Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr - Highlights (Parker Makes HISTORY)

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    December 10th, 2016. Billed as "History", Joseph Parker also known by his Honorary Samoan matai title "Lupesoliai La'auli" takes on "The Destroyer" Andy Ruiz Jr. This bout is billed as such, as there has never been a New Zealander nor Mexican fighter to ever win any version of the World Heavyweight Championship. Thus, either winner would make history for their respective country in one of the most anticipated sporting events in the history of New Zealand and Mexican boxing.
    Parker and Ruiz are two young, undefeated heavyweights with records of 21(18)-0 & 29(19)-0 respectively. Both fighting in their first world title bout; for the vacant WBO World Heavyweight Crown.
    The 2 most notable New Zealander heavyweights to fight in a world heavyweight title bout are:
    1) Tom Heeney, who challenged the great Gene Tunney on July 26th, 1928 for the World Heavyweight Title and lost via TKO11 in a valiant effort.
    2) David Tua, who challenged the legendary Lennox Lewis on November 11th, 2000 for the WBC, IBF, IBO, and Lineal Heavyweight Titles; losing via a lopsided UD in what was considered a huge letdown for his fellow countrymen.
    The 2 most notable Mexican heavyweights to fight in a world heavyweight title bout are:
    1) Manuel Ramos, who challenged the legendary Smokin’ Joe Frazier on Jun 24th, 1968 for the NYSAC World Heavyweight Title and lost via TKO2 in a non stop action bout.
    2) Chris Arreola, who challenged for the WBC strap in 3 different occasions;
    - September 26th, 2009. Lost to Vitali Klitschko via RTD10.
    - May 10th,2014. Lost to Bermane Stiverne via TKO6.
    - July 16th, 2016. Lost to Deontay Wilder via RTD8.
    Going into the bout, Parker had notable wins over Alexander Dimitrenko & Carlos Takam while Ruiz had beaten former world title contender Ray Austin.
    Ruiz won most of the early and arguably mid rounds, with Parker coming on stronger from the mid to the late rounds as the competition becomes more intense with the scorecards seemingly narrowing. Some very good exchanges took place particularly in the second half.
    The verdict was a MD with scores of 115-113 (2x) & 114-114 in favor of the hometown favorite, Parker who became the first New Zealander in history to become World Heavyweight Champion. The decision has been disputed by many, who believe that Ruiz had won the majority of the rounds.
    Nonetheless, it was a competitive fight by two young, hungry and undefeated heavyweights!
    Joseph Parker had since made 2 successful defenses of his WBO strap notable an MD win over Hughie Fury in September 2017. He’s scheduled to take on the also undefeated Anthony Joshua who is now 20(20)-0 this coming March 31st.
    What’s your prediction? Let me know in the comments!
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  • Jeff Jackson
    Jeff Jackson  8 months ago +146

    Hey guys, I am happy to announce that my channel has been re-monetized and my videos will gradually be available once again.

    In time I will be able to upload consistently and take in request as I used to do.

    Thanks guys and keep punching!

    • Travis D
      Travis D 3 days ago

      Jeff Jackson Hello Jeff; I’m a big fan and have been for years! Love boxing and actually doing some amateur videos. Would you be able to help me with some questions? I really appreciate your help, sir. Thank you for the exciting videos!

    • Anastasiy Osadchyi
      Anastasiy Osadchyi 2 months ago


    • Bryan Garcia
      Bryan Garcia 2 months ago

      Jeff you need to upload the highlights of Joshua-Ruiz I & II 💪🏻

    • Hello Moto
      Hello Moto 3 months ago +2

    • Jayviel Arroyo
      Jayviel Arroyo 4 months ago +1

      Oh yea congratulations 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Enoch Powell
    Enoch Powell 2 days ago

    Parker needs to be aggressive more during fights. When he lost to AJ & Whyte he barely threw any punches. He's got a decent chin...decent engine

  • Duarua Tolu
    Duarua Tolu 4 days ago

    That's a whole lotta man shake. Great fight tho'.

  • pit man
    pit man 7 days ago

    Never forget that fight i was lucky to be there that night i was going for Parker but the truth is the truth he lost ,Ruiz Jr got ripped off big time

  • Alexandertheaverage
    Alexandertheaverage 7 days ago

    Surely Ruiz Parker 2 is now on the cards ???

  • Deadly Mantis
    Deadly Mantis 8 days ago

    Ruiz was robbed

  • Jim Hya
    Jim Hya 10 days ago

    No robbery...Joseph Parker won...

  • pmarion
    pmarion 10 days ago

    Underrated title fight between two great fighters, two great heavyweight champions... two great boxers before they were known.
    Ruiz was hot this night. This is the Ruiz that put AJ on his ass. If Joseph Parker weren’t so careful, he might have taken AJ before Ruiz did.

  • Shadrack Ofori Gyamfi
    Shadrack Ofori Gyamfi 10 days ago

    Parker beat Ruiz hands down. Most of Ruiz punches we're not landing

  • Hoang Dao Thai
    Hoang Dao Thai 14 days ago

    trong tai mu thang dang yeu thi cho thang

  • Joseph Chatfield
    Joseph Chatfield 15 days ago

    Andy was the aggressor constantly moving forward keeping his Challenger backing up. In boxing the champion is always the winner in a decision if not convincingly beaten in points or knocked out. Andy was cheated because the higher-ups in the boxing commissions do not want a fat short Mexican as a heavyweight champion.

  • Ayah Metha
    Ayah Metha 15 days ago

    andy ruiz win

  • Ajileye Ayodeji
    Ajileye Ayodeji 18 days ago

    Ruiz chin is in a different level

  • Joe Cool
    Joe Cool 20 days ago

    That was a good fight

  • Lance Storm
    Lance Storm 21 day ago

    Parker man gotta stop hitting people with ur wrist

  • Stop Go
    Stop Go 21 day ago

    This was Ruiz was fit. He won the fight. Robbery

  • Neville Basson
    Neville Basson 22 days ago +1

    How Ruiz lost this fight was beyond me. He can take Wilder any day, his hand speed and movement is just phenomenal. Don't get into a scrap with him, just hope he puts the chocolate bars down!

  • JakeCasablanca
    JakeCasablanca 22 days ago +1

    Wow! Respect to Andy! He has his logo printed on the ring like he owns it!

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez 23 days ago

    Clearly Andy won this fight he was robbed. fact was that Parker next fight was against AJ. and he did nothing on that fight.

    K BAWLD 23 days ago

    Andy Ruiz is warrior still, but Jo is warrior breed. Andy bro you are a Brawler, proper fighter still. Fix up & beat AJ bro. Come on. FIX UP!!

  • picardofarr alons
    picardofarr alons 23 days ago

    Pinches jueces de doble moral andy ruiz lo persiguió toda la pelea parker siempre fue para atrás y aunque le contestó le robaron a andy ruiz

  • anthony okeoghene onogbo

    Ruiz should have won

  • Rick Shannep
    Rick Shannep 25 days ago +1

    Great fight,, 2 great fighters! Both very tough.

  • XxpauldadudexX
    XxpauldadudexX 28 days ago

    Where the hell does a dude in Andy Ruiz condition get the gas to go 12 rounds? Ruiz is the worst shaped, flabby, blobby, guy to EVER hold a heavyweight title, he's a phenomenon, a freak, but hell, ya gotta respect the amigo.
    Top 5 heavyweights right now = Tyson Fury, AJ, Andy Ruiz, Joseph Parker, Donkey Wilder.

  • Matisyahu Varnish
    Matisyahu Varnish 28 days ago

    Ruiz won this one

  • adam bennett
    adam bennett 28 days ago

    Ruiz style is the most exciting in HW div

  • ctaielespejo
    ctaielespejo 28 days ago +1

    un robo

  • Dede Bento
    Dede Bento 29 days ago

    6:15 the bos

  • Jenang Jenang
    Jenang Jenang 29 days ago

    Josep parker the best

  • Boris Karloff
    Boris Karloff 29 days ago

    Credit to parker,this man can hold his own, well done,took heavy shots and maintained his composure under pressure, all rounder absolute pleasure to watch,

  • Knuckle Game
    Knuckle Game 29 days ago

    Aj couldn't even stand in front of these blows by Ruiz. He stays from away from Ruiz as possible now. lol. Salutes to Parker tho💪😁

  • Gracie Jiu jitsu
    Gracie Jiu jitsu Month ago

    I want to see a rematch

  • Joel Andres
    Joel Andres Month ago +1

    Bruh I've been watching boxing since I can remember and I've never seen a boxer so good at punching in between his opponents combinations. Ruiz doesn't let his opponents finished their combo when he starts intercepting

  • Alvinjoely91
    Alvinjoely91 Month ago

    I think Andy Luiz worn this

  • Javier Dzul
    Javier Dzul Month ago

    Este Andy se comía a Joshua en la 2

  • Zan Da Sportsman TV

    what a fight.

  • nope
    nope Month ago

    Hes some chubby mexican mike tyson, walking down but very little head movement. Always entertaining fighter to watch.

    LEGENDVRY RR Month ago


  • Domenico Meschino DPS MEd

    Also Ruiz was not 20 pounds heavier. Bullshit

  • Domenico Meschino DPS MEd

    Joshua rematch was fixed, obviously Ruiz didn’t fight at all. He would have destroyed him again. Not sure why he gave it away. That is why Joshua fought him again What a pity!

    • Victor Supreme
      Victor Supreme 27 days ago

      If Ruiz had trained properly and thought about what AJ would likely do in the rematch I think he would have won. Instead he was adapting (eating and partying) to his newfound wealth and status and paid the price. It was so obvious what AJ would do, stick and run all night. AJ lost his belt because he didn't pay close attention to this ( Parker v Ruiz) fight, if he had he would have seen Ruiz' slick and brutal counters and realized he has quite a chin.
      Ruiz actually said he didn't train properly, and didn't think about the fight strategy too much, said he thought it would play out the same as last time. But now, AJ will avoid him like the plague. During the rematch at one point after Ruiz landed a few you can see AJ walking back to his corner pulling faces and shrugging and asking his corner what to do. They did and he done it and he's back to champion.
      If someone had kept Ruiz focused he could have unified and beat the snot out of Wilder instead of Fury.

  • Danny Ruiz
    Danny Ruiz Month ago

    Someone in the powers that be...looked the other way and surely didn't want chubby Ruiz to be an example as a champion.
    Ruiz punched the shit out of this guy all over the ring.

    • Danny Ruiz
      Danny Ruiz 27 days ago you have me really curiuos.."I'l be back"

    • Victor Supreme
      Victor Supreme 27 days ago

      @Danny Ruiz I have, Parker landed maybe 15-20 more over the fight.

    • Danny Ruiz
      Danny Ruiz 28 days ago

      I didn't see it that way...check it out for yourself and count the shots landed by Ruiz vs Parker

    • Adam C
      Adam C 29 days ago

      I think his problem is he mostly lands scoring shots after eating scoring shots. That’s why it works against less durable fighters like aj and not against the like of Parker.

  • DataGuy
    DataGuy Month ago

    This was a tie in my books.

  • Gennadiy Kan
    Gennadiy Kan Month ago

    Most of Ruiz hooks were on Parker's neck :D

  • Vic Chavez
    Vic Chavez Month ago

    Parker won 3 rds , how the hell??? Robbery

  • Aleks kyprian
    Aleks kyprian Month ago

    Блэ фьюри уалдер отдыхают, жоский размен

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name Month ago

    Heard some dumbass say Joseph took Andy to boxing school. I'm not saying Andy won but it was a close ass fight

  • Stop Go
    Stop Go Month ago

    Ruiz won this.

  • Ryan Alicer
    Ryan Alicer Month ago

    Andy ruiz win

  • Ben Sutherland
    Ben Sutherland Month ago

    Andy actually should have won this fight

  • Илья
    Илья Month ago


  • Engineer
    Engineer Month ago

    Ruiz got robbed,damn it

  • berexford jallah
    berexford jallah Month ago +1

    I think Parker clearly won this fight

  • Борис Ромов

    из любопытных и мудрых комментариев в ютьюбе.....славлю Бога Мудрого и Терпеливого,а люди кто против Бога со временем образумятся и примут Его,не все правда.....велик Бог создавший Вселенную с её триллионами галактик и триллионами триллионов звёзд,а ведь эта(наша)Вселенная всего лишь одна из триллионов Вселенных,которые были созданы Создателем в вечности,даже "число Грэма"не может объяснить размеров Вечности!Бог Вечен!............................на Земле мы испытываемся и учимся,создать Рай это не самоцель,цель воспитание Человека в естественных условиях,где есть искушения,а без этого все бы лицемерили и притворялись добренькими,а так каждый человек сомневается и раскрывает своё истинное нутро и даже если ты сорвался и грешил пол жизни,но потом одумался и искренне раскаялся в своей мерзкой жизни.то Бог простит и не обязательно лбом об пол биться,достаточно внутри себя исправиться и Бог это примет!......не забываем,благодарим Бога за жизнь!!!

  • Eldon Royal
    Eldon Royal Month ago

    Fuck decisions man fuck em up there stoopid asses

  • low end300blk
    low end300blk Month ago

    Ruiz was robbed watch the whole fight

  • Mohit Mehta
    Mohit Mehta Month ago

    But Ruiz had kicked his ass many times, how the fuck he lost, poor decision, fuck those judges

  • Daniel Ayala Mena
    Daniel Ayala Mena Month ago

    Ruiz winner. Robed

  • Metalartin _
    Metalartin _ Month ago

    Wow he's a good fighter but the amount illegal blows(behind the head) Andy Ruiz Jr gets away with is insane. On the clinch most fighters do cuffing blows fine, but this guy wings in haymakers outside of clinching. There is a reason behind the head is not allowed in boxing or MMA.

  • Jamie Neil Kinghorn
    Jamie Neil Kinghorn Month ago +1

    Parker is one tough dude he has a jaw like a boxer should have h3 is such a very consistent boxer he never been the type of boxer who has a good day 1 day and the next not so good he always gives 100% in every fight he’s is the most exciting fight since fury Fraser and sugar ray Roberson. Parker will always be a needle mover when it comes to paper views go Parker go NZ go the all blacks all wights and the silver ferns

  • Jamie Neil Kinghorn
    Jamie Neil Kinghorn Month ago +1

    Parker is giving the best shots

  • Jamie Neil Kinghorn
    Jamie Neil Kinghorn Month ago +1

    That Parker is 1 tougher mother

  • KN. Sheppard
    KN. Sheppard Month ago

    Two of my favourites and great boxers. The fact that Parker was just a kid in this fight is scary and wonder what he would become when he reaches his prime. Andy is the best counter-puncher in the division. Would love to see a rematch.

  • Paul Ana vranci
    Paul Ana vranci Month ago

    Nepravda Ruiz je bio bolji

  • arya prayoga
    arya prayoga 2 months ago

    aj do nothing for ruiz

  • Andres Ausecha
    Andres Ausecha 2 months ago

    I miss so much those fighters of the past decades like Primo Carnera, Jose Louis, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Tyson, Berbick, Holyfield, etc. They were real killers, the current fighters in this division are just balls of fat

  • Dr. Fred Hudson.
    Dr. Fred Hudson. 2 months ago

    Who's watching this in 2020 and after Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz rematch in Saudi Arabia in December?

  • Matthew Cordeiro
    Matthew Cordeiro 2 months ago

    Ruiz is a fat bastard. Got what he deserved.

  • dripzzz 200
    dripzzz 200 2 months ago +1

    This the Andy Ruiz that I like

  • Yekinni Kazeem Kolade
    Yekinni Kazeem Kolade 2 months ago

    I guess ruiz won

  • Saheed Bebeto lastking
    Saheed Bebeto lastking 2 months ago +1

    Who the hell is saying Ruiz won this fight?

  • Sam Wade
    Sam Wade 2 months ago +1

    This was a hell of a match up. I reckon a rematch would be bangin’

  • paul frehley
    paul frehley 2 months ago

    Parker Ruiz II

  • John Harris
    John Harris 2 months ago

    i never did give parker this fight

  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell 2 months ago

    This ruiz is the ruiz he needs to be this ruiz will hopefully tise again he clearly beat parker not as gracefully as whyte or joshua but still got the job done

  • BladeRunner BladeRunner

    Wtf Ruiz was better here

  • Aron Carvajal
    Aron Carvajal 2 months ago

    Don't want to hear about Ruiz anymore.

  • Pengiran Rawang
    Pengiran Rawang 2 months ago

    Lose again😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mau Tausinga
    Mau Tausinga 2 months ago +1

    Who's here after they thought Ruiz beat Parker??😁😁😁😁

  • tama faali'i
    tama faali'i 2 months ago

    tua and ibeabuchi threw the most punches but this would probably come a close second

  • Koi Matai
    Koi Matai 2 months ago +1

    Back and forth all night Parker won though no debate