10 Highest Rated Video Games Of The Decade

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • We've had some incredible video games drop into our laps this decade, but which are the best of the best?
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Comments • 1 759

  • Retr0J
    Retr0J Month ago +918

    Hello all of you beautiful people,

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you. I'm so glad I got to talk about the greatest (according to metacritic) games to come out this generation as it's rare I get to be so utterly positive! And while I'm on the subject, I hope that as we're gearing up for xmas that you're not getting too overwhelmed, taking breaks when you can, and just being kind to yourself!

    I rate you all very highly (even those that don't like my Tesco value brand of comedy)

    Big love,

    Jules xoxo

    • Joseph Whitaker
      Joseph Whitaker Month ago

      God bless

    • Jory Vance
      Jory Vance Month ago

      Jules, thank you for what you said at the end of the video. Life has been hell. I’ll be working away from my family all holiday. Seriously, I needed that. And as always, love the videos!

    • CEWIIH
      CEWIIH Month ago

      You're an amazing guy Jules! Thank you, I hope you're well yourself and keep up the good work! :)

  • Bradley McAvoy
    Bradley McAvoy 13 days ago

    I Love almost all of these games I just have TLOU in my top 5 and never played SMO but rather play RDR2 over SMG2 even though that game doesn’t blow.

  • Gian Marzo
    Gian Marzo 16 days ago +1

    Cpt price wants to know you're location

  • Three Cats
    Three Cats 18 days ago

    Coz you mentioned Skyrim, I just checked when I played it. My Achievements started in Sept 2014. I can't believe it's that long ago that I played Skyrim. (I also fired up Skyrim just days ago, and was struck at how good it looked. It's in no way aged looking. Totally playable in vanilla.)

  • non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere

    • The Last of Us (+ DLC Left Behind)
    • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    • Horizon Zero Dawn
    • God of War
    • Red Dead Redemption II

  • Brett Abey
    Brett Abey 21 day ago

    dude those ending messages are legit

  • Lehtokurppa Von Fön
    Lehtokurppa Von Fön 22 days ago

    The reason Witcher 3 isn't here is that it's too good to be rated as just a videogame. It's the game of the century already, experience, game and lesson like no other game. The most awarded game ever too. Nothing will ever beat The Witcher 3, period.

  • Hide from me
    Hide from me 23 days ago

    witcher 3 where is it ?

  • Leshie Boy
    Leshie Boy 23 days ago

    The fact that Skyrim is on here and not the Witcher 3 is baffling

  • DTA Dylan The Atheist
    DTA Dylan The Atheist 23 days ago

    Skyrim is the best.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 23 days ago

    Red dead redemption, red dead redemption 2 and gta 5 made it onto the list. This just shows that rockstar games is the best games developers

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 23 days ago +2


  • Yesnier Merced
    Yesnier Merced 23 days ago

    No offense to any of these games, but The Witcher 3 is better than them all. Truly master class.

  • Gerald Of Riveria
    Gerald Of Riveria 24 days ago

    The Witcher 3 is miles better than any other game on this list. Who cares what metacritic rates games? Lol

  • Sachin Sharma
    Sachin Sharma 24 days ago +1

    You should go for top 20-30.
    I wanted to see my favorites too

  • Mostafa Ahmed
    Mostafa Ahmed 24 days ago

    Seriously? No dark souls or bloodborne. I am very disappointed on you people

  • Qosparta Animations
    Qosparta Animations 24 days ago

    Where's witcher?

  • CA Tushar Bakshi
    CA Tushar Bakshi 24 days ago +4

    GOD OF WAR 4

    • PS Effect
      PS Effect 19 days ago

      God of Wat would definitely deserve a place somewhere (I would put it in top 5). But Uncharted 4 ? HELL NO ! THAT GAME WAS A BORING AS HELL !

  • Joseph Carrel
    Joseph Carrel 26 days ago

    Where's The Witcher 3

  • howard stern fan
    howard stern fan 26 days ago

    What the hell the top 3 are witcher 3
    Witcher 3 and
    Witcher 3

  • Dave
    Dave 26 days ago

    I know it's critics but we all know they can be wrong. Witcher 3 ez one of the top spots when it comes to quality.

  • AndyMacster
    AndyMacster 26 days ago

    The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne would like a word

  • Ravi Varma
    Ravi Varma 26 days ago

    Witcher 3

  • Brendan Curry
    Brendan Curry 26 days ago

    My favorite game, super mario galaxy 2 is on so many lists and it warms my heart

  • Ruslan Wartes
    Ruslan Wartes 26 days ago

    Highly agree with the list except you left out.... Witcher 3. 🙄

  • Brian Ramos
    Brian Ramos 27 days ago

    god of war

  • Light Raigne
    Light Raigne 27 days ago

    I dont think metacritic is the best place to go and just make a video that copy and pastes that list. Games age differently and just on replayability alone skyrim should be much higher then let's say batman or 90% of the list. That was a joke as that would put it number 1 but maybe it should be. It would definitely be between breath of the wild, skyrim and neir automata for me. I honestly think you'd struggle to find a better sound track, story and combat system than you find in nier automata. Then theres the style flips and seamless transitions between game types that put it in my top 5 list of greatest of all time.

  • Akshat Pratik
    Akshat Pratik 27 days ago


  • LoopeShot
    LoopeShot 27 days ago

    wheres witcher 3??

  • Mad-Slick
    Mad-Slick 27 days ago

    Surprised Undertale wasn't rated high enough to make this list.

  • De hg
    De hg 27 days ago

    Last of us should be 1. It shorter then other games but the it’s great

  • De hg
    De hg 27 days ago

    Last of us is number 1

  • Kulbir Singh
    Kulbir Singh 28 days ago

    Where the hell is witcher 3 and god of war

  • Hitesh Nerr
    Hitesh Nerr 28 days ago

    God of War? Uncharted?

  • karina kok
    karina kok 28 days ago

    thought 31st december 2020 was the end of the decade... guess not

  • Romi H.
    Romi H. 28 days ago

    Wherree is GoW?

  • Beinerth Chitiva Machado

    TLOU, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Galaxy 2, GTA V, Cuphead and the Batman: Arkham Series are my favorite of the decade.

  • Jake Betts
    Jake Betts 28 days ago

    Lots of great games but Breath Of The Wild number 1 for me

  • Uwyshhss Shdokd
    Uwyshhss Shdokd 28 days ago +1

    Where is god of war 4

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 28 days ago

    red dead redemption 2 was easily one of the best games i’ve ever played. i felt such strong connections to the characters, and such deep hatred for others. the random encounters gave the game such personality, and truly thrilled me each and every time. there was comedy, horror, tension, love, death, tragedy, violence and - of course - LENNYYYYYYYY. i felt the struggles of arthur morgan. that scene towards the end, during the last mission, where arthur is riding through the forest with the music playing has truly stuck with me. it was a game that genuinely left a print on my life. i felt such pure excitement and thrill. the train robberies, the bar brawls, the rescue missions, the heists, the sometimes chilling side missions. there were so many minor details that added to the experience. i explored the entire map, and still didn’t manage to uncover all the secrets of the game. furthermore, i got to see john marston in a way i had never imagined. in the first game, it is clear that he is a man who would do anything for his family. but in rdr2, it becomes clear that john was once quite the opposite. the tension between him and arthur at the start is quite clear. but by the end, their brotherly bond has been repaired. i have to say, watching the gang slowly disintegrate before my eyes was almost like torture. and my poor, sweet hosea... i had to watch as dutch lost his mind, and micah tightened his grip around the gang. they were doomed from the beginning, i guess. as arthur once said: “we’re thieves, in a world that don’t want us no more”. the fact that i had the chance to choose my path was by far the best part of the game. i could pick my ending, pick my destiny. and now onto the final part, the redemption. the whole name of the game, you could say. the character’s deaths throughout the game have been all too sudden. however, arthur has a clock, counting down the days. this is a spoiler guys! he catches tuberculosis, which was incurable. i had to play a dying character. his health and stamina deteriorated the more i played the game. so, before his tragic demise, he begins to undo his wrongs. that... that broke me. watching the character i had grown to love accept his death, but change his legacy. i chose to help john escape, and i think most players did, bcos they grew to care about the fate of john and his family. overall, this game showed me that even the most rogue of men eventually come to realise their own mistakes. if only arthur had the chance run away with mary sooner...

  • Saif El Shafei
    Saif El Shafei 29 days ago

    How isn't RDR2 #1

  • Winger08
    Winger08 29 days ago

    Read more

  • vedant kulkarni
    vedant kulkarni 29 days ago

    Where is assassins creed Odyssey?

  • Mahmood Muhamad
    Mahmood Muhamad 29 days ago

    i have been playing video games for 15 years now and i can say without a doubt that the best game (for me) is fallout 4
    its a shame that its not mentioned more often

  • Jessica Vos
    Jessica Vos 29 days ago

    I totally disagree

  • Genral Kranz
    Genral Kranz 29 days ago

    And now you find out, that you have never played any of them.

  • Kagemi
    Kagemi Month ago

    are you high? witcher 3 not on 1? lmao

  • Phinneus Prune
    Phinneus Prune Month ago +1

    And here I thought the Decade ends at the end of 2020. Therefore. Red Dead Redemption 1 and Mass Effect 2 does not qualify as it was released at the end of last decade
    Yes. The first year of the next decade is 2021. If we were going to restart the calendar. We would start at year 1. Not year 0. So this decade is 2011 to 2020. So we have 1 more year to go before we discuss games of the decade. 2010 is the final year of last decade.
    *I get it. Video game sites for whatever reason rewrites the rules. But they shouldn't. Decades begin with the year ending in 1 and end with year ending in 0. When counting to 10 you start with 1 and end with 10. You do not start with 0 and end at 9

  • Shawn Fancy
    Shawn Fancy Month ago

    Resident Evil 2 remake or GTFO lol

  • The Mask
    The Mask Month ago

    No Uncharted?

  • Danny Dezouza
    Danny Dezouza Month ago

    What about spiderman ps4

  • Franky J. Corputty
    Franky J. Corputty Month ago

    Really? No Witcher 3 & God of War.

  • broMAN_ Live
    broMAN_ Live Month ago

    I was so happy to see Arkham

  • Parker Hartmann
    Parker Hartmann Month ago

    Red dead 2 shouldve been #1

  • Yadiel Peña
    Yadiel Peña Month ago +1

    Read dead redemption series is awesome !!!! ❤👌🏾

  • General InZane
    General InZane Month ago +1

    How is everybody just forgetting about Call of Duty? BO2 had a fantastic story and an extremely popular multiplayer. All the modern warfares were massively praised and that’s not including the new one which is getting lots of hype. (We don’t talk about infinite warfare / advanced warfare)

  • games styles
    games styles Month ago

    Minecraft?? :c

    • games styles
      games styles 27 days ago

      @Eres ! the demo was released in 2008 i think and 2011 was the real complete minecraft the prev was the beta demo alpha etc....

    • Eres !
      Eres ! 29 days ago

      Man Minecraft was released more than a decade ago lmao

  • N N
    N N Month ago


  • Rudhran R. Nath
    Rudhran R. Nath Month ago

    Witcher 3, God of war?

  • Trikki for 2020
    Trikki for 2020 Month ago