Billie Eilish on Her Throwback Jimmy Obsession, Ankle Sprains and Green World Tour

  • Published on Sep 28, 2019
  • Billie Eilish surprises Jimmy when she reveals she used to love his The Electric Company "Pocket Full of 'H's'" music video growing up, explains how she sprained her ankle (again) and describes her first eco-friendly world tour.
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    Billie Eilish on Her Throwback Jimmy Obsession, Ankle Sprains and Green World Tour
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 14 650

    BIG CHUNGUS 3 hours ago

    Jolyne Cujoh has depression

    CHAN EE VEI 10 hours ago

    I just freakin love her😍

  • Luis eduardo Gamboa
    Luis eduardo Gamboa 18 hours ago

    She act goofy is this girl some kind of stupid or something

  • Mine Finder
    Mine Finder 21 hour ago

    Tweeker. Obviously

  • Megan Kirkland
    Megan Kirkland 22 hours ago

    Doesn't she remind you how Avril Lavigne use to sit in chairs in interviews when she kinda first started back in the day

  • Marcell Newman
    Marcell Newman Day ago

  • İrem Kızılkaya

    Watch from 4:48 to end 🥰🥰

  • Becky Weaver
    Becky Weaver Day ago

    What is wrong with you fanatics?

  • Axis Gaming
    Axis Gaming Day ago

    She reminds me of a 5 year old

  • Fairystarr1977
    Fairystarr1977 2 days ago

    Omg she sold out her tour in Miami Florida in minutes so sad I can’t see her live !!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 Omg Jimmy Fallon Helpppppp me see Billieeilish please @jimmyfallon #jimmyfallon

  • Joel Bridge
    Joel Bridge 2 days ago

    She's legit really pretty

  • Nathan Rennard
    Nathan Rennard 2 days ago

    I really dig her and it's cool to see the pop scene being influenced by her music

  • G J
    G J 2 days ago

    Fallon...pocket full of H's.....His bad Ramones impression! hahahaha......

  • Antonio Mendez
    Antonio Mendez 2 days ago

    Is it just me or she sounds a bit Latina in this

  • Eris Alba
    Eris Alba 2 days ago

    7:18 I love how she said "i love you"

  • W D
    W D 2 days ago +5

    She look like Scarlett Johansson an Katy Perry, so beauty!!!

  • Maddie McGhee
    Maddie McGhee 2 days ago

    How cute was billies reaction to him singing the song omg 1:01

  • Game Hackz
    Game Hackz 2 days ago

    0:31, 3:05, 4:15, 4:51 - just a new illuminati puppet they put on to fool the masses

  • Ben Crossley
    Ben Crossley 3 days ago

    Remember kids...looks don't matter.

    NOBLE LYRIC 3 days ago +1

    She’s rocking green red n black... same color as the toilet after burrito night 🌯

  • Christopher desmoulin

    that's crazy 17, some people are just born with Talent!

  • お父さん정국
    お父さん정국 3 days ago


  • Carolina1
    Carolina1 3 days ago +1

    She seems awfully nice but I long for the day that the pointed nail trend dies, it's so intentionally ugly.
    She's cute though.

  • Tabasco Puffen
    Tabasco Puffen 3 days ago Heres the Fallon video shes talking about.

  • iipixkyii :
    iipixkyii : 4 days ago

    "No Plastic straws allowed" BILLIE IS NOW A VSCO GIRL OMG 6:33

  • Dreded
    Dreded 4 days ago

  • whok qp
    whok qp 4 days ago

    De las millones de mujeres, ella es una chica mágica, madura para su edad, su voz profunda etc

  • Vidhi Rawat
    Vidhi Rawat 5 days ago

    If you look Billie with blonde hairs she look so close to Scarlett Johanson

    • Michael Palos
      Michael Palos 3 days ago

      Or as a brunette, she looks like Aubrey Plaza.

  • Sarah Catherine
    Sarah Catherine 5 days ago

    She knows nothing about recycling.

  • Andrew Stevens
    Andrew Stevens 5 days ago

    Electric Company Pocket full of Hs. Enjoy.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 5 days ago Pocket Full of H

  • Kaerik
    Kaerik 6 days ago

    She is too adult

  • Nick N.
    Nick N. 6 days ago

    She sounds hood

  • ICØN
    ICØN 6 days ago +1

    I think her music is disgusting.
    So is her!

    • bclar2228
      bclar2228 4 days ago +1

      Disgusting is a bit far. Maybe annoying with all that teenage angst

  • M A
    M A 6 days ago +1

    Giving us Mr. T vibes with the chains haha

  • Felipe Homem de Souza


  • B Pennie
    B Pennie 7 days ago +4

    He is just hard to believe because of how he acts in interviews

  • B Pennie
    B Pennie 7 days ago

    She is so great

  • B Pennie
    B Pennie 7 days ago

    Jimmy is so fake

  • Charlie Horse
    Charlie Horse 7 days ago +1

    Miley is prettier, this poor girl looks like a bird took a shit on her head

  • jason
    jason 7 days ago

    not a fan...........just another cardi b retard

  • Chris Camacho
    Chris Camacho 7 days ago

    all day err day

  • Chris Camacho
    Chris Camacho 7 days ago

    I got your secret in my dully

  • Chris Camacho
    Chris Camacho 7 days ago

    god bless thee

  • A gaming
    A gaming 7 days ago

    she has a big boob

  • Smitty Smith
    Smitty Smith 7 days ago

    Looks like a lime green skunk that can’t figure out what size chain to wear . And people follow this girl ya right .

  • Luli Sissy
    Luli Sissy 7 days ago

    Who is this girl? She remind me a little bit to Pink on her beginnins, not her music, I never hear her, but the way she looks, the personality, the hair, and the tongue out.
    Omg! A new generation "Centenials", who doesnt know abot Jimmy and SNL, and lot of other thing. Sorry but is sooo strange for me. I have to listen her songs, do.

  • David Santos
    David Santos 7 days ago

    This the same Retard, whos been texting Drake for years since 14. And saids he's just super nice. He saids he misses me all the time. How is this ok ? !

  • krystal xoxo
    krystal xoxo 7 days ago

    Why does Billie Eilish look like a girl version Jonathan Brandis tho??

  • Willie Andrews
    Willie Andrews 7 days ago


  • Melissa Chisholm
    Melissa Chisholm 8 days ago +1

    Even Recycling has to have an endpoint or it ends up in the landfill.

  • Валера Мороз

    Я ненавижу Урганта, но эта сучка с ним молчала?Почему? Может она села ему на лицо?

  • Kerem Bostan
    Kerem Bostan 8 days ago

    l don't know why people exaggerate this kind of style like Billie's. l guess I'm getting behind my era. But, here what l think lately; make someone be rich enough and see how people admire him/her after a while. I've listened to much more enjoyable songs and seen way different appearances of people. Still, l don't understand what makes Billie be so famous like that in a very short time.

  • Utopian Strivings
    Utopian Strivings 8 days ago

    I had to look that "Pocket Full of H's" up after hearing this. It's pretty good and I see why she remembered it!

  • vennoe
    vennoe 8 days ago +1

    that "no" 😄😂 Is so cute

  • War-King WR
    War-King WR 8 days ago

    Her image is just OTT. These "millennials" look up to these outrageous satanic artists it's disgusting. Everything she portrays image/music is satanic. Her change of image over the last few years is unbelievable. I understand people relate to her music and lyrics and that's okay on an emotional sense but you don't get a refund once you sold your soul at such a young age. #Killuminati

  • Tori Animates!
    Tori Animates! 8 days ago +1

    Sorry but I can’t stop fangirling

  • Reyjin Isles
    Reyjin Isles 8 days ago +1

    I love those Ocean Eyes Billie♥

  • 4 ever
    4 ever 8 days ago

    MPD??? maybe? she cares about the earth , but not herself?

  • Edgar Garduno
    Edgar Garduno 8 days ago

    Who ever disliked this video YOU A BITCH!!!!