$80 iPhone 5s Review in 2018 - Still worth it?

  • Published on Jun 16, 2018
  • Apple iPhone 5s in 2018 should you buy it in 2018 with iOS 11 or iOS 12? iPhone 5s review and unboxing find out if this cheap and affordable iPhone is worth it in 2018 and how does its performance with a full review, camera test and 1-week challenge with iPhone 5s

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Comments • 113

  • Mickael Goss
    Mickael Goss 8 months ago +1

    Im getting mine next sundayyyy

  • cupcake rollo
    cupcake rollo 9 months ago

    I want it

  • Niks Ostrovskis
    Niks Ostrovskis Year ago

    I got mine for 40 $ but I still use. A huawei as my main

  • S w E n e K A f
    S w E n e K A f Year ago

    I bought this as backup phone , it became my daily phone . I don't really need the newest stuff tbh .

  • I’m Already Tracer

    It’s a block

  • mixed par
    mixed par Year ago

    Haha my captions said *iPhone eggs*

  • Titas only
    Titas only Year ago

    Hello love the video man

  • Fardeen Akhtar
    Fardeen Akhtar Year ago

    Nice 👍 video

  • AventuraHaciaLoAlto

    I have an iPhone 5S, it’s a great phone, I love it, it has and does everything you need, just don’t update the software or it’ll get slow :)

  • Syrilmarie C.
    Syrilmarie C. Year ago

    Is the camera good for vloging?

    HYPER丨RムGE Year ago +2

    just got the iphone x😊😊

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia Year ago

    Excelent video I now know if the 5s Is worth the money, new subscriber!

  • Emiel333 Official

    Great video! I recently bought an new iPhone 5s. I use it as my secondary smartphone for some app's that aren't available on my Android device. It's a decent phone, especially for the relative low price they sold for. I can tell you that the iPhone 5s is getting the new iOS 12 upgrade later this year. What I've heard from beta testers is that the 5s is not lagging on iOS 12 and runs faster in comparison to iOS 11. So, I can recommend this iPhone for sure!

    • Abella
      Abella 11 months ago

      How's the battery?

    OG KUSH Year ago

    I just bought one of this, Silver 16GB UNLOCKED, Europe VERSION..running good..only for 150 Dollars...Shit crazy,everything working like a charm..fingerprint...camera...this is my 2ND iPhone

  • Srikanth T
    Srikanth T Year ago

    Really nice video... Great job boss

  • Anwar AAziz
    Anwar AAziz Year ago

    Watching this on my 5s!

  • _kr sm_
    _kr sm_ Year ago

    great video

  • Luke Carlin
    Luke Carlin Year ago

    At the moment I’m really desperate for w phone as my previous one is completely rekd after I dropped it in a swimming pool

  • can we hit 10,000 Subs without videos

    Hope I get one

  • Brent Angelo Calderon

    Apple fam

  • Steven
    Steven Year ago +1

    If you know anything about Apple you’d know it’s pronounced iPhone “10” not “ex”

  • QuickTech
    QuickTech Year ago

    I bought a 100% working SE for $65 :P

  • Eddy Ramos
    Eddy Ramos Year ago

    Watching this on my iPhone 5s

  • You better Not
    You better Not Year ago

    iPhone TEN AND NOT X

  • Wazzup TV
    Wazzup TV Year ago

    Always wanted an iphone 5s.

  • Engineer Gingineer
    Engineer Gingineer Year ago +2

    Do an iphone 8 plus on ios 12 beta review plsss.. there's no tech youtuber covering thAt.

  • Brandon Seegraves

    I want a iPhone in general

  • Werick Matheus
    Werick Matheus Year ago

    Give me!:)

  • Burnt Toste
    Burnt Toste Year ago

    Yeee I just got over from ebay. Using it as a music player and calls. It's nice, well worth the price

  • Soprano Loves Bags

    I am longing for a small phone now. Even the iPhone X feels too big.

    • Soprano Loves Bags
      Soprano Loves Bags Year ago

      Rita Thank you. I actually considered the SE but it is still very expensive here in Japan :( I am now looking into an android phone.

    • Rita
      Rita Year ago +1

      Aretha Loves Bags get iphone se it's small like iphone 5s but the inside of the phone is like an iphone 6. Se is better than 5s

  • Bitan Das
    Bitan Das Year ago

    You channel
    Is iphone

  • m0d
    m0d Year ago +1

    This phone with a newer batter and iOS 12 runs so well and I love apple for supporting it for so long.

  • Lewis
    Lewis Year ago

    Just got the 5s as a backup phone

  • Ehab K. Bdareen
    Ehab K. Bdareen Year ago

    Wish to win

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams Year ago


  • YC
    YC Year ago

    I need that Iphone 5S

  • Rasmus Cyrillus
    Rasmus Cyrillus Year ago

    Try the OG iphone or the 3g models for some awesome views

  • Nishant Bhandari
    Nishant Bhandari Year ago +2

    I wont get the iPhone 5s😒

    • Mickey
      Mickey Year ago

      Nishant Bhandari yes u will get nokia 3310

    • m0d
      m0d Year ago +4

      Nishant Bhandari No one gives a shit about you getting the 5s or not.

  • Otis Barclay
    Otis Barclay Year ago

    Still the best iPhone design

  • Naman Kalra
    Naman Kalra Year ago

    I need a phone.

  • Pol Vel
    Pol Vel Year ago


  • jules coerver
    jules coerver Year ago

    i would love to win that phone

  • Iamskn E R
    Iamskn E R Year ago +1

    Dying for an iphone....give me that....😕

  • Bris
    Bris Year ago

    unfortunally where i live It cost about 150€ so It isn't really worth It :/

  • SeaSpeaks
    SeaSpeaks Year ago +1

    I rarley comment, but damn, amazing production quality!

  • sameer fareed
    sameer fareed Year ago

    Plzzz can i have it 😭

  • Sourav Baskey
    Sourav Baskey Year ago


  • Namit Singh
    Namit Singh Year ago

    Can you make a video on galaxy s7 edge in 2018? Also i would love to win the giveaway!

  • TropicoJoe
    TropicoJoe Year ago

    I'd love to have that IPhone but anyways great vid as usual keep up the good work

  • Sofia Sousa
    Sofia Sousa Year ago

    Giveaway please (:

  • Adryan Kusumah
    Adryan Kusumah Year ago +3

    this is really worth it for the value because it will be supported until next year maybe and the ios 12 update slightly increases the phone responsiveness also you got all the normal stuff working well today so that is pretty good selling point for me,best budget phone in 2018 for me 10/10

  • Naman Kumar
    Naman Kumar Year ago


  • Blueixe gfx
    Blueixe gfx Year ago

    I am so much poor that I cant even buy this 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Andy Flores
    Andy Flores Year ago

    Can u give me that from Philippines

  • Forgotten lane
    Forgotten lane Year ago

    i still regret selling off this phone.....

  • Sabby Saini
    Sabby Saini Year ago

    Do should be buy an iPhone 6 or 6s in 2018

    • Bank Boy
      Bank Boy Year ago

      Sabby Saini 6s is still okay but not 6, so I recommend you buy iPhone 6s in 2018 or if you still prefer the 5s small design then go for IPhone SE, it’s an upgrade version of iPhone 5s. Its 6s in 5s body.

  • Chris Chang
    Chris Chang Year ago


  • Davidson Ngo
    Davidson Ngo Year ago +3


  • Amir Mutadza
    Amir Mutadza Year ago

    I wish I got that phone as I am using Android right now

    • Mitchell
      Mitchell Year ago +1

      buy a iphone 6s as good, don"t buy 5s

    • Spolt
      Spolt Year ago

      Amir Mutadza ummm.... your joking right?

    • Amir Mutadza
      Amir Mutadza Year ago +1

      Spolt How does migrating from an Android to iOS downgrading?

    • Vedant Nagar
      Vedant Nagar Year ago +2

      Amir Mutadza then don't buy iPhone 5s. It's way worse than your current phone.

    • Amir Mutadza
      Amir Mutadza Year ago

      Vedant Nagar J7 Prime

  • butla dxn
    butla dxn Year ago +4

    Where did you get it for $80

    • Ad Revenue
      Ad Revenue 10 months ago +1

      @Ghost Rider it costs 40 dollars for me. I'm picking it up tomorrow and it doesn't have an icloud lock or anything like that and it's in good condition. Im also in nyc

    • RonaldMcSwag 67
      RonaldMcSwag 67 Year ago

      Np 👍

    • Ghost Rider
      Ghost Rider Year ago

      Thanks bro...!

    • RonaldMcSwag 67
      RonaldMcSwag 67 Year ago


    • RonaldMcSwag 67
      RonaldMcSwag 67 Year ago

      Idk where to buy one there cause I don’t live there but like u said I got mine off of eBay