[FULL VIDEO] Kylie Jenner Valentine's Day 2019 Makeup Tutorial

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Comments • 43

  • Joao.000000000 Lima

    Amor Você é Fofa te Amo Beijo 😘😍

  • Karla Herrera
    Karla Herrera 7 months ago

    Que bonito maquillaje 😍

  • filmy chaska
    filmy chaska 7 months ago +1

    The beauty
    The real definition of beauty
    She is amaxing

  • A A
    A A 7 months ago

    You’re beautiful Kylie♥️

  • welove
    welove 7 months ago

    I love how she’s such a girl lol

  • Anthea-Victoria Buttons
    Anthea-Victoria Buttons 8 months ago +1

    She's not using Kylie brushes...

  • cookie ade
    cookie ade 9 months ago

    Hi Kylie it linda from Nigeria who love to work for you

  • Annelise
    Annelise 11 months ago +3

    You should do a video on makeup do's and don'ts from what you have learned over the years!

  • Annelise
    Annelise 11 months ago

    I'm too scared to try a cut crease 😬

    • Hureina H
      Hureina H 10 months ago +1

      Annelise I was like that too but I tried it and it didn’t turn out too bad lol. You should try it out!

  • Doneoen Hdj
    Doneoen Hdj 11 months ago +22

    I literally love her voice

  • Regular What ever
    Regular What ever 11 months ago +1

    Kylie did NOT take all of her fillers out. LIAR. Anyways the big lips were gorgeous whyyyyyyyyyy kylie

  • ciciad2010
    ciciad2010 11 months ago

    ❤❤❤ queen.

  • Jennifer Mahan
    Jennifer Mahan Year ago

    Love it

    ANKITA SAU Year ago


    BILLIE-JEAN Year ago +1

    I wish I could afford your make up bet I would buy it😭😤 AND wear it every day✔💯 GOALS THO✊👋.. SOMEDAY MAYBE💋💜💙❤

  • Claudia Esperanza
    Claudia Esperanza Year ago +3

    Why is Kylie looking left so much ?

    • danaialyse
      danaialyse 11 months ago

      she's probably using a monitor to see herself

    • Dariana
      Dariana Year ago

      Claudia Esperanza cuz there is probably a mirror

  • Adisha Kristy
    Adisha Kristy Year ago +1

    Why is this on my notifications

  • Gabby Martinez
    Gabby Martinez Year ago +1

    Wow kylie u look like a beautiful angel 😍😍🔥🔥

  • Staff Bull Terrier
    Staff Bull Terrier Year ago +1

    WoW great video best greetings from thailand

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf Year ago

    Hello I love you

  • Glam Gamer
    Glam Gamer Year ago

    *bitch it’s March..*

  • Sophie Ovalle
    Sophie Ovalle Year ago +3

    I just dont know why she takes millions of years to finish her sentence. Its like she overthinks her thoughts. So annoying for her audience.


    HELLO 💋👍


    HELLO 💋💋💋💋👍😘💋💋💋💋ARGENTINA 💋👍

  • bella2019
    bella2019 Year ago +21

    She never comes on talk shows - ratings would go sky high if she did

    • Doneoen Hdj
      Doneoen Hdj 11 months ago +1


    • Doneoen Hdj
      Doneoen Hdj 11 months ago +1

      bella2019 your so rught

    • starsoverthere
      starsoverthere Year ago +3

      She’s too shy and self conscious. I think she’s worried about being put on the spot and being awkward. I get the sense that she was really embarrassed after her Ellen interview a few years ago.

  • Yoselyn Mejia
    Yoselyn Mejia Year ago +3

    I am your fan i love you Kylie.. 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

  • Kia Garcia
    Kia Garcia Year ago +5

    Love the make up tutorial your so beautiful 💖😊👌

  • Andrea Rossi
    Andrea Rossi Year ago +1

    Does she has Lip Fillers in?

  • Janel Murray
    Janel Murray Year ago +2

    Have a good date chica...lots of love...beautiful eyes..💗😉

  • Mr247star
    Mr247star Year ago

    Love her!

  • Sarada Samadder
    Sarada Samadder Year ago +8

    She's looks pretty gorgeous..😍

  • Raco Moore
    Raco Moore Year ago +67

    Ok now on to the video, who else thinks kylie should do MORE and longer VIDEO's🤔🙋

  • Raco Moore
    Raco Moore Year ago +6

    I really do pray for this family..

    God bless u all

  • tran quilo
    tran quilo Year ago +1

    Bitch nexxxxxxt how many steps hahah you think we got this much time.. and even if i had time i wouldnt wanna do smth this costly yet unessecary

    Maybe upload smth productive

    • tran quilo
      tran quilo Year ago

      @Rae Man no mascara but lipliner and lipstick and pouder under my eyes to "lighten them up a liittle"😂😜🤙

    • Rae Man
      Rae Man Year ago +2

      You sound like the just mascara kinda girl

    • Raco Moore
      Raco Moore Year ago



  • Mayra Godoy
    Mayra Godoy Year ago +1


  • DimplyBean
    DimplyBean Year ago +2


  • Hala AlHanshali
    Hala AlHanshali Year ago +1

    I can't blv she did this! Really proud

  • Hannah Marie
    Hannah Marie Year ago +3

    Wow I love this makeup look, and I'm loving this channel!! this has inspired me to make my own channel check it out give me some support and feedback!?!

  • cécé h
    cécé h Year ago +5

    J'adore ton maquillage dommage qu'il ne soit pas disponible en France❤

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  • Terri Lee Hingley-Bamford

    Second one

  • Tamara Buley
    Tamara Buley Year ago +2

    First one