Lil Nas X - Panini (ft. DaBaby) [Chowder Video]

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Official Chowder video for "Panini Remix" by Lil Nas X featuring DaBaby.
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    Animated By:
    Emonee Larussa
    Joey Prosser
    Chaz Bottoms
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  • Joachim Peter
    Joachim Peter 48 minutes ago

    Panini is a food thats why you chose Chowder because it is a food too and all its characters on it!!

  • Javier Alejandro
    Javier Alejandro 53 minutes ago

    Lyrics of the Remix:
    Rada Rada Rada Rada
    Rada Rada Rada
    Rada Rada Rada
    Rada Rade Rada

    Rada Rada Rada Rada
    Rada Rada Rada Rada
    Rada Rada Rada Rada
    Rada Rade Rada

    Rada Rada Rada Rada
    Rada Rada Rada
    Rada Rada Rada
    Rada Rade Rada Rada

    Rada Rada Rada
    Rada Rada Rada
    Rada Rada Rada Rada
    Rada Rade Rada Rada
    You are welcome

  • X_l0Rd gaming
    X_l0Rd gaming Hour ago


    DRIPHOP NEWS Hour ago

  • Denis _xD
    Denis _xD 2 hours ago

    This Cartoon is SO familiar but i can't remember what it is

  • NerdyCookieツ
    NerdyCookieツ 2 hours ago

    *Breaks neck before singing*

  • Doughnut Pastry
    Doughnut Pastry 3 hours ago

    I keep getting kids channel recommendations from this vid

    ACID ETERNITY 3 hours ago


  • Yana Ragaza
    Yana Ragaza 3 hours ago

    Huh.. is that why its called PANINI?

  • Coco's Corner
    Coco's Corner 4 hours ago +1

    chowder was my show when I was younger😂

  • matex500
    matex500 4 hours ago

    It is stupid but cool

  • The Mr.W Channel
    The Mr.W Channel 4 hours ago

    The “SAD!” Of Chowder.

  • SpinierYT04
    SpinierYT04 5 hours ago


  • GhettoBoy Reez
    GhettoBoy Reez 5 hours ago

    Am I the only one that is like munng Dal lol

  • The Mr.W Channel
    The Mr.W Channel 8 hours ago

    (Me watching chowder)
    Panini: don’t ceviche and I make a cute romantic couple?
    Chowder: I like chicken!
    Me: uh nothing😕

    (Me watches panini Lil Nas X music video)
    Chowder: hey Panini don’t you be a meanie
    Me: I KNEW IT!!! 😃🤩🥳

  • Yaoini
    Yaoini 8 hours ago

    dam shnitzel you got a heck of a woman now you declining her calls....thats cold

  • Wild Tea Sipper
    Wild Tea Sipper 8 hours ago

    99% of comments- schnitzel can fucking speak English??!?!?!?.!?!?!??!?!?!?¿°¿¿°¿°

  • thanksFake [game]
    thanksFake [game] 10 hours ago +1

    Бля я помню эту мультфильм

  • Cowboy Clorox
    Cowboy Clorox 11 hours ago

    bruh schnitzel really out here lookin like Angelo

  • AprilWolfNation Xx
    AprilWolfNation Xx 12 hours ago

    This just... *LIT!!*

  • William Eckerle
    William Eckerle 12 hours ago

    Honestly this should have been the main music video.

  • Gamer SIM
    Gamer SIM 12 hours ago


  • Riman Chowdhury
    Riman Chowdhury 12 hours ago +1

    Bring back Chowder!


  • Lan jacquez
    Lan jacquez 12 hours ago

    "I thought that this is what you want for my life"

  • Ausernametolongtomakesence

    Why is chowder going after panini the roles have changed and I’m feeling un-easy

  • NintendoSwitch BTW
    NintendoSwitch BTW 13 hours ago

    10% of comments are about the song
    90% of comments OMG sHnitZel wAs sPeAkiNg ENglisH

  • KappAlo
    KappAlo 13 hours ago

    My. Friends are. Cute. Baby. Boyfriend

  • kira harris
    kira harris 13 hours ago

    The fact that this is the official music video proves that we’re in the best timeline

  • Christian Holloway
    Christian Holloway 15 hours ago

    0:50 Schnitzel about broke his neck to catch that chain🤣🤣

  • MrPugDaArtist
    MrPugDaArtist 15 hours ago

    *Schnitzel talks English*
    Me: *w0t*?

  • Ely Ruz
    Ely Ruz 15 hours ago

    Watch in slow motion

  • Pink Dragon
    Pink Dragon 15 hours ago

    I don’t know you at all

  • Jus Flicks
    Jus Flicks 15 hours ago

    The Indian version is better

  • Jus Flicks
    Jus Flicks 15 hours ago

    The Indian version is better

  • Pink Dragon
    Pink Dragon 15 hours ago

    I have a crush on you

  • maria Regina Dias Ferreira

    n ter nada a ver no que eu tinha procurado

  • Amir Wright
    Amir Wright 16 hours ago

    Did you know Lil nas x is gay

  • Eghosa Osotekun
    Eghosa Osotekun 16 hours ago

    Literally crying tears of joy lol

  • Jordan Corona
    Jordan Corona 17 hours ago

    I majored in radda in college and boy did it pay off

  • Derek Dumandan
    Derek Dumandan 17 hours ago

    Panini or panini dababy remix comment not tryna ask for likes

  • Looser LOLOLO
    Looser LOLOLO 17 hours ago +1

    Poor bird

  • Carlos Padilla
    Carlos Padilla 18 hours ago

    The beat part of the song is by far the whistle

  • Evelyn Ramirez
    Evelyn Ramirez 18 hours ago

    2014: chowder

  • geraldine zamora
    geraldine zamora 18 hours ago

    Wait why its so diffrent because the official its cool and panini is going away with u y them there going toghether

  • Bridget Servin
    Bridget Servin 18 hours ago

    OMG he did the middle finger the purple guy I think he’s bad and Lil Nas X is a ripoff

  • muido de maria mudo de maria

    Eu não gostei de nada uma coisa que não tem nada ve

  • Microspace 21
    Microspace 21 19 hours ago

    Like yeesss 0:49

  • StaRR LoXX
    StaRR LoXX 19 hours ago

    I never thought schnitzel would drop barz but I dig it!

  • B Rabbit
    B Rabbit 19 hours ago


  • Slowpok Gang
    Slowpok Gang 20 hours ago +1

    I love this song

  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman 20 hours ago

    i like you

  • Dollar Brick
    Dollar Brick 20 hours ago

    Me:Yo schnitzel got bars
    Chowder Community: Wait he can't si-
    Shnitzel: LETS GO UH!

  • Fred
    Fred 21 hour ago

    Do yo wanna do 9 versions of another track??Like u did with Old Town Road

  • UncorkingDog17
    UncorkingDog17 21 hour ago

    "Everyones got a song inside waiting to be free"

  • karim
    karim 21 hour ago


  • زاك _سانnetwork_san

    اكو عرب ب الطيارة،🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Actually Vortex
    Actually Vortex 23 hours ago

    Shnitzel talks: The world will never be the same

  • Marsheilla Layne
    Marsheilla Layne 23 hours ago

    Who doesn’t know chowder then u nood

  • slime_boy33
    slime_boy33 23 hours ago

    Chowder in 2019 is this a dream wtf

  • Ace•Logicz •
    Ace•Logicz • 23 hours ago +1

    In 0:13 put 75 x speed