE"S SPECIAL type of shit

  • Zovella mancolintas
    Zovella mancolintas 2 days ago

    Already watched these series. Watch it before judging duddeeeess.

  • rambololal
    rambololal 3 days ago

    whaaaat is rea-aaaaaa-lity?????

  • Mariam Hammoud
    Mariam Hammoud 3 days ago

    I just finished the show and the only thing I can say is wow. I first read the comments and everyone was saying bad things about it so I didn’t watch it first but now I did and damn it got me hooked it’s soo amazing and I literally cursed Netflix for making season 2 in 2020 like how the fuck am I going to wait a year to watch it.

  • Wat Dafuk
    Wat Dafuk 4 days ago

    I spend five hours in one night with only 3 episodes left.. am I normal?

  • Nafisa von Kantzow
    Nafisa von Kantzow 5 days ago

    Anyone know the song in the trailer?

  • Ansh Maurya
    Ansh Maurya 6 days ago

    The trailer describes nothing of the show! The show is way better! Awesome!

  • Vee Wilson
    Vee Wilson 6 days ago

    I've watched 3-4 episodes and I'm dropping it. Too cheesy, hardly anything happens and I don't care about any of the characters. I know it'll be axed in 3 seasons anyway.

  • Noah Tes
    Noah Tes 7 days ago +1

    I demand second season within this year!! Cuz it's really a good show!!

  • Chelsea Crawford
    Chelsea Crawford 7 days ago

    Great show 😁

  • Vedika Dalmia
    Vedika Dalmia 7 days ago +1

    The genre is awesome though the trailer was poorly made . A must watch with an awesome storyline. But the screenwriter didnt show much of their backlife. But overall this is very good. I finished watching it in one day

  • EthalaRide
    EthalaRide 7 days ago

    I'm just going to assume the trailer is just generic in the edit and that the series actually sounds good based on the synopsis I read. Also, it's got Ginger Snaps's Katharine Isabelle, what's not to love!

  • diezel James
    diezel James 8 days ago

    Jack is a bitch fire him from the show please. It started well and ended like fucking dross shit. He ruins the mechanics I don't like his bitch baby my mom was murdered by him. There is nothing written in the script proposing this. Infact I see the utter opposite as in his pops had been overtly jealous of magic. Where as we learned through the necrophone that his mother was longing for edward. Get rid of the stupid fake broke boy jack. Besides if he is so broke why is his pops home so dang nice? That's not broke. Anyone recall his outfits in the first 3 episodes.

  • Doyoumine
    Doyoumine 8 days ago

    Go to church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about God.

  • Alexander Salgado Moreno

    I cried at the ending ha 😭 good ass show and so unexpected

  • Toasty_One
    Toasty_One 9 days ago

    First episode is garbage. Terrible writing.

  • Rankrold
    Rankrold 9 days ago

    Season 2 plz

  • Juvair Labodon
    Juvair Labodon 10 days ago

    Waiting for season renewal :)

  • Behind You
    Behind You 10 days ago

    Just finished the first Episode. Was my device gone wrong or what? Why did the story keep skipping and not continue at all?!!
    - the main guy acted like nothing happen when he saw the denied letter turned to accepted letter before his eyes??
    - after those freshmen got the puzzle from the mask men in the wood, they discussed in the bar about the clues and the next scene was in weird classroom and the girl was talking about "dead person". Who's dead??
    - then there was the scream from somewhere in the university in the day light but no one heard it except the main guy and his friend? And they just ran into that direction and found the girl was dying?? Rlly??
    - the main guy followed that jerk into the old library building and he just started to knock the wall and found the secret entrance ?!! What the hell?? He walked straight to that fucking wall?!
    I have TON of questions about it and it was just First Episode. they arent the mysteries that would me wonder what will happen next but more like the unreasonable and nonsense dialogue and script?!! what's wrong with ppl in this series?!! Are you guys lose all the logic or did I miss something.

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 10 days ago

    The trailer looks better than the actual show itself.

  • Pandora Davidsen
    Pandora Davidsen 11 days ago

    Does anyone know the song that they’ve used for trailer 5????

  • Jhustin Jovi
    Jhustin Jovi 11 days ago

    Fuck Todd 🙄

  • Henry Hazelton
    Henry Hazelton 11 days ago

    I hope it not like the video game The order 1886

    RBK KURD 12 days ago


  • Sofi Paez Amaya
    Sofi Paez Amaya 13 days ago

    What is the song?

  • M7mmd. nr
    M7mmd. nr 14 days ago

    هل فيه موسم ثاني ولو فيه متى ينزل ؟؟؟

  • Tamás Balogh
    Tamás Balogh 15 days ago

    This show was pretty good to be honest! My only problem was the grandpa. The most annoying and worst written character in Netflix history. When he got screentime it was nearly unwatchable.

  • #ANIMATEona
    #ANIMATEona 15 days ago

    This show was actually really good,
    Can’t wait for season2
    There will be a season 2 right?

  • Creapy - Guys
    Creapy - Guys 15 days ago

    wher is season 2

  • Ichchha Thapa
    Ichchha Thapa 15 days ago

    Its awesome

  • SyKo Ex
    SyKo Ex 15 days ago

    We want season 2

  • PC Principal
    PC Principal 16 days ago

    So it's like Buffy meets Charmed meets Trueblood? Yeah, no thanks.

  • bloodymischa
    bloodymischa 16 days ago

    I actually see the least people in the comment section saying it's bad. Most people are saying it appears to be a cheap copy of The Magicians and that is indeed very correct, people. And I'm sorry, I just don't feel like giving it a shot knowing there's my gay boy Eliot and my bi boy Quentin and my queen Margo on another show, making this show right here look ridiculous.

  • Charlemon
    Charlemon 16 days ago


  • Karen Fiorenza
    Karen Fiorenza 16 days ago

    I’ve watch this show and its bad, but its not the worse. The writing and script is SO BAD, even WORSE than riverdale. The acting is lackluster at best. What saved it is the cinematography and sfx. I wish netflix would stop making these tv shows and actually put there money on something good like sense 8, but sadly they cancelled it:(



  • Regina Campbell
    Regina Campbell 17 days ago

    This reminds me of the magicians

  • Barokai Rein
    Barokai Rein 18 days ago

    This show is basically discount The Magicians,as in extremely poor man's The Magicians. It even has some of the same actors ''none of the good ones though''. Watched couple of episodes now and this show fucking sucks so far. Not a single character in the show is likable or at least relatable in some way. The ''twist'' of the show is that it's not really a magical school but it is since some of the students are mages and the woman who runs the place is one too but nobody teaches magic in the school so most people are just normal students. Seriously wtf is the point of ''magical academy'' show where it's not really even a magical school. Basically nobody in that school knows that there even is a magical secret society in it.

  • Simo ID
    Simo ID 18 days ago

    literally the best series i'v watched in this whole month , it's a must to watch and i'm hoping for season 2 , btw i finished it in half a day .

  • BlackOpsCraft
    BlackOpsCraft 18 days ago

    The trailer looks dope i swear

  • Keylla Stewart
    Keylla Stewart 18 days ago

    Alyssa and Jack ❤️

  • Keylla Stewart
    Keylla Stewart 18 days ago

    Sarah Grey ❤️

  • Color Blind
    Color Blind 18 days ago

    this bulshit is more epic than 'shadow hunters:mortal instruments'

  • Licy Cross
    Licy Cross 19 days ago

    I CANNOT i cannot i fucking cannot fathom the belligerent rage MANIFESTING IN MY BROKEN, LIMP, DECAYING SOUL. THIS BITCH, THESE BITCHES, NO SPOILERS. I just watched this entire series in a (technical) day AND MY HEART CANNOT FUCKING TAKE IT. First off, this is right underneath Hemlock grove to me. Otherwise, I ADORE THE DIALOGUE AND THE SCRIPT WAS AND IS A MASTERPIECE. The ending will shatter your hopes and wildest dreams for the knights and for jack. Im too hurt bro. I STOOD UP WATCHING THE WHOLE THING. I screamed through half if not all of the last episode. A GLORIOUS job well done to the writers and producers btw. I just cant fucking believe this shit. I also cant fucking believe i have to wait a whole year to see the continuation. THEY DONT EVEN KNOW. YOU DONT EVEN KNOW. I DONT EVEN KNOW. HOW??? HOW WILL I MOVE ON??? WHAT WILL I DO???

    Ahh fuck it i'll just keep rewatching it periodically. Point, Blank, Period, I LOVED THIS SHOW I hope you do too. SO MUCH BLOODY FUCKING MURDER. SO MUCH FUCKING MAGIC. SO MANY FUCKING TWISTS. SUCH GREAT INSULTS. I've needed a soul snatching show like this. I haven't felt this ALIVE watching a show for a damn long minute.

    p.s. Dont mind my long list of self thoughts on this series. you dont have to care if you dont :)

  • Tasoos g. kaisariani
    Tasoos g. kaisariani 19 days ago

    All of them lost their memories.Dont watch it

  • Lux Arcadia
    Lux Arcadia 19 days ago

    Awesome show but I didn't like the way they end the story

  • Seafoam LPS
    Seafoam LPS 20 days ago +1

    i came here after watching the show and dang if i saw this i would have never watched the show. I swear guys, it is good so if you haven’t seen it I suggest watching before judging

  • Harmony Farrow
    Harmony Farrow 20 days ago


  • Maria L.
    Maria L. 20 days ago


  • hazel montemayor
    hazel montemayor 20 days ago

    can't wait for season 2

  • Krystalan Davis
    Krystalan Davis 21 day ago

    The freaking ending wth

  • Daniella King
    Daniella King 21 day ago

    ok what is the song??

  • Senji The Exorcist
    Senji The Exorcist 21 day ago

    Promoting the occult, there's no such thing as magic, magick is nothing more than conjuring and making contracts with demons or the devil, that's why the elites are taking dmt, to talk to the "clockwork elves" hint hint, they are demonic

  • Azzur
    Azzur 21 day ago

    This is one of those shows you regret of thinking it was bad. I really can't wait for season 2.

  • Manish kumar
    Manish kumar 21 day ago

    *Its actually a good show!!! trailer dont do justice with the show. go watch ,you will be hooked. rating 9 out of 10👍*

  • Lime 07pro
    Lime 07pro 22 days ago

    Yo Netflix when season 2 coming out and get the new season of the flash on Netflix dawg like dead ass I’m paying for ur stuff. (Use me for this button lmao)

  • ImAbraham
    ImAbraham 22 days ago +1

    It honestly was a good show. Ending fucked me up cuz it was so unexpected.

  • Juan José Núñez
    Juan José Núñez 22 days ago

    donde puedo verla pirata

  • Nurul Ain
    Nurul Ain 22 days ago

    literally finished this in one day and damn must i say it is sooo GOOD like ik its look like a mashup between harry potter and some werewolves movies but it is so good 👍👍

    SERIOUSLY i need season 2 😐

  • Katerina Petrova Scott


    SONG YUNHYEONG. 22 days ago +1

    Fuck the ending.

  • Demircan Demirci
    Demircan Demirci 22 days ago

    Song name ?

  • Giorgos Christ
    Giorgos Christ 22 days ago

    Guuuuuuys seee it it’s tha best

  • Gyftmo API
    Gyftmo API 23 days ago

    Have really taken a liking to the show THE ORDER. Love it!!!

  • jarrod kane
    jarrod kane 23 days ago

    Worst most pointless ending to a show anyone could have thought of.

    GAME Play MMO-RAW 23 days ago +1

    Any spell out there to change all human into Trump ?

  • Creepy
    Creepy 23 days ago

    Cant wait s2

  • Taehyung's cat For Life

    I just finished watching season one, and damnnn the ending

  • Gonzalo Sivatte Sitjas

    Who else came here just for Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) from True Blood

  • Edrian naried
    Edrian naried 24 days ago +1

    s2 plsss

  • Ronaldo Jesús Álvarez

    I judged this series too, thinking it was going to be some teen stupid romantic movie, but... Everything was like I never expected, it was freaking awesome, I never thought I'd like this show, you should watch it! I'm looking forward for season 2.

  • Jessica Macias
    Jessica Macias 25 days ago

    I really recommend this! I had my doubts, but it's verrry good.

  • Auroha
    Auroha 25 days ago

    What song is in the tralier?

  • Benjamin Wagner
    Benjamin Wagner 25 days ago

    Found this by accident when browsing Netflix. Damn I gotta see this

  • Winter Girl
    Winter Girl 25 days ago +2

    I finished the first season in a week!
    I had doubts about the series, but later I could not break away! I loved this series and I'm looking forward to the second season!

  • saschavona
    saschavona 25 days ago

    This is the House (Asylum) from Grave Encounters!

  • TNFG
    TNFG 25 days ago


  • Raffael Faessler
    Raffael Faessler 25 days ago +1

    The best hopefully Season 2 will come 😍

  • Alan Flores
    Alan Flores 25 days ago

    Did anyone see someone not white that whole trailer?

  • madschubs 02
    madschubs 02 26 days ago

    I just finished this series in one day and its so good, can't wait for the season 2. In the last episode, I feel so sorry for Lilith, Randall, Hamish and especially Jack!!!! Arrgh! Hate you Alyssa!

  • kristhoper luke mcfadden

    Way better than, the magician

  • younes kahan
    younes kahan 26 days ago

    I'm gonna give it a try bc it seem pretty good I'm just curious is there gonna be teen wolf vibes like Scott McCall?????

  • Alexis Piwowarczyk
    Alexis Piwowarczyk 26 days ago

    Ceci est la meilleure série de tous les temps. Bravo !

  • Top Everytime music
    Top Everytime music 26 days ago

    I love it I love the order

  • Nolan Luther
    Nolan Luther 27 days ago +1

    I swear to this and you can believe me or not but I made a story called The Order a few months before this came out.

  • Chris
    Chris 27 days ago

    This shows really good, the only complaint I really have is the main character. The guy who plays Jack is just so bad at acting.

  • Alex
    Alex 27 days ago

    Pretty horrible show if I'm being honest, we aren't ever given explanations for half the shit that goes on, every plot device is either forgotten or left unfinished. The acting and special effects feel like a bad episode of The Flash or something. And the worst part is the portrayal of magic, it's all just "cut your hand, say a few words" and bam presto. There isn't any actual work to it.

  • Joshua Stafford
    Joshua Stafford 28 days ago +1

    This Series is Epic, I really love it because of all the Cursing.

  • Eve Eve
    Eve Eve 28 days ago +1

    Guys stop comparing it to chilling adventures of sabrina or harry potter or whatsoever the show is so different and its sooo good you should totally watch it!!!! So to the rest of u who judged first and says this full of shit then fuck you

  • Eve Eve
    Eve Eve 28 days ago +1


    • Eve Eve
      Eve Eve 26 days ago

      RyanL181095 where did u know?

    • RyanL181095
      RyanL181095 26 days ago +1

      I E It's happening

  • Cristina Ortiz
    Cristina Ortiz 28 days ago

    Literally worst show I’ve ever seen on Netflix - bad acting - bad writing - bad music- bad effects. Good story line but they screwed it up

  • Tazmanian Devil
    Tazmanian Devil 28 days ago

    It hv wear wolves awesome but the acting is horrible especially the females and the whole thing is about teenagers killing people I give this one star out of five save yourself forget this fucking shit

  • Michael Lambert
    Michael Lambert 28 days ago

    This is what television has come to; nothing but evil satanic shows that the sheeple absolutely enjoy watching! Pure evil!!

  • Ilias B
    Ilias B 28 days ago

    Show is fucking awesome 10/10

  • LoL Shawk
    LoL Shawk 28 days ago

    I have to say, I thought the trailer was complete garbage but after watching the entire first season i just thought it was ok. Not terrible, just kinda cheesy. 3.5 out of 10

  • zaira lopez
    zaira lopez 28 days ago

    This show is amazing!