Celebrating Thai Culture | Amphibia | Disney Channel

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Creator Matt Braly and voice actress Brenda Song discuss the importance of incorporating Thai culture in the brand new series Amphibia!
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    After stealing a mysterious music box, 13-year-old, Anne Boonchuy (Brenda Song) is magically transported to the world of Amphibia, a wild marshland full of talking frog-people. With the help of an excitable young frog named Sprig, Anne will transform from monster to hero and discover the first true friendship of her life!
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  • เจตน์ อินทพวง


  • P.U. Joy
    P.U. Joy 12 days ago

    Love you, Brenda Song

  • Destiny Playz IMVU
    Destiny Playz IMVU 15 days ago

    YAY :3

  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff 28 days ago

    Anne does not look Thai. I thought she was African American.

    • What ??
      What ?? 15 days ago

      She looks indeed non asian but I have to pretend that she's Thai Lol the media wants Thais to look like that so sad.

  • エルサElsa
    エルサElsa Month ago +1

    แกร! กบกินลาบ!!!!!!!

  • joseph gamble
    joseph gamble Month ago +1

    Perfect cast member

  • Alessia's World
    Alessia's World Month ago

    wanna hear something sad

    i'm mostly Thai and i can understand it and say a few words but...

    I Can't read speak or write it 😭

  • Guy กาย
    Guy กาย 2 months ago


  • Suchreera Kinjumpa
    Suchreera Kinjumpa 2 months ago

    สวัสดีคะ น่ารัก สนุกชอบจ้าชอบ

  • official lilk.p
    official lilk.p 2 months ago

    Why he somewhat look like erza miller

  • Teera Pechpradit
    Teera Pechpradit 2 months ago +2


  • punch180
    punch180 2 months ago

    She is half Thai and Hmong(I'm Hmong btw). Her dad is Hmong and mother is Thai). If people are wondering what her other half is.

  • Curtic Carmichael
    Curtic Carmichael 2 months ago

    Tried Thai food once when my aunt was training for her mission trip to Thailand. Maybe I should give it another try since I was rather close minded back then.

  • Sana Mazhar
    Sana Mazhar 2 months ago

    I love this show!

  • Evill Dragontv
    Evill Dragontv 2 months ago +1

    It niec haha ราบ verygood
    i like a video the funny
    We think a video funny ?

  • เลย์ เลย์ดา


  • Jod Nolimis 16
    Jod Nolimis 16 2 months ago

    She has so much cute cat pictures...i love everything...

    PALMKUNG ZAZA71 2 months ago

    มีสวัสดีค่า อยู่คำเดียว 555

  • Jason Garfield Bardy
    Jason Garfield Bardy 2 months ago

    I would have loved a TV show with a Thai star when I was a kid. Great to see ^_^

  • This is my area This is my world

    Thailand 🇹🇭 Sawaddeeka

  • เมื่อมองท้องฟ้า ฉันก็บินได้


  • ปัญสิกรณ์ ติยะกร

    Hello, I am Thailand or Thai. Thank you for making our country. Thank you.

  • ปัญสิกรณ์ ติยะกร


  • นัคมน สุดใจบุญ


  • Jaina kimny
    Jaina kimny 2 months ago +1


  • rose tale chara / bam tv

    Thx i love you!!!

  • rose tale chara / bam tv


  • Sean Sovidaray the numberblocks fan 2!!!!!!!

    I am Thai !!!!!!!! I’m part of the Thailand magority

  • Ender gamer Thailand
    Ender gamer Thailand 2 months ago +1

    THX Disney for mark a girl thai
    Sawadee ka🤗= hello

  • Zimzalabim zim-zimzalabim

    Thank you Disney to represent Thai culture and Thai food. I'm so proud to be Thai woman.😀🥰

  • Yuen Bin Han
    Yuen Bin Han 2 months ago

    Wow this episode came out when I just left to Thailand coincidence?

  • Luna Larrkson
    Luna Larrkson 2 months ago

    Haaa Anne,s father Is thai

  • Gammer TV
    Gammer TV 2 months ago

    I like

  • theresa t
    theresa t 2 months ago

    This show has everything I swear. Great representation, original songs (sylvia) and some impressive animation, I really hope more people get into it soon

    xX MLGTHAILAND Xx 2 months ago

    In this year, most of Disney show is making about Thai culture.

  • chayanin insorn
    chayanin insorn 2 months ago +2


  • Pchy Fahsai
    Pchy Fahsai 2 months ago

    อยากให้มีพากย์ไทยจังเลยค่ะ verygood 😘😍

  • Rice Works
    Rice Works 2 months ago

    Amphibia is one of my new favorite shows!
    I check everyday for a new episode XD
    Love you Disney

  • Fo most YO_LO Sans
    Fo most YO_LO Sans 2 months ago

    เปิดมาๅด้ยินเสียง สวัดดีค้าา

  • Nangว อKamon
    Nangว อKamon 2 months ago


  • fahkky Ch fahfah identityv

    Thanks to the creation of Thailand's cartoons, the Thai people love it.

  • Fog smog
    Fog smog 2 months ago

    I’m loving everything I’m seeing now with the characters humor, there isn’t an episode I don’t like

  • Noina น้อยหน่า


    JÆMÊ SĐ 2 months ago

    ดราม่าสีผิวอีกเห้อ คนไทยผิวคล้ำ

    • What ??
      What ?? 15 days ago

      I am Thai and my skin is pale it sparks outrage because not everyone has skin color like her!

  • d o y
    d o y 2 months ago +1



    DEADPOOL 17 2 months ago +1


  • แซน ทองอนันต์


  • ฌัฐิวุฒิ ลักษณะโภคิน


  • Sarah Saranya
    Sarah Saranya 2 months ago +1


  • Benjamin Heyward
    Benjamin Heyward 2 months ago

    Myla2011 is a good

  • อาทิตย์ ไกรทอง


  • cHa Buxz.
    cHa Buxz. 2 months ago

    ชอบความ แอน บุญช่วย5555

  • Butter king
    Butter king 2 months ago


  • Nut Su
    Nut Su 2 months ago +1

    if you add a sub title I will love it so much (I'am thai people) ^_^

  • cocobana29
    cocobana29 2 months ago +4

    Thank you Disney ❤️🇹🇭 You don't know how much it means to us

    • cocobana29
      cocobana29 2 months ago

      Also thank you Matt Braly!

  • ๒๕ ๔๗
    ๒๕ ๔๗ 2 months ago

    น้ำตาไหลเลยอ่ะ​ โครตภูมิใจ55555

  • ไอดอล เกาหลี


  • Avatar Star
    Avatar Star 2 months ago


  • 6Noxnox9
    6Noxnox9 2 months ago

    I hope in someday I will see next character Thai half Chinese I like me too.
    จะรอดูนะจ๊ะ แอน บุญช่วย